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Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette

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10 Reviews
  • lasts fairly well
  • fresh
  • may be too swet for some
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    10 Reviews
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      08.09.2014 20:57
      Very helpful


      • "lasts fairly well"
      • summery
      • floral
      • fresh
      • light


      • "may be too swet for some"

      This to me is a lovely light fresh floral and very feminine

      This one came in a nice mini box similar to the one the full sized perfume comes in. It is quite understated but also classy.

      My mini spray is white plastic with a pink lid. Simple and rather functional to my mind. The actual full sized bottle is more attractive and is sort of chunky square in clear pale pink glass with a clear diamond cut plastic/glass stopper of the spray.

      I see on the Boots website that 50 ml of this in a spray bottle will set you back nearly £50 while 100 ml is pretty close to the £100 mark. I suspect if you shop around you may find it cheaper but it is one of the more expensive eau de toilettes generally.


      The top notes are pomegranate, Yuzu and frosted accord.
      The heart notes are Peony, magnolia and fresh lotus
      The base notes are amber extracted from plants, musk and red woods.


      The initial spray of this is very light and fresh, sweet but with a pleasant sort of water melon note to soften the sweetness. That is probably the pomegranate as that is not a sweet aroma. The yuzu is a Japanese orange type of fruit so again fresh and citrussy and heaven knows what frosted accords are except presumably fresh and like a frosty day.

      It began to fade after about half an hour which is not surprising as it is an EDT not an EDP. The floral notes became more obvious but again in a subtle way not heavily floral nor too sweet. The strange thing is that I can also smell roses and there is no rose element listed in the notes maybe it comes from the peony notes combined with others. This stage was lovely freshly floral and a very 'pretty' feminine fragrance to me.

      About three hours after I first applied the eau de toilette I could still smell it on my wrist which is where I apply all my perfumes for reviewing purposes. I then write the review over time taking note of the scent developing and changing.

      The dry down is still floral and fresh with the warm musky notes giving a depth to the scent. I am afraid the amber was too subtle for my unqualified nose but the end result is a lovely fresh floral scent with a warm heart but not at all heavy.

      This to me is a lovely light fresh floral, very feminine and perfect for a summer 's day.It is not dominating but it is very much there and I would be happy to wear it.

      I can't say I will be rushing to buy it , mainly as I already have far too many perfumes but also because it doesn't have the wow factor for me. It is a pretty and youthful scent and I will happily use my sample and would apply it at an airport but probably not buy it myself.

      © Catsholiday


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      22.04.2013 16:37
      Very helpful



      Not for me but if you like fruity fragrances this may well suit you

      I was lucky enough to receive a little sample bottle of Versace  Bright Crystal when I was shopping in a local department store. I love getting perfume samples, its saved me quite a lot of money over time, giving me the opportunity to try before I buy. 

      My little sample was packaged in the same box as a full sized bottle but in miniature. Its a pale pink in colour which fades as it goes down the box. The front of the box shows the Versace logo in silver, below this, also in silver writing, it informs the customer that this sample  is Bright Crystal. The lid of the box is also silver and done with a pattern to make it look quilted. The whole presentation of the box is pretty and feminine.

      Inside the box my sample is in just a little pink plastic spray bottle but a full sized bottle of Bright Crystal is more glamorous, its a clear glass square shaped bottle allowing you to see the pale pink liquid inside, the lid is made to look like a crystal giving the bottle a stylish look. 

      The official description of Bright Crystal is;-

      " The effect is a combination of sheer sensuality, crystal transparency and luminous brightness".

      The notes in Bright Crystal are :-
      Top Notes- Pomegranate, Yuzu, Iced Accord
      Middle Notes - Magnolia, Lotus Peony
      Base Notes -  Vegetal Amber, Musks, Mahogany

      On spraying Bright Crystal its definitely fruity, I cannot detect any pomegranate at all but I can detect a citrus fragrance which to be honest smells like grapefruit. Its not unpleasant but not really what I like in a perfume. Once the middle notes develop the smell is slightly more floral which is what I prefer although personally for me its spoilt by the citrus smell which seems to overshadow the florals. By the time the base notes have developed I am left with a musky flowery smell, the fruitiness has virtually gone and the smell is more to my liking. 

