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River Island Summer Chic Boutique Eau de Toilette

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Brand: River Island / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2012 11:59
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      Overall, a very disappointing fragrance - not recommended

      Riverisland Summer Chic Boutique Eau de Toilette (30ml)

      I bought this fragrance during the summer from the Riverisland website and I have tried a couple of the Riverisland fragrances such as the original 'Chic' scent and the 'Perfect' scent too - I find Riverisland fragrances to be a bit hit and miss as some are really nice and others are awful!

      - About the product and packaging

      I bought the 30ml bottle of this fragrance during the summer as I had a money off code and I really like the original Chic perfume from Riverisland. The packaging on the image above is the original Chic perfume not this summer edition. The packaging is basically the same apart from the 'summer chic boutique' ribbon around the bottle and the blue see through lid/cap. The bottle I have is the 30ml eau de toilette version but they did make a large bottle of this fragrance.

      - Scent

      This fragrance as it was made my Riverisland it didn't state the notes that go into the composition of this scent but overall I find that this scent is a strong floral scent which is really quite generic and it has some fairly strong musky notes too which doesn't seem appropriate for a summery fragrance, in my opinion. The initial scent of this fragrance when sprayed onto the skin is very, very strong and I like really strong perfumes but this is too strong and it smell a lot like hairspray and cleaning products for the first few minutes. The scent then calms down slightly to a sweeter floral scent which some musky notes, which is really quite generic in my opinion. I really like floral fragrances, it is my favourite type of fragrance but this scent is too strong and it is like mixing strong natural floral scents with hairspray, literally! The scent doesn't really develop over the next couple of hours, the fragrance becomes a little bit musky but on the whole the fragrance remains the same on my skin. Overall, a generic floral scent with some musky notes and a lot of hairspray thrown in for good measure!

      - Longevity

      The longevity of eau de toilettes is not going to be as good as eau de parfum fragrances so I wasn't expecting a lot in terms of longevity with this fragrance. After about half an hour the scent seems to have calmed down quite a lot and it isn't too noticeable on my skin after an hour. After two/three hours the scent is almost undetectable on my skin. Although I find that this fragrances lasts a bit longer on clothing' lasting about three to four hours on my clothing which is ok. Overall, the longevity on the skin really isn't good and the longevity on clothing is really average, in my opinion.

      - Overall opinion

      Overall, the scent is really quite generic in my opinion and the only thing that separates this fragrance from the plethora of floral perfumes is the vast amount of hairspray that seems to be in this fragrance! The longevity, along with the scent overall, is a disappointing with the scent lasting a maximum of two hours on my skin. The scent lasts a little bit longer on my clothing at around four hours maximum - not recommended!

      - Price and availability

      I bought this fragrance from the Riverisland website months ago and I think it was no more than £8 at the time but it isn't available on the Riverisland website anymore but it can be found on ebay really cheaply.



      *Bottle/packaging is nice and simple
      *Fragrance overall is ok


      *Availability now
      *Strong hairspray like scent - too strong even for me
      *Poor longevity, in my opinion
      *Very strong scent initially then it dissipates into nothing fairly quickly

      Thank you for reading my review


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