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Revlon Charlie Pink Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Revlon / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    5 Reviews
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      08.01.2013 19:21
      Very helpful
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      Charlie Pink.

      Revlon Charlie Pink Eau de Toilette Spray for Women.

      Charlie Pink is one of the Eau de Toilette's for women available in the Revlon range. I first came across this scent back in November (2012) when I received a bottle of it as a gift from my nan for my birthday. I liked the scent and as a result of my liking she also bought me another bottle of it for Christmas as well to make sure I have enough of a supply!

      The Packaging
      Charlie Pink comes packed in lovely bright pink box with the Revlon logo and "Charlie Pink" written on it in silver letters. Inside the box is a quite simple looking, yet still nice, triangular glass bottle with a triangular, almost white, plastic lid with a pump nozzle underneath. The bottle itself is clear and plain and the Charlie logo is imprinted into the lid, there is a small sticker stuck to the bottom of the bottle stating the manufacturer details and the size of the bottle. The liquid inside the bottle is of a pinkish colour and I like the fact that it is clearly visible so I will know when I need to get some more. In my opinion the bottle is reasonably nice, it isn't too over the top but at the same time it isn't boring or ugly either.

      How Does It Smell?
      Charlie Pink is a very fresh and light scent, it has quite a refreshing smell with an underlying fruity hint to it. I find that once I have sprayed this scent it takes only a couple of moments to settle and then there is a lovely mild vanilla hint to the scent.

      At the moment I am wearing this scent on a daily basis. I find that if I spray a few squirts of Charlie Pink on myself when I get dressed in the morning, usually around my neck and shoulders, it will last for a good part of the working day but certainly not into the evening. I don't mind this too much though as if we are going out anywhere I would rather wear a different scent to this as in my mind the freshness of this scent makes it much more of a daytime scent than a scent of that special occasion or going out.

      I have never had an issue with there being a 'choke factor' and my partner has often commented on how nice the bathroom smells after I have been getting ready... no comment on whether I smell good, but that bathroom does! Typical!

      As this perfume has always been given to me as a gift I cannot ask my nan how much she pays for it, however I have done a quick search online and the RRP for a 30ml bottle is £5.95 but the price seems to vary a little depending on where you look. I think this is a good price for a nice scent and if I hadn't received my bottles as gifts then I would be happy to pay this price.

      Would I Recommend?
      I would definitely recommend Charlie Pink, it is a fresh and light scent which I enjoy wearing on an almost daily basis. It is good value for money even though it doesn't quite last the whole day.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        11.01.2012 15:22
        Very helpful



        Cheap and cheerful EDT that smells far more expensive


        I received lots of lovely gift sets for my birthday which is in November and then similarly for Christmas recently, and whilst sorting through my 'stash' of new products I noticed that I had 5 different varieties of the perfume 'Charlie'. I'm not sure why everyone thought to buy me this product (though I'm not complaining) as it's not something I can say I've ever worn or even talked about in the past.

        I decided to start wearing them, figuring they would be ideal for general day to day usage, and the first one I opened was Charlie Pink EDT..

        *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

        The Eau de toilette comes housed in a sparkling pink cardboard box which is decorated with images of sequins in both metallic pinks and silver. The famous Charlie logo is embossed on the front of the packaging in an eye catching silver as is the word Pink (which you would think would be printed in pink?).

        The fragrance itself is in a reasonable sized 30 ml bottle and this isn't as attractive as the actual box! The bottle is made from a thick, sturdy and heavy glass and is of a triangular appearance with an equally large plastic white lid perched on top. The lid is actually slightly bigger than the bottle itself so it gives the impression that the bottle is bigger than it seems but this is very deceiving.

        The EDT is visible due to the glass being transparent and on first glances the liquid looks to be clear but when holding the bottle up against a white background I can see that it does have a slight pink hue to it.

        As this was a gift I'm not sure how much my hubby's aunt paid and where from, but after a quick type into a search engine it tells me this ranges from £4 to £7 for a 30 ml bottle depending on where you choose to shop so there is certainly a big difference in the price range. (Just for the record, Tesco was the cheapest).

        Charlie EDT's have been around for a many number of years and most chemists, large supermarkets and certain 'bargain' stores such as Poundstretcher/ B & M's/ Home Bargains etc will no doubt have a plethora of different Charlie products so it's not too difficult to get hold of.

        *~*What does it smell like?*~*

        Charlie Pink is made up of the following:

        *Juicy Red Fruits*



        Charlie Pink is made by Revlon, and for more information check out www.doyourownthing.com or phone 0800 085 2716

        *~*My experience of wearing this*~*

        As mentioned in the first few paragraphs, I've never worn any Charlie fragrance before even in my teens (Exclamation was always my favourite way back then) so I was quite surprised to receive several different Charlie EDT's and gift sets from different people.