      Apart from being too fruity for me Bright Crystal isn't strong enough, if I'm going to wear nice perfume I like to smell it, I don't want perfume to be overpowering but to be honest I do like to get a whiff of it now and again. To smell Bright Crystal I had to put my wrist right to my nose. 

      The other problem I found was the longevity of the perfume, after 2 hours I could barely smell it and in 3 hours it was gone. 

      In my opinion this is more of a daytime fragrance rather than evenings out, personally I would say its more suited to younger women.

      Versace Bright Crystal is widely available on the high street and also online. Prices vary depending where you buy from, www.cheapsmells.com are selling a 50ml bottle of eau de toilette for £33.95 whereas the same sized bottle costs £45.00 in Boots so its worth shopping around. 

      All in all I wasn't impressed with this one, its not strong enough and just too fruity for me. I wont be buying a full sized one. 


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      06.03.2013 19:59
      Very helpful



      Lovely - a light sweet fruity-floral!

      This year I decided to ask for Versace Bright Crystal as a Valentine's Day gift from my fiancé. I must have asked for it a few weeks in advance because I ended up getting sick of waiting and bought it for myself before Valentine's Day!

      ~ Price ~

      I bought the gift set because it was cheaper than I could find the fragrance on its own so I got it along with the body lotion for about £33.00.
      Versace Bright Crystal comes as an eau de toilette and it is currently available on www.cheapsmells.com in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml bottles.
      The 30ml bottle is £24.95 (recommended retail price £31.50).
      The 50ml bottle is £33.95 (RRP £45.00).
      The 90ml bottle is £39.50 (RRP £61.00).
      The 90ml bottle was not available when I bought mine or else I would have been tempted.
      The 50ml gift set is available at www.harveynichols.com , but it is slightly different to the gift set I bought and they charge £5.50 for postage, whereas postage on cheapsmells.com, a site I have used for years and trust that their products are genuine, do not charge for postage so if I had my time again (lol) I would be tempted to go for the 90ml bottle from cheapsmells.com because who runs out of body lotion this soon after Christmas anyway?

      ~ Bottle ~

      The 50ml bottle that I have is no more than an inch tall, but it is about 2.5 inches wide and about an inch and a half from front to back.
      The bottle is angular, but pretty plain with, 'VERSACE BRIGHT CRYSTAL' on the front in silver lettering.
      The bottle lid more than doubles the height of the bottle overall and it is a little bit wider than the bottle both left to right and front to back. It is a huge clear oval shaped lid, which is angled as if to represent a precious crystal.
      The lid is quite heavy and in the top of the crystal is a circular silver imprint of a face.
      The fragrance inside the bottle is a light pink colour and it helps to make the bottle look even prettier.
      I really love the bottle and one of the reasons I wanted the 50ml instead of the 90ml bottle was because I liked the oversized lid compared to the exceptionally short bottle.

      ~ Scent ~

      I really love the scent of this fragrance. It is clean, bright and fresh. To me, it has a 'pink' scent to it if that makes sense!
      The top notes are pomegranate, Yuzu and frosted accord.
      The heart notes are peony, magnolia and lotus.
      The base notes are amber, musk and red woods.
      The fruity and floral notes are blended perfectly. This fragrance is really sweet and uplifting. It is a very feminine fragrance.
      The scent has a citrusy element, which usually I associate with heavier, more masculine fragrances, but this could not be described as masculine at all.
      I think this perfume would appeal to younger women in their teens and 20's as it is very sweet and inoffensive.
      I have found this fragrance to be long lasting. It is evident on my skin 8 hours after application, which I have been rather impressed with, especially as it is an eau de toilette rather than an eau de parfum so it is less concentrated.
      This strikes me as a day time perfume more so than one I would choose to wear on a night out as it is light and quite summery.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      I would recommend this fragrance. It is affordable enough to treat yourself or it would make a great gift.
      I will definitely buy this again if my bottle runs out. It is a very sweet fruity floral and it is very feminine. I love the scent. It also has great staying power.


