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Thierry Mugler Mugler Cologne Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Thierry Mugler / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    2 Reviews
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      05.11.2012 14:03
      Very helpful



      A scent I'll be wearing for years to come!

      "Refresh and re-energise your senses with Mugler Cologne" - that's what they say about Mugler Cologne!

      I've been wearing Thierry Mugler's Mugler Cologne on and off for a few months now. I didn't buy it because I smelt it and thought "Oh I must have it!" To be honest, I fell in love with a scent called Neroli Portofino from the Tom Ford Private Collection which retails at £135 for 50ml EDP. I couldn't get a sample of it anywhere in stores for some bizarre reason (which I later figured out seems to be because people are selling samples on ebay for upwards of £10 each). I wasn't prepared to pay £135 for a perfume without testing it first as when trying it on in stores I found the scent was powerful at first and within 10-15 minutes of applying it the scent was just too vague. I was not prepared to spend that much money on something which seems to have such poor staying power.

      Following on from that, I did some online research to see if there were any similar smelling scents out there that people may have experienced. I came up with Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler which was retailing at less than £30 on various online stores for the 100ml EDT. So I took a chance and bought myself a bottle. Eagerly awaiting this scent which I truly hoped was going to be a good match for Neroli Portofino, I only had to wait 2 days for my delivery. On opening the packaging I found a plain glass bottle with no label on it. Quite unusual for a perfume bottle to have no name yet there was a small clear plastic tag around the bottle neck which reads:

      "Mugler Cologne
      Eau de toilette
      Mfd for
      Thierry Mugler Parfums
      Nouilly France
      Made in France
      e 100 ml
      3.4 Fl.Oz."

      The light green perfume was in a plain clear bottle from which I removed the easy to open lid. I spayed my wrist quite liberally with the scent and found myself being reminded very much of the original scent I was trying to replace. A very similar scent so my £27 was well spent as far as I was concerned. I didn't care that it was marketed as a men's cologne mostly, although some sites implied it was unisex.

      Inside the box the perfume is packaged in, the inner lid had a message with an 11 character code suggesting that I register with the site and "let yourself be surprised". I was curious so registered, only to be faced with ending up on a mailing list for Thierry Mugler!


      When you spray Mugler Cologne on yourself, the initial scent is a fresh zesty citrus scent. It's not long before that strong citrus scent fades and the mixture of ylang ylang and vague patchouli becomes evident.

      Mugler Cologne's top notes contain bergamot, neroli, orange tree flowers and watery cucumber, the mid/heart notes contact bamboo leaf and ylang ylang, with the base/bottom notes containing sandalwood, cedar and patchouli.

      As I'm a fan of sandalwood, patchouli and now most definitely neroli which is produced from bitter orange trees, I was fairly sure I was going to like this scent and thankfully it was a good chance I took - buying a scent without first testing it out. I didn't think it would be too bad if I didn't really like it, after all, it was only £30 for a 100ml and if I didn't like it, hubby could always use it. On that note, hubby was suitably impressed with Mugler Cologne, he felt it was very similar to Neroli Portofino and was impressed that I'd tracked down something so very similar at a fraction of the cost.


      It's amazing that doing a quick bit of research on the internet can give you answers to a question like "what scent is most similar to Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino?"! Everyone, if you find a scent you adore and find that it costs way more than you'd care to spend, remember GIYF - Google Is Your Friend!

      Whilst Mugler Cologne may not be an exact replacement for the scent I was after, I'm happy enough to give it a strong 4 out of 5 as it's a perfectly nice fresh smelling scent which is perfect for day time use. It might not have great lasting power (probably a couple of hours or more) but at that price I'm happy to re-spray myself a couple of times of day when I'm wearing this.


      Here's a list of ingredients for those who may be interested:


      I understand that when creating Mugler Cologne Thierry Mugler tried to copy the scent of a soap he had purchased in Morocco and really liked; hence came about Mugler Cologne which was created by Alberto Morillas in 2001.


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      30.06.2011 19:49
      Very helpful



      Thierry Mugler Cologne

      To write about something different for a change, I received a sample of this cologne while visiting a department store lately, my boyfriend didn't really like it all that much but I wanted to share my thoughts. I have never really had a chance to smell Thierry Mugler colognes but the bottle on this one is very eye catching which is what makes it stand out. I have to say thought this is not one that I'd like my man to smell of as I found it quite feminine for a man's fragrance which put my off as it is quite soapy and fresh.


      This cologne comes in a tall glass bottle with rides on the side and the liquid inside of it is green. It is a very simple bottle and it has a silver top to it. The actual box is also plain with a border and the Thierry Mugler logo on the front, it is all very minimal but the green colour is what seems to make the product stand out and it is a different colour for a fragrance. The bottle is strong and dynamic and probably one of my favourite things about Mugler Cologne.


      The smell of this is very light which surprised me for a cologne, being a man's scent I thought it was very fruity and floral and like I said earlier soapy. It seemed fresh but I was not really sure what notes were included. It seemed very neutral and being green maybe this was the idea to seem quite natural but I just think it is too feminine for what I like a man to smell off and this is purely what I do not like about it whereas some women might find this attractive on men.

      The notes in this fragrance are top notes of neroli, bergamot and petit grain. It then has heart notes of African orange flower and base notes of musk, so quite an unusual mix but this is probably why it seems quite light and the orange brings out the fruity hints. I found with this after spraying it that it did seem to fade quite quickly and so I would recommend men giving it a few sprays to really make it last a lot longer than a few hours.

      The cologne is probably one aimed at younger men as with it being light it doesn't have a mature smell to it and seems very youthful. This will definitely not last all day unless you like a cologne to smell really faint so you will need quite a few sprays to get noticed. My boyfriend was put off by the scent as he also said it seemed just too light and not manly enough for him. I don't know if I'd recommend this cologne without trying it first if you were buying as a gift.

      This is a cologne that is a bit of a hit or miss and if you do want to go to a store and try it first it is probably recommended. However, if you're a man and like a refreshing and light cologne then this is probably the one for you. This is my first Thierry Mugler cologne tried and I don't think it has persuaded me to try anymore as it is not really what I like in a man's scent but I am giving it an inbetween rating as it is my personal tastes that have put me off not the scent itself.


      To buy this cologne you can get it on strawberrynet.com a 100ml bottle for £47.50. Ebay also have some really good deals on this at the moment a lot cheaper than in store. John Lewis sell this also a 100ml bottle and it is sold there for £31 which isn't too bad compared to the other website.

      The official fragrance website is http://muglercologne.com/.


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