        Whilst taking everything out of the packaging to put away in my cupboard I decided to test out this Pink version on my wrists first, and I must say I was really quite surprised at how nice it smells!

        The first thing I noticed was how fresh and feminine it came across as and it just didn't have that 'teenage' perfume scent to it at all which to be honest was what I was expecting. I'm not normally a fan of red fruit or citrus scents when it comes to perfumes so wasn't really expecting to like this as much as I do.

        On removing the (very large) lid there is a reasonable sized nozzle nestling away underneath which is very easy to use. Once pressed once or twice to start the EDT off, it emits at a rapid pace but sprays a fine mist evenly over whichever area you are aiming it at. Because the hole on the nozzle seems quite big on my bottle I found that if aiming low down near my neck it ended up nearly on my face so the further away I held it the better coverage it gave me.

        The combination of the red fruits, tangerine and vanilla are all strong notes in their own rights but somehow when used here they blend magnificently together whilst retaining their own personas at the same time. There seems to be no blending in here as normally the top, heart and base notes tend to shine through individually once the dry down of a perfume begins but with Charlie Pink it's a case of everything at once, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

        I found Charlie Pink to be quite a strong scent when first applied to my skin and though I wouldn't say it seems to fade much it does definitely tone down slightly as the day wears on.

        The red fruits and tangerine add a touch of zing to the proceedings whilst the vanilla gives a much needed warmth and a touch of sweetness at the same time though I hasten to add not *too* sweet to the point of sickly, just a perfect balance.


        I think from the way this review has panned out that it's all positive really. Apart from the appearance of the bottle (which does 'cheapen' it slightly) the actual fragrance itself is really beautiful and smells very Summery and fresh though seems perfectly apt for the time of year now as well so is suited for any time of the year in my opinion.

        The lasting power seems quite impressive with this to say it's not a 'premium' perfume and the fact it's just an EDT it lasts from me spraying it on in the morning through to mid afternoon easily so at least 5 to 6 hours. Even then I can still clearly make out the scent several hours after that though obviously it's far more subtle then but even so it's very impressive as I've had far more expensive parfums that don't even last that long.

        Don't be under any illusion that Charlie Pink is just for teenagers as this has a definite grown up aura about it and I for one have definitely been converted.


        A beautiful fruity scent with an added sweetness that is perfect for any age and is light enough for the daytime, or noticeable enough for the evening depending on preference. This is highly recommended by me.


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          07.04.2011 15:52
          Very helpful



          Casual girly everyday fragrance!

          <3 Charlie Pink <3

          THE PRICE

          Whenever I go into my local boots they have a perfume stand and they never fail to have Charlie pink up there for around £6.00 for 30ml.

          I have purchased this before though at lower prices, have a look around is my words of wisdom!


          Charlie Pink perfume comes in a small glass triangle ( kind of! ) see through bottle with a white lid.
          The perfume is pink in colour and to use you simply push down on the nozzle and spray!
          A very basic simple design, doesn't really make you go 'wow'.

          The box it comes in is just like the Charlie Pink body spray can ( I have also got this and reviewed it! ) it is a elegant pink box that looks like it has been wrapped in sequins and has the Charlie logo on, the Revlon logo and more useful information over the back and the front.


          Being a big lover of the Charlie body spray I was of course going to love this, and I did.

          As with the body spray, the perfume contains a mix of red fruits, tangerine and vanilla, and just like the body spray these smells come across perfectly and go together like beans on toast!

          The smell is quite strong without being over powering and gives of a gorgeous sweet and fruity scent and after a while this fades down to a much more relaxed vanilla and tangerine scent, I find this perfect for an everyday scent because it isn't too much whilst on and it isn't to boring.

          I find the smell lingers on the skin for about 3 hours, not the best but I can't complain though really as it isn't a expensive perfume! Another great thing is about this, the smell will just fade and not linger with a musky smell!

          I think this is a really young ultimate girly fragrance and best suited to younger types.

          This perfume is very refreshing and uplifting and is a great cheap present to any girl who would like to add something more to her collection!

          I really love this perfume and would recommend it!


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          13.12.2010 23:58
          Very helpful



          A reasonable day wear fragrance

          ~In the Pink with Charlie~

          Having come across the updated range of Charlie fragrances in a well known store at an attractively reduced price I felt it was as good a time as any to see how the fragrances performed as a range of budget priced day wear fragrance products. Amongst the Revlon Charlie products that I was lucky enough to be able to purchase was the Charlie Pink EDT that forms this review. The fragrance is one of the range of products based loosely around the original Charlie fragrance produced by Revlon and although it does share the Charlie name, I feel that as with all the updated fragrances in the range, it shares little with the original fragrance product in terms of how it smells.

