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Vera Wang Preppy Princess Eau de Toilette

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    6 Reviews
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      20.02.2015 14:30
      Very helpful


      • Price
      • Bottle
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      • "Staying power"

      Preppy is my favourite Princess

      Vera Wang Preppy Princess is my favourite of the Vera Wang Princess Range. My now husband found this range of perfumes and introduced me to them as I do think of myself as a princess and he found it quite funny and fitting that I have 'Princess' Perfume.

      I really like the whole of the Vera Wang Perfume range and they are all subtly different delicate scents. As I say this one is my absolute favourite of all although it is one that I rarely see in shops.

      The Bottle:
      A cute heart shape with a metal crown on top of the lid. This is the same style as all of the Vera Wang Princess perfumes but each bottle is a different colour and some are a different texture. The Preppy Princess bottle is light pink with diagonal blue and white strips across the corners. In my option the bottle looks good, simple and stylish.

      The Scent:
      It is described as: an eclectic blend of Tangerine, Red Apple, Honeysuckle, Woods and Coconut Water.
      A luscious woody-fruity fragrance fit for a true uptown-downtown fashionista

      Top Notes: Tangerine, Red Apple, Crushed Berries.
      Heart Notes: Honeysuckle, Jasmine.
      Base Notes: Sensual Woods, Coconut Water.

      I think that a women's perfume is very personal and my mum says that a perfume smells slightly different when on one woman than another. For me the berries, jasmine and honeysuckle are the scents that stand out the most with a lovely sweet undertone of coconut.

      Staying Power:
      With the majority of perfumes that I wear I find that 3 sprays is enough. With this perfume I need a little more but not loads - probably 5 sprays. I find that the smell stays for a few hours but not a whole day.

      I advise shopping around online for this product. I rarely see Preppy Princess in high street shops. you can get this perfume for £30 for 100ml if you look out for a bargain which I think is a reasonable price for such a lovely smelling perfume.

      I definitely recommend this perfume. I have just run out of my Preppy Princess and hope to get another one soon.


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      18.07.2013 13:30
      Very helpful



      Light spray, sweet smell.

      Last year for Christmas my mum bought me a Vera Wang Look, I loved it so much this year she bought me the Princess perfume. My mum thought I would probably like this one too and I was happy she bought me it to try. I usually have lots of people buy me the sprays of this kind as gifts and it does save me lots of money buying them myself to try.

      The perfume comes inside a box, which is really pretty and has a pink background and a heart kind of drawing with the name clearly in the centre of the heart. The bottle is glass and quite a large one, is also a heart shape with a kind of tartan look to the front of the bottle and clear glass at the back. What I love about this bottle is the top of the bottle is a crown which has a ring which can be kept as a keepsake and worn if you can wear metal jewellery. I cannot wear metal, so I will just keep it in my jewellery box after I have used all of the perfume from my bottle. The crown is navy blue with kind of pearls dotted around the crown and also the ring. The bottle shape and the crown makes for a really cute and different shaped bottle in my opinion and I love it. The perfume inside looks red around the outside of the bottle and a deep pink in the middle where the name sits. Looks really pretty on my dresser in my bedroom and very eye catching. The crown is also a kind of light metal and not plastic. It is easy to take off and replace after using the spray. The crown just sits nicely covering the spray top.

      It sprays an even mist onto the skin, has a sweet floral fragrance and one which is quite strong with added perfume. It is also a little stronger smell than the Vera Wang Look. This one is sweeter and it isn't too sweet it smells nasty or sickly. It is a really nice pleasant aroma and extremely feminine.

      You don't need to spray too much onto the skin for it to last for a long time. I find just a quick spray once and the neck each side is well enough to most of the day. I first sprayed it on Christmas morning and could still smell it at dinner time before I had to top it up. This one has staying power to last most of the day without having to top up. A little goes a very long way and it becomes less apparent on the skin after maybe around 6 hours or so. Spraying too much would be too over powering in my opinion and not necessary with this one.

      If you love the smell of a sweet flora aroma, this one would be ideal, is very feminine I think if you are a feminine woman like myself it would be most certainly one you would love. I am in my 50's and find this one more than suitable for my age group. I think it would be suitable for younger women to wear too and I would say it isn't one for a particular age group but that is just my opinion. My daughter loves the smell of this fragrance and she is in her 30's and she told me she would wear it. I think it will be one I may buy her this year for Christmas or for her birthday later this year.

