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Sanctuary Classic Eau de Toilette

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6 Reviews

Brand: Sanctuary / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    6 Reviews
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      11.12.2011 19:20



      Nice perfume

      Today I am going to be reviewing the sancutary classic eau de toilette


      It packaged in a clear glass bottle, the bottle is square and gets smaller from top to bottom. I think the packaging is very 'classic' (no pun intended!!) The packagin looks quite expensive but it isn't :)


      The perfume apparently smells of fresh bergamot, citrus fruits, rose, jasmine, cardamom, vanilla, patchoili and sandalwood. To me it just smells like all the other sanctuary prducts. It smells warm, oriental and spicy. I really like the smell, especially when I use the body wash / lotion to go with it I just smell so nice !! I think this is a really nice alternative to a high end perfume that still smells nice, still looks nice and doesn't cost the world !

      If you like the rest of the sanctuary essential range I should think you'd like the smell of this. Of course prefume is personal to you but I really like this scent and see no obvious reason why not to buy it.


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      23.04.2011 08:50
      Very helpful




      I got a Sanctuary gift set for Christmas. It's not the first time i've had a gift set from this brand and I do like the products from this range. The Sanctuary is a Spa but you can buy the products from branches of Boots. Not sure if you get the range elsewhere. I only got a little bottle of this in the set that I got though, but it done me a few goes of the scent.

      After looking online I see that this comes in a 70ml bottle. Bit of a strange size, but a good enough size. I see that this bottle costs around £18, so a not bad price for such size.

      The bottle looks like the picture on here. An ok looking bottle but nothing all that special. The bottle is narrower at the bottom and then gets wider nearer the top. Quite a classic looking bottle, and simple looking but not expensive looking at all.

      So how does this smell? The notes in here are Bergamot, Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla, Cardamon, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Citrus. So a good mix of different scents in here. I would say that the Bergamot is probably the main scent in here, but the Citrus is more apparent in here as well. All the other notes in here I would say you can smell as well, but I can't pick out what is exactly what due to the notes all being mixed up. It is a nice fresh scent which is light without being too faint. I sprayed this usual 3 squirts of the scent at the points on my that I usually spray and the scent smelt quite strong when I first done it. After this dried then I could still smell this at a decent scent for a couple of hours after but then it seemed to be pretty faint after that, so I don't feel it lasted all that long. Then again I could still smell a light scent of this which was pretty fresh.

      This is a nice scent and due to the price of this then I would recommend that you try this since it is a nice light, fresh scent. I don't feel personally I will be buying this again myself, due to the fact that there is other scents that I like more.


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      21.02.2011 21:36
      Very helpful
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      A great scent, neither girlie nor old lady, more buoyant than cloying: lovely!

      I received this scent as a gift item along with bath smellies and although I was obviously very happy to receive it, because I didn't know the range I was fully prepared for it to be something I would use up instead of having to buy toiletries, as opposed to being something that I would love using. However, I'm now a real convert to all things Sanctuary and largely because of this 'classic' scent.

      This Eau de Toilette is marketed as being "sensuously oriental- a sophisticated blend of the exotic" so I actually expected it to be quite heavy and cloying, especially with a bergamot base, but actually it's amazingly fresh and comes out neither too fruity (despite enjoying citrus fruits in its ingredients list) nor too flowery (as well as the bergamot, there is also rose and jasmine). There are the additions of vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood and to be honest when you read a list like that, you'd expect that kind of hard-hitting aroma that you get when you turn a corner in a shopping centre and find yourself opposite the Lush shop! Yet it's so much lighter and fresher than that!

      Despite being someone who just 'uses up' toiletries without worrying too much how they make me smell, I've always felt a bit let down by the fact that I've never actually found a scent I like enough to want to wear it everyday and have as my 'signature' scent, if you will. However, with Sanctuary Classic, I have found it. Sadly though, I found that the 50ml bottle I had to start with did not seem to last very long - I used it all up within just a few weeks and am now on my second bottle. Because the first bottle was a gift, I can't comment on value for money, but the fact that the scent lasts quite a long time (most of the day really), that makes it pretty good in my book.

      For my second bottle I first approached the Sanctuary website, but worryingly it's not available at the moment through them. However I found it in Boots, so all the time they still have it, I won't panic. It would have cost about £17 from Boots but it's currently in a 3 for 2 offer, so it cost less overall, but again it means that I can't really comment on value for money. However, because I'm far too frugal normally to spend that much on how I smell, I think I would only splash out on it when there is an offer to be had, to bring down the overall cost as I do find signature smellies to be exorbitantly priced. Still, on this occasion because I was getting presents for others at the time, it seemed like a great opportunity to bag myself a new bottle too in the 3 for 2 deal, so I'd certainly recommend trying it out on that basis too!

