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Vera Wang Pink Princess Eau de Toilette

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5 Reviews
  • long lasting
  • fun
  • scent can get quite sickly after a while
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    5 Reviews
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      25.02.2015 22:26


      • "Great little buy"


      Great perfume at a great price is you look out for it

      I got this perfume last year for my birthday and while it was great it was only a 30ml bottle and didn't last long. It is a beautiful smelling fragrance for any female and the bottle of this perfume is just pure beautiful. When you have finished with the perfume the bottle can still remain on your self and look fab too. Since my bottle was empty I once again received it this year for valentines day. Another great surprised and very impressed to receive. However the bonus now is this item has come down much lower in price and can be purchased in home bargains for around £15 for the 30ml bottle. So even thou the bottle is small as I originally said at such a low price who on earth could complain and doesn't break the bank if you need to go out and buy it yourself again and again x


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      22.02.2015 22:04
      Very helpful


      • "long lasting"
      • " quirky bottle"
      • fun
      • "suitable for the younger market"
      • "smells gorgeous"


      • "scent can get quite sickly after a while"

      beautiful perfume

      I bought this lovely perfume from Boots around a year ago as a Christmas present to myself, it was on offer at the time at £25.00 which I purchased with my boots advantage points, however I've seen previous reviews stating that it is on offer elsewhere for cheaper so if you're looking to buy this perfume make sure you shop around! I'm by no means a perfume expert, I'll be discussing my experience of the perfume and what makes me love it so much :)

      I wasn't really sure what I was expecting, I've tested other Vera Wang's perfumes and found them too floral for my liking. I usually go for fruity/musky scents and avoid floral perfumes, but there was something about this scent that totally drew me in. It's a lively, energetic scent that kicks in right away with floral, fruity notes of grapefruit, raspberry and honey suckle which really compliment eachother beautifully. I've got perfumes that are specific for nights out, dinner dates, meeting friends and just a casual perfume, and this particular scent fits in with casual occasions as it's more of a fun, playful scent that is just strong enough to give you a boost throughout the day however not over powering. I love the way this perfume makes me feel, I always get a small surge of energy when I can smell it in my hair and it instantly gives my mood a little lift.

      The bottle is great, glittery with a cute crown shaped cap. Easy to apply and a few sprays gives a generous sample of the product. I loved the bottle when I first saw it, but it doesn't stand up on it's own which doesn't look as great next to my other perfumes. I wouldn't say that the bottle is aimed at anyone over the age of 25, perhaps even younger as it is very girly and something that I would've definitely adored when I was 14! However if you're fun, quirky and in love with girly flamboyant products then this is definitely for you!

      Disappointingly the bottle was used up pretty quickly, I loved wearing this perfume out and about and even to work for a lift. It's fun, playful and long lasting. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good perfume for someone who is girly and fun.


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      25.01.2015 20:49
      Very helpful



      One of my Favorites.

      I was recently bought the vera wang pink princess perfume as a gift over christmas period and it wasn't something I have ever tried or thought about trying before, I have never tried any vera wang products before and now I have started a complete haul on vera wang because I loved this perfume so much. It was only £12.99 at a local BnM's store but around £20-30 in any perfume or drug stores so save yourself some money if your going to try this product and get down to your local B and M store. The bottle is very attractive and appealing heart shaped with a silver crown lid and sparkly pink glitter but I have to say I was no impressed after picking the bottle up and then looking at my hands.. the glitter liturally comes off and sticks every where and is so difficult to get off, even now I am finding peaces of glitter around my room and in my bag from the bottle. But this is the only down side to the product that I have to complain about because the bottle it self is beautiful and appealing and the scent is brilliant a really strong sweet smell that kind of reminds me of katy perry killer queen perfume so if you like that product then you will most likely love the Vera wang one to. I have nothing to complain about with a really cheap price and the perfume smells and looks amazing it's become one of my daily essentials.


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      26.07.2013 18:49



      I would recommend buying this, but make sure you try it first!

      I received a free sample of this in Debenhams, and I fell in love with it, prompting me to buy a 50ml bottle for £45, which I think is a very reasonable price as it has lasted me quite a while already.

      The scent is very feminine, with fruity and floral notes, and I find it lasts a long time.
      I wear this perfume nearly every day, and I have even poured some of it into a smaller bottle to keep in my handbag, in case I want to use it through the night as well.

      I will admit the scent is very sweet and girly, so it might not be for everyone, but I am always flooded with compliments when I wear it. I find it is one of those perfumes that just smell expensive, and very exclusive and special.

      I would be careful on how much you put on, as I have heard one person say it is almost overpowering. I would advise two squirts on the neck, and then one on each wrist, but of course, each to their own.


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      14.07.2013 15:29
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      My new favourite Princess scent!

      I recently reviewed Vera Wang's Princess Night fragrance, where I found myself raving about this new fragrance, Pink Princess.
      I discovered Pink Princess a few months ago when I received an ASOS magazine through the post and after flicking through it and leaving it face down on the kitchen bench I returned to the kitchen to find that the back cover was a full page advert for Pink Princess. I am the owner of all, but one of the other Princess fragrances and I was really excited about the release of this fragrance. I had stated in my other Princess reviews that I didn't think there would be any more releases in the Princess range and this one seemed to come out of nowhere.

