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Vera Wang Look Eau de Eau de Parfum

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5 Reviews

Brand: Vera Wang / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    5 Reviews
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      08.02.2014 20:01
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      LOOK what's not worth £72.00!

      When my fiancé asked me to pick some gifts out for my birthday one of the things I chose was this perfume, Look by Vera Wang.

      ~ Bottle ~
      It comes in a tall thin glass bottle with angled corners. The front of the bottle has, 'Vera Wang' in white lettering and then, 'LOOK' underneath in larger orange letters.
      A tall, clear plastic lid sits over the pump dispenser.
      It is a rather plain bottle design, but it is modern and stylish.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      This fragrance is available online at allbeauty.com for £21.50 for 100ml with a recommended retail price of £72.00.
      I think the recommended retail price is a bit exaggerated and I have never seen this fragrance available for £72.00.
      Amazon.co.uk also sell the 100ml eau de parfum for £21.50 (stating the RRP as £72.00).
      The 50ml bottle is available at fragrancedirect.com for £16.95 with a RRP of £53.50.
      My partner bought me the 100ml bottle, but I would not have been interested if it had been the full recommended retail price.

      ~ Scent ~
      I have seen this perfume described as fruity, but that is not how I would describe it. I'd say it is definitely more of a floral scent.
      The top notes are mandarin, watery greens, litchi and golden delicious apple.
      The heart notes are lily, freesia and jasmine.
      The base notes are vanilla, musk, oakmoss and patchouli.
      It does have a fruity element when it is very first sprayed. I can detect apple and mandarin, but those notes are quickly overcome by quite a harsh, floral scent. It is harsh, but fresh and green at the same time, which I think is down to the lily.
      I get the occasional whiff of mandarin again during the fragrance's floral stage. It is citrusy rather than fruity.
      It has a nice scent, but I think some people might find it a bit too harsh for their tastes. It is a mature scent, but it doesn't smell expensive and I wouldn't pay £72.00 for a bottle. I think it will appeal more to mature women than it will to teenagers or younger women.
      As the fragrance wears on the harsher notes die down a bit and it is just a very pleasant white floral scent with a hint of vanilla.
      It is quite a strong scent and I find that it lasts around 6 hours on my skin, which I'm quite pleased with. I notice it on myself quite a lot during the first few hours of wear.
      The scent reminds me of nights out so I think it is suitable to be worn as a night time fragrance, but I must admit I have only worn it during the day so far. I would definitely consider wearing this for a night out though.
      I think that £21.50 is around the right price for this fragrance.
      It is nice and I would consider repurchasing this fragrance, but it isn't anything too different or exciting! I am not disappointed with this purchase (even though it was my fiancé's money), but I would have been disappointed if I had paid £72.00 for it.
      I would recommend this fragrance, but it won't be for everyone so it is important to try before you buy with this one.


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        17.07.2013 12:35
        Very helpful



        Nice fragrance and has lasting power.

        I love a nice smelling fragrance to wear especially for special occasions, so I smell nice and it is always a treat to wear a nice perfume for days when you are at a wedding, christening or a party etc. I don't feel dressed if I don't wear it. Wearing it does make me feel more happier. I rarely have to buy perfume myself because my family and friends usually buy me perfumes for Christmas or for my birthday which is near to Christmas. So them buying me the gifts does save me an awful lot of money. This one is the last one my mum bought me last Christmas. Was one I hadn't tried before, so she thought I would like it.

        Vera Wang is an American fashion designer, she lives in New York and designs wedding and bridesmaid dresses. She was so successful she then went on to name for perfumes etc.

        The perfume comes inside a grey cardboard box, a very basic looking box to be honest with just the name clearly on the front in an orange colour. I don't mind the look of the box being basic. The perfume comes in a very tall, slim line glass bottle, it has a very nice transparent, very sturdy top which just pulls off the bottle. It is a spray perfume and the nozzle is very easy to spray onto the skin. I love this bottle being so slim because it is really easy to get a good grip of the bottle to spray the perfume. It is however a little heavier than some perfumes around.

