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Thierry Mugler Womanity Eau de Parfum

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9 Reviews

Brand: Thierry Mugler / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    9 Reviews
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      30.09.2015 17:59
      Very helpful



      Thierry Mugler Womanity Eau de Parfum

      The Thierry Mugler Womanity Eau de Parfum is available for GBP 50.00.

      The Eau de Parfum is described as follows. "A link, a positive energy shared by all women, a way for women to connect. An Eau de Parfum like no other, that celebrates the diversity of styles and femininity."

      The fragrance smells quite unlike any other fragrances that I possess. The sweet, fruity note I take as good as not true, because to me smell the perfume almost continuously spicy-woody. The salty caviar touch is very present. A salty perfume I've never had, but the combination with the woody base note, I find just brilliant. A great fragrance! As Angel or Alien by Thierry Mugler Womanity has a very high recognition value. If you like unusual scents and do not want to smell like any, could be happy with this fragrance, especially since I have the impression that Womanity is not yet as widespread as Angel or Alien. The fragrance intensity is very strong and very good durability. Two small droplets of perfume suffice already to smell until the next day or until the next shower after intense perfume. For sensitive noses the fragrance intensity may be too much, but for me it is just right. Due to the strong scent intensity and excellent durability, the perfume is very economical. I have tolerated the perfume well. I am very pleased with the Thierry Mugler Womanity Eau de Parfum. The smell is great and unique, convincing also fragrance intensity, durability, coverage and compatibility. Therefore, I forgive and 5 of 5 stars recommend the fragrance on.


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      24.02.2015 18:54
      Very helpful



      Not for me :(

      Before trying this for myself, I had heard nothing but great things about this designer/ brand and I do trust my friends but on recommending this I can't say I agree with this time. I wish at least one of them had warned me how strong it was and what a unique scent it actually is.

      I would say out of them all this is the most likely to wear in the daytime as it seemed to be the lightest of all the scents but also sweet but for me there was this hint of harshness that I felt was too heavy.
      The design of the bottle, the branding all scream elegance and feminity but its the actual product of the perfume that should rule your head and heart.

      The scent is a combination of:
      FIG WOOD

      This seemed to smell okay in the free sample I got and thought it was lovely but it smelt totally different when I brought the bottle as it just saw too sweet and as mentioned before the hint of harshness put me off I gave this immediately to friend who spritz it on straight away and it actually smelt okay but on me I just couldn't wear it at all.
      This is something I would recommend you really should get a sample of first before you spend your money. x

      The shower gel and body lotion is available in this scent as well to enhance and help the product last longer.


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      10.02.2015 16:22
      Very helpful



      Nice but not on me

      I bought this after smelling it on someone else. It smelled amazing on them!

      **About the brand**
      Thierry Mugler is quite a high end brand .

      **Products in the range**
      Body cream
      body milk
      shower gel

      **Bottle design**
      The base of the bottle is quite plain - just clear glass. I would describe the top of the bottle as being unique .It does look expensive but I don't think its that nice. On the side you have a woman's face which looks a bit freaky. The top of the bottle is made from the same material and is attached with a chain.

      **Product description**
      ==A sparkling, sensual and feminine fragrance, a delicious blend of sweet salty and woody notes. With a top note of sweet green fig, a heart of caviar and base notes of elegant fig wood, it’s a truly unique and unexpected fragrance that will awaken your senses.==

      To start with you are hit with quite a zingy and refreshing scent. It becomes more soft and slightly sweeter after about 15 minutes. The scent that lingers is quite woody.

      I think it is one of those perfumes that could be worn during the day or at night. With the strong woody smell I would recommend it for an older audience.
      This perfume smells great... on other people. I don't like the smell on me.
      **Price and where to get**
      This is quite widely available and costs from £40 for the 30ml

      **Do I recommend**
      A nice but slightly strange looking bottle . I think its one that has to be tried first. Personally I don't think the smell was that nice on me so I wont be repurchasing.


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      29.04.2012 12:25
      Very helpful



      Thierry Mugler Womanity

      Last year I bought the Womanity perfume by Thierry Mugler. I found this really more a fresh scent for spring, so for that reason I never used it during the winter. Now it's time for spring again, I have started to use this fragrance again.

