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The Body Shop Aqua Lily Eau de Toilette

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Brand: The Body Shop / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    6 Reviews
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      31.10.2010 11:15
      Very helpful



      Lovely fragrance

      I am a big fan of most Body Shop products, but sadly these days rarely get to indulge in shopping trips into our city centre where our nearest store is located. Last year for my birthday I received a Body Shop 'Aqua Lily' gift set which comprised of a shower gel, body lotion and this perfume which I am now reviewing..

      Aqua Lily is an eau de toilette and the one I own comes in a handy 30ml size bottle. The appearance is nothing spectacular being that it is an upright standing and simplistic looking design which has clean straight lines.
      The bottle is a thick blue transparent glass and the eau de toilette can be clearly seen through this.
      Apart from the white lettering on the front and a basic sketch of a flower the design is very plain but this doesn't bother me too much it's what the fragrance smells like at the end of the day..

      The notes~
      The perfume opens firstly with top notes of watermelon, green apple, dewy bamboo, tangerine and pink pepper.

      This is followed by the heart which comprises of rose, violet, lily, muguet and reseda, before finishing off with the base notes of cedar wood and musk.

      My opinion~
      I'm no expert at all when it comes to perfumes but I do like to know what notes are used and I like to be able to know if I can pick them up once sprayed onto my skin.

      When it comes to Aqua Lily this is a very clean fragrance and reminds slightly of Cool Water (Davidoff), which is not a bad thing but I prefer more warmer, oriental based perfumes as a rule when choosing my own.

      Once sprayed onto my skin I could tell straight away that this was something different - it's actually quite a strong fragrance and slightly overpowering (though that does fade) and the first thing I noticed was the obvious apple notes used here, which mixed nicely with the lily.

      After the scent settles, which I find is about twenty minutes on my skin, I can tell this has a mainly floral heart as the violet and rose seem to show themselves more before fading into the slightly musky base.

      To recommend or not to recommend?~
      This is not a perfume I would pick at all as I mentioned in a previous paragraph, however there is something very captivating about this scent once worn. It has everything I don't normally go for in a perfume like a floral heart and 'cool' notes, yet the thing that makes this very different is the pink pepper that is used in the top notes; this picks this up and gives it an unexpected warmth that I wasn't expecting at all and makes it a very beautiful perfume to wear.

      This may seem a little on the strong side at first once applied to the skin, and I personally find a few spritzes to my pulse points in enough to suffice for several hours. The perfume does fade (slightly) after about one hour but it is very noticeable still and if sprayed early on in the day I can often still smell this on my skin and clothing by the time I go to bed.

      Because this is quite an airy sort of perfume I find it's more suitable for wearing during the daytime as this is my preference, though because it has staying power it makes it versatile so can be used at night time if preferred.

      If you are a fan of perfumes that have that 'cool' edge to them then you can't go far wrong with this. Its available from Body Shop stores and can also be found online and on good old Ebay.
      Though this was a gift I have seen it in store retailing at around the £8 mark but I have seen it far cheaper on Ebay so if you fancy testing this out yourself do shop around.

      Other products also available in the Aqua Lily range are:
      Body lotion (which comes in a 60ml bottle)
      Body mist (100ml size bottle)
      Shower gel (60ml)

      Though I have almost used up the 30ml bottle I will definitely buy this again if I see it as it's a lovely fragrance and the compactness of the bottle means it's ideal to pop in your bag as well.

      Give it a try..you may be surprised like I was.


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        16.06.2010 13:04
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good product - well worth a try if you can find it! :)

        Aqua Lily Eau de Toilette

        I have a rather big collection of various fragrances and this is just another in the collection. I have the small 10ml version of this perfume and I also have the white musk mini version (Which I am not too keen on) but I really quite like this one.

        I have not tried a lot of the body shop fragrances but I will have to start, as this aqua lily perfume is really quite nice. It is really light and very refreshing - and it reminds me of times at the beach.

        I have has this for ages and i have just looked on the body shop website and I can not find this on there, so they may not be making it any more. But they may sell it on ebay.

        It is really quite sweet but not too sweet to make it very overpowering. It is also really nice and floral, which makes it nice for daytime wear and it is very light and refreshing on the skin and really quite summery and 'airy'.

        I have the 10ml version so it is great for holidays and traveling, and you can tell that I like it as the bottle is empty and the other 10ml bottle of this that I had is also empty.

