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Ted Baker X20 Eau de Toilette

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6 Reviews

Brand: Ted Baker / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    6 Reviews
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      30.04.2012 10:56



      Would personally recommend it for students

      I found this fragrance in Boots when Britain hit a recession a few years ago and I would only buy roducts made in the UK during that short period to support our British workers (I'm not sure if I worked but I tried). It was not a product that I regretted either...

      It's a simple squarish shape with nothing interesting on ecept the designer's name and it's personal title "x20" through out the middle. It looked and was affordable for when I was due to start college.

      -The Smelly Test-
      It has a unique blend of ingredients in this fragrance. It's got a musty magnolia smell mixed with water lilly and a hint of grapefruit. All together it gives a sensitive and delicate smell, which is femine, and releases floral notes. When it is applied to the skin it lasts around the the first two lectures (aprrox 3 hours in total) and I find it suitable for every day use.

      I would personally recommend it for newbies who are just experimenting with fragrances and people who are on a budget.

      This product is made in the UK


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      27.12.2010 21:25
      Very helpful



      Light, fruity fragrance but nothing particularly unique

      Ted Baker X20 Extraordinary is the last miniature in my collection that I have to review. I would have written the review earlier, but I couldn't find it in the Dooyoo catalogue, until I read a review by another member recently!
      My miniature came in a Boots gift pack and the bottle is square and clear, meaning that it is easy to see how much perfume you have left. The X20 logo is printed on the bottle in pink. Being a miniature, there is no spray top in the bottle but I gather that the full size version does have this, in fact the bottle is very similar all round. The bottle is attractive enough, but nothing special in my opinion. I think it looks like quite a casual fragrance.

      The top notes of the perfume are made up of green grapefruit and star anise, the middle notes include magnolia, Mirabelle plum and feminine water lily, while the base notes are sensuous musks and precious woods. The fragrance is designed to be sophisticated and sensual. When I smell it I find it to be a pleasant, fruity scent, but it is not particularly distinctive. On my skin it smells quite nice, starting off as a fruity scent but as it dries down the musk notes become more obvious. The perfume seems to last a couple of hours on my skin, so it doesn't seem to have the best staying power.

      The fragrance is very light meaning that it is a nice daytime and/or summer scent. It is pleasant and inoffensive and I think it would make a good perfume to give as a gift, because I think it would appeal to a lot of people. Personally, I am happy to wear it as an everyday fragrance but it is not something I would buy myself. I like perfumes that are distinctive and unusual, but there is nothing about this fragrance that particularly stands out. That said, I've tried a lot worse so I will give this fragrance three stars.

      The perfume costs between £30-£35 from Boots, Debenhams and online retailers - this is for a 75ml bottle which is very good value. A great buy if you like the fragrance.


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      24.12.2010 12:49
      Very helpful
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      Dont Know Whether Id Buy It Again Though!

      Every Christmas when the Boots 3-4-2 offer comes along I always say Im not going to be sucked in and that this year Im not going to spend any more money on make-up or perfumes. But every single year I end up buying something on the offer and this year me and my mom but halves to 3 perfume sets so we ended up getting about 6 little sample sized bottles each - some of which Ive already reviewed but others like this 'Ted Baker x20' I have never even heard of before so as soon as I bought the bottles I started trying them out and as the Ted Baker offering is the one Ive used most often I thought Id review this one first.

      Useful Information:
      Price: 75ml bottle - Around £35
      Stockists: Boots, Superdrug & The Perfume Shop.
      Other Info: Oddly there is only one bottle size available for this particular perfume so I definitely recommend trying this before you take a chance on it!

      The Bottle:
      Like most Ted Baker perfume bottles is really simple is design and shape yet somehow I think most people will really like it as its not as in your face as most bottles. The bottle is a square cubed shape that is totally transparent in colour - which means you can see exactly how much perfume is left all the time which is something I really love about the design. On the front is simple 'Ted Baker x20' in bright pink lettering which adds a really cute, girly edge without making the deisgn feel too young or too aimed at teens - it is one that will appeal to everyone in my opinion. But of course I do have a problem with the bottle - and although mine is only a sample bottle I think the 'full size' bottles have the same issue judging by other reviews. This doesnt have a spray nozzle, you just pull the top off and dab it onto your skin which doesnt seem like a problem but it can become messy and you will end up using too much each time - so be careful with that if you buy this fragrance.