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        06.02.2013 17:00
        Very helpful



        If it was not for the brand this would not be worth anything

        ===The Brand===

        Gianni Versace, usually referred to as Versace, is an Italian fashion company founded in 1978.
        This perfume has been on the market for over six years.

        ===The Product===

        Floral fragrance with pink colouring.
        Made in Italy.
        Use within 36 months.
        72% alcohol and flammable.
        Heart notes - Peony, Magnolia, Lotus Flower
        Top notes - Yuzu, Ice Accord, Pomegranate
        Base notes - Acajou, Plant Amber, Musk.


        Eau du Toilette 30mls - £24.95 online
        Eau du Toilette 50mls - £41.99 online.

        ===My Opinion===

        The website states - 'Sheer sensuality, crystal transparency, and luminous brightness: Versace introduces the new Bright Crystal, a precious jewel of rare beauty characterized by a fresh, vibrant, flowery scent. An enthralling and voluptuous fragrance, for the versace woman who is strong and confident yet feminine, sensual, who loves to be enveloped in a fragrance that tastes of juicy pomegranate grains, iced freshness and shining yuzu. A scent that then flows into the beauty of magnolia, peony, and lotus flowers in a mixture of voluptuousness and transparency, and delights you with its subtle sensuality'.

        I do not normally buy designer fragrances due to the costs - and previously the only one I have used regularly was Angel by Thierry Mugler. So when I received a 2ml sample spray of this perfume I was delighted as I was expecting something long lasting and of quality.
        The perfume is branded in pale pink to echo the fact that it is floral based and feminine.
        I use this on my wrists, using two squirts from the spray meant that the smell was very strong for a few minutes. It has a nice feminine floral perfume which is not heavy or distinctive. After the initial strong blast fades there is just a very ordinary floral sort of smell - nothing distinctive or special. However the worst thing about this expensive perfume is not the fact that it is so ordinary smelling - but the fact that it is very short-lived. Personally I d detect any sort of musky base notes - in fact hardly any base notes at all.
        When I use Angel perfume it stays all day and I can even smell it on my clothes the next day - so although it is expensive I feel I am getting my money's worth. However this perfume just seems to disappear on me after about 2 hours - and I do not really think that is a decent amount of time for a designer fragrance.
        Thank goodness I did not buy a big bottle.
        in fact I find my cheap Avon perfumes last better and longer - which is not much of a recommendation for Versace. Definitely not one I would ever bother with.

        ===Star Rating===

        2 stars - very poor staying power.

        ===Would I Recommend?===




        ===Full Ingredients===

        Alcohol denat (SD alcohol 39-c), parfum/fragrance, aqua/water, ethylhexylcinnamate, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, ethylhexyl salicylate, butylphenyl methylpropional, cintronellol, geraniol, hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde, linalool, CI 17200 red 33 CI 15985 yellow 6.


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        22.06.2010 18:52
        Very helpful



        Worth every penny.

        I am a huge fan of fragrances and have got through quite a few bottles in my time. As I am a student, I often don't splurge out on expensive perfumes, and I instead usually stick to fairer priced perfumes. Whilst in the airport after my last holiday, I had some Euros left over which wouldn't be put to any good use, so I thought I would hunt down a nice perfume. I felt it would be best to invest in a 'special occasion' perfume, and this is the one that I chose to buy - Versace Bright Crystal.