      I have sensitive skin and this one hasn't irritated my skin or caused any rashes etc. Is a light spray and not too heavy and can be worn for both daytime or evening. I have worn it recently when I go out to a restaurant over the Christmas period and meet some old friends I hadn't seen for a good few years. I was really happy to wear it to a restaurant for an evening out with my friends and a catch up. One of my old school friends is very opinionated and would have told me when she hugged me goodbye if it wasn't a pleasant fragrance lol.

      The bottle size is 50ml and so a good amount of spray. I don't know how much it actually cost but my mum told me it was around £25. I didn't actually ask her how much it cost, she told me when I was about to spray it onto my skin. In her mannerism and words she said to me, " go on hurry up and give it a whirl, what you waiting for Princess I want a spray after you, I bought it after all for £25 quid and I am the Queen" lol. My mum is the funniest woman I have ever met and makes me laugh continuously and is hilarious with her verbal speech without knowing it lol. My mum is 75 years old and she also loves this spray too, so it has been tested by 3 generations in my family and we all love the smell of this spray, which goes to show it is one which would be suitable for a lot of women of all ages.

      I am really pleased my mum chose this one for my gift and I hope she may buy me it again in the future and I would most certainly buy it myself because I love the design of the bottle and most of all the crown and the actual smell of the fragrance. A really nice look of a bottle on my bedroom dresser too.

      Also appears on Ciao under my username pinky50.

      I give this one 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        23.03.2013 21:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Lovely bottle, lovely scent, but only 3 stars!

        After buying the original Vera Wang Princess, I decided that I would invest in the whole collection as I am quite obsessive like that.

        There are now 6 fragrances in the Princess collection.
        1) The original fragrance is called Princess and was first released in 2006.
        2) Flower Princess was also released back in 2006 as a limited edition intended to be permanently available in Asia. This is the only one I don't have (yet).
        3) Rock Princess was released a few years later in April 2009.
        4) Glam Princess followed in December 2009.
        5) Preppy Princess, the fragrance I am reviewing here, was released in 2010.
        6) A further release, Princess Night was released in January 2012.

        I think this collection is brilliant and although I would like to see more fragrances added to the collection I don't think there will be any more releases.

        ~ Price and availability ~
        I bought the 100ml bottle of Preppy Princess eau de toilette online at www.amazon.co.uk, when I eventually received a £50.00 Amazon voucher after collecting swagbucks points on www.swagbucks.com.
        It also comes in a 50ml bottle, but these are harder to come by. (You can get a set of 4 different 50ml Princess fragrances for about £80.00.)
        As far as I am aware it is not available as an eau de parfum.
        Most of the Princess bottles can be found for around £39.00 for 100ml, with a recommended retail price of around £60.00.
        I got Preppy Princess for £39.00.

        ~ Bottle ~
        The bottle is the exact same shape for all of the perfumes in the Princess Collection.
        It is a heart shaped bottle with a flat bottom so that it can stand up on its own. A crown shaped lid sits on the top of the bottle.
        The Preppy Princess bottle is made from a pink glass. The front of the bottle has a blue and white plaid pattern on it. 'VERA WANG Preppy Princess', is written across the middle of the bottle in white lettering.
        The lid is made from dark blue metallic coloured metal. It is made up of two parts. There is the top of the crown, which is crown shaped with upside down cut out hearts in each point of the crown and small white pearly gems equally spaced around the bottom of the crown. The points of the crown are rounded slightly so there aren't lots of sharp points all over your dressing table to prick yourself on.
        There is also a ring, which is underneath the crown part of the lid and is completely separate. The ring is over half a centimetre thick and is also metallic blue and has very small, equally spaced white pearly gems going right round it. Obviously one size fits all so if you have very large or very small fingers the ring may not fit you.
        The crown and the ring both fit around the spray nozzle, but do not cover the top of the spray nozzle, so you can still press and spray the perfume with the lid on, but it would be very difficult to do this by accident and the spray would just hit the inside of the crown lid and make a mess.
        I like the design of the bottle and I think the ring is a nice touch. The design of the ring and crown is the same on all of the different Princess bottles, but there are different colour metals and jewels on each one.