      The Scent:

      Top Notes: Green Grapefruit & Star Anise
      Middle Notes: Magnolia, Mirabelle Plum & Feminine Water Lily
      Base Notes: Sensous Musks & Precious Woods.

      Described as a fruity-floral offering and I have to say I actually agree as the scents of floral and the fruit match each other perfectly and are very equal in the strength of the scents so they have got the mixture just perfect here and this perfume is right up my street in terms of fragrance.

      Id guess that the fruity notes of Grapefruit + Mirabelle Plum are probably the strongest scents straight off the bat and throughout the whole wearing experience really so straight away I knew this scent would be for me as I adore fruity scents - these smells give the perfume a really sweet yet sour edge which doesnt sound too great I know but in reality this really does work. The floral notes of Magnolia & Water Lily are ever present throughout just underneath the fruity top notes but they are still detectable throughout and dont get covered up by the sweet, fruit notes. The base notes do tend to come through a bit towards the end but they dont make the perfume much heavier or more sensual it just gives the overall scent a more musky tone.

      Other Comments:

      Staying Power:
      The staying power for this one is decent but nothing more really. This tends to last for around 4 hours on my skin before I feel I need to re-apply and that in my experience is slightly less than average so this bottle might run out quicker than most perfumes will.

      I would recommend this to younger girls up until about late 20's Id guess. I think older women might want a scent that is a bit more sophisticated and one that has a bit more depth. But do try before you buy as you might like this.

      Day Or Night? Summer Or Winter?
      110% this is a day perfume this isnt heavy enough to wear at night in my opinion - I know I need something with more musky notes. And also 100% a summer fragrance Ive been wearing it on and off lately but as the scent is quite sweet I think it would be much more suited to summer wear.

      I definitely recommend. Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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        21.12.2010 14:51
        Very helpful



        This could have been better

        ~All about this Ted Baker fragrance~

        There are a number of very fragrant and pretty products that the Ted Baker range produce, from shampoo to body sprays, body lotions and of course fragrances for men and women. Within that range I have tried out a good number of products and have found some to be gorgeous with lovely fresh and fruity scents to them, whilst others have been a little less impressive to use. When I was able to pick up a mini gift pack containing 4 bottles of Ted Baker womens fragrance in the Boots sale 2 years ago, I thought I had struck lucky as the set had previously been on sale for £15 and was reduced to just £3.75 when I purchased it.

        As my mini fragrance set contained 4 good sized miniature bottles I worked out that each one had cost no more than 94p. I felt that was an amazing bargain as the cute little bottles contained a good amount of fragrance and were at least 2.5 times larger than the usual mini scent bottles you get in mixed fragrance gift sets. The presentation of my bottle of Ted Baker Extraordinary X20 EDT was obviously part and parcel of the set and so will differ from what is the norm for the fragrance, yet it was boxed in an attractive way in a vivid pink tone with a clear plastic viewing window that allowed me to see the fragrances within the set prior to purchase.

        The X20 fragrance bottle was a teeny tiny mini sized version of the full sized fragrance bottle with the only real difference being the lack of spray top applicator on my mini bottle. I do prefer the sprays in many cases as it does make for easier application of the fragrance, with more even coverage and less wastage. In this case I had no choice as to what method would be used to deliver a good amount of fragrance when I wanted to wear this and the splash bottle within the gift set was what I ended up with.

        I found the small sized splash bottle easy enough to use as the hole at the top of the bottle which dispensed the fragrance was of a size that allowed a fair amount of fragrance out of the bottle without it being too much. The shape of the bottle was as shown here and was a small almost square shape that was around 2cms deep, 6cms wide x 6cms high with a small silver plastic lid on top that was a twist and pull of type of thing. I found getting the bottle top on and off a little difficult as it was small and fiddly to grip onto and when it was pushed back on to the fragrance bottle I did worry that it might come off if I took the mini bottle with me in my bag.

        ~Ted Baker Extraordinary X20 fragrance notes~

        The short lived top notes ~ star anise and grapefruit

        The middle notes ~ mirabelle plum, magnolia and water lily

        The strength giving base notes ~ musk and precious woods

        ~My thoughts on how this performed when I wore it~

        The fragrance itself was designed by Sophie Labbe and has been in circulation since its creation in 2008 making it a relatively new fragrance when I bought it. At that point I had not seen it as an individual fragrance, although it is still produced as a stand alone product that can be bought in many outlets on the high street and also online it isn't one that I have bought again so far.

