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The Body Shop Kistna Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews

Brand: The Body Sho / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    4 Reviews
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      24.07.2013 17:27
      Very helpful



      Cheap but not cheerful

      As I may have mentioned before, I'm not generally a fan of Body Shop fragrances: they're too uncomfortably associated with the awkwardness of my teenage years. However, every so often there's a really good online deal for which you need to spend a certain amount to qualify. Last December one of these offers came up and, having bought all my Christmas presents I decided to make up the price by throwing in a couple of fragrances. One was the wishy washy 'Love, etc.' which I've already reviewed and the other was Kistna which I bought for my boyfriend. I'm not averse to dabbling in aftershaves every so often as I sometimes find they work really well on my skin. Also, I was curious as to what Peter hated so much about this one as it had sat forlornly on the shelf for months with just a couple of squirts used.

      ===The Packaging===

      It's about on a par with what you'd expect from the Body Shop: a khaki green frosted glass bottle with a plain cap. There's nothing exciting or interesting about it, but it won't look out of place on most blokes' shelves.

      ===The Top Notes===

      If you sniff this just after spraying, the first thing you will get is a great big huff of raw alcohol, which isn't entirely pleasant. Seconds after that there's a burst of lemon and lime citrus notes with a faint aquatic undertow which reminds me a bit of Cool Water, albeit in a rather diluted, cheap and nasty way. I think there's supposed to be a hit of grapefruit but it's so synthetic and processed that it just smells a bit unpleasant and musty. I also get a spicy sandalwood coming through which fights too hard with the citrus notes and, for me, makes it a confused opening. Even at this early stage, the fragrance stays close to the skin and within minutes of being sprayed there's no hint of it in the room.

      ===The Middle Notes===

      It's actually quite tricky to describe the middle and base notes, because this is a fragrance that really fades fast. A mere twenty minutes after spraying I have to press my nose right against my wrist to get more than the merest hint of Kistna. By this stage there's still a hint of the citrus notes but they are really very faint, which is odd given how dominant they were initially. There is the vaguest whiff of mint but it's barely there, which is a shame as its a note I really like in fragrances and it may have helped to make this concoction slightly more interesting. If I really put my mind to it, there is a note of basil, but this tends to only come through when my skin is warm from being in the sun. Under normal conditions it's just not evident at all.

      ===The Base Notes===

      After just an hour and a half on my skin this has all but vanished. It lasts slightly longer on my clothing but it still could only charitably be described as 'subdued'. At this stage I actively dislike this fragrance: all the citrus has gone and what's left smells like a knock-off cheap copy that you'd get on a market stall. The last notes are of an oddly sweet and powdery patchouli. For me, it clashes with the notes that have gone before and is a disappointing end to a less than impressive beginning.


      This is trying too hard to emulate citrussy aquatics like Cool Water and Aqua di Gio and fails miserably to even be a decent copy. The only thing in its favour is how little it costs. One to avoid.


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        25.03.2012 16:06
        Very helpful



        A surprising fragrance from the body shop

        I received a bottle of Kistna eau de toilette for Christmas and it was something I had never tried before. The body shop wouldn't be somewhere that I would normally go to buy an aftershave but I have tried the white musk for men before and really liked it so I was curious to see what their other men's fragrances would be like.

        Kistna comes in a large 100ml spray bottle and is excellent value compared to most men's aftershaves at only £15 a bottle.
        I really liked the colour of the aftershave which is a sort of lime green, not only did this suit the fragrance but it also made the bottle stand out more than it would have had the liquid inside been a clear colour.

        According to the body shop the eau de toilette has top notes of lemon and grapefruit with herbal middle notes and base notes of cedarwood and vanilla.
        When you first spray the aftershave you are immediately hit with the citrus notes which are tangy and sharp. There is a musky herbal smell which does help to take away some of the sweetness of the citrus and stop it from being too sickly and cloying. I didn't smell any vanilla which is good as I am not sure I would have liked the smell of vanilla being mixed up with the sharper citrus smells.

        Because of the citrus scent this is most definitely a summer time fragrance for me at least. It really lends itself well to hot summer days and it does leave you feeling fresh and clean so would be good for when the weather is muggy and mild.
        I hate to use the word zingy when describing a citrus smell but that is exactly how it made me feel as it was incredibly invigorating.