        ~ Scent ~
        Preppy Princess is a light, pleasant fragrance.
        It has top notes of tangerine, red apple and crushed red berries.
        It has heart notes of honeysuckle and jasmine.
        The base notes are woods and coconut water.
        The fruitiness is obvious in this fragrance, but the floral and woody notes take away the sweetness and give warmth and depth to this scent.
        I'd say this is probably a fragrance more suitable for day time wear. It does have a deeper side to it, but it is still quite light so I would not wear this for nights out or special occasions.
        I don't think the scent is unique - I have smelled other fragrances similar to this in the past.
        I really like this fragrance, but I do find it a little disappointing how the sparkling fruity notes are dulled down and made less exciting by the harsher floral and woody notes. I would have preferred it if the sparkling fruitiness had been left alone to shine.
        I think this fragrance is aimed towards younger women judging by design of the bottle and the ring around the neck of the bottle. The plaid pattern against the pink bottle struck me as being aimed at younger women and I think the scent would also appeal to them.
        I am in my mid twenties and although I have suggested how I would change it, I do really like the scent.
        The main gripe I have about this fragrance is that, being an eau de toilette, it does not last long on my skin. I can get about 3 or 4 hours out of it and then I have to put my nose right to my wrist and I can smell a faint floral scent, but otherwise it has gone. I have been rather disappointed with this.
        I have worn this fragrance for work before and I have not smelled it on myself once during the day. The staying power is poor and the sillage is non-existant.

        ~ Conclusion ~
        I think that Preppy Princess is a lovely fragrance and I'd say it is one of the better scents from the Princess range.
        I love the shape of the bottle and the cute crown lid and the ring that you get with it. The pink glass with the blue and white plaid pattern has grown on me a lot since I first saw the perfume.
        The main let down is the staying power, which I have found incredibly poor at around 3-4 hours.
        I am disappointed to say that I wouldn't buy this again as although it is not the most expensive fragrance, it is not my favourite scent and the staying power is too poor to justify paying out the money for another bottle.
        When I told my sister I had ordered this she said she had tried it a while back and really liked it and I was thinking about getting her a bottle for her birthday, but I have changed my mind now that I know what I know about the staying power.
        Unfortunately I feel I can only offer this fragrance 3 stars because of the staying power!


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          15.07.2012 14:00
          Very helpful



          A beautiful perfume that is more grown up than you'd know from the bottle

          I was given a bottle of Vera Wang Preppy Princess as a gift from one of my clients when I went on maternity leave.  I have other Vera Wang perfumes but thought the bottle was too young for my taste and looked like the type of bottle a teenager would like.

          The fragrance is different to how I imagined and has a grown up edge that has been brought about by a very floral set of middle notes. The perfume is a fruity one but the florals are allowed to dominate for quite a long time and that helps it to take its time mellowing on my skin, the fruits make a return as the perfume is dying off but this is only very briefly.  From the time I spray it on until the time it wears off completely is about six hours and that is about an average time for Vera Wang EDTs.

          TOP NOTES

          Tangerine, Red Apple and Crushed Berries

          The tangerine is quite strong to start with but after an hour a blended fruity fragrance overcomes it.  I can't smell apple at all but the berries give it a warm smell that goes well with the citrus and mixed fruit fragrance.  The top notes linger for about an hour and a half and does not change much in this time.

          MIDDLE NOTES

          Honeysuckle and Jasmine

          I can tell both of these straightaway and they are both very fresh and natural, there are other florals mixed in but the honeysuckle and jasmine stand out.  This makes the perfume more sexy than when it was at its fruity stage, the florals give the perfume a strength and the switch between fruit and flower is so sudden that it's something you notice.

          BASE NOTES

          Coconut Water and Sandalwood

          The coconut water is there very subtly, I can smell it when I'm not searching for it in the fragrance and it rounds the wood notes out so that the perfume stays feminine right to the end.  I couldn't pick out sandalwood specific but the woody base of Preppy Princess is sexy and a lavish end to the perfume.

          5 Dooyoo Stars.


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            25.11.2011 16:37
            Very helpful



            Lovely, fruity fragrance in a funky bottle.

            'Preppy Princess' is a fragrance for women launched by Vera Wang in 2010.
            It's described as 'Edgy, confident and cool' with an 'unexpected scent'. Other 'Princess' scents from Vera Wang include 'Rock Princess', 'Flower Princess' and 'Glam Princess'.