        When I saw the bottle, I immediately had to give it a go. I sprayed it on my neck area, just a couple of sprays. It has a beautiful fragrance to it and one I can describe as being quite a sweet, floral smell. It is a really beautiful fragrance in my opinion. It has a really strong smell too. It dries really quickly and in the normal length of time a perfume dries. It is a really fine mist and not too heavy on the skin. I love the way it settles on my skin nice and even. It doesn't drip from the bottle, because it is a really good quality spray.

        It is an eau de parfum spray. On Christmas day, after I had used 2 pumps, I could definitely smell the fragrance throughout the day, this one has staying power on the skin and it definitely lasts for a very long time. No need to top up during the day, like some other perfumes. I have used it many times for special occasions. Recently, my hubby and I were Godparent's to one of our friends little boy. They choose us because we see them quite a lot and take him on picnics with us and our grandchildren and often days out too, so we were honoured to be chosen. During the Christening party, a couple of people asked me which perfume I was wearing because it had a lovely smell. I told them which one I was wearing and they said they would like to buy it. I had some nice comments when I kissed people goodbye on the cheek. When they came close to me, this is when they noticed it the most. I was delighted they liked the fragrance and when they passed by me, they made lots of lovely compliments about my perfume.

        I have worn it for lots of parties I hold at my home. I do tend to sometimes dress up a little more at parties, I love entertaining and when I do, I just love to wear one of my perfumes people have bought me for gifts.

        I just think spraying more than one pump of this one is far too much fragrance and isn't necessary to be honest. Too much can be too overpowering and then quite a sickly smell in my opinion. Good quality perfumes are designed to just spray a little to give a nice fragrance and smell. This one certainly delivers the fragrance which I love for special occasions. No need to drench yourself in this perfume, that's for sure. The quality is extremely good. I don't know how much it actually cost my mum but my mum rarely buys me cheap perfume as a gift. But whatever price she did pay, it is a really delightful perfume to wear and I was really happy to receive it.

        The size of the bottle I have is 100ml, so a lot of perfume. I have lots left in my bottle and it looks quite attractive sitting on my dresser in my bedroom. My daughter and my mum and sometimes my friends have a sneaky spray sometimes when they visit me, when I am not looking lol. I know they have sneaked a spray because I can definitely smell it and know they haven't entered my home wearing this one lol. I don't mind sharing it though, goes to show they also love it too.

        It is a nice one to wear if you work in an office environment, I think it is a head turner and stunning perfume to wear for any occasion if you wanted to smell nice. I don't often wear it during a normal day because I like to use my body sprays and cheaper perfumes I have bought myself but if I worked in an office, I would be more than happy to wear this one.

        I highly do recommend this one for anyone wanting to buy a beautiful perfume for either yourself or for a Christmas gift or a present for someone special to wear.

        Also appears on Ciao under my username pinky50.
        I give this one 5 stars.

        Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        10.04.2011 09:02
        Very helpful



        Not bad at the current price

        I may not be able to afford her designer clothes but I can afford her perfume as a 50ml bottle of this can be scooped up for under £20 on Amazon which is quite a bargain for such a stylish and mature scent. The only real criticism that I do have is that on me the scent does not last as long as I would like it too. After three to four hours it does require a top up however that may be down to my skin type as a friend does not report the same problem.

        There is a nice clean feel to the design of the bottle and packaging, the bottle is a frosted glass in a rectangular shape with nice clean lines and dark orange lettering on the front, the box is a gunmetal grey colour with the same orange writing and some white print as well. It is all quite sleek and simplistic.

        This is a rather floral fragrance with a strong hint of vanilla and Jasmine in it, I would say that it is more of a day scent than one I would wear at night, ideal for light summery days hence the reason I will probably wear it today as the weather is looking good at the moment. The details of the ingredients, or at least the notes are set out below.

        Notes information taken from packaging and not my fine sense of smell,

        Top notes: Litchi, GoldenDelicious Apple, Mandarin.