      From a male perspective, my hubby likes it too, again because it's fresh and clean without being too sterile (there's a real warmth to it) and without being too cloying. I'd totally recommend it as a gift for someone, to introduce them to something new, just the way I received it!


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        10.02.2011 16:47
        Very helpful
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        A good perfume with good staying power - although I don't think I would buy this

        The sanctuary spa fragrance - Classic

        I received this perfume as part of a gift at christmas and I do love the sanctuary body products and they smell great. But if I didn't get this in a gift set, I don't think I would have bought it, although it is quite nice.

        *About the product*

        I one I have is the 'purse spray' and it is in a similar bottle to the full size version. It is just a normal average cylindrical bottle. This product comes in 25ml or 0.845 us fl oz, the full size version is in either 50ml or 70ml.


        Alcohol denat., Aqua (Water), Parfum (Fragrance), Citral, Benzyl Salicylate, Coumarin, Geraniol, Linalool, Benzyl Benzoate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene.

        *My opinion of the product*

        -Bottle and Notes

        The bottle for the purse spray is pretty basic and boring really, it is just a see through cylinder with a silver plastic lid. However the bottle for the full size version of the classic perfume is nicer.

        The Main scents in the perfume include:

        *Citrus fruits
        *Rose and Jasmine

        -Scent and staying power (longevity)

        I do like the scent/fragrance as I like the other products that have the same scent as this such as, the body butter, body lotion, body wash and to an extent the hand cream (previously reviewed).

        The main notes that I can detect in this perfume after I have applied it seem to be the bergamot and vanilla and also the patchouli, the sandelwood and cardamon seem to appear a little later. There are also notes of rose and of jasmine, but to me there is very little citrus fruit scents coming through.

        I find that this perfume does have quite a good staying power, it does not last all day, which is the general consensus from all perfumes I have tried, but it does last quite a while. The fragrance does become more subtle as the day progresses, but a various points through out the day I can still smell the perfume - from when I applied it in the morning.

        *Price and Availability*

        I received this as part of one of the sanctuary gift sets out of boots, but it can be purchased from the actual sanctuary website (below) and also boots.

        Sanctuary site

        *25ml purse spray = £8.43 (same price in boots)
        *50ml spray = £15.31
        *70ml spray = £17.62

        The sanctuary spa also make other perfumes including, wild rose and violet, pomegranate and cassis, green tea and jasmine and also black iris and peony.

        Good points

        *Nice scent that has a really good staying power - better than some other perfumes I have tried and I can still smell the perfume through out the day
        *Really nice notes/scents
        *Great for daywear (although I don't think it is as suitable for evening wear)
        *A bit strong when I first sprayed it but it becomes more subtle though out the day
        *Good price for a high quality fragrance - good brand too!
        *Maybe for slightly older people (I am 19 this year, so I think I would pick a sweeter fragrance, compared to this)

        Bad points

        *I can not smell any citrusy fruit scents in it - even though it is stated as being it the perfume
        *I personally would prefer it if didn't have a hint of the musky notes to it and added some more fruity notes instead
        *purse spray has a boring bottle design

        For more information: http://www.thesanctuary.co.uk/fragrance.htm

        Thank you for reading my review


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          31.01.2011 14:52
          Very helpful



          An inexpensive fragrance designed for every woman

          I'm not one of those women who like to go round smelling like a fruit salad so I tend to steer well clear of fruity shampoos, shower gels and perfumes. I'm not overly fond of very flowery scents either which is why I love the Sanctuary Spa Essentials range of products which tend more towards the spicy. Although the fragrance from their shower mousse or cream scrub, followed up by a slathering of body butter, gives a fragrance that lasts for several hours, it does need a bit of a boost after that time and Sanctuary's Classic Eau de Toilette is perfect for that job.

          The Sanctuary is a women only spa, originally based only in Covent Garden in London but now with a few branches dotted throughout the country. I was treated to a day at the Covent Garden spa quite a few years ago now which is where I was introduced to their Spa Essentials range and I've been using them ever since. This eau de toilette was introduced a couple of years ago and is a welcome addition to the Sanctuary range of products.

          Price and availability:

          A 70cl bottle of Classic eau de toilette retails at £17.62 if you buy this from one of the Sanctuary spas or via their website. This is also available from Boots for a similar price, however, Boots frequently have Sanctuary products as part of their 3 for 2 offers, so it might be worth waiting for one of those.

          My opinion:

          I won't spend time describing the bottle because you can see from the picture that it's very plain yet elegant and goes with any decor so won't look out of place on anyone's dressing table.

          The Spa Essentials fragrance is quite difficult to define. It isn't fruity or flower or even particularly sweet. Its blend of ingredients provide a perfect combination of fruit, flowers and spices to produce a fresh and clean, slightly sharp aroma which gives that just showered smell. To my mind, this is a Saturday or Sunday morning, jeans wearing kind of fragrance.