            The packaging
            I received this perfume for my 22nd birthday and loved it. I have a bit of a thing for interesting and distinctive shaped bottles and I'm sometimes guilty of being swayed by the shape of the bottle more than the actual scent! This why 'Preppy Princess' had instantly appealed to me (mum saw me eyeing it up in the shop before she brought it!).

            'Preppy Princess' is bright pink and the bottle is shaped liked a heart (as are all of Vera Wang's 'Princess' fragrances). It has a tartan pattern printed across the bottle and a blue, crown shaped lid that is decorated with little white studs to emulate pearls. Its design makes it a perfect present for younger women and teenage girls. However, it's not the type of fragrance I'd consider buying for my mother or grandmother because the bottle is obviously designed to appeal to the younger market.

            The smell
            I always think it's difficult to review the smell of a perfume because everyone's tastes can be different in that area. For me personally, Preppy Princess is quite light, fruity and girly, definitely suited to the teenage market they were aiming for (apparently it's inspired by cool, upper-Eastsiders - think Gossip Girl). I think it's fruitier than some of the previous editions from the Vera Wang 'Princess' range that I've tried and I think this makes Preppy Princess fairly unique and distinctive.
            However, as much as I love the smell of this perfume, it does have a tendency to wear off and fade quite quickly, which is a shame given its hefty pricetag.

            According to Amazon, the notes are as follows:
            - Top Notes: Tangerine, Red Apple, Crushed Berries.
            - Heart Notes: Honeysuckle, Jasmine.
            - Base Notes: Sensual Woods, Coconut Water.

            This is also a very useful website to check out, as it lists the main notes according to the votes of those who actually have/have tried the perfume.:
            According to this website, customers detected Red Berry, Coconut and Tangerine as the most noticeable scents of Preppy Princess.

            Where to buy
            Well it isn't cheap wherever you buy it. The best deals I could find online were:
            * Vera Wang Preppy Princess Eau de Toilette 50ml Spray - £38.45 at www.Cheapsmells.com
            * Vera Wang Preppy Princess EDT 30ml - £32.00 at www.slapiton.tv

            I'd definitely recommend trying Ebay first too as that's the most likely place that you'll find a bargain price on this!

            A lovely, fruity fragrance which unfortunately tends to fade quickly and comes with a high price tag. I'd definitely recommend it as a present for a teenage girl.


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              11.05.2011 19:13
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              summery fruity fragrance.

              As a lover of Vera's original Princess perfume, I have tried the newer Glam princess and did not particularly like the scent. So when I saw advertised a new 'Princess' perfume I was originally sceptical. However, when noticing a stand in Debenhams of the new "Preppy Princess" I decided to give it a try. I wasn't disappointed by the smell.

              The Scent:

              Described as a luscious woody fruity fragrance (by fragrance direct.co.uk) this perfume is an ideal summer wear. The scents of tangerine and apple are unexpectedly complimented by a woody and coconut smell. Fragrances blend beautifully together to create this unique perfume.

              The appearence:

              Vera Wang's advertising for this branch of the Princess perfume is very clever indeed. The adverts all seem to be inspired by the very successful American drama Gossip Girl, which has been very popular within England.

              This trend seems to continue onto the design on the bottle. While maintaining the classic and pretty heart shape bottle of the original, this new scent has a blue and white plaid pattern on top of a pink background. While the original bottle suggested charm and beauty, this new bottle suggests young and hip but still beautiful. The crown at the top is now a deep blue and instead of purple stones is replaced with fake pearls. I really like the appearance of the bottle as it seems very much to fit with the smell and target audience.


              As with both previous Princess perfumes, the price is expensive. I believe you get what you pay for with the princess perfume, and if you wait until Christmas season, the box sets from places like the perfume store are often brilliantly value. At the moment, as it is still very new, this perfume could set you back around £37.95 from fragrance direct.co.uk. However, it is worth investigating places like the perfume shop, as they often have sales.

              Whereas I think the original princess is a smell for 20 years plus, preppy princess is a smell for the ages 16-25. I would definitely recommend this to someone who wanted to give their older teenage daughter a nice gift. I recently got this for my 19th birthday present from my parents and loved it.

              I love this new perfume and it has now become one of my favourites.
              I give this perfume a 5/5 rating :)


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