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Sex in the City Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Sex in the City / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    4 Reviews
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      30.07.2013 21:29
      Very helpful



      Not the best EDP around

      ~Does Sex in The City really smell as bad as this?~

      I bought myself a large sized bottle of one of the Sex in The City Eau de Parfums a short while ago after having seen it on sale in a well known discount store for the princely sum of just £2.99. At the time of purchase I wasn't able to sample the actual fragrance as there wasn't an open sample bottle for me to try out, so I essentially bought the fragrance blind. It is actually fairly rare for me to purchase a fragrance without trying it on my skin first, but in this case I felt that the small outlay of £2.99 seemed worth the risk. Sadly once I opened the fragrance bottle and experienced the scent within I knew that I had wasted my money as this fragrance really wasn't and isn't for me!

      ~Product presentation/ ease of use~

      When I bought my bottle of EDP it was sealed nicely in cellophane and came safely protected in a large sized fragrance box that looked reasonably attractive at first glance. The pink and white theme used for this EDP is very girly and sugary sweet in appearance, although this is not overly in keeping with the city skyline artwork that runs around the fragrance box in my opinion. My 100ml sized fragrance bottle was quite heavy and well proportioned in terms of its shape and size, as it did stand well on a flat surface and wasn't easily knocked over.

      The fragrance bottle was easy to handle and had a reasonably decent spray applicator fitted to it that worked to a fair standard, although it didn't deliver a particularly fine mist of fragrance. I would say that over all the fragrance bottle, box and applicator spray did function just about well enough in my opinion, although they weren't anything special in terms of quality or design. The range comes in several fragrance combos although in this case I tried the Sex in The City Love fragrance which came in a pink themed bottle and box.

      ~My experience of using the fragrance~

      Upon sampling the EDP for the first time I recall that the first whiff of Sex in The City was to be honest not really very sexy at all! The first thing to hit my senses was alcohol and lots of it! I felt that the overly strong and over powering alcohol tone imparted, that should have fixed the fragrance to my skin, was really very nose irritatingly nasty for quite some time. The feeling I had was that the alcohol aspect had taken away almost all of the initial opening fragrance notes that ought to have greeted my nostrils when spraying on a little of the fragrance, which was a great shame.

      The blurb about the fragrance told me that I ought to have experienced a sensual, summery, floral scent with a wonderful feminine side, yet in reality what I experienced was far removed from that as it was very poorly composed in my opinion. Where were all the lovely florals I was promised? What happened to that care free summer in the city feel I was expecting? Sadly all these aspects were completely absent from the fragrance. In my experience this fragrance smells more like stench in the city than anything else, as it really does smell cheap and badly composed from the very outset. Having way to much alcohol in the first few minutes that seems to drown anything else that arrives afterwards.

      I would say that once the over powering alcohol aspect died away what I was left with was a very light and almost barely there lightly floral feeling fragrance with just a light fruity twist to it that in no way felt sensuous or sexy in my opinion. The dry down of this fragrance feels so very light and non-descript that it is barely there on the skin in a matter of 10 minutes after a fresh application of fragrance. It became hard to detect the fragrance with any real strength on my skin after that time. If this scent is a true EDP then I feel it is badly blended and poorly made as it lacks any real style or staying power and cannot fix to the skin for any length of time.

      In many ways this lack of staying power isn't a bad thing to be honest, as I didn't find the fragrance appealing or attractive to wear at all when I wore it. I really didn't get along with this fragrance at all and wouldn't want to buy it again even if it was even cheaper than the £2.99 I paid for my bottle of fragrance as there was really nothing about the fragrance that suited me. The florals were weak and lack lustre and there was nothing about the fragrance that stood out as being exceptional for me. I feel that this themed fragrance was merely created in order to jump onto the Sex in The City bandwagon and make a few extra pennies, as it really isn't anything to write home about and is a complete let down in my experience.