        Heart notes: Lily, Jasmine , Freesia.

        Base notes: Sweet Vanilla, Musk, Oakmoss, Patchouli.

        My one gripe is the fact that while initially the smell is very pleasant and quite strong it does seem to fade quite fast and as a result during the day I will probably find myself topping it off, given that it is very reasonably priced this is not a total disaster but given teh quality of a lot of fragrances these days it is enough to take one star away.


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        12.07.2010 14:38
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Perfect for saturdays with the girls

        Vera Wang is best known for her bridalwear creations however she has created a great fragrance line which I instantly fell in love with whilst roaming the departure lounge on a recent holiday.

        I bought my 100ml bottle for about £25 after the exchange rate which I considered to be very reasonable these days.

        What does it look like?
        A very simple and classic design, there are much prettier bottles which you could decorate your bedside table with.

        How does it smell?
        Very floral and feminine. I picked up quite a lot of vanilla which I love and this perfume has managed to include this without making the aroma too sickly sweet.

        Does it last?
        The smell is very strong at first and for the first hour or so you will catch it at every turn you make. By mid morning it is still there and noticable to others but not yourself. Late afternoon would require a few extra squirts if you want to keep the lovely waft following you around.

        Does it change?
        Yes i think so, I was very much hit by the floral scents when first wearing it but as time passes and the aroma develops it the vanilla and a more smokey scent seems to over take this.

        Day or evening?
        Definately daytime for me, and probably not one for work, more of a saturday out with the girls.

        Will I buy it again?


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          16.06.2009 23:29
          Very helpful



          A great new Vera Wang scent, long lasting fragrance and allows you to stand out in the crowd

          I am a true lover of Vera Wang Frangrances and this is no exception.

          Having purchased the original Vera Wang Women (which can be found on http://www.verawanglicensetoluxury.com/?action=products_VeraWangWomen) some 6 years ago and saved it 'for best' due to the price I figured that I would update my fragrance collection in February of this year when I spotted the new LOOK fragrance being launched in Harrods in London.

          It may seem a little pricey for perfume at approximately £70.00 for 100ml, however this is a scent which is unique and long lasting - you can quite literally put a squirt on each wrist and one on to your neckline and the fragrance stays with you for the rest of the day/night. The added bonus is that if you spend over £30.00 in one single transaction you can have your Vera Wang License to Luxury card details entered and therefore you are eligible to recieve additional savings, promotion details and discounted offers. The License to Luxury is a service offered by only select stores (I think - and so it would be best to clarify if you were purchase this from somewhere else)

          Similarly to the rest of the Vera Wang range - which again can be viewed on the License to Luxury page, this is a somewhat unique fragrance. There are certainly floral tones in there, however it is the crisp - clean - fresh fragrance that is captivating and I think makes Look stand out from the other VW scents.

          Princess is a lovely fragrance, however the target market is a younger generation and it is only available in Eau de Toilette. Look is Ead de Parfum and therefore much longer lasting, so the extra cost with initial purchase is far outweighed by the length of time that the scent remains on your skin for.

          I would say that Look is ageless - There isnt a target age range, it is a modern fragrance and certainly one which I would recommend as a special treat for yourself or as a present (if you are looking to splash out and purchase a scent which is not easily 'recognisable' and certainly wont be one which is worn by many).

          I believe that Look is now available in many High Street Stores including John Lewis, Debenhams and Selfridges. I am not sure how many other shops carry this line, despite many carrying Vera Wang original Women and Vera Wang Princess lines.

          Go on.............. Go out and treat yourself to a little scent of luxury!!


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      • Product Details

        Vera Wang Look is closely connected with her fashion line / It represents style, desire, fashion and all positive energy the fashion line introduces / The perfume brings self-Esteem, whether it be visually or olfactively / It introduces notes of mandarin, watery greens, litchi and golden delicious apple in the top notes / The heart incorporates lily, freesia and jasmine, while the base notes introduce a rhapsody of sweet vanilla, musk, oak moss and patchouli

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