      The appearance of this fragrance should represent the ultimate femininity. The bottle is a combination of different styles such as Gothic and Art Deco. The bottle is made of clear glass with at the top depicting a woman's face. At the spray is part of a chain attached, which symbolizes the link that connects all women. The cap is annular which symbolizes infinity. The color of the perfume is pale pink which is considered to be a female color. Also useful is the included gray bag. Now you can easily carry the perfume bottle in your handbag.

      The perfume starts with a top note of citrus, probably from a pink grapefruit and green notes. This gives it a sweet scent in the beginning. Then the sweetness disappears a bit and you get more a saltier flavor. The fragrance finishes with a woody note of wood and fig leaf. Because for the heart notes they used fig, you can definitely smell that throughout.

      This is a very interesting fragrance. This is truly a scent that you love or you totally do not like. Personally I think this is a good one for the spring. It is certainly not my favorite and after a while I find him a bit boring. When you use it the sweetness of the fragrance disappears quite quickly and you are left behind of the smell of figs. Overall I think the fig smell dominates too much and I like the hint of sweetness a bit more.

      Overall I'm pleased and I think it's a nice fragrance to use now and then, especially during the spring. For me three stars.


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      06.09.2011 23:15
      Very helpful



      An enchanting, showy perfume for women who love to smell good with a seductive yet mysterious scent.

      The way I came across this perfume is rather strange. I was in hospital at the time, and obviously, me being a complete fashion and beauty follower, I had hundreds of magazines to keep me entertained in the long, boring days in there. I think it was in either Cosmopolitan or Glamour magazine that I found the mysterious advert for Womanity by Thierry Mugler. Automatically the advert captivated me and I found myself drawn to the unique bottle; the pink slender glass bottle with the female head as the lid, attached by a chain. I had never seen a bottle like this before! Luckily, the advert had a sample with it, and as soon as I peeled back the little foil cover, the scent hit me. I like strong, woody, powerful perfumes and Womanity is just up my street with its seductive yet sweet top notes, and the enchanting and mysterious notes that followed. It was my birthday a few days after the day I discovered the scent and when my nan visited me in hospital she asked what I wanted for my birthday, so I gave her the sample and said that I would love a bottle of Womanity. She didn't disappoint and the day after I left the hospital (my birthday) I unwrapped a bottle of Womanity. Since that day, it has become my all time favourite perfume! I tend to save it for evenings or special events as it is the sort of perfume you would wear to be noticed and to have a sense of mystery about you. The scent is woody, with undernotes of a sweet yet strong fruit. After a bit of research online in to the fragrance, I read that it is a concoction of Fig and Caviar. Immediately I though it was strange combination but didn't question it as it clearly makes a magnificent scent! There is something about the scent of this perfume that puts emphasis on the name of the perfume; it is a strong, womanly scent which screams 'WOMEN RULE!' and empowers us to feel that we can do anything. Another impressing thing I have found about this perfume is that it lasts longer than other perfumes I have used in the past, and if you have a long day ahead of you it is always nice to know that you don't have to keep applying perfume a few times throughout the day. The bottle is also refillable, which saves having to buy a new bottle each time, and is more economical in the long run. I love perfumes, and I have yet to find anything in the same league as Womanity. If you like to smell unique, or are out to impress, then I would recommend purchasing this perfume. I hope that if you decide to try it, you like it as much as I do!


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      30.12.2010 19:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      I like it

      This Eau de Parfum from Thierry Mugler is a spicey littl;e number and if you are looking for something that has a unique quality all nof its own and stands out from the crowd then this might be the one for you, having said that I do find amongst my friends that is a scent that does rather divide opinion and hence the title that I have opted for as it is rather like marmite, you either love it or hate it and there is no real middle ground with it. I'm a fan so this will be a largely positive review from me.

      I'm not really keen on the design of the bottle, to me it looks like someone melted some silver metal on the top of a cylindrical bottle, it has a sort of amature model makers gothic look to it, I do like the fact that the fragrance is pink inside which is rather unique.

      It is a reasonably priced fragrance, expect to pay between £40 and £50 for a 50ml bottle depending on where you shop, usually the online option will prove cheaper than in the shops.