      ~Value for money?~

      Even though I didn't spend very much to buy the fragrance I feel that it was a poor buy. Whilst I bought a very generous 100ml sized bottle of fragrance for a super low price, I feel that it was a waste of money as it didn't benefit me in terms of its fragrance and longevity on the skin. The fragrance really didn't suit me at all, therefore I feel that value for money for me personally was rather poor in this instance. You can still buy the fragrance for anything from £5.99 to £2.99 by shopping around, although it isn't something I will be purchasing again in the near future. I wouldn't like to recommend the fragrance as it lacks any real form and has limited staying power once on the skin in my experience.

      ~Product rating~

      As I didn't enjoy this fragrance at all I feel I am unable to offer a particularly high rating for it as I feel it has very little going for it from the outset. The opening blast is very unrefined in my opinion and the strength of the fragrance and longevity on the skin is so bad that after no more than 15 minutes I felt I wasn't wearing any perfume at all when I used the EDP. My rating for this fragrance is just 1 star which I feel shows how appallingly bad the EDP performed when I used it.

      As someone who has a large fragrance collection that varies in style greatly, I feel that for me to give any fragrance a lowly 1 star product rating means that it really doesn't cut the mustard. There are many body sprays and mists around that smell far nicer than this Sex in The City fragrance does, which also manage to stay on the skin for far longer than this so called EDP ever could. I would opt for those types of cheap as chips fragranced body care products any day over this particular fragrance.


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        11.07.2013 11:58
        Very helpful



        Could be better

        I was given this perfume in a gift set as a Christmas present last year. Usually i would buy more expensive perfumes which i know will last all day but i was happy to receive this gift as a friend of mine allowed me to try some of hers.
        Overall the perfume isn't too bad. It has a lovely fragrance, nice fancy bottle and is very affordable.
        If i am to be completely honest i would not buy this perfume again. Although it has a nice fragrance, it does not last. Normally family, friends, or whoever i am near comment on my fragrance but nobody commented on this. They could not smell it. I think it lasts for two or three hours before dying out. I found myself taking this perfume with me wherever i went so i could 'top up' before going out. The lid of the bottle also broke almost immediately. It is made of plastic and snapped on only the second use.
        Overall i think this product it mediocre. Probably only suitable for older children as a first fragrance, or something just to fill up their collection of perfumes. I would not buy this again and would probably only wear it if i had nothing else. I have also tried some of the other Sex in the City perfumes and found them to be exactly the same as this particular one. The scents do not last very long, the lid of the bottle broke in the exact same way and nobody could smell it.
        But as the saying goes 'you get what you pay for'. So i cannot complain too much as you really are only getting what you pay for in this case. At around £6 per bottle it is not too bad but as i said, probably more suited to older children, or something just to add to your collection.


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          22.04.2013 20:36
          Very helpful



          Cheap but you get what you pay for

          Last year, I was approaching a colleague's birthday and we wanted to get her some perfume with a collection we had arranged however we weren't sure what she liked. I was tasked with finding out what fragrance she wore so one morning, I casually commented how nice she smelt and asked what she was wearing. Unbeknown to me, she then drew me at secret santa, remembered I said I liked this so brought me a gift set with this in!

          The fragrance comes in a couple of sizes, the most common being 100ml which retails at around £6. From a distance, the bottle looks quite nice however on closer inspection, it does feel a little on the cheap side. The glass bottle is quite wide meaning it isn't the easiest to hold in one hand, it has a slight pink hint to it and to the top of the bottle there is a plastic covering (looks a little like metal) which has small holes dotted around it.

          The biggest issue I have is that the fragrance has very little staying power, despite it being an EDP, within what seems like less than an hour, it has disappeared completely, no matter how much I apply and even if I apply on the top of the body lotion that came in the gift set. The fragrance is meant to be light, fruity and feminine, so this doesn't give much away and to be honest, .I have no idea how to describe what it smells like either, only that it is sweet, quite sugary in-fact but I cannot pick out any exact notes from it. Upon first spray, it smells quite artificial and cheap.