        Good points
        *light and airy scent
        *Refreshing and great 10ml size for holidays
        *Sweet, floral and fresh scent that it just perfect for summer
        *Reminds me of the sea side :)
        *Very high quality brand which also does a lot for charities and people all over the world
        *Lots of other scents to try!
        *scent stays for quite a while on my skin and you don't need a lot of it too

        Bad points
        *I don't think they are making it any more as it is not displayed on their site - but it is being sold on ebay for very cheap prices


        Thank you for reading my review


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          30.12.2009 08:54
          Very helpful




          I got a set of this product for Christmas. I like The Body Shop things, but since the closest branch is over in Edinburgh and I'm not over there all that much, then I don't tend to buy myself that much from there. I know I could order online and get it delivered, but I've never really thought about it that way until now. My cousin normally gets me a set, which is a few of the minatures with a fragrance and this year she chose this one.

          I will review the Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Body Spray separate, but this review is about the Perfume.

          This comes in a 30ml bottle. Not sure if it is available in a larger sized bottle, and the last I knew was that 30ml Perfumes from The Body Shop cost £8, but my pricing could be way wrong these days. The bottle is quite a thin rectangular shape and it is see through clear glass where you can see the light blue liquid. The lid is a little silver lid which seems to just cover the spray part. There is a slight raised frosted design on the front of the bottle with the Body Shop symbol and Aqua Lily branding.

          Now to the scent of this. The spray of this comes out quite fine but covered a good amount of area. It was quite strong when it first came out, and you could smell the clean, crisp scent straight away. I was unsure what it would smell like, but there is the light airy scent of the Aqua part which is lovely, mixed with a slight musky if a little heavier part of the Lily. I was expecting some kind of heavy, Lily scent, but it isn't. it's just a nice fresh everyday scent. It's hard to compare this to any other fragrances out there, but it is sort of like Avon's Perfect Cotton but without the sweet scent, or a little like DKNY, but nicer in a way.

          This seems to last a good amount of time as well. I could spray this first thing in the morning and I could still be smelling this about 8 hours later although it is pretty faint. I wouldn't say that you have to squirt this a lot to build the scent up. I spray this 3 times at each area like I would with any other scent and it does just fine.

          A scent I will buy again.


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            28.01.2009 23:43
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            great soft summer fragrance

            I bought some of this aqua lilly eau de toilette today from the body shop, as I remember liking the scent when I tried it a few months ago. I thought that this would make a great fragrance to wear for the nearing summer months. It sort of reminds me of cool water for women but I must say I do prefer this one.

            It comes in a clear blue glass bottle of 30ml and has a small silver metal cap to protect the spray top. The bottle isn't particularly pretty or special, but it's more the contents I'm after and don't mind not getting a fancy bottle if it means I only need to pay about half the price or less than I would have for a designer fancy fragrance bottle. This eau de toilette is only £8.50, which I think is excellent value for money.

            They also have other items in this range such as body lotions, shower gels, perfume oils etc. You can use the shower gel and body lotion to help layer the scent so that it becomes more intense and lasts much longer throughout the day. I personally find that the scent lasts pretty well and I only need to apply it in the morning to have it last all day.

            The scent is really fresh and light, it just smells clean and refreshing. It doesn't have any obvious flower or fruity scents in it, though they mention fruit and flowers on the body shop's website. I did get compliments wearing this and some girls want to know what it is and where to get it. It's not a love it or hate it scent (unlike their vanilla eau de toilette) so I think it will suit most women, especially young girls.

            I highly recommend this as a light daytime, clean smelling fragrance for summer.


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              06.09.2008 12:49
              Very helpful



              Great every day perfum, very cheap and fresh smelling.

              With me being a huge Body Shop fan, I am always looking for new things to try as I hate to get stuck in the rut of buying the same old products.

              I have always worn the fragrance from body shop as a day perfume and I felt it was time to try something else, so earlier this years I visited my old faithful body shop store and they had just released a new fragrance Aqua Lily.

              At first I was sceptical as I don't like over powering smells and this just sounded very floral, if you know what I mean. If I ware anything to floral I feel like I smell funny. But after I smelt the scent I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was, I paid up and off I went and I have to say I have not looked back.


              The Aqua lily fragrance has a delicate but fresh smell to it and it doe's have a floral smell to it but it is not over powering like some fragrances. I really like this as it is different to my usual scent.

              Upon the first spray it is very floral but with in seconds the smell fades to a light lily smell, it is ideal for everyday use but as I night perfume I fell that it is not strong enough.

              This scent is clear in colour so it will not stain clothing is it is sprayed on to it by mistake, the bottle in 30mls and a light blue wedge wood colour with a silver cap.


              I have to admit there are some strange things put in to create this soft smelling smell, some of which you would never notice unless you were a professional perfume smeller.

              The fragrance contains green apple, watermelon, dewy bamboo, tangerine, pink pepper, muguet, lily, rose, violet, reseda, cedar wood and musk.