        I was instantly attracted by the bottle. The bottle itself is clear and shows the baby pink perfume inside it, as well as a huge crystal for the lid, and the logo across the front. When putting a perfume on to your vanity table or dresser, you want to show it off, therefore I think 'pretty' perfumes look great in doing this. The bottle and packaging are therefore a thumbs up for me!

        But the most important factor - the scent. Judging by the bottle, I assumed it would be quite a light, girly scent, and I was correct. The heart notes of this perfume are peony, magnolia and lotus flower. The top notes are yuzu, ice accord and pomegranate, whilst the base notes are acajou, plant amber and musk. If this seems a load of quibble to you, a more simpler way of putting it is that it is a very light, fresh scent which is fairly floral. It is a very delicate scent, therefore it is great for summer, and would be good for everyday use. Unfortunately, due to my student budget, this is just a special occassion perfume for me, however it is a very versatile scent, and could be worn whenever you best wish.

        Being from such a well known brand, I was expecting the lovely scent to remain on my skin throughout the day. Staying power is an issue I have with many perfumes, and I am usually disappointed with how many perfumes don't have that staying power. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Versace Bright Crystal has an excellent staying power, and does last throughout the whole day without having to be reapplied, therefore meaning you don't have to carry it around with you in your bag.

        It is available to buy from a number of different places. These include drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug, department stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser, perfume stores such as The Perfume Shop, and it is also sold on a number of websites online. It isn't a difficult perfume to locate as it was only introduced in 2005.

        As for the price, you are going to look at spending a little more than some brands as it is Versace. Generally, if you are buying from in store it will retail from around £29.00 up to £40.00 depending on which size bottle you are planning to buy.

        The bottle comes in two different sizes and these are the 30ml bottle and the 50ml bottle. I'd recommend purchasing the bigger bottle as it will last much longer, and does save money instead of having to rebuy the little bottle. Also look out for gift sets when picking up this perfume, as they are often the same price as the bottle alone, therefore you are getting a freebie. I picked up my bottle in a gift set and got a free body lotion!

        Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with this perfume, and although it costs a little more than my usual, I am glad I picked this up, as it is fairly priced for Versace. The bottle is very pretty and elegant, and the scent is absolutely beautiful. It stays on your skin throughout the day, and I'm very sure you won't be disappointed! Thanks for reading.


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          25.02.2010 12:52



          It is simply divine

          I love perfumes and bought this one for my friend on the way back from holiday in duty free. My friend never received it, as I fell in love with it, and wanted to keep it for myself! The Versace Bright Crystal, Eau de Toilette comes in a lovely bottle which makes it look very elegant and expensive. I have been complimented by several friends on how lovely I smell whenever I wear it, and I cant get enough of this beautiful, fresh fragrance. The scent is absolutely beautiful, and lasts a long time - you can still get a waft of one little squirt when you move about a couple of hours later. It's simply divine, what more can I say?! I have one at home, and have purchased a little one to take to work with me for those important meetings! I cant get enough of it! Yum


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          19.02.2010 02:06
          Very helpful



          Smells Fab, Looks Good, Not too Expensive either.

          I love perfumes - and have a wide selection because I wear them according to my mood..... usually depending on where I'm going I will have an idea of which perfume suits my mind frame, but I must admit this one surprised me because I love wearing it anywhere and everywhere!

          I found it quite some years ago while in Dubai - I remember the sales guy kept trying to get me to try it - but his eagerness put me off... anyway, after deciding upon the usual scents which I was going to buy, curiosity got the better of me and I sprayed it - and I was taken aback at just how lovely it smelt.... the perfume lingers for a while after putting it on, but not in a nasty way - it is floral (and usually i dislike floral) but not overly so.. it is sweet without being sweet - Im not sure how one would describe it, but I know that when I came back and wore it to work, the smell would linger in the offices and everyone loved it... and because I purchased it before it had been released here, people would always ask to borrow/wear it.... this was ok now and then, but i get a little protective with my perfumes!!

