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The Body Shop White Musk Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: The Body Shop / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    2 Reviews
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      20.12.2013 13:03



      A great perfume for any man. A must buy at this price.

      I recently bought this from the Body Shop during their Christmas sales. I've always loved the smell of White Musk, as I regularly travel to the Middle East and that is one of the most common scents that are available. However I've never been able to find something in spray form that is of the same quality. I found this for half price at the body shop so decided to give it a go.
      The smell is quite elegant. It's not too light that you can't smell it, nor is the smell too strong to the extent that people don't want to be near you. The smell also lasts quite long. I work long days, and don't end up getting home till the evening, and yet still it can be smelt with only a few sprays. My colleagues at work like it as well as family so it is well received by others too.
      Not many people know regarding this. The gift set is even better, you get a lotion and shower cream which smell exquisite. A great gift for any man.


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        27.07.2011 10:47
        Very helpful



        A beautifully fragranced eau de parfum from The Body Shop

        If you are familiar with my reviews you will be aware of my passion for the beautiful fragrance of White Musk, which is manufactured by The Body Shop. Over the past week I have been discussing the products within this delightful range, such as the shower gel, body dusting powder and body crème and this review discusses my experience with using the Eau De Parfum.


        The appearance of the eau de parfum is in keeping with the remainder of the range where we are provided with a fairly eye-catching 30ml glass bottle, which is transparent on the upper section whilst offering a pale shade of lilac on the lower. There is no outer cardboard packaging, which in my opinion, is a sheer waste of money as it inevitably ends up in the recycling bin. My initial impression was that the liquid content was lilac in colour, particularly as the lower section of the bottle creates this illusion. However, on dispensing the eau de parfum I discovered that the liquid is clear, but due to the clever and unique design of the bottle we are led to believe the liquid is a pale lilac right up until the very last drop. What I favour with the packaging of the majority of products belonging to The Body Shop is that they are very rarely cluttered, so the small amount of text providing us with the name of the product is very easy on the eye.

        Before I begin to discuss my experience I would like to briefly touch on the four varieties of fragrance that can be purchased, namely parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne. However, I would point out that The Body Shop does not offer White Musk in a parfum format. I have read many reviews where the writer has discussed the poor staying power of a cologne or toilette and this is due to the fact that they are less concentrated. Whilst I do wish to go into great detail I would advise that an eau de parfum consists of 7 - 15% perfume concentrates and as a result, will offer the wearer a longer lasting aroma. The purest form is parfum due to its' high level of concentrate, which can be up to 40% and as a result, often makes the fragrance unaffordable. Consequently, eau de parfums are the most affordable and common purchases.


        The shiny chrome coloured lid is easily removed from the neck of the bottle and firmly replaced following use. The beautifully fragranced spray is easily released in a fine mist where I gently press down on the dispenser twice for each of my wrists. Whilst the aroma of musk can often be described as a little overpowering and heady, I would advise that although it is light it is most definitely evident with its' combination of sensual notes consisting of musk, lily, rose, iris and vanilla. I have been intermittently using The Body Shop's range of musk products for many years and it was only recently that I learned of their vanilla content, which is an aroma that I cannot abide. Whilst I would normally discuss the top, heart and base notes when reviewing a fragrance, the only one evident to me is the beautiful and very desirable aroma of musk, as fortunately, the vanilla is undetectable.

        If using the eau de parfum on its' own I find that its' aroma will linger on my skin for a good few hours. However, as I favour layering my fragrances I will initially begin with a number of other products in this luxurious range, such as the shower gel followed by the dusting powder, then either the body lotion or crème and will conclude with the fragrance. In doing so, I can ensure that the fragrance will stay with me for the entire day. I would previously have associated the aroma of musk with the more mature woman, which unfortunately, is now how I would describe myself! A little tip when applying a fragrance is to also spray it on the lower section of your body because as you walk around the aroma will become more evident. However, whilst this fragrance is evident it is subtle and therefore, suited for women of all ages. I cannot recommend The Body Shop White Musk Eau De Parfum highly enough, so it receives 5 stars from me together with a huge recommendation.


        If you are familiar with my reviews you will be aware that I do not believe in copying and pasting huge lists of ingredients, but if you are interested they can be located on The Body Shop website. The eau de parfum should be used within 36 months of opening and the bottle can be recycled once empty. I am aware that many women choose to display their fragrances on their dressing tables, particularly when the bottles are so pretty. However, perfumes should be stored in a cool dark place, which will prolong their lifetimes, as exposure to sunlight will cause damage to the fragrance.


        The eau de parfum is available in one size, namely a 30ml bottle and will cost you £12. It is very rare that I will purchase any products from the any of The Body Shop's high street stores, particularly as there are frequently offers to be found online such as the recent £20 discount if your order was £40 or over, so I stock up during these offers.

        I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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