          This is not a fragrance I would purchase myself, from the price, I would judge it to be aimed at the younger market, if I think back 20 odd years, I can imagine this might be one I would buy then!
          Overall, I wouldn't recommend this fragrance, however based on the price and that I think the younger market would like it; I would give it 2 out of 3 stars

          Thanks for reading.


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          01.02.2013 14:53
          Very helpful



          Not one I would recommend due to the poor staying and strength

          **Introduction and reason for purchase**
          I love toiletries of any kind and have a vast collection of body lotions, shower gels and beauty products including a large amount of fragrances. I have the odd bottle of designer fragrances but generally I own a lot of everyday EDT's which I've either purchased myself or have been lucky enough to have been bought them as gifts. As it was my birthday fairly recently (a month before Christmas) a couple of the presents I received were gift sets, with one being this - Sex In The City 'Love' - which includes a small body spray and a large full sized bottle of the EDP with my review focusing directly on the EDP which I will now discuss.

          **How it's described**
          "..With light and summery floral tones it is a romantic perfume perfect for everyday wear. A light and feminine scent for the modern woman Sex in the City Love is a sensual and feminine scent..."
          Sex and the city have several other fragrances available including:

          Love (currently being reviewed)
          All of the above are just a few in the collection and are all in the same design of bottle and are available in gift sets or singular EDP format for similar prices.

          **Price, packaging & availability**
          As I've just mentioned above this was a gift so I didn't buy it myself, but after a quick browse online I can see that the EDP sells for anything between £3 to £11 singularly with the gift set being in the same price bracket. This seems odd as the EDP included in the gift set is a full size 100ml which is the same size it can be purchased in separately so economically it makes sense to opt for the gift set whether you want the body spray or not.
          Love can be bought from various online shops and is currently available for the sum of £7.34 with free delivery on Amazon, as are the other fragrances in the SATC collection.

          Love is presented in a rather oddly shaped bottle that I personally find cheapens the fragrance even more than it's title as it has a slightly tacky appearance. Being in the form of glass rectangle which is 'squeezed' in at the sides giving a slight curvature the glass is transparent though has a soft pink hue meaning the contents are clearly visible, and whilst the EDP also appears to be pink it is in fact completely clear. There is a metal looking covering (which is actually plastic on closer inspection) at the neck of the bottle with random holes punched through and to what purpose this is supposed to serve I have no idea other than giving it a 'quirky' appearance. The lid is equally bizarre, being very wide and being made of the same mirrored plastic which is trying to disguise itself as being metallic and around each edge is a pink plastic looping which all in all adds to the large cumbersome appearance of the whole bottle.

          **My experience of using Love**
          I received two different fragrances from this collection - the Love gift set for my birthday and more recently the Lust EDP as a Christmas present. Whilst this is obviously a play on the name of the popular TV show with a similar name (the show being called 'Sex and the city' as opposed to the fragrances being 'Sex in the city') the fragrances themselves are very cheap and 'cheerful' which I say very loosely.
          Although I am very grateful for anything I am bought I was not quite sure what to make of the gift set at first as Sex and the city has always been one of those shows that grated on me slightly and I rarely watched and to be honest the friend that bought me this knows this information full well and I think it was a case of taking the proverbial Michael. I'm not a wasteful person though and would never throw or give something away (unless it caused an allergic reaction of some kind) so I decided to at least give it a go. As I've briefly only spritzed the body spray on one occasion I cannot comment on it fairly really which is why this review focuses solely on the EDP.

          I really don't like the design of the bottle at all - it's too large, clunky and cumbersome and whilst it's not exactly vulgar it really doesn't have any attractive qualities going for it at all. I appreciate that holding 100ml's of EDP the bottle is going to have to be large or substantial at least, but the wide rectangular appearance from the front and being much thinner from the side view really doesn't do the EDP justice as it just makes it difficult to hold and feels incredibly heavy once picked up.
          Once the awkward and ridiculously large lid has been removed - which I will say is easy to remove and fastens again via a satisfying 'click' - there is a quite petite nozzle hiding underneath which looks so out of place given the huge size of the bottle. The nozzle has just one small pin prick of a hole but once pressed down the EDP shoots out and covers a large area as though there were several small holes as opposed to just one and I say this for the reason if aiming for the neck just be careful it doesn't end up in your eye!

