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The Body Shop Midnight Bakula Eau de Toilette

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3 Reviews

Brand: The Body Shop / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    3 Reviews
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      27.03.2013 12:39
      Very helpful



      I like this one

      I recently picked up a few bargains on The Body Shop website, during one of their sales. One of the items I picked up was this fragrance, which was reduced to £7 from the RRP of around £15. I had a voucher code to receive 25% off my first online order with them, and also managed to get a further 19% Top Cashback on top of that, meaning I only ended up paying £4.25 for this 50ml bottle.

      The bottle itself is quite pretty looking, although it doesn't look particularly luxurious and I think you can probably tell it's the lower end of the price scale. It is, however, glass, and is operated by a standard pump dispenser. The trigger for the pump is very small, and the lid is made from some kind of flimsy tiny fiddly grey coloured plastic which I find a bit of a pain trying to replace in the mornings when I'm half asleep.

      I bought the body butter from this same range, because I was drawn to the description of the fragrance, which was described as oriental yet floral. The notes featured are nectarine, rose and patchouli. These blend together to give a lovely oriental scent, which is surprisingly light instead of being heavy as you might expect.

      On first spray, I have to confess I just don't pick up the citrus from the nectarine at all. Instead, I can detect a musky powdery scent which is reminiscent of talcum powder. As the days goes on, this gives way to the rose scent, which I have to say is lovely and fresh, and although it is distinctly "floral", if you asked me to name it without knowing it was rose, I would probably struggle. I have no idea what patchouli is supposed to smell like, but the powdery talcum powder scent comes back again after a few hours, and the scent deepens into a more musky fragrance, with the floral notes less noticeable. However the scent changes throughout the day, it manages to stay fresh and uplifting.

      The staying power of this isn't amazing, as any reasonable person would probably expect from a lower end EDT. However, I find this one is perfect for wearing to work, because the scent is light and not overpowering, and I'm not bothered that it's worn off by the time I get home because it means I can spray something else in the evening to help me relax and wind down after a day at work. It isn't the kind of scent that will get you noticed in a room of people, and it doesn't leave any lingering scent on scarves and clothes. I tend to find by late afternoon, I can still get a whiff of it if I sniff my arm, and although it's still evident, it's much more subtle by this time.

      I do like this fragrance, however I'm unsure whether it was in the sale because it's being discontinued from The Body Shop because I couldn't find it on their website when I tried to verify I had the correct RRP. It can, however, be sourced from other places such as Ebay, and is well worth looking out for if you're looking for a light springtime day wear fragrance.

      (Review may also appear on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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        28.08.2012 17:58
        Very helpful



        A nice scent if you can get it at a reasonable price

        Body Shop Midnight Bakula

        I spotted this on Ebay and bid a fairly low amount and left it. I was thrilled to find that I won a couple of days later. I had seen a few scents in Body Shop that I quite liked but was not prepared to pay full whack for and this was one.

        I am not the greatest fan of Body shop as I feel they have lost their true ethical feel and a rather more commercial than they used to be. That doesn't mean I never look in there and when they have a half price sale I do get tempted as I do think normally their stuff is over priced

        This scent is an eau de toilette which was created in 2011 so fairly recently really. Obviously Body Shop don't rate too highly in the world of perfumery as they don't get a mention in my '"A-Z Guide" by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez.

        This scent is classified as a floral chypre. I learned that "chypre is a genre of perfume built on a structure made famous by Coty's Chypre in 1917 and is based on oakamoss, cistus laddanum and bergamot. They can either be floral, fruity or leather but are all chypres." Taken from Turin;s "A-Z Guide"

        THE BOTTLE
        The Midnight Bakula is part of a new range in Body shop with glass bottles small and mine is oval at the base giving the bottle a narrower side. The label is exotic and has Arabic sort of looking design on it. The shape is like a temple window or door and is a deep purple colour and around the purple temple door shape is white moons and stars on the front. The back of the bottle has a large deep purple label with details of ingredients etc. The lid is a tiny cheap looking silver top which only just covers the spray

        Top notes: nectarine which gives a nice light sweet citrus hit as you spray it on . I can smell an eau de cologne hint too as well as the sweet slightly peachy scent. Not long after the peachy start you get the heart note of sweet rose joining the peach. As the perfume develops and dries down the rose sweetness combines with the more earthy rose element which is more like a true rose smell.

        When i first wore this I was very disappointed that it didn't seem to last on me but then i went to see a friend and she said 'Wow you smell nice' and I was pleased that others could smell it on me. Today in order to write this I have sprayed it on my wrists and left it un rubbed to develop.

        Even four hours later I can smell it on me albeit much more subdued but the sweetness has not died away The base note is meant to patchouli which is usually pretty noticeable and gives a strong heart note nut in my view this never really comes through in any real way.

        The patchouli merely adds the slightly earthier note to the rose. If I had not read that this had patchouli in it then I would never have detected it with my nose. It does give a balance to the lighter sweeter notes bit that is about it.