        When I used the fragrance I must admit that I was rather disappointed with its ability to remain on my skin for long enough for me to enjoy wearing it. Whilst the fragrance did have a very pretty opening gambit with a hint of fresh clean grapefruit that had a slightly tangy zesty grapefruit feel to it, I felt that in the main this was over taken with a strong and unattractive alcohol feel that was something that caused me to sneeze at times when this was freshly applied to my skin. I took to not applying it near my neck because of this and ended up only dabbing the fragrance onto my wrists when I wore it, which to my mind did effect how well the fragrance performed.

        Once the fragrance began to dry down on my skin the feeling soon changed and was a little easier to get to grips with as a spiced plummy scent began to take over from the grapefruit and alcohol. The star anise in this fragrance only really came to the fore once this plum scent became apparent and it added a light but reasonably attractive spiced feel that mixed in with the slightly watery but enjoyable plum fragrance. When I wore this fragrance I did get an over all floral yet fruity tone from it which I felt was rather muddled and jumbled to my nose. I couldn't smell anything else except musk and plums in this after no more than 20 minutes which was a let down and although this became easy to wear at that point it had nothing special to offer as far as I was concerned.

        ~Overall findings~

        Apart from the plumy spiced aspect combined with musk that did stay on my skin for a few short hours, there was very little about this fragrance that remained in my skin. As musk is very often used to give strength and longevity to many fragrances this was perhaps to be expected and wasn't anything to get excited about. I found that the opening citrus feel of this fragrance was slightly confused and spoilt by the sharp yet quickly fading alcohol tone that I found difficult to get along with and the almost hidden woody notes in this failed to impress me at all, as they were very underplayed here.

        As a day time fragrance for wear on occasional days as the mood suits, I can see this fragrance would be an average wear for many people if it were cheaper to buy. I feel it has a young feel to it that lacks finesse and finish and in many ways is really no better than many of the cheap and cheerful fragrance body sprays you can buy. As such I feel it would not be great value for money if you were paying full price for a bottle of this and I would suggest shopping around for the best deal or offer. As ever it is always best to try to sample a fragrance prior to buying as it will react on each persons skin in a slightly different way.

        ~Prices and availability~

        A 75ml bottle of the fragrance can be bought with prices ranging from £25 onwards for a stand alone fragrance bottle and this to me seems rather high for a scent that does not last all that well and has little refinement to it. I would not be prepared to spend that much on a full sized bottle of this, however I would perhaps buy it should I see it with an amazing price reduction. Fragrance gifts sets containing the X20 fragrance alongside matching body care products offer much better value in my opinion and I have seen a well priced set on sale for £29.50 from Fragrance Direct which contains a 150ml body lotion, 150ml shower gel and the 75ml fragrance

        The fragrance gift set I bought was a set bought in Boots some time ago and as such is no longer for sale. I have seen similar gift packs which include the X20 fragrance along with a further 3 Ted Baker womens fragrances on sale for £9.99 in some of the bargain fragrance stores and also online for similar prices. I feel that buying a mini fragrance gift set such as this would be a good way to experience Ted Baker X20 without spending too much on a fragrance that may or may not suit, plus there is the added benefit of a further 3 new fragrances to try in these packs.

        If you find that the fragrance is one you like after having bought it in a multi fragrance mini set, then its easy enough to splash out on the full sized version should you want to. Some of the body lotions that go with the range of Ted Baker products are very nice and can be used to layer the fragrances that go with them. I found that the matching X20 body lotion can be purchased as cheaply as £4.99 on its own from stores such as TK Maxx. This could be a way to further extend the life of the X20 fragrance on the skin at a small outlay if buying the mini fragrance gift sets and may be worth a try.

        ~Product rating~

        Having worn the X20 fragrance a good number of times I feel that the sensation I experienced when wearing this was really not much better than a cheap and fruity body spray which is very disappointing. I feel any rating given to the fragrance has to reflect that and as such I feel a 2 star product rating seems about right when I compare it to other similar fragrances I have tried. I did find that the fragrance given off after around 20 minutes dried down to a fruity musky and lightly spiced base that I didn't mind, although that didn't last as long as it ought to have done.

        The fragrance was never able to offer me that special something that would make we want to shell out a full £25 plus to buy a 75ml bottle of it, although if I saw this at a cheap and cheerful price I would perhaps consider buying it as a throw away daily wear fragrance. After all it wasn't unpleasant to wear on my wrists, it just wasn't special enough to warrant such a high purchase price.