      I went straight onto www.fragrantica.com, which tells you everything you need to know about perfume and a reviewer on the website had said that this was already available in Boots so after tea I made my other half drive me to Boots to test it as I had already had a drink by this point.
      I tested it out, but couldn't afford to buy it there and then.

      ~ The Princess Range ~
      There are now 7 fragrances in the Princess collection.
      1) The original fragrance, Princess, which was released in 2006.
      2) Flower Princess was also released back in 2006 as a limited edition intended to be permanently available in Asia. This is the only one I don't have (yet).
      3) Rock Princess was released a few years later in April 2009.
      4) Glam Princess followed in December 2009.
      5) Preppy Princess was released in 2010.
      6) A further release, Princess Night was released in January 2012.
      7) Pink Princess, the fragrance I am reviewing here, was released in April 2013 and is a limited edition.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      I have bought all of the other Princess fragrances for around £40.00 for 100ml and I was really disappointed to find that this fragrance is only available as a 30ml or a 50ml eau de toilette.
      The 30ml bottle costs £34.00.
      The 50ml bottle costs £45.00.
      It is available from Boots, The Perfume Shop, Debenhams, Selfridges and most other department stores.
      I ended up buying this in Debenhams.
      When I bought another perfume, Vivienne Westwood Boudoir Sin Garden, I was persuaded by the shop assistant to open a store card, where I would get 10% off all purchases that day and I could collect points in store.
      I knew I'd end up buying this eventually so I thought I might as well have 10% off and get the free Vera Wang Pink Princess bag that it came with.
      I bought the 50ml bottle for £40.50 with the 10% discount.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The bottle is the same shape for all of the perfumes in the Princess Collection.
      It is a heart shaped bottle with a flat bottom so that it can stand up on its own. A crown shaped lid sits on the top of the bottle.
      The Pink Princess bottle is like the Princess Night bottle. The Princess Night bottle is a glass bottle covered with black glitter. The bottle for Pink Princess is made from glass covered with pinky purple coloured glitter. The bottle is very sparkly and pretty.
      It has a little black thread around its neck with a silver heart shaped piece of card with 'VERA WANG Pink Princess' in pink lettering on it.
      The lid is made up of two parts. There is the top of the crown, which is crown shaped with upside down cut out hearts in each point of the crown and small pinky purple diamantes equally spaced around the bottom of the crown. The points of the crown are rounded slightly so there aren't lots of sharp points all over your dressing table to prick yourself on.
      There is also a ring, which is underneath the crown part of the lid and is completely separate. The ring is over half a centimetre thick and has very small, equally spaced pinky purple diamantes going right round it. Obviously one size fits all so if you have very large or very small fingers the ring may not fit you.
      The crown and the ring are made from shiny silver coloured metal. They both fit around the spray nozzle, but do not cover the top of the spray nozzle, so you can still press and spray the perfume with the lid on, but it would be very difficult to do this by accident.
      I like the design of the bottle and I think the ring is a nice touch. The design of the ring and crown is the same on all of the different Princess bottles, but there are different colour metals and jewels on each one.
      I think the bottle for Pink Princess is really nice. The glitter on the bottle does sometimes come off onto your hands, which is annoying, but so far it hasn't ruined the effect of the bottle and there are no bare patches on the bottle at all.

      ~ Scent ~
      Pink Princess is a sweet fruity floral fragrance. It has depth to it and it reminds me of Rock Princess, but it does not have a sharpness to it.
      It is probably my favourite fragrance from the Princess range.
      It has a sparkling, fizzy scent to it.
      The top notes are luminous pink grapefruit and raspberry sorbet.
      The heart notes are pink hibiscus and creamy honeysuckle.
      The base notes are marshmallow and white amber.
      I can detect the fruity notes straight away along with a fizziness and the marshmallow note is also evident. This is a really sweet fragrance. There are no sharp notes at all. It is lovely.
      I can pick out a slight floral scent in this, but I cannot pick out the individual notes.
      I'd say this is a fragrance I would choose for day time wear as well as one for nights out. It is quite deep.
      It has good staying power lasting around 8 hours on my skin. It also has good sillage and I can smell it on myself throughout the day.
      I think it would be best suited to younger women because of how sweet it is. Also I think the design of the bottle is aimed towards younger women.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I think that Pink Princess is a lovely fragrance. It is probably the best from the Princess range. I would buy it again if mine ran out, but I am disappointed that it is not available in a 100ml bottle.
      I love the shape of the bottle and the cute crown lid and the ring that you get with it. The sparkly pink glittery bottle is really nice, but I don't like that the glitter comes off onto your hands. Couldn't they have laminated it or something? Lol.
      I have been impressed with the staying power of this fragrance lasting on my skin around 8 hours.
      I would recommend it.


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