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Tommy Hilfiger True Star Men Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Tommy Hilfiger / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    4 Reviews
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      29.12.2008 00:23
      Very helpful
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      Very nice product, always brought for OH, just bad advertisement.

      Tommy Hilifiger True Star was once upon a time sold at the likes of Debenhams, John Lewis, House Of Fraser as well as other perfume shops. Now adays i can only find it in perfume point, and the likes of. This product isn't very well advertised or promoted, so it's under promoted and advertised. The product has a gorgeous smell and is perfect for men, my OH wears it and cannot get enough of it, my only trouble is finding it! This product is under credited for what it is, they have not promoted this product to appeal to their target audience, the only promotion it's had is Enrique and to be honest he's not exactly popular or 'A' List, more 'E' List. They would have been better off getting Matthew Fox to do an Ad Campaign for it(okay so he's not as well known as some, but nearly everyone's seen his face, if not his name), people know him from TV show series 'Lost', Films 'Party Of Five', 'Smokin Aces' and 'Vantage Point'.

      My overall verdict is that the product is good, just the campaign is terrible!


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        03.06.2008 02:34
        Very helpful



        A lovely scent which is often shadowed by the marketing.

        When I saw the wonder of Enrique Iglesias on card board form, all 6 feet of him in a black and white photograph placard wearing a white shirt, denim trousers and a glint of a full opened hairless chest staring down at me from the shelf at Christmas time in House of Frasers in 2006, I wasn't exactly taken in. Even the beautiful Beyonce has got in on the act now thanks to Tommy Hilfiger with their latest product "True Star Gold," for the ladies. What did attract me instantly however was the scent of True Star for men's aftershave, which I had received as a sample in a magazine.

        As a wearer and massive fan of Fahrenheit, I was initially looking for something which was a good half measure in between; possibly a different scent, possibly something completely different to the strong accents that Fahrenheit consists of.

        Lets talk about the price first, because for a man to smell good these days it ain't necessarily so, as the song goes and expense needs to be addressed:

        There are quite a few variations to this scent:

        * 100ml After shave balm; this is an alcohol free formula and retails around £15-00 to £19-00.

        * EDT (Eau de Toilette) 30 ml Spray, retails from £18-00 to £25-00

        * EDT (Eau de Toilette) 50 ml Spray, retails from £29-00 to £39-00

        * 100 ml True star body and hair shower gel and 50 ml EDP aftershave, retails from £45-00

        * 100 ml True Star Aftershave balm and 50ml EDP aftershave pack, retails from £35 to £45-00 dependent on stockist.

        All aftershave differentiated in weight and sizes are of the spray type regardless. The shower gel comes in a squeezable shower flip up tube whilst the aftershave balm is a white creamy liquid contained in a similar glass bottle.

        ** Product Claims ** (taken from www.escentual.co.uk):

        "...Tommy's newest cologne is inspired by the untamed passion, talent and boyish charm of Enrique Iglesias. A soft-spiced wood fragrance, True Star Men's opening attraction begins with the cool crispness of a pink grapefruit, blended with mysterious tones of black liquorice. The fragrance builds with a modern softness from saffron and sandalwood..."

        As far as I'm aware the person who bought me the limited edition duo pack of the 100ml True Star body gel and 50ml aftershave spray didn't buy it for £45-00 but bought it from House of Frasers for £38-00 instead. This could well have been a Christmas offer for the box edition, because the price at the moment has risen to £45-00. I still haven't seen this product anywhere else other than House of Frasers and larger department stores of Boots though, so is it worth considering?

        If you are a fan of Tommy Hilfiger in general, you may just well approve of True Star for Men, even if you are of the opposite sex. Why, well let's forget the company approach from what this aftershave scent is all about;

        There's myriads of constellations going on here in what really stands out in the scent department. Whilst there are hints here of an overall citrus explosion going on to enforce freshness and longevity of the aftershave, (lemon and grapefruit especially) I find that True Star's main appeal is the fact that I think it smells more of leather than of actual sandalwood or liquorice. And its quite an explosion of fruity, hunky scents from the moment the liquid emerges from the bottle.