          The fragrance is a mixed bag in terms of how it smells and how it performs. I feel that it can seem overly sweet at times with a sharp opening, yet is pretty enough for the price you pay and does have that easy girly pink theme running all the way through it that has been very fashionable for sometime. One thing that goes against the fragrance is the lack of longevity when worn on the skin as I have found it certainly lacks any real staying power, however in this case as with the Charlie Black fragrance I do feel that with the fragrance being so very affordable to all, this can be slightly over looked to some extent.

          ~The look - the box, the bottle ~

          As with the other fragrances within the same range the bottle that you get your Charlie Pink in is a let down. There really is no other way to describe it as far as I am concerned. We are all perhaps very used to similar pink themed fragrances in the higher end price band, which have more glamorous yet girly and cute bottles that tie in nicely with the pink toned theme of the fragrances. If you think about products such as the Lacoste pink range, you will understand my point here in that the bottles are pink toned, nicely shaped and have a more polished look and finish to them that let us know we will feel pampered when we wear the fragrance within the pretty bottles.

          Sadly the Charlie Pink fragrance bottle in no way does justice to the wearable, if short lived fragrance you get within the very cheap and cheerful clear glass it utilises. The shape of the bottle has an almost prismatic, 3D medium height triangular look to it and whilst this may sound rather nice, in reality it looks and feels cheaply made. Yes the fragrance bottle used here has a very plain and dull appearance. I feel that it has a budget feel to it that is a let down and I certainly do not feel the bottle is one you will want to place admiringly on a dressing table to display it.

          The lid works well enough to seal in the fragrance and stop any leaks or spills yet it also has a cheap and dull look to it that is made all the worse by the almost matt clear toned plastic that is used to make it. The only hint of the Charlie branding is the Charlie name imprinted on one side of the bottle and whilst that does add something I feel it in no way can redeem the dull look of the fragrance bottle. In the products favour is the outer box that the fragrance comes in, as it does have a modern and pretty pink toned metallic look that is attractive and much nicer to gaze upon than the bottle it holds safely within.

          The whole box has a series of small circular discs within the pink metallic material, that look like a large group of cds stuck on skinny strings, suspended to catch the light and reflect it. I rather like the look of the box if I am honest, yet I do feel that if I were to give the fragrance as a gift the bottle within would be a let down to the person receiving it and as such I feel the fragrance is best thought of as something you would buy for a youngster or as a fragrance to buy for yourself.

          ~The scent~

          As the fragrance labels itself as a so called 'pink' themed fragrance I feel that I did expect it to have that sweet girly and pink feel that I have experience of from other similar fragrances such as Lacoste Touch Of Pink. The Charlie Pink fragrance does have a sweet pink theme running through it, which is also picked up on by the matching body spray that can be bought for as little as £1.60. As the fragrance of Charlie Pink is short lived it may be an idea to incorporate using the matching body spray alongside it in order to extend the life of the fragrance.

          When the fragrance is first spritzed on lightly there is a strong alcohol tone that I feel is not very in keeping with the pink theme of the fragrance, although it does soften and die away as soon as the fragrance dries down on my skin. I feel that the overly sharp opening notes of the fragrance are at odds with the pink girly scent I thought I would be able to smell when I first wore Charlie Pink and that did take a little away from sweet pinkness of the fragrance as it develops. This is a minor point that may not effect everyone as much, after all sometimes a good sharp opening note sets the tone of a fragrance. I feel it is more a matter of taste on my part perhaps although It is worth mentioning within the review.

          Within the blend of ingredients used the fragrance uses tangy and fresh tangerine, mixed with juicy red fruits and berries and this could be where the overly tangy sharp notes I experienced came from when the fragrance was still wet and freshly applied. Once the fragrance settles a little these do work better together and the vanilla used within the fragrance swiftly sweeps those sour and sharp notes away leaving a sweater and fruitier base set into warm vanilla within a very short time span.

          One thing I did feel when I wore the fragrance was that it had a fruity vanilla sherbet tone to it that became more powdery as I wore it. Very often I found that I was glad that the fragrance didn't last as long as it might have done due to the deepening powdery tone, although the sherbet scent I sensed was pleasant enough for the short time it was there. When wearing the Charlie Pink fragrance I could end up feeling like I was not wearing any fragrance at all within a matter of just a couple of hours as the fragrance seems to fade faster than the speed of light. This does mean that if you are wearing the fragrance you may want to take it out with you if you are away from home for a good number of hours, as the fragrance softens away to nothing all too quickly.

