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Vera Wang Lovestruck Eau de Parfum

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5 Reviews

Brand: Vera Wang / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women / Contents/Size: 50ml

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    5 Reviews
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      28.12.2012 18:57
      Very helpful




      Vera Wang Lovestruck is a perfume I received as a gift from my auntie last year in a gift set.

      The eau de parfum came in a 30ml bottle.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The bottle is rectangular shaped with clear chunky glass. It has the word 'Lovestruck' in bright pink lettering going diagonally across the front of the bottle, with an arrow going diagonally through the word.
      'Vera Wang' is written underneath in small pink lettering.
      The perfume itself is tinged pink, but only slightly (not like in Dooyoo's picture).
      The bottle does not look too small, like I have found with some perfumes, even though it only contains 30ml of perfume, partly owing to the chunky glass and partly owing to the huge lid.
      The lid is a dark purple colour and is made from plastic. It sits over the similarly coloured spray button on the top of the bottle. The top of the lid is rounded and has 3 large dark purple plastic flowers attached to it. The flowers are rigid and made from plastic so cannot be moved and they are cup shaped, like tulips with deep cups.
      The lid also has a large dark purple coloured mesh bow which is tied around the bottom of the lid underneath the flowers, so the lid has rather a lot going on.
      The flowers, being plastic, may sound as if they look a little bit tacky, but they are a nice deep purple colour and they point out at different angles, instead of being symmetrical and I don't think it looks tacky at all.
      The bottle, without the lid is quite plain and the bright pink wording along with the rectangular glass bottle reminds me of a perfume that The Body Shop make, which is a lot cheaper than this perfume is.
      I think the lid makes this bottle and if it had a plain lid instead I wouldn't think much of this bottle at all.
      With its lid, this bottle is cute, girly and outrageous - a real statement. I really like the bottle along with its busy lid.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      Vera Wang's Lovestruck perfume is available in Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser and most other department stores.
      It is available in a 30ml bottle from House of Fraser for £35.00.
      The 50ml bottle is available in Boots or House of Fraser for £48.00 (the bigger bottles have even more flowers and an even bigger bow on the lid).
      The 100ml bottle is £62.00 from House of Fraser.

      ~ Scent ~
      The perfume has a very feminine scent.
      On the website, www.verawanglovestruck.com it says, 'Lovestruck is about the emotion and rush you feel when you are falling in love and going for it... those heart-pounding moments of spontaneity'!
      It contains top notes of pink guava and angelica blossom, heart notes of tuberose and aquatic lotus flower with musk forming the perfume's base.
      It is a very floral and feminine fragrance, but it does have a light fruity element, which sweetens the fragrance slightly.
      I think the scent is lovely and to me it stands out from other fruity floral perfumes. It is flirtatious, pretty, cosy and warming with a real kick to it. Its sharp floral notes are softened by the sparse fruitiness. It is not offensive or too harsh at all.
      I have found that the perfume is long lasting on my skin, still detectable after 12 hours of wear.
      I think this is suitable for day time and casual wear as well as special occasions or nights out.
      It is such a lovely scent.
      I'd say this perfume would be better suited to younger women. It is a clean, uncluttered, floral fragrance and it reminds me of being young and full of energy.
      I am really pleased that I received this fragrance as I absolutely love it.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I would definitely recommend this perfume. It is such a nice scent. It is floral, clean and unique.
      I would definitely buy another bottle of this if my bottle was to run out.
      My 30ml bottle came in a gift set alongside a body lotion and shower gel, which I also love and the price was left on the bottom of this gift set. It cost £38.00, so I would not buy the 30ml bottle on its own for £35.00, but I think the bigger bottles are well worth their asking prices.


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      25.05.2012 10:52
      Very helpful



      a mixed scent for me

      Vera Wang is a fashion and beauty designed originally from New York. Her fragrance range includes various scents such as Princess and Glam Princess.


      'A women never looks more beautiful that when she is in love!'

      Lovestruck Eau de parfum is described as being 'sparkling and spontaneous' and is promoted as a romantic scent. As well as the EDP, there is a complimenting body lotion and shower gel available which allow the wearer to experiment with layering the Lovestruck scent.

      Lovestruck has been created around three sets of fragrance notes - fruit, floral and woody.

      *Top notes - the initial scent is a blend of mandarin, pink guava and angelica flower
      *Heart notes - the body of the scent is a blend of blue lotus blossom, tuberose buds and Indian jasmine sambac
      *Base notes - the finishing scent is a blend of vanilla, precious woods and sheer musk


      If you are looking for an eye catching bottle, Lovestruck is definitely up there alongside the likes of Marc Jacobs 'Lola' and 'Daisy'. The main body of the bottle is rectangular and created using thick glass. It is embossed with 'Lovestruck' in large pink letters which stand out well. The main attraction of the design is the 'bouquet' topper which sits neatly on top of the bottle. The topper is an arrangement of deep purple flowers tied together with netting.