      This is quite a powerful scent, this is one of the reasons I think that it is not to everyones taste, I guess given that it is trying to symbalise "Womanity" whatever that means it sets out to be a strong and bold statement, it is a very spicey blend of scents that develops over time into something that is quite lively and with a real prescence. The spicey notes also give it quite a warm feeling as well, it also has a salty feel to it as well, at first I thought my nose was deceiving me but this scent is intentional and again something I have found to be unique, certainly salt is not something I have ever detected before.

      I find this to be a suitable scent for either day or evening wear, in addition it is also quite long lasting which is a positive. I can understand how it would not be to everyone's taste and it is worth getting a sample or a borrow from a friend before buying however it does give a nice bit of variation away from some of the standard fragrances on the market.


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        20.12.2010 21:33
        Very helpful



        Not one I would recommend.

        When I was Christmas shopping last week I was looking at perfume and a very nice assistant handed me a sample of Thierry Mugler Womanity. It was a nice little spray sample so enough to get a good feel for it.

        After getting the sample I had a look at the Thierry Mugler perfume on the shelf. The bottle stood out on the shelf, its very different to regular perfume bottles. While the bottle is a pretty pink colour, it is in no way girly! The top of the bottle is silver, very ornate, the lid is attached to the bottle with a silver chain. The lid has a face in the silver, I assume this is a woman but really it looks quite alien. This is spooky! The whole thing is a cross between gothic and punk. Its very unusual and quite frankly there's nothing feminine about it at all! I definitely would not want it on my dressing table.
        Bottle aside I was looking forward to trying the perfume, I was sure it would be different to my regular perfumes.

        Notes in Womanity are given as:-
        Top fruity, fig
        Heart salty, caviar
        Base woody, Fig wood and leaves.

        I sprayed the perfume on my wrists, the back of my neck and slightly in my hair. The first smell that greeted me was a harsh smell like a very bad aftershave. It was a horrible chemical smell very harsh. I regretted spraying it so freely. The smell actually hit the back of my throat it was horrible.
        I went of to work hoping that it would develop into something more pleasant and feminine.

        After about 10 minuets the fragrance did soften slightly and I could detect a slightly more sweet fruity smell which presumably was the fig. Despite this the fragrance was still harsh and had a chemical element to it.

        An hour or so later I was seriously starting to hate the perfume, I couldn't escape the smell, it was in my nose, throat and making me feel a bit queasy.
        I didn't detect any of the middle notes which were described as salty. The fragrance was very overpowering and not in a nice way.

        By mid afternoon and a couple of headache tablets later the smell had become much more subtle, sweetish still and woody. Now this was just about bearable. Womanity had lost its sharp edge and started to smell a bit more feminine. The trouble was really that by now the perfume was so faint that I had to put my wrist right up to my nose to actually smell it.
        By the time I got in from work and had eaten it was all but gone.

        My whole experience of trying Thierry Mugler Womanity was not nice. I hated the harsh smell, it was a cross between a very bad aftershave and a cheap kitchen cleaner. It made me feel sick and headachy. I cant imagine how they came up with the name Womanity. In my opinion there's nothing remotely "womanish" about it.
        Womanity is advertised as " A symbol of feminine power". I'm a girly girl, I love strong fragrances but this one is just not one I would ever consider using again.

        My little bottle was a sample from Debenhams , the prices for Womanity EDP are:-

        £38.00 for 30ml's
        £49.00 for 50mls
        You can also get a 200ml body lotion for £25.00

        All Thierry Mugler fragrance bottles can be refilled.


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          20.12.2010 18:50
          Very helpful



          A SPICY TREAT

          *Note this fragrance is not available in EDT, only EDP*

          Thierry Mugler started his career as a fashion designer in the 1960s. After trying out film directing and photography, he released a collection of fragrances.


          Thierry Mugler offers a few different fragrance options for both men and women. Angel is by far the most popular fragrance as it was the debut fragrance. Although overshadowed by Angel, other fragrances that have been created by Thierry include Alien and Womanity.


          Womanity is the newest release from Thierry Mugler. It is promoted as being the "invisible bond between women" and even has its own website www.womanity.co.uk. This is quite interesting and I urge you to check it out.

