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Rihanna Rebelle Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Rihanna / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    4 Reviews
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      22.10.2012 05:03
      Very helpful



      Smells amazing!

      I'm a huge fan of Rihanna's music so I was really pleased when I recieved her second perfume, 'Rebelle' as a birthday present last month. I've got the 100ml version but there are also smaller sizes available - 50ml and 30ml. The perfume is available from a wide range of shops such as Superdrug, Boots, various supermarkets and countless websites including Amazon and eBay.

      A 100ml bottle retails at around £36.00 which is slightly pricey for a celebrity perfume in my opinion but it's still a reasonable price. This perfume has only been out for a few months so I think that within another few months the price will drop a little. The perfume bottle isn't anything out of the ordinary and the design isn't very unique in my opinion but it still looks nice - it looks expensive and the glass is good quality and sturdy.

      The bottle is a bit like a tall pyramid shape - it's slightly rounded at the bottom and it gets thinner as it goes on with a long thin neck. The bottle is transparent with red and gold detailing and the lid is red with a golden band around it. Rihanna describes this perfume as having 'a feminine romantic element, while maintaining a defiant quality'. She states that this fragrance is 'about taking control but still being a lady.'

      I think that this description sums it up perfectly; it's feminine and sexy but not at all sweet and girly. It's young and fresh yet it has a mature feel to it, if that makes sense - it will definitey appeal to women of any age. Although it's quite a musky, spicy, warm scent the subtle floral notes still give a vibrant, fresh kind of feel and I find that although it's best suited to nightime wear (eg clubbing) I can get away with wearing it day to day as it isn't too over the top or overpowering.

      The coffee and patchouli override the floral notes but not completely which gives a very unique, smoky scent and the hint of the rich, fruity strawberry balances it out nicely. I couldn't detect ginger in this at first which I was dissapointed by because as soon as I saw ginger listed on the scent description I thought 'ooh, that sounds unusual!' but as the scent begins to fade a very subtle hint of the ginger and vanilla becomes apparent.

      The smell isn't sickly or overpowering and I've had a lot of compliments on the fragrance. It isn't particularly sweet so if you like floral, candy shop type perfumes then you might not be keen on this. The smell hits me as soon as I squirt a little out and I find that one squirt on each of my wrists and my neck provides a strong enough scent, so a bottle lasts for a while.

      I've had mine for nearly a month and I've used it countless times and it is still nearly full! The smell lingers on my skin for a good four hours which is an impressive amount of time considering how little I actually use each time that I apply it. I've also noticed that if it gets on clothing the smell will still be detectable for several days afterwards.

      Overall, I love this perfume - it's one of my favourites at the minute! It's an unusual, relatively versatile scent which is long lasting. Highly recommended.


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      19.10.2012 00:38
      Very helpful



      An okay scent from Rihanna.

      ~*~*~ Rihanna - Rebelle ~*~*~

      ~*~*~ What is it? ~*~*~

      Rihanna's Rebelle was introduced in spring 2012, for those not in the know Rihanna is a singer, songwriter and more recently an actress, and this perfume is endorsed by her. This is Rihanna's second fragrance which preceded Reb'l Fleur.

      ~*~*~ The Bottle ~*~*~

      The bottle is quite a simple design, a fluted transparent bottle with red and gold accents.This is quite an understated bottle when compared to some celebrity scents, but it does have a certain charm about it, I was unsure at first I thought maybe it looked a little on the cheap side but it looks good sat amongst my other perfume bottles on my dressing table. It's a little art deco I think and the bright red certainly stands out.

      ~*~*~ The Price ~*~*~

      I have looked online for prices -
      Amazon - 30ml - £16.80. 50ml - £21.71.
      www.semichem.co.uk -
      30ml - £19.99
      50ml - £29.99
      Gift set - £28.99

      I think it seems a little steep for a celeb scent but it was bought for me as a gift so I didn't spend anything!

      ~*~*~ The Scent ~*~*~

      I am indifferent about this scent if I am honest, I neither love nor hate it. My first impressions of the fragrance were that it had a warm, soft slightly masculine scent yet there was something that didn't sit quite right with me, so I tried it again on another day and this time it still smelt warm and soft and I got a strong coffee hit, there was something sweet mingled into the mix too that I can only imagine is the strawberry coming through.
      It's a more spicy scent than a sweet but I don't feel this is a bad thing.

      The notes in this scent are ~

      Top Notes - Ploom, Strawberry, Ginger.
      Middle Notes - Orchid, Cacao, Heliotrope.
      Base Notes - Musk, Patchouli, Amber, Coffee.

      ~*~*~ Overall ~*~*~

      Like I said before I am indifferent about this scent, I don't quite know what I think about it. At times I do like it and I feel I wear it well, then other times I feel it's just too heady for me. Maybe it's because I would usually opt for cleaner, sweeter scents but I feel this is a good autumn scent, I do feel the coffee comes through strongly and I think this is a good if you want something spicy and sexy.
      I am awarding this 3/5 simply because I don't quite know what I make of it.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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      17.09.2012 12:33
      Very helpful



      Rebelling is fun...

      "[Rebelle has a] feminine romantic element, while maintaining a defiant quality. My new fragrance is about taking control but still being a lady." - Rihanna


      REBELLE opens with berries and a bit of plum, but, to me anyway, the berry note is more like currants then strawberry. In most of my perfumes containing the note, plum is usually a strong fragrance on me, so it is a nice change to notice that the spicy berries stand out more here. The sweetness I'd expect from the fruit is rather subdued as the top notes are combined with a sharp bite of ginger, which warms up the fragrance from first application.

