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Versace Black Jeans Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Versace / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    1 Review
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      31.07.2008 17:08
      Very helpful
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      10/10 = perfect for a cheap affordable spray

      I am going to talk about this spray in order of importance.


      Whenever you talk about sprays you always talk about the smell of the spray first before any other piece of information.

      This spray is definantly a spray worth buying because it smells masculine and helps when you need to attract the ladies.

      When ever i go out i never put spray on.... but i made an exception for this spray because the smell to me stands out more than the smells of other sprays and also i have received nothing but compliments for my lovely scent.

      Overall i am going to rate this a 10/10 on scent because it has a perfect smell which means that it is not too strong but it is not too weak.

      SCENT= 10/10


      I absolutely adore versace for making a case like this one because i can guarantee you that it stands out.

      It may not show the case of the perfume in this picture but if they did i a sure you that the case will make you buy this spray on its own.

      The case is made from tin which makes adds a lot more affect to the case because when you open the case lid you can hear the sound of the tin and that makes you want to keep opening and shutting the tin repeatably.

      Also the case has a wonderful design which shows a man playing a guitar leaning against a wooden fence on the front cover and also on the side of the cover shows a woman picking up leaves and a man on a picture of the globe.

      The colours play a major part in making this sprays package look even better and also it makes this stand out a lot more so that more people can notice it.

      I am going to rate this a 10/10 on packaging because the right colours and pictures have been used.



      This spray definantly uses both quality and quantity which make this the best spray i have ever used.

      The quality is amazing because the fragrance keeps making you want to spray more and more on your self but you know you cant because then it would have all been wasted.

      No matter how much of this spray you put on your self you can never smell too strong for any occasion because the smell does not overlap the smell of the other times you have used it on your self.

      The quantity is average. it is like most sprays which containing just a decent amount of spray but if you use that amount carefully you will find that it is very hard to run out of spray.

      This spray contains 75ml of lovely fragrance but do not underestimate the amount of spray because i have still got the same spray i brought from a year back which proves that this lasts very long.

      Do not forget to only use 1 or 2 sprays a day because if you use any more the spray will not late very long.

      I am going to rate this a 10/10 on QUALITY/QUANTITY because versace has cleverly used their expert ease to only use the right amounts of spray.


      Finally it all comes down to the price, the price decides whether a product is worth buying or not.

      I can proudly say that this is worth buying because the price ranges from anywhere between £10.00 to %15.00.

      I brought my spray at the market which only cost me a measly $10.00 pounds which to me is definantly a bargain.

      You can also buy this at all major high street stores costing about roughly $13.00.

      I am going to rate this a 10/10 on price because i strongly believe that the price is definantly worth what you are buying and to me this spray is considered the best spray ever......


      READ MY OTHER REVIEWS AT mehmoou1001


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