          Womanity has been created using an uncommon blend of sweet and salty notes to stand out from the rest. The fragrance is an Eau de Parfum and the bottles are all refillable. Matching body lotions and shower gels are also available infused with the Womanity fragrance


          The bottle of Womanity is strong and confident. The oval base allows the slender bottle to sweep upwards. It clarity allows us to admire the pink liquid within. The top of the bottle and lid have been sculpted to perfection with an unusual and rather gothic, silver design capturing facial features and smooth indents.


          Here we discover the fragrance notes used to create this sweet yet salty fragrance of Womanity.

          *Top note - a milky fig opens up the fragrance

          *Middle note - caviar treats us to a salty experience for up to a few hours

          *Base note - fig wood and leaves create the base of the fragrance

          *~*~*Availability and Price*~*~*

          The EDP was release in September 2010 so is fairly new to the high street and online. Current prices are below :


          30ml - £38.00
          50ml - £49.00
          50ml refill - £38.00
          200ml body lotion - £25.00
          Gift set inc silver bag, 50ml EDP and 100ml body milk - £49.00


          30ml - £34.19
          50ml - £44.09
          80ml - £53.99
          50ml refill - £34.19
          200ml shower gel - £18.89
          200ml body cream - £27.89
          200ml body milk - £22.49

          *~*~*My Thoughts*~*~*

          I love trying new fragrances and adding bottles to my collection. Not all fragrances suit each person so I always consider it a good idea to obtain a sample and see how the fragrance settles on the skin before commiting to a full size bottle which can often be expensive! Over the past few months, I have been buying lots of fragrance samples from ebay and trying them out to see which ones I like and therefore may consider purchasing in the Xmas sales!

          I received a few samples of Womanity in a recent lot and after taking to the Angel fragrance, I decided to give this one a go. The sample itself is certainly striking and one of the prettiest ones I have seen. A small, plastic pack houses a rather thick, pink vial containing the perfume. The vial itself has its own little lid which covers a tiny dab hole and the base has a click on part which acts as a silver noose for attaching to your handbag. Very stylish and certainly unusual.

          Womanity is an a strong title for a perfume and I wondered if its scent would live up to its name. I wasn't initially aware that this was a savoury/sweet concoction until I researched the fragrance. I am used to floral, sweet and fruity fragrances so this was without a doubt, going to be something different and definently not something that would be to everyones tastes. I suppose that it natural with Thierry Mugler fragrances as they are they need to be acquired to be appreciated.

          Womanity is powerful from the outset and my nose is treated to a pleasant and different scent. The opening accord was a blend of notes that I haven't experienced before and they were extremely appealing. I could detect a creamy and smooth aroma which was perfectly topped off with a spicy blend. It had my mouthwatering as I imagined freshly baked sponge cakes which had been blended with a spice such a cinnamon to add something special. It is an appetizing and beautifully warming scent that gets my senses burning!

          I was content with the spicy burst as it continued through to the heart of Womanity. After a few moments, the creaminess of the top notes were nudged to the side and a strong burst of what I consider to be salted pop corn and cinnamon mixed together. I really don't think that if you were eating Caviar, that it would smell like this but this is what I consider the scent to resemble. It is very pleasing and although not floral like most hearts, it is certainly one which I appreciate greatly. It is a wonderful change and fits in with the Thierry Mugler food fascination perfectly.

          Whilst most fragrances start up with a fresh scent, Womanity doesn't conform to normal standards. We don't get a vanilla, musky or amber aroma here but thats not to say it isn't a beautiful scent. It is delicately fresh yet strangely deep. The spicy and slightly sweet note that has been carried through the full fragrance, continues to shine and adds a warming depth to a slightly woody aroma. Here I think out in the woods but heading towards the smell of baked cookies.


          The strength of this fragrance and the sweet/salty addition would make this an ideal fragrance for a mature, young women wishing to create a more confident aroma. The depth of the scent makes it perfect for winter wear as it is too heavy for summer wear. Womanity would be ideal for evening wear due to its food like scent.


          Womanity surprised me with its savoury/sweet nature. It makes me feel confident and the spicy overtone brings back lovely memories of baking with my wee Granny. The fragrance lasts really well and is consistent until it shys away from my skin some 8hours after application. A delicate spiciness can be detected on my scarf for a day or 2 after applying this so thumbs up on that account.

          Like other Thierry Mugler fragrances, the price tag isn't low but the quality and scent received far outweighs the price aspect. My samples have lasted well and if I find Womanity on offer during the sales, it will be high up on my list to buy.