          Classic has top notes of bergamot and citrus, which give a brief sharp initial burst of scent which slowly softens into the slightly more flowery notes of rose and jasmine. These middle notes are not particularly strong and there certainly isn't an overwhelming floweriness about it at all. These notes don't last too long at all and, in fact, I can't take too much jasmine scent without getting a headache, so the amount of jasmine in this product must be fairly minimal.

          As the scent begins to warm on the skin, the spicier notes come to the fore. These base notes are patchouli and sandalwood, muted by just a hint of cardamom and vanilla and although there isn't any coconut in the mix, there is that slightly coconutty element to the final scent. If any one note dominates, it's the patchouli, although this takes a more subtle form by the inclusion of the other ingredients. The overall fragrance when fully developed is light, fresh and clean, giving that just-stepped-out-of-the-shower scent which immediately makes you think of casual clothes, minimal make-up and lazy weekends.

          I wouldn't classify this scent as being particularly age-specific because I feel it would suit anyone from late teens upwards. It's a fairly androgynous fragrance and I would categorise it more as a daytime scent, although it would seem too out of place for evening. This probably won't appeal to those women who like very heavy, musky scents but it will certainly trigger memories in those of us old enough to remember the Sixties and Seventies when practically everybody, male and female, used patchouli oil.

          Although this isn't an expensive fragrance so won't make too big a dent in your bank balance, if you prefer there is a smaller, handbag size available which is about £8.50 for a 25ml bottle.

          All things considered, I would regard this as an elegant and subtle fragrance, every bit as appealing as any of the designer or celebrity fragrances currently on the market and has been created to suit every woman.


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            03.09.2010 16:13
            Very helpful



            A gorgeous perfume at a reasonable cost.

            Well this is one of many (far too many!) items recently aquired from boots - although I own a couple of perfumes which I got free, this is my first intentional purchase!

            Well I'll work in the order you see/notice these things.

            The perfume costs approx £15 for a 50ml bottle, which isn't perhaps the cheapest, but comes in much below many of the celebrity and famous name scents which can cost 2-3x that, or sometimes more than 10x that. The bottle size is also good, I think they do a larger size as well.

            The packaging is a clear plastic square tube with a cardboard top and bottom in orange (like the essentials ranges). On the front of this it says "Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden", the bottle is 50ml th ein short the blurb about the smell mentions: fresh bergamot, citrus fruits, rose, jasmine, cardamom, vanilla, patchoili and sandalwood, so quite a few ingredients.

            The bottle:
            The bottle is a fairly classic style glass bottle, narrowing at the bottom but still wide enough to easily stand upon, I also notice the bottom inside is curved in such a wyit lowers at one side where the tube reaches, so you're not going to be left with 10% of the bottle you can't use. 3 sides of the bottle are clear, the 4th simple says "Sanctuary" "Spa Convent Garden" and "Classic" on it.

            The application is via a standard press top spray. The lid is a thick plastic clip on one, thick enough I'd be surprised if it broke easily so no worries there. It isn't tight but I'd be happy to leave it in a handbag without worrying.

            The scent:
            The list of things included are above. Anybody familiar with the classic/essentials range of Sanctuary products will be very pleased with this - as you'll probably know the products vary slightly in smell but all have similar citrussy, spicey, warm undertones - that's the best description I can give - with just slight variations of the smell, this is no different. It does have some floral smell to it but it's not overpoweringly floral, it's very fresh and yet comforting somehow.

            I'm struggling to describe the smell, what I will say is it's not so floral it smells like those old worldy very expensive soaps with wild rose smell or such, it's much more a hint of everything, nothing strikes you as it being the sole smell, they just blend together very nicely. It's definitely a feminine smell, I guess in a way the smell is more like that of higher end skincare compared to tescos own, it's subtle but gorgeous. It also doesn't smell like you've used a standard body spray (one problem i noticed with a perfume I own - luckily one I got for free!) either, it's more refined somehow.

            But as said if you enjoy Santuary's essentials range, I'd be very surprised if you didn't love this scent! But, moving on.

            I tried this specifically yesterday morning to test how well it lasts for this review (dedication!) and after a single spray (which does do a good amount I should say) I could still smell it 12 hours later - not so strong although whether that was simple due to being accustomed to the smell I couldn't say, but it was certainly still there, at the very most I think if you were wearing it all day and evening you may want to reapply for the evening but you'd not need to whip it out every 2 hours for certain. As such I'd guess it would last quite a time.

            Ultimately it's quite cheap as far as high end fragrances go, but it doesn't smell it at all - it's a pleasant scent, the bottle is nice and simple, you won't be ashamed of it in your bag. What more could you ask for?

            Offer worth noting; at the time of writing Boots are giving away a free gift (Mela rose and pistaccio body butter worth £8.49) on any Sanctuary purchase(s) over £10, so if you're thinking of buying, that's a good place to start!


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