        The smell of the aftershave wasn't the most masculine one I have used but it wasn't feminine either. It actually reminded me a lot of a unisex fragrance and although it is advertised for men no one would bat an eyelid if a women were to wear it too as it is the kind of unoffensive neutral smelling fragrance that would suit both sexes.

        Longevity wasn't bad at all with this aftershave like I thought it might be given the price. It lasted a good few hours on my skin and clothes and I could still smell it for ages after first spraying it.
        It was also quite strong smelling too. It wasn't completely overpowering but I only needed a few sprays to feel as though I could smell it myself for a few hours without it fading completely into the background.

        Overall I would say this was a surprising aftershave and one that I quite enjoyed wearing. I am a big fan of citrus aftershaves when they are done well and this is definitely a well done fragrance. I would definitely consider buying it again when I am finally done with the huge amounts of aftershaves I have to get through.


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        29.01.2010 07:43
        1 Comment



        An excellent value fragrance from the Body Shop and one I highly recommend

        I am someone who has always been a fan of having a variety of different fragrances as my disposal as the different scents can make a difference to the entire feel of your ensemble so when my wife recently began to use the Body Shop more regularly I decided to take a walk over to their male fragrance section and give some of them a try and came across Kistna which my wife ended up getting me a bottle of for xmas.

        The fragrance is described by the Body Shop as a contemporary, fresh and green fragrance inspired by nature and for me when you first smell this you are hit with how fresh and crisp the scent is and what a confident fragrance this feels.
        Put together with a top layer of scent including the ingredients bergamot, grapefruit, and orange which fuse to give an amazingly fresh citrus smell which gives way gradually to the undertones of thyme, basil and geranium and eventually heading into the very base tones of the fragrance with patchouli, cedarwood and tree moss combining to give a warm and woody end to this naturally inspired fragrance.

        This is a fragrance which is best worn as a daywear fragrance thanks to its extremely fresh and crisp smells this is perfect for the confident younger man about town and thanks to its amazing value with 100ml only costing £14 you really are getting something of gem with this one.


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          16.06.2009 16:22
          Very helpful



          Read review


          I usually buy fragrances from the bigger fragrance brands like Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss or Giorgio Armani but one Christmas a few years ago I was looking in Body Shop for Christmas Presents for people and decided to see what their eau de toilettes were like. The Body Shop has now become more unisex and these eau de toilettes show that very well. I asked for this particular fragrance for Christmas and was pleased to receive it as a present from my Mother.


          This fragrance was released in 2002 and also features a Kistna shower gel which can be bought in a gift set with the fragrance. You can also buy an after shave balm. As you would expect this fragrance is a little cheaper than you would find with some of the more well known fragrances. A 100ml bottle can be bought for £13.70 In The Body Shop which is very good compared to other fragrances which are often more even for just a 30ml bottle. Kistna is a large river in Southern India.

          **The Fragrance**

          Top notes: bergamot, grapefruit, orange, lemon

          Here we start off the fragrance and These top notes work together to create a very nice citrus scent which is very fresh and lasts well for about 2 hours then leads into the middle notes.

          Middle notes: thyme, basil, geranium, cinnamon, clove

          These middle notes also last for about 2 hours and give the scent a sharper feel which gives it a more distinctive scent. The sharpness of the basil and cinnamon acts well with the clove and thyme.

          Base notes: Patchouli, cedar, tree moss, vanilla

          As the fragrance winds down and starts to fade you get the woody fragrance which also has a lighter vanilla scent which combines well. This also last for around 2 hours before it fades.

          This is a fresh fragrance which has a very clean contemporary scent to it, As you can see from the bottle, the fragrance is Green and it smells that colour too. Spray this fragrance and you will experience a very nice fresh scent that has hints of a fruity, woody fragrance which also has a hint of herb about it. This is a very good fragrance for the money that's biggest weakness against the best fragrances is the length of time which it lasts compared to the best.

          It's best for daytime wear but can also be fine for night-time wear. The fragrance would work well during summer nights due to the subtle change from the start of the night when it's still light to when it's time to go home when it gets dark. Not quite as versatile as the more expensive fragrances but more versatile than one might think.


          I would recommend this fragrance to any man who likes a fresh citrus scent and could do with something a little cheaper than the £30+ you would normally pay for a same sized bottle from one of the top fragrances nowadays. Give this a go and don't let that fact it's from The Body Shop put you off as they now make great stuff for men too.


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          A contemporary, fresh and green fragrance inspired by nature /

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