          Thanks for reading :) x


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            20.12.2010 12:33
            Very helpful



            The third Thierry Mugler female fragrance

            As it was my birthday on the 14th December I have already a large review list to do, so I hope I get through them before the Christmas present list! I had a large amount of perfume this year (are they trying to tell me something?!)

            Womanity by Thierry Mugler:
            'A symbol of feminine power, a positive energy shared by all women, a way for women to connect'

            I had never heard of this perfume before and I always like to try new things so was looking forward to giving this a go. Womanity is an Eau De Parfum from the fashion designer Thierry Mugler and his third female fragrance.

            The Notes:

            Top note - Citrus Notes, Green Notes
            Middle note - Figs, Caviar Accord, Animal Notes, Aquatic Notes
            Base note - Fig Tree, Woodsy Notes, Oriental Notes, Sunny Notes

            The Range:

            Eau de Parfum
            Shower Gel
            Body Lotion
            Body Cream

            My Findings:

            My first impressions were that the bottle really got my attention it was an unusual shape for a perfume bottle, and a face carved within the pink tinted bottle. Certainly one that will stand out proud in your perfume collection!

            This perfume seems to have a 'love it or hate it' appeal and I'm kind of in the middle well maybe leading more to hate. Its states women power but my first initial smell of this it reminded me of a male aftershave. So I wasn't too impressed it also has good staying power but after it has been on your skin for awhile the scent does dye down into a sweeter and less woody scent which I much prefer.

            I find it really hard to sum up this perfume, it's like an aftershave when first applied then mellows out into a more female feeling aroma. I think this will be added to my give away pile as for me personally I like my scents to be lighter and fruitier.

            Reading up on the notes of this perfume I personally don't have a clue what 'animal notes' are meant to mean? I think there's a more masculine touch here rather than female.

            Staying Power:

            I sprayed one squirt on my wrist and rubbed them together and two squirts around my neck and I found it to be rather overpowering for me. My partner asked if I had put aftershave on so not a good look for me! One good thing my dad said he would wear it!!

            After it has been on your skin for around two hours it starts to mellow slightly then reminds me a bit of pine trees. So then you end up smelling like bleach, around four to five hours its mellows some more and its much lighter and less in your face and goes a little sweet.

            After that I had myself a shower as I just didn't like the fragrance and wanted it off, I started off smelling like a man then bleach and being a women I really wanted that!

            Price and Availability:

            30ml - from £38.00
            50ml - from £49.00
            80ml - from £60.00
            Gift set - from £49.00 where you get a 50ml bottle, 100ml of body milk and a silver/pinkish coloured purse.

            Available from Boots, some chemist and some supermarkets. However I found online stores to cheaper with places like www.theperfumeshop.com.


            I don't think I would recommend this Eau de Parfum from Thierry Mugler, despite its unique bottle it doesn't live up to the look. I do think it's the wrong name and should be called 'Masculinity' rather than 'Womanity'. However if you like smelling rather male then go for it!

            Two out of five stars (two for the bottle)

            Thanks for reading ;o)

            Additional Information:

            I'm not a follower of fashion I like to wear what I feel comfortable in I never knew Thierry Mugler was a fashion design until I started to read up on him. The first time I heard of Thierry Mugler I think it was a review Drewster Rooster did where he gave three out five stars, so I think Thierry should stick to male fragrances.

            If you would like to find out more on Thierry Mugler and his range this can be found on his web-site at http://www.thierrymugler.com/uk/en/

            Thierry Mugler Parfums
            10 Cavendish Place
            W1G 9DN



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          • Product Details

            A precious bottle that has taken on the sheen of time, like jewellery handed down from mother to daughter. The architectural simplicity of glass combines with the force of patterns engraved in the metal. A chain represents the implicit bond between all the women. Suspended from this chain is a ring, a universal link, an infinite symbol and the emblem of Womanity. The fragrance inside the bottle is pink, the ultimate symbol of femininity, seduction and youth. Composition of Womanity was created by Mane, as a powerful contrast of elements. By using the new molecular process of extraction, Mane manages to extract natural aromas of fig for sweet accords. Savoury notes originate from caviar and the structure is ensured by fig wood aromas.

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