          Once spritzed onto my skin, Love has a very agreeable scent being very light and airy with an obvious floral element throughout. If I own a fragrance I like to know which notes have been used merely so I can see if I can try to pick them out myself, but the fact the only description I can find of 'Love' is fairly limited informing us it is 'feminine with floral tones' really doesn't give much away with no indication of what the EDP truly smells of. Once applied to my skin however I am greeted with indeed a light floral essence which despite me not being a floral fan it is actually very charming albeit in a mellow sort of way.
          The fragrance isn't overpowering in any way shape or form and given the fact this is an EDP it lacks in strength from the word go in my opinion. Once settled on the skin the floral fragrance is delicate, yet beautiful, and to me has a hint of fruity red notes though there is no mention of this whatsoever it is merely my own description. The floral notes are hard to pinpoint but if I were to hazard a guess I would say perhaps lily of the valley? Again this is just my own personal opinion and I may be completely wrong but the overall scent is actually very delightful (from a non - favourable floral fan).

          This, as I've stated throughout the review is very cheap and cheerful. I detest the bottle mainly due to the bulky size, but the actual EDP has a very enchanting essence about it. It's very light and quite a lot is required to initially smell it but once applied to the skin it represents a very feminine and romantic composition and has just the right level of floral notes without it being *too* flowery (which I hate) and the fruit notes whatever they may be add another dimension to the EDP. There is a sweetness that lingers once the dry down starts and this is where the red fruit notes (to me) seem to develop though the whole experience of wearing the EDP doesn't last more than half an hour/ 45 minutes the maximum as it soon fades - and fast.
          Once applied the EDP is really very beautiful, but within 10 minutes or so it has settled and starts to fade away which is such a deep shame as it really quite stunning.

          Love starts to fade almost as soon as it's applied and within the 30 to 40 minute mark its barely noticeable at all which is such a shame. The EDP is ideal for general day time wearing and would compliment the Spring/ Summer months the most as it has a warmth and 'sunshiny' scent that reminds me of Summer when worn.
          I am stuck as to recommend this because it actually smells heavenly, but the 'ugly' large bottle and it's sheer lack in longevity makes it impossible to award anything than 2/5 and that is for the beautiful scent it initially leaves on the skin when first worn.

          This is such a shame that the fragrance didn't last any longer than 40 minutes (max) as it is such a lovely summery scent. The large bulk of the bottle would instantly deter me from popping into my bag to top up throughout the day as it's just too large and heavy and not really designed for 'throwing in your bag'. As a quick day time scent it's ideal - as long as you don't expect too much from it as it really does fade fast, but if wanting something quick and easy to spritz on for a short period of time to just freshen up then this is ideal.
          I wouldn't recommend this as an evening scent as it's just too light and the fact it fades too quickly wouldn't be ideal if you like your perfumes to be noticeable. I've found I've used this in the same vein as I would a body spray - ideal to freshen up but not something I would wear as a 'perfume'. For something that is an eau de parfum I'm actually shocked at it's staying power but you get what you pay for I suppose and this is very mediocre in the staying power lengths even if it scores highly in the fragrance department.

          I've seen this a few times in certain shops and it's certainly caught my eye but because of the SATC connection (whether there is one or not) it's alwys managed to put me off which is a shame. Having said that I've seen this priced at over £10 which for the time it lasts on the skin is a real rip off.
          Apply with caution - if you can buy cheaply priced then do so with all means as it has a light fresh scent and isn't synthetic smelling at all, but don't expect any longevity at all and you wont be disappointed as it's lasting power is zero.

          Such a pity for this sex in the city (EDP).


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