        I love both additives latterly but I also adore the smell of fresh leather type soap such as Cussons "Imperial Leather," which has a good contrast of sandalwood and leather type scents. True Star has this appeal in addition to the other contrasts but the root level isn't citrus, but of the Saffron. Now I know from my cooking skills that Saffron doesn't have a very strong smell. The taste of Saffron is quite metallic on my palate however and this kind of taste and smell reaction is similar to the Saffron which has been added here.

        True Star however has a lot more going for in terms of scent approval by me because whilst one squirt is never enough from the push down spray, the fragrance has a very open texture to it in terms of scent appeal. Women have commented that it smells quite unique and delicious, and whilst I agree it is unique, it doesn't appeal overly sweet to me despite the fact that I can smell a little Vanilla in the roots of this scent too.

        That said, it means then that True Star could well be pigeon holed, and regulated to only special occasions or romantic occasions where the intention is more than just a night of passion.

        Unfortunately the sting in Tommy Hilfiger's new spray for men is the fact that it isn't particularly long lasting on its own. Don't forget here, I'm a big fan of Christian Dior's Fahrenheit, here. I find using a couple of sprays in the morning means by the time I've gone through a couple of classes at school in the morning, the scent has truly dissipated. That could well be a good advantage for some consumers who don't want a strong, overpowering scent though.

        However with the use of the additional shower gel which also leaves my skin feeling very soft and throbbing with the scent of the same aftershave, I found that the shower gel accentuated and heightened the appeal of the aftershave when used straight after. The shower gel also managed to make my hair very fluffy (of the little hair I have left these days) and gave me a base scent to work with on my hair.

        Prices keep changing too which can be a bit of a downside but since this has a lovely reminder of Acqua di Gio by Armani I'd say it is worth seeking out. Recently this month I've found it at Boots in Edinburgh and at £29-00 I'm glad I'm warmed by the memories of this funky scent even if the price hasn't changed much in two years!

        The price you pay however doesn't just reflect the quality of this scent. A lot of thought has gone into the bottle. Whilst I don't really care what the aftershave comes in, Mr Hilfiger has certainly worked a little magic on this product:

        Firstly, the aftershave bottle is a dark grey glass item which feels cylindrical to hold, but it actually has a curve put into the shape. The top of the aftershave is a chrome bottle top with the words "Tommy Hilfiger" travelling horizontally from top to the bottom in the middle, as if it was a stature. "True Star and Men," are additionally printed on the bottom of the front of the bottle and underneath it is a tiny little white star, just to leave you in no doubt what the scent is really named after!

        The aftershave balm however is a lighter glass coloured bottle with a darker chrome top which differentiates the two products but for want of differentation here, both bottles feel soft and grippy, classy looking and with no hint of tackiness despite the bold font on the front.

        The shower gel pack however is a flip up top tube, grey in colour and predominately carries white writing.

        Forget Enrique Iglesias for a moment, because ideally you're not going to buy this product because of his adorable look on the front cover of the box (unless you're an obsessed fan), or get taken in by the appeal of the singer just because this aftershave carries his name on all front advertising by Tommy Hilfiger.

        If you like the appeal of leathery scents, coupled with citrus nodes and an overall fresh scent, then True Star by Tommy Hilfiger could well be the scent for you. The only downside is that it's not particularly strong for just one application to get away with when in use.

        Would I buy this again though? I think the appeal of the scent works better personally for me with the shower gel together as opposed to the scent on its own. Just remember though, everyone can be a star, not just Mr Iglesias! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2008.



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          21.07.2007 01:42
          Very helpful
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          A great fragrance.

          I had been quite a fan of Tommy Hilfiger products for some seven or so years when I came across this fragrance called True Star, As I had owned two Tommy Hilfiger fragrances before I thought I would try a bit of this fragrance, now let me tell you a bit about True Star, Enrique Iglesias is the face of this fragrance from Tommy Hilfiger.

          Now you may have noticed from the picture on this page that it is housed in a strangely curved shaped bottle, The bottle is blue with sliver cap and The fragrance comes in three different sizes 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. One visit to my local Boots store I came across this in the sale and knew that I was particularly fond of this fragrance from the times I had used a tester bottle in the store before.

