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Ted Baker Summer Skinwear

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Brand: Ted Baker

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2013 22:40
      Very helpful



      Worth trying and sharing

      ~~~TED BAKER SKINWEAR (Limited Edition Eau de Toilette Spray)~~~

      ~~TED BAKER~~

      The Ted Baker Company originated as a shirt specialist in Glasgow in 1988. They grew to make and sell fashion lines for men and women. The company expanded to manufacture designer glasses, mobiles and more.
      In 1998 Ted Baker fragrances were first available for both him and her.


      It must have been for my birthday last year that my daughter gave me this fragrance as part of my birthday present. She often makes me up a lovely gift basket, beautifully decorated, or a sometimes I receive a decorated box filled with gorgeous little treats. There is always something novel within and, more often than not, a new fragrance is also included.

      Well she didn't disappoint me on this occasion, and never does with the gifts she chooses, at this time, I think she made a bit of a bloomer! I have just discovered that the fragrance she gave to me is in fact an Eau de Toilette for men!
      I thought it was quite funny really because I was looking through some of my fragrances and I sprayed two different Ted Baker fragrances on each of my wrists. I waited a while for the notes to settle and then asked my husband to smell both in turn and to give me his verdict on which had the nicest aroma. Now he thought, as I did at the time, that they were both women's perfumes and the one he said that he preferred was the Ted Baker Skinwear which, as I now know, is a male fragrance.

      At first, when I told my husband that the fragrance that I had worn a few times perhaps should have been a gift for him rather than for me, it being for men. I suggested that we could share it but he insisted that 'Skinwear' could not be a fragrance for a male as he thought that it smelled too feminine for a man.
      To be honest on first trying this scent, months ago, I liked it but it wasn't a favourite of mine, (don't tell my daughter!) not being a type of fragrance that I would usually wear BUT I did think it was different and that it made a change. I liked it but just wasn't completely sure.

      Once I realised that it was a man's fragrance then my opinion changed a little. I can now tell that it does smell like it has been intended for men, whatever my husband says, but perhaps not for the more traditional male. I feel as if I should have known from the start really that it wasn't 'pour femmes.' But actually I would consider Skinwear to be suitable for either sex. I really think it is a good fragrance to be classed as unisex. And so I will be honest and admit that I have worn this fragrance a couple of times thinking it was for the ladies and I only found out when I started to write my review and when looking up prices on-line so that I could include these in my review I couldn't get any results for this particular fragrance; I couldn't find it under women's perfumes. Eventually I discovered that there was a male and a female summer fragrance. The lid on the male fragrance is a silvery/gunmetal colour and apparently the female version is in gold. But I would still wear this fragrance.


      The packaging is quite nice; I would go so far as to say it is attractive and an improvement on the rather plain packaging of many Ted Baker male fragrances.
      The white box has turquoise lettering telling us that it is made by Ted Baker, London and that this fragrance is a 'limited edition.' There is a greyish inset with branches, leaves and a few flowers as well as birds in hues of mainly blue, green and purple. I would say the design is exotic and summery.

      The glass bottle has a slightly textured label wrapped around it which feels pleasant to the touch and has the same exotic design as the box. The lid is plastic and of a gunmetal colour.

      I couldn't see anything, either on the box or the actual bottle or its label to indicate that this is a fragrance for men.


      Ted Baker's Skinwear is a limited edition summer fragrance. It has a light and refreshing aroma which I find to be quite spicy and interesting. Obviously I don't consider it to be excessively masculine or I wouldn't have worn it at all and I really think it is suitable as a unisex fragrance.

      Base notes: vetiver, cedar wood and patchouli.

      Heart notes: lavender basil and pepper

      Top Notes: apple, lemon peel and spearmint


      It may be that men's fragrances are more powerful than those designed for women; I haven't really thought about this before. In the case of Skinwear, it lasts...and lasts. In fact when wearing it on my wrist for the purpose of reviewing it I found a few hours later that it still smelt strong and so washed it off. However, after two washes on the area sprayed, with soap and hot water, the smell hadn't completely gone and I found this annoying. I only like to have strong perfume or even toiletry aromas on myself when going out but not if sitting indoors or when sleeping.


      When I realised that 'Skinwear' was for the male I asked my two sons to try it. They are aged twenty-nine and twenty-three. They were both reluctant to be sprayed initially, believing it was a ladies' perfume but once I proved it was indeed a male fragrance they each had a spray and both said that they liked the aroma.

      My younger son wore this fragrance on an evening out and I asked him and his fiancée if they liked it and had the fragrance lasted well etc. They both felt that this fragrance certainly had longevity and thought it a pleasant smell although not their favourite of the Ted Baker, 'Pour homes' fragrances. My son's fiancée thought that it was a unisex EDT and she said she would wear it but probably during the daytime.

      Because they both liked this Eau de Toilette but my husband wasn't so keen makes me think that this fragrance might be more suited to younger males who aren't quite as sober in their taste of fragrance. But I really have to say that this EDT spray is suitable in my opinion for all ages and for BOTH sexes. It is a summery and refreshing aroma and so would be ideal for daytime wear although it wouldn't be unsuitable to continue wearing into the evening.


      I do think Ted Baker Skinwear is an attractive smell and would still wear it, although in all honesty it is best suited to men or women that like to wear a male EDT; I know this has become quite fashionable lately.

      As the staying power is so good this means that Skinwear is a very good value product. A little goes a long way and will also last a long time.

      One negative from this lady is that on first spraying it did irritate my skin (Admittedly I do have sensitive skin) and I did find this irritation lasted while to a mild degree. I didn't find this when wearing this fragrance on previous occasions but I tend to spray my perfumes as a mist rather than a direct spray, which could explain this.

      ~~IF YOU WANT TO BUY~~


      Ted Baker fragrances are available from high street fragrance stores and chemists and on-line. The Skinwear limited Edition in the 100ml spray can be purchased from E Bay and:

      Debenhams £24.00

      www.chemistdirect £15.49

      www.keepmeinspired.co.uk £24.00


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