          Also, the bottle has an elegance about it - with the Crystal Top... I know tht does nothing for the perfume as such, but I love the presentation efforts companies put into their products too...


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          21.10.2009 10:57



          Light fresh floral scent - absolutely gorgeous!

          This is a really fresh floral fragrance - i totally love it! Check debenhams prices against boots and bodycare shops if your in your local shopping centre as i found the prices can differ quite alot and you might grab a bargain!

          Im quite picky about perfume - i tend to like light, fresh perfumes and tend to stay away from heavy spicy musky scents. If your like me then you might like this! The bottle is fantastic as well and everyone asks what it is as it has a big crystal style top to it and the perfume is a baby pink colour - very pleasing to the eye!

          The scent also lasts for ages on me, i put it on wrists and neck and I can still smell it 6 hours later, some perfumes run out really quickly but not this one!

          Im on my third bottle (been using it for ages!) and hopefully getting a christmas gift set of it soon - usually comes with the body lotion as well which is great!


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          14.04.2009 06:51
          Very helpful



          Go on add it to your perfume collection as it's a sensual, sweet and floral fragrance

          Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

          I like a good perfume and whenever I am on holiday I like to buy a new one in duty free (well not that it is anymore!). I also end up with perfume at Birthdays and Christmas's so have a nice stock of it building up in different scents. I'm not too keen on the celebrity perfumes and tend to stick to the traditional designer brands, although I have dabbled with some high street brands. I tend to like light fruity type perfumes that you can wear easily in the daytime or evening as I'm not so keen on heavier scents. I also like to test perfumes before buying so I have ended up with a selection of perfumes that I don't like from presents that don't seem to suit me.

          **The Brand**

          Versace as you know is famous as a fashion brand create by Giovanni Versace and then carried on by his sister Donatella when he was tragically murdered. It has always been a stylish fashion designer brand and dipped into the perfume market in the early 1980s. There are quite a few Versace fragrances now which range in prices and some more classy than others. Versace Bright Crystal is one of the newer fragrances.

          **The Appeal**

          It is difficult to review a perfume (first attempt) and recommend to others. As perfume tends to smell different on individuals and what one person may think is divine another may think is awful! I think Versace Bright Crystal is a likeable perfume and I think it will appeal to most. It is quite a sweet feminine and girly fragrance and appeals to me as it's like a lot of my other perfumes. If you like Jean Paul Gautier Perfume or Cacharel Amor Amor then this might be for you.

          **The Scent**

          It is a sweet scented perfume and good for day or evening wear and I find it light and crisp as a perfume and not too heavy. Its scent is sweet and fresh with a floral and fruity fragrance. According to Versace by wearing this perfume it is meant to convey ''pure sensuality, pure transparency, pure luminosity''. To make up the scent the perfume has hints of pomegranate grains, lotus flowers, presence of plant amber, acajou and musk.

          **The Bottle**

          The bottle isn't a classic like the Jean Paul Gautier ones but it does have some sense of style. The perfume comes in a clear sqaurish shaped bottle and in different sizes (I have the 50ml version). It has an over shaped Crystal style topper and the perfume is pink in colour. It is quite a nice bottle with the oversized topper effect. However as I am using this perfume a lot lately it has moved out of my room and into my bag therefore I have abandoned the oversized topper. The bottle is quite sturdy though and doesn't scratch easy or damage considering it has been thrown about my handbag.

          **Wearing it**

          The perfume looks good in its bottle and packaging and the brand is a trusted one which makes it feel more luxurious. I find the perfume easy to spray onto the neck and wrist area and it rubs in easily. I also spray it onto my jumper or top too as its not too heavy. It leaves a nice sweet floral fragrance and all the flavours and scents come out nicely. I find this is a nice scrumptious and sensual perfume and not overpowering. It is long lasting too and can last through the day.