        I find this a very light daytime sort of perfume that is citrus fresh and yet becomes deeply sweet. It is sort of creamy sweet and not sickly at all. There is a slight powdery aroma a bit like a scented talc that develops after an hour or so and I can smell a hint of vanilla but not sure why.I find it pleasant and a perfect summer scent but not one that would be my all time favourite. I am so pleased that Ii found this for under a fiver from Ebay and no way would I ever pay the full RRP of £25 as it really is not worth that. When I finish this if I see it cheap on Ebay then I would replace it but I will not be looking for it at full price.

        I liked this but the fact that it doesn't really have a very longevity means that it is expensive for what it is. It is certainly a lot nicer and a more rounded than other scents sold and endorsed by celebrities that I have tried recently.

        IN SUMMARY
        I liked this and particularly liked the fact that the aroma developed to a deeper heartier sweetness probably because of the patchouli. I found it lasted about four to five hours aand others noticed it on even when I thought it had faded. I have always been a bit wary of Body Shop scents as they tend to be a bit one noted and fade quickly so this has been a pleasant surprise. I would say that £10 to £15 is fair but the full RRP is far too high for what you get.

        If you like sweet perfumes with a light fresh top note then this will suit you. I like a range of perfumes and love trying them. This is not my favourite but I have certainly grown to like it more. It is certainly more sophisticated than their old dewberry scent.

        I have not tried the matching body butter as that is far to expensive for what it is but if it comes on half price I might be tempted.

        So if you can spot it for around £10 - £12 or under then it is a good buy and if you hate it not too much money wasted. If you like a sweet musky fruity florals then give this a try.
        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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          31.01.2012 12:34
          Very helpful



          A pretty but short-lived creamy musky floral fragrance with fruity - spicy overtones

          Launched: 2011
          Group: Floral chypre


          While ordering a few full-size The Body Shop Body Butters from an Ebay seller, my eyes caught sight of a new limited edition flavour, Midnight Bakula that also came in a form of an Eau de Toilette. Intrigued, I checked it out on online fragrance community Fragrantica. There the scent has been likened to my treasured, rare and discontinued Lalique's Nilang so I thought it was worth a try and bought both the butter and the eau de toilette.


          Midnight Bakula definitely belongs to the themed and more upscale sister line of Moroccan rose. Calligraphic writing on a dark plum background and Christmassy decoration adorn the frosted rectangular bottle. My only gripe is with the horribly flimsy aluminium cap which is sadly the brand's preferred way of making a nice juice and nice-looking bottle cheap.


          Top notes: nectarine

          Midnight Bakula starts out with a fresh, juicy and fruity peachy note underlined by a certain depth that reminds me of warm, stewed apricots. It isn't sickening or too sweet, it's well-balanced, non-synthetic smelling and lasts a few minutes before the other elements join in.
          Heart notes: rose

          Midnight Bakula quickly becomes an alluring, almost gourmand, oriental-style scent while never becoming heavy, dense or cloying. It stays light and transparent but becomes deeper, warmer and juicier with time. There is indeed a nod to Nilang, only Nilang is infinitly more complex, rich and layered. The vibe in common I'm getting is the juicy, fruity sweetness and an underlying gourmand, edible quality even if they don't share any notes between them.

          Unfortunately, as soon as the heart fades, so does the similarity between the two diminish. The rose is only noticeable an hour or so later into the middle notes as it's buried within a generic sweetness and never gets any rosier than that.

          Base notes: patchouli

          About one and a half hours later, Midnight Bakula settles into a light fragrance with a spicy, vegetal hint and doesn't really move from there. It would be a stretch to call this spicy, vegetal hint patchouli as it is as far from a headshop patchouli note or even one in an oriental fragrance as one can get. It only adds a musky vibe and a grounding base to the fragrance.

          There are two other aromas I'm definitely getting in Midnight Bakula and a lot of it: plush, round and sweet skin musk and creamy, slightly powdery perfumey vanilla. They aren't listed but in an average classic or modern synthetic creation hundreds of aromas and molecules are blended to create the desired effect and these two are safe bets to be found.

          To sum up, the drydown is a well-balanced but fairly generic musky and creamy skin accord that has a transparent, mid-range quality without being on the cheap side. The only letdown is the poor longevity of the base as the accord barely lasted for 4 - 5 hours and stayed very close to the skin.


          Compared to the other The Body Shop or similar high-street fragrances, this would be perceived as heavier and more complex than other scents in the popular fruity-floral range as Midnight Bakula definitely has a more grown-up and sophisticated feel about it.
          For me, the fragrance is more like a predictable, budget interpretation of some of the modern musky florals out there in the veins of offshoots like the peachy - rosy - musky Tresor In Love or the light, fruity - rosy Dior Addict To Life.

          A huge minus is that the structure is quite thin and lacking in robust raw materials which seriously affect staying power and projection. The fragrance barely lasts for 5 - 6 hours from the start but a generous application of the complementing body butter should remedy that.
          For £12 a pop, it's a great gift or buy for someone who likes wearing musky florals with a spicy - oriental edge without breaking the bank. Ideal for all seasons as it isn't too heavy or too sweet and I'll be reaching for it when I just want to feel pretty and sweet on a budget!


          £12 / 50ml Eau de Toilette from eBay / limited availabilty in shops

          Thanks for reading.

          ©powered by lillybee also posted on dooyoo.co.uk


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