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The Body Shop Javari Eau de Toilette

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Brand: The Body Shop / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    2 Reviews
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      06.04.2008 05:41
      Very helpful



      Great smelling


      As you know The Body Shop is more well known for it's products for females instead of males but some of you might not know that The Body Shop does have a selection of fragrances and other products for men. The leading items in this range are the eau de toilettes which are quite a bit cheaper than the average price for a bottle of eau de toilette that you would buy in the likes of Boots. So here is my review of Javari for men which is Aptly named after an Amazonian river bordering Brazil and Peru.

      ...The Bottle...

      The bottle is a nice yellow/amber see through design with the body shop design mark on the front of the bottle. It's bottle is slimmer but similar in shape to the Calvin Klein CK One unisex fragrance. The spray action works well and will give a generous amount with not many presses of the button. This is always an advantage with a fragrances bottle.

      ...The Smell...

      This is a very spicy fragrance that has hints of pepper and ginger, Even though these are strong smelling flavours the fragrance itself is quite relaxed. There are also notes of citrus that combine very well with the more spicy notes. There are notes of armoise, bergamot, clove bud, elemi and nutmeg and there are also Middle notes of cinnamon, sage and spearmint

      All these scents combine to make a great smelling fragrance, The smell however doesnt last as long as other more expensive fragrances do which is to be expected. Although this has a good smell it does start to go after a few hours whereas some of the best at staying fresh can stay for most of the day. This is a minor dent on the overall feel of this fragrance.

      ...Use of the spray...

      Another key factor in fragrances is the ability to wear the fragrance in many different settings and occasions and thankfully Javari is good for a number of different occasions. This is always important to me when I am choosing a new fragrance as I won't to get a lot of good use out of it. An hour after the fragrance has been sprayed it will change into a woody muskier scent which is warmer than the previous scent.

      ...The Price...

      As I stated earlier this fragrance is quite a bit cheaper than fragrances from the likes of Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Giorgio Armani, Lacoste and so on. This is to be expected, you can typically buy this fragrance in store for £14 for a 100ml bottle but shop around online and you will be able to pick up some great deals from the likes of ebay.


      This is a great fragrance which is ideal for someone who wants to find a fragrance for little money and still smell good. It is not the best Body Shop fragrance in my opinion, that honour goes to the fragrance "Of A Man" which I got in a Body Shop gift set one christmas a few years ago.

      So there we have it. for the money it is one of the best fragrances around but look around for deals on the more expensive fragrances and you will be better suited to buying one of those if you can find a comparable price.


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        15.02.2008 12:21
        Very helpful



        A subtle, aromatic fragrance combining fresh and exotic notes.

        Launched: 2007
        Group: spicy aromatic

        ~ Introduction ~

        My boyfriend had some designer fragrances he got as gifts but I noticed he wasn't wearing any of them. He contented with just using Sure 24 hours deodorant for men. He said he finds fashion designer fragrances artificial, too overpowering and 'stinky'. He trusts my nose, so I decided to find him an Eau de Toilette subtle enough for him to wear.

        Last September, I went browsing in Body Shop men's section and I immediately picked upon a fragrance because it had an unusual yellow-amber bottle as opposed to the usual green, brown or black ones I had seen before. I also hoped it would smell different from the 'green' or 'black' scents. It indeed smelt different from the others in the range and definitely different from the designer brands.

        Aptly named after an Amazonian river bordering Brazil and Peru, it smelt subtle but powerful, spicy but toned and above all, comfortable and natural.

        ~ The packaging ~

        As many Body Shop products, Javari does not come with any packaging. I find this a great idea as it makes them less damaging to the environment. The fragrance is held in a simple, cylindrical, amber coloured bottle and has an aluminium nozzle and cap.

        ~ The fragrance ~

        Top notes: armoise, bergamot, clove bud, elemi and nutmeg

        As most aromatic men's fragrances, Javari has a fresh, citrusy start that reminds me of aromatic bergamot, like the one in Earl Grey tea and mandarin. The spiciness is still subtle, it does not dominate the head, the main theme is herbal with some fruitiness and light sweetness.

        The overall impression of the top notes is fresh and slightly soapy, like a fresh citrus soap spiced with nutmeg. This phase will last from half and hour to about an hour.

        Middle notes: cinnamon, sage, spearmint

        An hour or so after application, the heavier, woodier herbal notes appear and the spices also become more apparent. It's now a green spicy tone, almost like vetiver. It isn't a sharp green note though, it blends into a hint of fresh spearmint (very subtle, not at all distinct as in Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca) and not at all like chewing-gum. The way I can describe this is like the mintiness you get when you crush fresh mint leaves between your fingers or the smell of mint tea.

        I must admit the clove, nutmeg and cinnamon spiciness feels a bit overpowering but it may be my chemistry. Men will probably tolerate it more.

        Base notes: black pepper, lavendin, amber

        After about three hours the base notes developed where warm, spicy black pepper and linen-fresh lavender mingled with a hint of amber. There's an impression of vanilla in the background which makes it rounder and adds a touch of creaminess to the base.

        ~ Conclusion ~

        Javari Body Shop Eau de Toilette is an interesting and quite complex aromatic blend of exotic spices and herbs with a hint of citrus fruit. It does settle so you can only smell it from close but it does linger on the skin all day. My boyfriend only applies two sprays of it in morning and I can still smell the spicy black pepper and velvety lavender on my boyfriend's skin when he gets home from work.

        To sum up, mellow and fresh, light and long-lasting, Javari's attractive composition clearly stands out. In general everything about it smells natural, comforting and not at all synthetic. It's a shame that The Body Shop have taken it off the shelves.

        Composition: 5 / 5
        Originality: 4 / 5
        Staying power: 4 / 5
        Value for money: 5 / 5
        Price / where to buy

        £14 / 100ml Eau de Toilette - newly discontinued
        £7.44 / 100ml Eau de Toilette on Ebay


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