          **Sizes and Prices**

          You can get the Eau De Toilette Spray in 30ml/50ml and 90ml ad I have the 50ml version which seems to have lasted me ages. I got the 50ml version in a gift set which also came with shower gel and body cream in the US so got it a lot cheaper than the over here in the UK. The costs of Bright Crystal ranges are £25-£30 for the 30ml to £40-45 for the 50ml to £50-£55 for the 90ml. You can but this from any good department store like Debenhams or House of Fraser or online form cheap smells or Strawberry Net etc.

          **My Opinion**

          I like to have different perfumes in my collection for different occasions and different moods. The Versace Bright Crystal is a fun, fruity and floral scented perfume. I wear it as a day wear perfume and haven't tired of it yet. It looks nice and trendy and is relatively inexpensive to purchase. I would certainly recommend it as one to add to your perfume collection.


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            29.01.2008 18:26
            Very helpful



            A delicate, fresh, crispy sweet, pink scent

            Launched: 2006
            Olfactory group: fruity floral

            A friend of mine wears this perfume and she asked me to 'analyse' it for her. I normally don't do this because it's a lot harder to describe a fragrance I didn't pick out myself... it won't have the same significance to me and my senses won't be as tuned in to the scent as with the ones I chose myself.

            By the look of the bottle I was expecting a sweet, girly scent like Versace Red Jeans though the name 'bright crystal' suggested floral musk... a bit like Omnia Crystalline but less 'grown-up'?

            The packaging

            The fragrance comes with a very attractive light pink toned box and a chunky, stocky bottle with an oversized crystal clear oblong lid, similar to Fendi Palazzo's but a lot bigger. The perfume has a baby pink shade too and it will certainly adorn your dresser.

            The fragrance

            Top notes: yuzu

            The opening of this scent is very fresh, almost crispy sweet and right from the beginning I can smell a distinct rose aroma... the same smell of the yellow roses my mum used to have in her garden when I was little... this yellow rose was my favourite because it smelled more than just rose... was fruity and juicy almost as edible as a fruit...

            This rosy phase then stayed on for almost an hour and I started wondering if it was going to evolve any more at all...

            Middle notes: peony, lotus, magnolia

            Well, it did. Slowly and gradually the rosy scent was overtaken by the unmistakable exotic magnolia and lotus. The composition was now green floral on the surface but come close to it and I was amazed at just how much power these delicate flowers had going...

            Here the magnolia is bright, fresh, the lotus powdery despite the fact the lotus can be at least as powerful a scent as jasmine, in Bright Crystal lotus is much more discreet and is slightly overpowered by the bold and big magnolia.

            Base notes: amber, musk

            After 3 - 4 hours the floral heart changes dramatically into a moderately rich oriental dry down of amber and musk.
            The amber only makes a brief appearance and not overpowering at all. What dominates the base is the musk which creates a fresh, green accord with the flowery head. I found it had a clearing, brightening effect, a nice aftertaste after the rich florals.

            The musk and white flowers will make Bright Crystal feel innocent and sexy at the same time. It will not leave a strong sillage but will linger on close to the skin discreetly like a veil.


            This is an eau de toilette so won't last all day (6 hours approx) though it surprisingly stays fresh throughout. It was actually growing on me the more I was wearing it and was better than I expected.

            Though I didn't have that 'something special' feeling that would've made Bright Crystal stand out for me, it is certainly a skilfully created, 'make me feel young, carefree and light' fragrance.

            Nothing daring or unattended attempted other than giving a sexy, delicate and feminine composition that many women
            will enjoy. And I think sometimes this is what we all need.

            Thanks for reading my review.


            ©powered by lillybee


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          • Product Details

            Versace introduce Bright Crystal, a fresh, vibrant and floral fragrance, with delicate tastes of colourful and juicy pomegranate grains, lotus flowers and the enticing presence of plant amber, acajou and musk. A perfect scent for the Versace woman who is a hybrid of strength and confidence yet feminine, sensual and always glamorous.