          ~Summary and price~

          In summary I feel that the Charlie Pink fragrance has a good amount of wearability verses the budget price that it can be purchased for inspite of the issue I came across when I wore it. As a light and fruity pink day time fragrance it can work, although rather briefly and this does have to be factored into my product rating for it. On the positive side I do feel that the Charlie Pink fragrance is pretty on the skin for around an hour or so when it dries down, after which it can become powdery before fading away to nothing.

          As mentioned I feel that the life of the fragrance could perhaps be further extended by using the body spray that matches in with the Charlie Pink fragrance to layer it and as such it may be worth looking out for gift sets that will enable you to try this out. There are a number of gift sets around and the Charlie Pink set I have seen has a 30ml EDT spray, a body lotion and a body spray all boxed up nicely for £7.99. The fragrance on its own can be bought for as much as £5.95 and as little as £3.97 for a 30ml bottle, which I feel is good value for a budget priced fragrance product.


          As far as rating the fragrance I do feel that it has a light wearable fragrance that is synthetic yet some what pretty at the same time. I do dislike the way it dries to an unattractive powder like scent before it fades and the sharp opening tone is out of touch with how I feel a girly sweet pink fragrance ought to be, yet at the amazingly low price it sells for I do feel it has its place amongst the many fragrances there are for us to choose from. The way the product is boxed and bottled is a let down and has to be mentioned once again, although I have made allowances for the fact that the product is aimed at the budget end of the fragrance market and so price and presentation are reflected in that, as is my product rating.

          I feel the fragrance is perhaps best suited to a younger fragrance wearer more than a more mature fragrance buyer who may have more strongly defined tastes and needs based on experience of a wider range of fragrance products. Equally I do feel that Charlie Pink could offer a light and easy introduction to wearing fragrance for anyone who is not a regular fragrance wearer and is just dipping their toes into the fragrance world. As a starting point the fragrance is a fair product that could be used as a stepping stone towards learning more about fragrance and what suits each person as an individual. Over all I feel that Charlie Pink is a reasonable day time fragrance that can be bought cheaply and as such I feel it deserves a 3 star product rating.


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          04.11.2010 20:08
          Very helpful



          A nice smell

          ==Revlon Charlie Pink EDT Spray==

          The fact that I seem to go through perfume like there is no tomorrow usually means that I am always on the hunt for a bargain, especially when browsing in Boots. I like to take advantage of any money off products and always make sure I have my boots advantage card with me and my lovely Professional Discount card which gives me an added 10% off.

          The only reason I picked this particular EDT spray up was the fact that there was a price reduction on it slightly giving a saving of nearly £2 but meaning the product was down from £5.95 pence to a mere £3.97 pence. This seemed a real bargain considering the bottle was a fair size at 30 ml.

          The perfume itself comes housed within an outer cardboard box. This seems to ensure that it is safely protected and the glass bottle inside pops out easily upon opening. The box itself is a bright pink colour and not usually something that I would be attracted to but because of the price I accidentally on purpose shoved all the different Charlie scents in my basket! Well a bargain is a bargain!

          The bottle inside is pretty simple and understated with a clear glass bottle which has a kind of angled shape to it and being clear, it makes it easy to see the lightly coloured pink perfume held inside. The lid comes away easily to reveal the spray nozzle which sprays out a good amount of the scent with each press.

          The fragrance itself was actually nicer than I thought it would be (there were no testers on the shelf in Boots at the time so it was really going to be hit or miss). The smell is rather fruity and sweet and seems to me a perfect daytime perfume. It has top notes of citrus which seem to invigorate the senses and give a little pick me up which I really enjoy. These top notes subside rather quickly and give way to the deeper berry type scents and a vanilla aroma which lingers on the skin the most. The overall smell of this Charlie Pink would be a fruity and rather tropical one and although it is winter I find the smell would be more fitting to the summer months.

          The longevity of the perfume is not brilliant and seeing as it is a very cheap fragrance, I wouldn't expect too much more from it. I find that by about lunchtime I can hardly smell any of the perfume which I sprayed on first thing in the morning. This is no big deal to me as the bottle was so cheap reapplying it throughout the day wouldn't mean a waste of money. Saying that I can still smell a light vanilla scent on my skin so the smell itself doesn't wear of completely.

          All in all I feel for the price of the EDT it was a true bargain. I like the young and tropical scents of this fresh and fruity perfume and at this price I feel it would make a great stocking filler for many young women.

          I think a score of 4 out of 5 stars is in order for this perfume and the only minus mark is because it doesn't last all day. But for the price I can't really moan.

          Many thanks for taking the time to read.

          I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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