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Ted Baker XO Extraordinary Women Eau de Toilette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Ted Baker / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      09.04.2011 12:00
      Very helpful
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      A cheerful enough scent that lacks the quality I'd look for in a perfume.

      I was delighted to be given two sets of miniature perfumes for Christmas, which have proved a great way to familiarise myself with different scents that I wouldn't otherwise have come across. Rather than making a snap decision in a shop, miniatures mean that you can really get to know a perfume without having to spend a lot of money on something you might later regret. Unfortunately, there are also bound to be a couple of duds in there, and this, for me, was one of them.

      I have to admit, I was put off by the brand name before I'd even smelt the perfume. I'm always suspicious of clothing manufacturers branching out into other markets, and often assume that they're just banking on their name to attract customers, rather than creating a really reputable product. To be fair, some of the perfumes in the range were by Armani, and I didn't bat an eyelid at those- I guess there's something about the name and its reputation that lends itself much better to the world of perfume than Ted Baker! The appearance of the bottle didn't help matters- it's a boring, square shape that looks serviceable rather than attractive, with a pale purple lid. There's a strange, beige coloured block of plastic on the base, which I think is supposed to look like wood. It just looks really out of place with the rest of the bottle- almost like it's been stuck on by mistake. The perfume inside the colourless glass is the same pinky purple colour as the lid, which I found very offputting. It's not a colour I like in any form, but in a perfume, it just looks cheap and tacky. Even the XO logo didn't appeal- taken from the word 'extraordinary', it seemed quite gimmicky.

      Despite being thoroughly turned off by the name and look of this perfume, I was resolved to keep an open mind with regards to its smell. Pulling off the cap (the little bottle I have combines the cap and the stopper), I was greeted with a pleasant enough fragrance, followed by a strong blast of alcohol- not good! I got very similar vibes from this perfume as I did from a selection of dirt cheap miniatures I had when I was about 14. At the time, I thought they were the bees knees, but I certainly wouldn't want to smell like that now! For this reason, I was a bit reluctant to try it out, but eventually took the plunge (on a day when I was slobbing at home!).

      Fortunately, this perfume does improve a bit once it's on. The smell of alcohol fades immediately on contact with the skin, and you're left with a youthful, sweetly feminine fragrance that's probably best suited to daytime wear, and the spring or summer. I found the following list of notes online:

      Top notes: Sparkling Orange Blossom.

      Heart Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose, Green undertones.

      Base Notes: Sensual Heliotrope, Powdery Musks.

      The description on the back of the box calls this 'a sensual and sophisticated fragrance', a statement I completely disagree with. Obviously everyone's opinion of a perfume will be subjective, but I definitely don't think that many people could miss the youthfulness of this scent. Even at 27 years old, I feel that this perfume is a bit too young for me- its upbeat freshness would have suited me perfectly 10 years ago, but now I feel I'm verging on mutton smelling of lamb when I'm wearing this! For this reason, it's not a scent I'll be wearing very often, although I might just get away with it on a warm summer's day when I'm feeling particularly exuberant!

      The staying power of this perfume isn't great, which would be a downside in most perfumes, but with this one, I wouldn't want to smell of it all day, so a quick squirt that lasts a few hours is more than enough when I do feel like wearing it. Priced at around £30 for 75ml (EDT), it's fairly inexpensive as perfumes go, but I definitely won't be buying a larger bottle once my little one's finished. At 10ml, the miniature I have is twice as large as some of the others in the box, and it does make me think that they're trying to palm off more of the lower quality perfumes! To me, this does smell a bit cheap and sort of...obvious- there's nothing subtle or intriguing about it at all. While I'm sure I'd love it if I was 16, it just doesn't cut it for me now, so I can only give it 2 out of 5 stars.


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        23.03.2011 20:03
        Very helpful



        A Brilliant 4* Scent.

        As Ive been mentioning in many of my reviews lately just before Christmas me and my mom decided to take advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 offer and buy ourselves lots of lovely perfumes that would hopefully last us the rest of the year - it saves buying the massive bottles and then finding out you dont actually like the scent right? Anyway in these 3 sets we got 2 different Ted Baker perfumes and somehow I ended up with both of them, one of which was this 'Ted Baker X0 Extraordinary EDT' which I have been using recently so I thought Id review it for you today. I have to say before I used this I wasnt expecting it to be THAT great - Id previously used the other TB fragrance and while it was nice it wasnt anything amazing so I thought this one would be the same. I have to say I have been quite surprised by this one!!

        Useful Information:
        Price: 75ml bottle - Around £40
        Stockists: Amazon, The Perfume Shop, Boots, Bodycare etc ...
        Other Info: Also available in 30, 50 & 100ml sized bottles - for different prices.

        - - - - - - - - - - - -

        The Bottle:

        Now as I mentioned I got this bottle as part of a small sample set so my bottle is much smaller than you would get if you actually bought this - the design and shape I think is still the same but much smaller. This perfume comes in a small, cube shaped bottle that is lilac/pink in colour, the top of the bottle is a silvery/lilac shade so its fits in with the theme well but doesnt really stand out. The bottle top is simply pulled off to get the perfume - then you simply dab it onto your skin, although if you have the full sized bottle there may be a spray nozzle at the top. On the front of the bottle is the brand name and perfume name in white lettering which really stands out and makes this bottle very noticable and at the bottom is an extra beige plastic part - I have no idea why its there but it can be taken off - I personally have because I think that ruins the look. The botton is totally flat which means this can be displayed easily without falling over and the bottle and top seem very secure so it can be transported with ease. A very cute yet practical bottle design.

