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Thierry Mugler Eau de Star Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Thierry Mugler / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    2 Reviews
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      31.12.2012 14:16
      Very helpful
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      a twist on the Angel fragrance..

      ~Eau De Star~

      Released - 2007
      Fragrance family - oriental

      Eau De Star is part of the Angel fragrance collection offered by Thierry Mugler. Eau De Star is available as an eau de toilette (EDT). Eau De Star is promoted as being a lighter alternative to the original Angel fragrance and aimed at younger wearers who may find the original Angel a little too heavy for them. Eau De Star is said to be 'an unexpected blend of freshness and sensuality'.


      As with every other bottle in the Thierry Mugler fragrance range, Eau De Star is presented in a unique and simple stunning bottle. The bottle is made of clear, faceted glass and is shaped almost like a pyramid. The design is completed by adding a silve lid and a neat start imprinted on the bottle. I love the bottle design and whilst it isn't as spectacular as the original Angel, it still looks very pretty and smart.

      ~The Fragrance~

      The entire fragrance of Eau De Star is said to centre mainly around vanilla and patchouli notes. These notes are also used in the original Angel fragrance. The top notes are said to include fresh scents whilst the heart is said to focus on an aquatic blend.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Compared to the original Angel, Eau De Star is quite a rare fragrance. It can be found online though from the following websites :

      *www.strawberrynet.com - £28.50 (50ml refillable bottle)
      *eBay - £27.99 - gift set (50ml EDT and lipgloss). Smaller bottles available including a mini bottle priced at £6.39
      *www.semichem.co.uk - £29.99 (25ml)
      *www.premierscents.co.uk - £19.99 (25ml)

      ~My Thoughts~

      I am a huge fan of Thierry Mugler fragrances and Angel is definitely my favourite. I have gradually been sampling the other variations of Angel and was delighted to add a miniature bottle of Eau De Star to my fragrance collection. Not only is the bottle absolutely gorgeous, the fragrance is well worth trying too!

      The original Angel is definitely an acquired smell. It is very unique but one which most are likely to love or hate. I personally wasn't keen on it at first but it definitely grew on me. I don't wear it often though due to how strong it is. Eau De Star, as per Thierry Muglers claims, is a lighter alternative. This EDT still keeps hold of the best bits of Angel but in a lighter, much fresher way.

      I have a little dab bottle which is perfect for my handbag. Despite being an EDT, the strength of this fragrance is absolutely brilliant. I only need a small dab on my neck to leave my skin beautifully scented with a fragrance that doesn't overpower. The quality of Eau De Star is excellent as it is stunning on my skin from the moment I apply it til the moment that it disappears many hours later. The fragrance is always noticeable by myself and others and it is one I have been complimented on as many recognise the main Angel fragrance notes.

      The moment I apply Eau De Star to my skin, I am totally taken in by the fragrance that greets me. I would go as far as to say that Eau De Star is an addictive scent as it never fails to grasp my senses. Eau De Star is quite a concentrated fragrance and this is evident from the first time it is applied. The patchouli and vanilla notes are noticeable from the moment that the fragrance is applied to my skin but are mingled with the other, less noticeable notes throughout the fragrances lifespan.

      The opening scent features the patchouli and vanilla mingled with a vibrant, cool burst of freshness. I can't detect what sort of 'fresh' notes are used but this makes the fragrance more unique in my opinion and very clean yet sweet and slightly fruity. I just love the way the heavy sweet notes are lightened by the freshness as it gives this fragrance a bit more versatility.

      After an hour or two, the scent changes slightly but the change is very smooth and well carried out. The patchouli and vanilla are still there but now complimented by a wave of aquatic floral notes which are refreshing, soft and very marine like. It sounds an unusual combination but it works very well and the notes have been well chosen to change the typical Angel fragrance to something a little different.

      Several hours later, Eau De Star loses its fresh and cool feel and the patchouli/vanilla blend is pushed forward. The base notes are really rich with the vanilla coming through sweet, sugary and not unnatural smelling in the slightest. The patchouli is warm and slightly musky. Here I notice the chocolatey sweetness of the original Angel and I absolutely love it. It is a foody, beautifully arranged and carried out blend of notes.


      Eau De Star is definitely the perfect scent for wearing during the day in the warmer months. It will have more appeal to those who aren't fond of the powerful Angel EDP but still want the same sort of fragrance notes in a lighter concentration. The original Angel is more suited to evening use whilst this makes for a pleasant everyday type fragrance. It isn't an overly feminine fragrance in my opinion and although it is not marketed as a unisex fragrance, it may be one a man would like to sample.


      All in all I have been very impressed by the quality of Eau De Star. It has its own character whilst being a pleasant 'little sister' fragrance to the classic Angel. Given that this in an EDT, it has absolutely amazing strength. It is very noticeable on my skin for at least 8 hours before changing to a subtle, close to the skin sort of strength. I notice that it lasts for days on my jacket and scarf - very impressive.

      Overall I can highly recommend Eau De Star. It a stunning fragrance that I enjoy wearing as a treat. I love the sweetness that it offers and always feel confident and happy whilst wearing it. It isn't overly expensive either and well worth the money as I do not feel the need to keep topping it up over the course of the day.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        16.12.2012 16:01
        Very helpful
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        A deliciously sweet fragrance which makes you smell like honey

        I have owned and like Angel By Thierry Mugler and quite liked it. As I enjoy the aroma of vanilla and honey, I thought I would give Eau De Star a try by the same brand.

        The fragrance
        The perfume is described as being a fruity and oriental scent which is fresh and perfect for day wear. It has notes of Patchouli which is a musky herb and my two favourite aromas of honey and vanilla. It also has notes of Mimose which is another herb, rather random water notes and also fruity watermelon.

        Packaging and Price
        The fragrance comes contained within a heavy glass bottle which has been cut into a triangular shape, It has a star engraved on the inside so the glass remains smooth and the fragrance has a light blue tinge to it. The lid is a silver metallic colour and it also has a star engraved in the top with the name by its side. The product will cost you around £20 for 25ml of the perfume. It can be bought from most fragrance stores and also from a variety of online websites.

        Application and Performance
        The fragrance comes out as a fine mist when you push down on the dispenser which doesn't leave your skin wet or leave marks on the clothing. It is quite a powerful fragrance and you won't need more than two squirts in order to achieve the desired results. Although the product is marketed as being one for day wear, I find it to be better suited for evening wear. It is extremely sweet and a little bit sugary. The overwhelming aromas when it has been dispensed first of all is the vanilla and honey.

        After a few minutes, this changes to be mainly honey with a slightly herbal twang. It is quite heavy and very noticeable, and it is one which other people will comment upon... Usually in a good way. The perfume does fade away after a few hours leaving a deliciously sweet scent on the skin that seems like part of you rather than an added perfume. The perfume hasn't irritated my skin or caused me any discomfort.

        All in all, this is a lovely perfume for those who like sweet scents but it won't be any good for those who don't like honey or vanilla. You don't need to use much of the product and the aroma hangs around for quite a few hours although I wish it would last a little bit longer. It is a warm and sweet fragrance that I will happily continue to use.


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      • Product Details

        Eau de Star is inspired by the freshness and radiance of crystal cool waters / Refreshing mouthwatering pure / The fragrance begins on a tart and crystalline note of fruit that is intermingled with fresh notes progressing to a floral heart and sensual patchouli base that is not the same as Angel yet retains a passing kindred spirit / The pale blue fragrance is bEautifully presented in a facetted glass bottle containing a silicone blue star with Eau de Star logo engraved on the silver metal cap /

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