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Tous Man Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Tous / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau De Toilette / What it does: Smoothes, destresses,

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    1 Review
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      23.03.2012 20:59
      Very helpful



      A pleasant masculine scent that is a good alternative to the mainstream fragrances.

      As far as I am aware, Tous is not a common brand of fragrance and I certainly had never heard of it before I was given a bottle as a gift. My sister very kindly bought me a gift set of men's fragrances for my last birthday which was either a thoughtful gift or a suggestion that I smell. Rather than dwell on the possibility of her thinly veiled hint I tested out each fragrance over the next few days. I was aware of the other three sample bottles included in the set; Hugo Boss, Ted Baker and Boss Bottled (which I currently use as my main 'scent') but was most intrigued by the Tous Man sample.

      The bottle was a 10ml sample and was enough to be able to use for several days to test it out. The bottle itself is quite unique to my knowledge. Imagine taking a section (about one fifth) out of a ring or tyre shape and you have the general idea of the bottle shape. The top is a push-on variety which is easy to take off without sloshing the contents all down your shirt. I do prefer screw on top though because I know when the top is about to become loose as I am opening it. With a push-on top, pulling it off can sometimes take you by surprise as you are never completely sure when it will come free (this may just be me though?) The bottle is very nicely designed and I especially like the silver coloured top and black band around the base of the top. The glass is quite thick and would probably survive a drop to the floor however I do not plan on trying this out. You will have to take my best judgement on this matter I'm afraid.

      I would just point out that because my bottle is a sample bottle, the design may differ slightly from the full sized bottle. The sample bottle has no bells and whistles and is a simply tip up and splash out type. The full sized bottle has a thin tube and spray mechanism for use.

      Now the most important matter - what does it smell like? Well, it is difficult to describe a smell that isn't known to everyone like the case of boiled eggs or bad feet. Fortunately, Tous Man smells like neither of these two. I would describe it as a distinctly masculine smell so fear not - you won't smell the slightest bit feminine if you wear this.

      Tous describe this scent as having "notes of ginger, orange and sage mixed with Campari, red apple and wild pineapple making this fragrance full of dynamic energy". I can't really smell the pineapple or the sage and I have to admit I do not know what Campari smells like but I can smell faint notes of ginger and orange. It's not like wearing a glass of ginger beer or orangeade though; these notes are subtle and very pleasant. On the whole it has a kind of sweet cedar-like smell. I'm not sold on the dynamic energy bit as I am not convinced that dynamic energy has its own smell (surely this would be perspiration?) but I guess they have to talk it up a bit.

      Whilst wearing this I have been complemented on my smell which is definitely better than the alternative. As a result I can conclude that it gives off a good waft to surrounding people and smells good enough for people to bother to comment.

      I apply a few drops of Tous Man to either side of my face on a morning. By the evening the fragrance has definitely waned and doesn't last as long as some of my other fragrances. For example, the Boss bottled scent seems to last close to 12 hours and is ideal for daily use. The Tous Man will last for a good few hours though. After applying it at around 8 in the morning then going about my normal daily duties, it will still give off a scent in the early afternoon. In the evening though I can still smell it if I rub my face with my fingers but it is a slight scent by then and I doubt whether it will be apparent to those around me.

      Overall, despite it not lasting as long as some scents I would recommend this to any man who is looking for a good masculine smelling fragrance. I received this as a gift and would also recommend this to any lady who is looking to buy their other half a gift; I would think that it would be greatly received. Perhaps Tous Man's strongest selling point is its relative uniqueness. It is a brand not many people are aware of and even fewer will use on a daily basis. As a result you won't be joining the ranks of the Hugo Boss city slickers or the Old Spice brigade and the wearer will have a sense of individuality about them and thus is even more likely to get complimented on their smell.

      Tous Man is currently available in a 50ml spray from Fragrance Direct online for £17.99 and a larger 100ml bottle will cost you £32.99 from the same retailer. Prices will vary considerably in high street stores and promotions are often available so do shop around. If you wish to try it out then have a look for smaller bottles as part of a gift set or see if your local Boots or Debenhams will let you try out a sample for free.

      Thanks for reading :)


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    • Product Details

      Oriental and woody notes captured from the far-flung corners of the world make Tous Man a unique and daring fragrance / Smooth, stylish and timelessly elegant, it's top notes feature zesty, exotic Brazillian orange and grapefruit accompanied by spicy sage and pepper / Warmer fruits kick in at the base including rhubarb and red apple which move subtly to a masculine, woody base of musk and tonka bean / Tous Man exudes a distinct boldness and confidence with an unmistakable air of relaxed sophistication / Top Notes: Brazilian orange, ginger, grapefruit, clary sage and pepper / Heart Notes: Pineapple, rhubarb and red apple / Base Notes: Sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, cedar and white musk /

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