          Looking at the other mens fragrance deals on offer I enventually plumped for this fragrance and it was on offer for something like £12-13 for a 30ml bottle a saving of about £8 which isnt that bad compared to some of the competitors. Once home I took it out of the bottle and after having a quick shower sprayed a little of the fragrance under my chin and Instantly remembered the delightful fragrance.

          Now onto the all important thing, what does Tommy Hilfiger's True Star eau de toillette smell like? Well As I just mentioned it is a delightful fragrance with a superb blend of light citrus and vanilla notes and also slightly stronger notes of sandalwood. These go together to bring you a refreshing scent that isnt too light nor too strong, this means you are able to wear this for a variety of occasions.

          You can buy this fragrance from all major fragrance stores like Boots or the Perfume Shop and it won't set you back as much as some of the other fragrances on the market. The likes of Gucci, Chanel and Prada which regularly top £40 plus for many of their fragrances.

          If you are doing a bit of shopping in town in the near future and havent tried this fragrance then have a look for this Tommy fragrance, you will love it and there are many great bargains around right now. Overall It is a highly recommended fragrance yet again from Tommy Hilfiger. There's always the Tommy True Star fragrance for the women.


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            31.05.2007 21:17
            Very helpful



            Something unique for the weekend sir?

            Many people will have seen the adverts for True Star on television, Beyonce Knowles sparkling away attempting to punt the female version, but how many have seen the version rarely shown for the male version advertised by Spanish crooner Enrique Iglesias? Not many I would imagine and indeed I had never had the urge to try any Tommy Hilfiger products due to the association with Ali G and the overall image of chav that springs to mind.

            Surprisingly I obtained a 50ml bottle of True Star for £12.99 as part of a deal with Cerruti 1881 EDT and in the interests of research I purchased the bottle after all, variety is the spice of life.

            True Star is available in all major high street stores and online retailers in 50ml and 100ml bottles. You can normally expect to pay £25 for a 50ml bottle and it does pay to shop around. As said earlier, I bought this as part of a discount with another product in Boots.

            The first thing to strike you about True Star is the elegant looking bottle, not only does it look sleek on the shelf, the frosted glass is tapered at both the top and bottom, capped by a chrome atomiser that dispenses the aftershave. This is quite possibly one of the classiest bottles I've ever seen and it upped the anticipation that this actually might be a very good fragrance despite my preconceptions of it's chav image.

            The notes to True Star detail the ingredients as:

            Head: Pink grapefruit and Lavender

            Heart: Black liquorice, Nutmeg and Vetiver

            Dry-down: Saffron, Sandalwood and Musk oil

            First things first, this aftershave is strong. Only two blasts of the atomiser were required to fill my bathroom with the initial aroma and there was no noticeable burn on application, always a good sign in my books. The initial note to strike my senses was indeed the pink grapefruit, the lavender being only a slight undertone to the main note. Extremely refreshing, light and fruity were my first impressions, and this remained throughout the following minutes as the faint hint of liquorice combined with the grapefruit to form something of a spicy partnership. The actual nutmeg wasn't evident as a fragrance however it did make the fragrance heavier, it no longer felt light and if anything the fragrance become somewhat stronger and more noticeable as I moved around. This was in no way unbearable and reminded me of Acqua di Gio by Armani.

            The dry down notes didn't become evident at all until after an hour of wearing. The sandalwood and musk oil instead of making this exceptionally heavy seemed to standoff against the liquorice that gives True Star a feel of being overly masculine with a slight feminine appeal.

            Basic notes combined wonderfully to provide a medium balanced fragrance that was not light but not overly heavy on the senses. In my opinion True Star should be seen as a unique fusion between citrus and earthy notes that will appeal to everyone regardless of their personal tastes.

            Lasting for well over 8 hours I would say this is a multi-purpose fragrance that could be used for any occasion. Personally I've found that my wife loves the smell of True Star and I've not had any cursory glances from work colleagues, however they are surprised when I mention what I'm wearing.

            Overall I was stunned with how wrong my preconceived view of this product was and I have no hesitation in recommending it to everyone. I am man enough to admit I was wrong and I wholeheartedly apologise to Mr Hilfiger.

            True Star would make an ideal gift and is certainly good value for money.


            Thanks for taking the time to read and rate.

            Steve :o)


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