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Versace The Dreamer Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Versace / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    2 Reviews
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      19.11.2011 18:53
      Very helpful



      It could work really well on the right guy

      Versace's The Dreamer is one of the most idiosyncratic male perfumes I have come across. I say perfume advisedly- it hardly ranks as an aftershave with its lush creamy vanilla marshmallow top notes.
      The drydown is disappointing after the thrill of all that lily and green smelling juniper. Some iris overpowers, followed by tobacco and tarragon ( which smells oddly kitcheny as you may imagine).
      I am sorry to say. I am not keen on the drydown. The top notes are lovely initially, but it all hardens off into a bewildering fig and blackcurrant melange, which although not unpleasant, is certainly not for the fainthearted as it is decidedly odd.
      This is a Johnny Depp of a scent- not George Clooney.
      I love to sniff the bottle of this (and it is a most beautiful bottle with a raised Lalique style Medusa), but I am not so sure I like it on my man. He says it smells of classy hotels in hot climates, Spain or Mexico. He should know.
      I quite like a little bit on my wrist occasionally, just because it is so intriguing and whimsical. It is not a great big bloke of a scent- it is a bit of a hippy maybe.
      ( my boyfriend is the former, not the latter).
      I am keener on L'Homme which is more truly masculine and less continental than The Dreamer.

      Yes, The Dreamer is a sweet male perfume, and I am not sure how many men want to be sweet.
      It could be a bit headachey in the wrong hands. It isn't sexy either, it is a real white rabbit of a perfume- it's too elusive. It was formulated in 1996-I reckon the parfumier was going for something like an alcoholic liqueur/ cocktail type smell, it is a little like one of those odd tastes like Chartreuse or Strega.
      It would defnitely suit a younger man.

      Price wise, you can get it online from about £15.

      What happened was, I liked the Dreamer in the tester but then read a write up of L'Homme.
      I bought both online for about £30 and gave them to my man as a gift. He loved the bottle of the Dreamer, but was knocked out by the scent of L'Homme, which he wears daily and which always reminds me of him ( and always will).


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      19.04.2007 14:42
      Very helpful



      for a great smell that lasts long and will get you noticed its got to be VERSACE THE DREAMER!

      I first purchased this aftershave in Tenerife a good few years back. Although I had taken a few aftershaves on holiday with me I decided to treat myself to a new one and there it began.

      I had meant to buy another bottle before leaving the island as i had somewhat fallen in love with this aftershave although at the time i did think well its just because its new and well when your on holiday everything seems better than it really is but this was no holiday romance it was the real thing. I never did get round to buying another bottle but thought oh well I thought just get a bottle when I get home. Although the bottle I had purchased still had almost half its contents left I didn't want to run out of this scent I was fast becoming addicted to.

      The scent of this aftershave is very distinctive it is somewhat sweet but then not, somewhat strong but then not. It has a sweet overtone a bit citrusy perhaps oriental with a masculine woody undertone which when blended together make for a scent which I cannot put into words.

      The scent once applied will last for hours, I have regularly worn it out to pubs and clubs full of smoke in the days before the smoking ban and came home 8 hours on and the only smell from me was that of the dreamer, in fact you can still smell it off the clothes you wore as they lie in the washing basket waiting to be washed.

      Although the scent is a long lasting one it is never over powering even after first spraying it on it dies down straight away to the very beautiful scent that will stay with you through out your day or night. I find it a scent I can use anytime be it for work, days out or nights out clubbing it's a fragrance that is very universal.

      I have used countless aftershaves throughout the years, I was always one for trying the newest scent on the market but now I tend to stay faithful to the dreamer. Of all the aftershaves I have worn the dreamer and dolce & gabana by are the only ones which have seen people approach me to ask what I am wearing it really is that distinctive.

      Now back to my addiction story and the trouble with not buying another bottle in Tenerife. The problems started when this bottle I had bought on holiday finally began to run out and I couldn't find this stuff on sale anywhere in the UK. This was several years ago when I was an internet novice and didn't even consider trying to buy it online. Still to this day I have not seen it on a shelve in a shop anywhere in the UK but have of course found many online suppliers of it.

      It comes in many sizes as most aftershaves and perfumes do and you have to take care where you buy it from because the price differs dramatically from site to site. Some sites are charging virtually full price for a bottle which will see you pay £35 for a 30ml bottle. However I am glad to say there are others such as perfume point who will sell you a 50ml edt spray for as little as £12. There are also various sites selling gift sets and all sorts for many different offers, simply Google, VERSACE THE DREAMER and start hunting!

      Although this aftershave was launched way back in 1996 still many have never heard of it due to it being available mainly on the continent and I still get asked to this day what aftershave I am wearing when I go out with it on.

      It is a firm favourite with me and I think always will be, I do still dabble in other fragrances but always find my way back to the dreamer for those special nights out!

      Hope this has been an enjoyable and informative read, and guys if you want to get noticed get THE DREAMER!

      re-vamped 2008


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    • Product Details

      The Dreamer. A man who knows no limits, who experiences his strength naturally, his elegance spontaneously. A transparent perfume, warm and fresh at the same time, all around, drawing out natural, intangible, sensual and comforting feelings. The Dreamer.

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