        - - - - - - - - - - - -

        The Scent:

        Im pretty rubbish when it comes to noticing the individual notes in a perfume so I did do some digging around the net to find this list of ingredients:

        Top Notes: African Orange Flower
        Middle Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia & Tuberose.
        Base Notes: Musk & Heliotrope.

        Now from reading that list I would assume this was just another boring, floral offering type perfume but this one actually really surprised me because it is really unique - and floral perfumes are'nt usually my thing at all so thats quite shocking that I would write a statement like that. I must be a good scent for me to like it LOL. Its certainly a bit out of the ordinary so if your looking for something unique then maybe try this one even if it wouldnt normally be your thing.

        Now yes this perfume is mainly floral with the jasmine, orange flower & gardenia being the strongest scents in my opinion which makes the perfume when you first apply a very flowery and light type of scent. But the thing that surprised me the most is this perfume does turn very fruity when youve been wearing it a while and it warms up a bit. That wouldnt normally be so strange but I cannot find a list anywhere that says this perfume has fruity notes in it at all - it a very sweet berry scent that I can detect but I have absolutely no clue where that fragrance comes from - another thing that makes this scent unique. The musk appears right at the end which makes this a much warmer, heavier scent which I adore - but it doesnt make it so heavy you couldnt wear it in the daytime - this one is very versatile and I wear it for literally anything these days.

        - - - - - - - - - - - -

        Other Comments:

        Staying Power:
        Is pretty good for this one in my opinion. I applied this just before work so around 10am and it is still very noticable on my skin now without me having to reapply so with a staying power of around 8 hours I d say thats pretty amazing.

        Thats a tough one for this perfume as I cant think of an age that this would appeal to over any other. I reckon this might be one for everyone regardless of age - from teens right up to granparents - I think everyone would like this scent.

        Day Or Night? Summer Or Winter?
        While I would only personally wear this in warmer weather I dont think there is a time of day this suits more. I wear this in the day to work, while out with friends and even out to the pub so this one is a very versatile fragrance for wearing all day - when its a bit warmer outside anyway!!

        - - - - - - - - - - - -

        Im going to give this perfume a healthy 4*'s its amazing - not quite eXtraordinary but pretty amazing all the same and I will be buying it again in the future without a doubt. I 100% recommend.

        Thanks For Reading.

        x0 Salz 0x


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          19.01.2011 08:01
          Very helpful



          A wonderful perfume for the over 30's

          Another perfume which was lucky enough to be bought for Christmas is this Ted Baker XO one. I have never really had a favourite one and was pleased to be given a variety to choose from. This is one which is certainly ranking in my top 3 at the moment and I really do enjoy wearing it.


          The perfume comes in a glass bottle which is a sort of cube shape, this is the best way to describe it although it is not a fat as it is wide. It is a pink coloured glass which is very pleasant to look at as it means we don't have to look at a wee coloured liquid inside. The top of the bottle is a normal spray trigger and this is covered by a pink plastic lid which does come on and off with ease. On the front of the bottle we have the perfume name in a light pink lettering and on the bottom of the bottle where is a gold coloured section which has the Ted Baker logo on.


          I am not very good at being able to describe a scent and all the notes which it has but for me when I first smell this is smells quite woody and musky and I have the immediate thought of wearing it for a night out as it does have a sensual feel to it. I have researched the notes for the perfume and they are:-

          Top notes - Sparkling orange blossom
          Heart notes - Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose, Green undertones
          Base notes - Sensual helitrope, powdery musk's

          I was quite surprised when I found and read these as I am not able to smell the majority of these in the perfume. The orange does not stand out at all and neither does the floral. The ones which I can smell are the powdery musk's and the sensual helitrope's. The overall feel of the scent is great and it does have a warm and sensual feel.

          I have not noticed any changes in the scent of this perfume when I have been wearing it at different times of the month. I have been advised in the past that hormones can affect the scent of a perfume on the skin but this one does not seem to be affected by them fortunately.

          ~~WHEN TO WEAR~~

          As there is the sensual feel to the scent I always think of wearing this one when I am dressed up and going out for the evening. There is also a romantic feel and it think it would be deal for romantic occasions and intimate moments. It could be worn in the daytime but I think it is a little to musky and does not have a light floral feel which I what I prefer as day wear. I think this perfume will be good for all ages and especially people over the age of 30. The younger market may prefer something a little more daring or stronger scented than this one. There is a more understated feel to this scent that is why I think it is for the older side of the market.

          ~~STAYING POWER~~

          I am very pleased to say that this perfume does have good staying power. I have been able to still get a good smell of the perfume when I have been out and wearing it for a good 4-5 hours. I did only initially spray one good spray on my neck and a smaller spray on each of my wrists and did not have to go over board on the application to get the staying power I got. When it is first sprayed it is quite strong but within a few minutes it has mellowed and gone to the lovely musky scent which is not at all overpowering. The perfume also absorbs easily into the skin and is very easy to wash off when you have had enough of it.


          I was bought this perfume as a gift so I am not sure how much hubby paid for it. I have looked on line and found that the 75ml bottle is available for around the £35 mark from a variety of stores. The price may seem slightly high to some but it really is good value for money as you don't need to spray much for each wear and the staying power is very good. I do recommend shopping around for this perfume to get the best possible price.


          YES, I am more than happy to give this perfume a good recommendation. The smell is wonderful and it is more suited for the over 30's as there is a more understated scent to it. The sensual feel is great for this to be worn on a romantic evening out. A full five starts for this perfume which is now in my favourite top 3.


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        • Product Details

          Wake up and smell the orange blossom. XO for Women combines delicate essential oils to create an extraordinary mix of contemporary sophistication and classical style. The fragrance features: Sparkling orange blossom Gardenia Tuberose Jasmine

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