      I am not a massive fan of the design and feel it is a little too much! I do like stylish bottles but I prefer them to be practical and this one just isn't ideal for throwing in the hand bag. It would make a talking point on a display unit though.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Lovestruck EDP is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sized bottles.

      *www.escentual.com - £29.00 - £62.00
      *Amazon UK - £33.74 - £60.70 (gift set 30ml EDP, 75ml shower gel and 75ml bottle lotion - £42.00)
      *Boots - £35.00 - £62.00

      ~My Thoughts~

      I am a big fan of Vera Wang fragrances and Lovestruck is one of my favourites. Despite being promoted as for romantic use but I personally find Lovestruck to be more suited to everyday use.

      The initial spray onto my wrist and neck reveals a heady burst of sweet top notes but without the alcohol tinge that often accompanies the opening combination. This top note composition is very fragrant and has a sparkling, vibrant feel. The mandarin and pink guava are most prominent and compliment each other perfectly. They combine to offer a rich, sweet aroma with a flush of citrus flavour. There is a sharp undertone to the overall scent which adds depth and intensity.

      As the top notes start to flutter away after an hour or so, Lovestruck loses quite a bit of intensity. The heart notes are perfectly blended to offer a fresh, floral bouquet of scent. Given that the stated fragrance notes include jasmine sambac, I expected quite a sensual tone to the fragrance but this didn't really shine through. The tuberose and lotus blossom gave off the main scent but never quite blossom to their full potential as the combination is quite subtle and understated. I feel if the jasmine had been a little more noticeable, the scent would have lasted longer than the 3-4hours I experienced it for.

      As the heart notes dry down, the base notes become noticeable and in my opinion, they are worth waiting for. The finishing scent oozes a natural, woody aroma and is perfectly complimented with a smooth, creamy blend of vanilla and musk. Vanilla is always a hard note to capture in its natural state and often comes across as synthetic. Vera Wang has presented it in a sweet, heavenly way and the overall base composition is simply gorgeous. It has a pleasant strength - not too close to the skin but not overly powerful either. It simply flows at an even pace for a few hours.


      Lovestruck EDP is a mixed scent for me. The top notes and base notes have the right intensity but it is let down by the relaxed floral heart. The heart doesn't have the same impact of complexity as the other fragrance combinations. Lovestruck isn't strong enough to last a full day but it does remain noticeable for a good 7 hours or so before fading away.

      I would say Lovestruck is suitable for a female of any age and is pleasant and light enough to wear to work, out shopping or for drinks etc. It is quite versatile but perhaps not as romantic and spontaneous as it should be (excluding the bottle!). It is averagely priced but always shop around to obtain the best savings.

      Recommended - thanks for reading :)


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        07.04.2012 17:54
        Very helpful



        lovely sparkling fruity floral but I just wish it lasted longer!

        Vera Wang has done quite a lot of perfumes but Lovestruck is the first one of hers that I have tried. I have to admit that I am often attracted or put off by perfume bottle designs and advertising, and Lovestruck really appealed me to me as far as design is concerned. I like the look of it much more than other Vera Wang scents like the Princess ones which I think look a bit tacky.

        The bottle is a simple clear glass rectangule with the name Lovestruck in a pink handwriting style font, and a simple line drawing of a Cupid's arrow. You can see the pink liquid inside and easily tell how much is left. It is the lid which is the really special part of this bottle. I normally don't like over the top perfume bottles and think a lot of them can end up looking tacky if they try too hard, but this is flamboyant in a good way. The lid has deep purpley pink flowers and a big bow in material that makes me think of a ballet tutu. It is a very frilly and girly design but I think it still looks classy and just lovely. I also really like the advert which has Leighton Meester (Blair from Gossip girl) looking down from a balcony, Romeo and Juliet style, in a pink dress.

        Anyway, enough about the design! What does it smell like?

        According to basenotes.com, the top notes are pink guava and mandarin. I actually thought there must be some grapefruit in it before I checked. The first spritz is light, really fruity and sparkling - just gorgeous. At first it is quite noticeable (for a minute or two) but once it settles down on the skin it becomes much more subtle and certainly not in your face at all. It is very girly and fresh. I absolutely love the top note stage of this perfume.

        The middle notes are tuberose, lotus blossom and angelica. None of these are very strong as I can't really pick any of them out when I wear this perfume, but can just smell something generally "floral". The base notes are sandalwood, vanilla and musk. After about 3 or 4 hours these notes become apparent to me, but they are very subtle. I don't really notice the perfume at this stage unless I really sniff my wrists. It is nice, but I wish it wasn't so weak.

        Lovestruck is definitely appropriate for daytime and can certainly be worn to work or any occasion with no risk at all of offending anyone's senses or causing any headaches. It is a very safe option. However, I think it could be a bit stronger and it is a shame that the lasting power is quite poor. If Vera Wang brought out an "intense" edition I would definitely buy that!