      The patchouli and coffee develop quickly and smother most of the lingering fruit notes, hiding most of them so only a light sprinkling remains. The mix of the coffee and patchouli makes the fragrance transform to something dark, rich and earthy, with a hint of smokiness. I'm not able to separate any floral notes from the powdered undertone which lies beneath the stronger key notes. I presume that the powdery note is from the heliotrope, but I can't even guess at what other floral notes are present. There is also some vanilla present which seems to mix with the powdered florals, sweetening them and contrasting with the stronger coffee notes. The result is lively and energising, as there is a clash of these traditionally feminine and masculine fragrance notes, which never seems to blend together fully.

      I do have a weakness for spicy perfumes which have a sweeter drydown, so the base of coca and amber is a real winner for me. The scent notes sound like they'll be too much together, but by combining them with the patchouli and coffee we get a warm, comforting sweetness. There is still some spiciness and energy lingering, so there remains a softer version of the masculine sharpness from the middle stages that remain in the perfume, preventing the sweet notes from becoming sickly. I also think that there is some sandalwood here too, as there is some creaminess in the final stages of REBELLE - a clean creaminess that I've come to associate with the note.

      Official scent notes; Plum, strawberry, ginger, heliotrope, vanilla orchid, cocoa absolute, musk, coffee, patchouli and amber.


      I was surprised by REBELLE - in a good way. I was expecting a sickly-sweet kind of fragrance, going by where Reb'l Fleur had set the bar, so I'd put off using the travel atomizer sample I've got. As it turns out I'm actually glad that I waited before starting to wear REBELLE, as it is stronger then Reb'l Fleur and if I'd have worn it in warmer weather I doubt that the contrasts in the notes would have stood out on my skin. Even though REBELLE is stronger then Reb'l Fleur, it is still quite subtle in comparison to Rihanna's first fragrance release, if that makes sense. I find that as the sweetness is much less syrupy, it is less cloying.

      Although I think REBELLE is much more exciting and original then Reb'l Fleur, I don't know if I'll buy a bottle after finishing my travel atomizer -at least not before checking everything else on offer out first, but I will be tempted. This is due to the wishy washy staying power, and that I would have appreciated it if the floral notes were more fully developed. But, as it is, REBELLE is enjoyable and a huge improvement over the previous fragrance from Parlux/Rihanna.

      The official website for Reb'l Fleur held a poll last year, asking fans whether they were a Rebelle or a Fleur. After 68% of Rihanna's fans voted Rebelle, Parlux announced the release of Rebelle. So I guess that means that Rihanna fans can look forward to a second Reb'l Fleur flanker, presumingly called Fleur, in the near future.

      The lasting power for REBELLE is not much of an improvement over Rihanna's first perfume release - it averages at around between four and five hours. Whilst it's not the best for a parfum overall, it is far from the worst and is actually pretty good for the price bracket it is in.

      I prefer wearing this in colder weather, as I mentioned above, the contrasting notes are more apparent at this time of year. But considering that REBELLE has strong keynotes and a sweet drydown, it hasn't become sickly or cloying in the brief patches of warmer weather we've had. However I wouldn't wear it on hot days, as the ginger and patchouli can become smothering.

      I think that REBELLE was made for evening wear, but I happily wear it during the day, casually and for work - over these colder months anyway, as although it is a noticeable fragrance I don't find it cloying or irritating. In summer I think that I'd stick to using it for special occasions because I find it a 'statement' fragrance and a bit too much for day to day wear.


      30ml: £20
      50ml: £30
      100ml: £37


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        15.09.2012 01:57



        Seductive floral fragrance but not ideal for those who want a fresh, light scent

        Though initially thinking of both of Rihanna's fragrances (Reb'l Fleur and Rebelle) as 'just another range of celebrity perfumes' I now wear them both alternatively! I was completely wrong and have found them to be amongst my favourite scents. Rebelle is slightly stronger and heavier than Reb'l Fleur, though I find they hold many similarities.

        The Rebelle bottle is identical to Rihanna's first fragrance Reb'l Fleur but instead features red stripes as opposed to black. The bottle is very striking and feminine and looks attractive on a bedside table or beauty cabinet (I find the pictures to do little justice).

        The scent itself is very feminine and floral, but a darker side of floral which is rarely found. It is not a fresh scent, but more a seductive, heady smell that lingers in the room.

        Rebelle is perfect for evening, parties or formal events, however I insist on wearing it everyday as I love it so much. I've also found it to be incredibly long lasting and catches to your clothing.

        Simply gorgeous!


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    • Product Details

      Rebelle, the follow-up to Rihanna's first fragrance hit, Reb'l Fleur, continues to express her enticing duality. This fragrance, like Rihanna's music, expresses a fresh, modern sensuality. Indeed, it is very much of the moment as it reflects the fascination of her fans who expressed themselves online exploring whether they were a 'Reb'l' or a 'Fleur'. Sassy or sweet, Rebelle is a delightful enticement bringing to mind not only the warmth of the Caribbean sun, reflecting Barbados-born Rihanna's roots, but also the exhilarating whirl of her present-day city life. Rebelle captures Rihanna's essence, this time with a lush, sensual Gourmand Chypre. Luscious strawberries and ripe purple plums are enlivened with a jolt of ginger to create a tantalizing harmony at the top. Then the heart opens, passionate with the heat of exotic allure, intriguing body and soul with notes of tropical splendour: cacao absolute, vanilla orchid and heliotrope. Defiantly sexy, the base notes beguile. Dark and mysterious, they echo like the reggae hook in a Rihanna tune: Rich patchouli finds rhythm with the essence of rare coffee beans, creamy musk merges with the aphrodisiac effect of amber...unforgettable becomes an understatement.