              I love the fact it has been product by natural products this really go's a long way with me, Because of this I don't mind paying the body shops prices.


              The Body Shop Aqua Lily is available in 30 ml Perfume Oil, which can be a little bit greasy on your skin, but if you like oil scents then this is the one for you. It will cost you 10.00 a bottle but will last a long while.

              The 30 ml Eau de Toilette that I have is 8.00 a bottle, it will not last as long as the oil but it really is a very nice product.
              Body Lotion and Shower Gel are also available to match you Aqua Lily scent and these retail at 6.00 for the shower gel and 7.00 for the lotion.

              All of the above can be purchased at a body shop store, At home party or online at www.bodyshop.com. If you buy online than you will have to pay postage costs on top of the price, but sometimes they will offer free postage.


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              13.05.2008 18:28
              Very helpful



              Certainly worth a sniff!

              I had a tester of this perfume and it made me go and buy the bottle as I really have fallen for it! Usually with perfumes I go for heavy deep oriental scents (my favourite and signature scent is Obsession) so me liking this is rather unusual.

              Now I don't pretend to be any expert on scents or at describing them, in fact I am pretty rubbish at describing them (as you will soon realise for yourself) but I know what I like and whether a perfume is any good or not (lasting and performing wise). I know that when you buy perfume you buy it because you like the smell but it is always helpful to know what to expect from it too.

              When I got my tester I had a quick sniff and thought it was nice enough and just popped it in my drawer by my bed where my perfume lives. I didn't think much more about it for a few days and then we were going out during the day and I opened my drawer to find that days scent (I have a collection of several different bottles, but I am sure you aren't interested in them) and saw my little tester. I thought I would give it a try.

              This perfume is very light and ideally suited to daytime wear, it isn't heavy or intense enough for nighttime.

              The scent is light, airy and very subtle. It is summery and cool while being neither fruity nor particularly floral. It is just very fresh and clean. It is ideal for warm summer days, as it is fresh I would say it would suit younger women more, I think I would have liked it as a teenager.

              Although it is so light and fresh I found that its longevity was rather good, several times during the day when I am wearing this I tend to catch a quick whiff and find that it does last all day.

              I have had several comments on my perfume when I have been wearing it and had someone in Asda ask me what it was just the other day, always a nice compliment.

              At just £8.00 for 30ml I think it is rather cheap and had to buy myself a bottle.

              The bottle isn't great to be honest but I don't worry about the packaging it is the contents I am after not some fancy bottle that makes it cost twice as much. As I keep my perfume in a drawer it is a waste if it has a pretty bottle.

              I have been told that this is rather similar to Cool Water for women, I cannot comment, as I haven't smelled that yet.

              The Body Shop says on it's website
              "Notes of green apple, watermelon, dewy bamboo, tangerine and pink pepper", as the top notes.
              Floral heart notes of "Notes of muguet, lily, rose, violet and reseda"
              Base notes are "Notes of cedarwood and musk"

              Personally I cannot pick out any particular scents within this perfume they combine so well that it is hard to distinguish anything.

              I prefer the scent after it has warmed up on the skin and the initial smell has gone.

              All perfumes smell different on different people and the way something smells on someone else or a tester strip of card can be misleading so try it out on you!

              Our products we use, ph of our skin and our hormones all change the way a perfume smells. Some perfumes can give you a headache so it is best to try a perfume out and leave the shop, if you like it you can go back the next day or on your next shopping trip rather than buying a perfume that you may not end up liking!

              Some shops give you card testers rather than letting you squirt the perfume on yourself, this is good in a way as it means you get just the scent of the perfume rather than ending up with about twenty scents on each arm and not knowing which is which and them all merging into one. If you are in this situation, find one you like and ask to have it on you. If they try and refuse just turn round and say you don't buy anything that you haven't smelt on yourself, they will soon give you a squirt!

              To make the scent stronger and even longer lasting then layer with other products, for example, use the shower gel and body lotion as well.

              This is an absolute bargain, it smells gorgeous and to top it all off it isn't tested on animals!

              Has to be a full five stars!

              Other products from this range include;
              Aqua Lily Eau De Toilette 30ml £8.00 (as reviewed)
              Aqua Lily Shower Gel 200ml £6.00
              Aqua Lily Soap 100g £2.50
              Aqua Lily Perfume Oil 30ml £10.00
              Aqua Lily Body Spray 100ml £6.50
              Aqua Lily Body Lotion 200ml £7.00

              The Body Shop is involved with several charities and organisations (links can be found on their website) they run their own version of fair trade, which they call Community Trade and of course they do not test on animals.

              They have stores all over the place, you can find yours, buy online (with reasonable postage costs and fast delivery), find out more about this product or others by looking on www.thebodyshop.co.uk


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