        It still gets four stars from me as the fragrance is so beautiful especially those delicious top notes and I love wearing it, but every time I wear it I do wish it would last longer. The lid also makes the bottle a bit bulky to carry with you for a top up during the day.


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        28.03.2012 20:14
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        A few months ago I saw a picture of Vera Wang's Lovestruck perfume on a blog. I turned to my fiancé and commented on the bottle as it's just so unusual. Now, I swear it wasn't a hint (after all I didn't know what it smelled like at that point), but two days later a parcel arrived for me with a bottle of this from my fiancé, as apparently my face had lit up when I saw it the first time and he thought it would make me smile (which of course it did!).

        I believe Lovestruck is Vera Wang's newest fragrance and was released in summer 2011. The first thing I think you will notice about this is the bottle, as it's rather unusual and fairly OTT. The chunky glass bottle is actually rather plain with just the name of the scent in pink - it's the lid which adds the insanity to the design! A huge plastic bouquet of tulips is tied with shiny purple organza and net ribbons, almost drowning the bottle itself. It was love at first sight for me, but I do imagine there will be some people who find it too much, too tacky and too damn crazy for their tastes! Still, if nothing else it makes a statement.

        The top notes of the perfume (the fragrances that can be detected when it's first sprayed) are pink guava, angelica flower and mandarin. The initial fragrance is very sweet and fruity. There is a definite sugariness to the scent, but also something that smells a little bit spicy - a bit like black pepper. It's a really pleasant fragrance it smells subtle yet luxurious and there's no intense alcohol aroma that you get with a lot of perfumes when you first spray them.

        Once this settles, the middle notes of tuberose and lotus begin to come out. The perfume retains that slightly spicy/fruity mix, but the floral base comes out strongly, giving the scent a more feminine edge. At no point does it become too strong, or too overpowering and the florals never feel old fashioned due to the fruity tones which linger on.

        The base notes are woody notes and musk. Once it's been on my skin for a while, I can smell what I think is sandalwood and the floral middle notes linger with a hint of woodiness to them.

        The overall fragrance is gorgeous - very feminine and light, perfect for wear during the day in my opinion. I do not see this as a night time scent, instead I prefer something a little deeper, however I imagine it would suit summer evenings quite well. On that subject, I do think that perhaps it's more of a spring/summer fragrance and again, I like more warming fragrances for the colder months. Of course though, scent is very personal and even now the weather is getting colder I still wear this a couple of times a week. In terms of age range, I see this as a younger scent, with it being light and sweet - I'm in my late twenties, but I imagine it's one which may appeal to teenagers as well.

        The longevity of the fragrance is pretty good. I work nine hour shifts and can apply this in the morning and still smell a touch of it when I come home. That said, it's not the most intense fragrance, so smells quite gentle on the skin and isn't a scent that walks into the room before you do!

        As with all fragrances the prices you will pay will vary depending on where you shop. Some of the best prices I have found are from www.fragrancedirect.com but at the moment, most places seem to be charging similar prices which is possibly because this is a relatively new release.

        30ml - £29.99 Fragrance Direct, £35.00 Boots
        50ml - £42.99 Fragrance Direct, £48.00 Boots
        100ml -£56.99 Fragrance Direct, £62.00 Boots

        A matching shower gel and body lotion are also available and I have noticed Boots are currently stocking a gift set containing 30ml of the fragrance and 75ml each of the shower gel and lotion for just £38, which I think is pretty good value considering the price of the perfume alone.

        Overall, I've been very pleased with this fragrance and it is one I'd be happy to recommend. If you're looking for something, light, sweet and girly this is perfect, as long that you don't mind the crazy bottle that is!


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          30.07.2011 23:53



          Love this ,it is must try fragrance

          I first come across this when i was in one of britains largest pharmacies i was testing out the fragrances seeing what the new ones had to offer wanting to see if i was missing out on anything.Vera Wang usually does lovely fragrances and this was not a dissapointment i was first struck and seduced by the stunning look at me bottle.I was wowed and i thought i would love to recieve this from someone its very much like recieving a flashy bouquet of flowers and your the envy of everyone that clamps eyes on it.The fragrance also matches up to the packaging and does not fail to impress either, it is sassy, sexy and feminine very flirtatous one i must buy or have bought for me as i deserve it ! One for young girls how love to be envied and young ladys who love to be loved. It is sweet with out being sickly and in one word its GOURGOUS !!


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      • Product Details

        Vera Wang Lovestruck EDP For Her / The sparkling and addictive scent recreates the feeling of instant attraction, with a mouthwatering mix of exotic fruits and delicate flora, and the comfort and warmth of woods / The supremely feminine scent dazzles the senses with its charm and feel-good spirit, wrapping you up in the warm, fuzzy feeling of adoration and contentment / Top Notes:; Pink Guava, Angelica Flower, Mandarin / Heart Notes:; Indian Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose Buds, Blue Lotus Blossom / Base Notes:; Sheer Musk, Precious Woods, Vanilla.