        I feel that had the fragrance had more depth, greater longevity and not made me sneeze at times when I applied it freshly to my skin, it may have received a higher rating. As I felt that the Ted Baker X20 fragrance had little to offer other than a short lived musk and plum tone when it came down to the basics of the fragrance it was a let down, as I felt it was very comparable to many of the fruity smelling body sprays you can pick up for a few pennies after it had softened on my skin and thats why I feel 2 stars are more than fair as a product rating in this case.


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          13.03.2009 06:33
          Very helpful
          1 Comment




          If you've read my Givenchy: Very Irresistible and Amor Amor reviews, then you'll know that I have a small perfume gift set containing 5 miniature perfumes. This is the 3rd installment of my 5 part review series of these perfumes. Today - Ted Baker X20 for women.

          There was no description given with this perfume (which I thought was EXTREMELY strange), so I headed over to boots.com for a trustworthy description. This is what I was told - X20 for Women is a fruity, floral fragrance created for the sophisticated yet passionate woman. Sparkling top notes of green grapefruit and star anise open to a heart of fresh magnolia, mirabelle plum and feminine water lily and rest on a lingering base of sensuous musk and precious woods. The result is a vibrant, crisp and enticing scent.

          I wasn't really looking forward to this as I hate the smell of grapefruits, but I wanted to give it a try anyway.

          The perfume comes in a small, clear, square bottle (unless you look at it from the side, then it's rectangular - does that make sense?). There is pink print on the bottle which just says "Ted Baker London, X20, Extraordinary". Also, there is a strange plastic thing that goes around the bottom of the bottle, it's like a grey cap on the bottom, and when it comes off it reveals a thinner part to the bottle, it's so weird. There is no indication of how long this will be usable for. Like many small perfume bottles, this doesn't have a spray, it is an open topped bottle (which can become extremely messy).

          I opened the cap and expected not to like it due to the grapefruit description, but I was hit with an absolutely gorgeous scent. I can't really say what it smelled like because I really have no idea (I guess that's not very useful for a review, huh?), but it was absolutely beautiful. It was another floral yet fruity scent and usually I hate florals, but I love this. I'm sorry my description sucks, but all I can say is that it is a lovely, fruity floral scent. After dabbing it onto my wrist and waiting 10 minutes, the scent was still the same, just a tad more subtle, so this is great for those of you who like to sniff a perfume and buy it there and then if you like it - it saves the annoyance of buying a perfume and then realizing it changes after 30 minutes of contact with the skin!

          This perfume is available from Boots in a 75ml bottle for £34.26. This is the only size available, so make sure you like it before you buy it.


          - a cute little bottle
          - a lovely yet mysterious scent
          - doesn't change after skin contact
          - can only be bought in one size (from what I'm aware of)

          Thank you for reading!


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            15.02.2008 11:45
            Very helpful



            Nice but not one I would buy again.

            I received this perfume as a gift at Christmas time. Not having tried this one before and being quite fussy about my choice of perfume I was intrigued to find out what I thought of it.

            THE BOTTLE

            Nothing fancy, quite an ordinary looking bottle. Square shaped from the front with quite a narrow depth, this bottle is clear glass with a metallic silver base, a square clear plastic lid and silver coloured spray top. The name X20 is on the glass front of the bottle in pink graffiti style writing. Above it in smaller writing is Ted Baker London and below is Extraordinary

            THE SCENT

            The scent of this perfume is made up of Mirabelle plums, water lilies and precious woods giving a sophisticated, sensual musk fragrance. When first applied to my pulse points, I found this perfume to be quite overpowering, however, not at all unpleasant with a very strong musky, woody scent but with a sweet fruitiness coming through. After about 10 minutes, once the initial scent died down slightly I still felt this scent was predominantly musky but still with a fruity background fragrance.

            I found this perfume to be quite a strong perfume, which surprisingly did hold its scent quite well on my pulse points for most of the day. However, I personally feel it is quite a masculine scent, being quite strong and musky. I liked the fact that it lasted most of the day and didn't need reapplying. I will use this perfume but it's not one I would go out to buy for myself, as I prefer lighter scents.

            Available from Boots in a 75ml bottle for £35.
            Thanks for reading.

            © lel1969 February 2008


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