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Versace Versus Men Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      28.11.2003 03:34
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      • erm......

      I?ve a list as long as an orang-utans arm of opinions written and waiting for an appropriate category. This perfume, however, isn?t one of them. Although I was all geared up to request another category but I was shocked to find it?s already on the site. So I suppose, now that I?m here I ought to tell you a little about the perfume then. After all, that?s why you?re here. This particular fragrance instantly became one of my most worn scents the first time I bought a bottle while on holiday 4 years ago. I?ve never ever seen this fragrance in England and in spite of asking in numerous stores, no one seems to have heard of it let alone be able to get it in stock. Bizarre. Anyway, I spotted a bottle on a trip into Gibraltar and before I could say ?blimeytheresthatperfumeIlike? Mr Fish had selected and paid for the larger of the two bottles for me. Awwwwwww. It?s fairly noticeable in its bright pink box. Slightly smaller than a CD case and the same sort of shape more flat than boxy. In fact, the picture at the top of this review although a similar colour isn?t the same as any of the boxes I?ve got mine in. Across the edges of the box are emblazoned the word Versus. The emphasis on the packaging is one of contrast, which follows through onto the bottle. Perfectly round like a pre-baked scone, the crystal clear bottle has the letters V & S on it with the atomiser dispenser forming the / between the two. This means that the lid isn?t actually at the top of the bottle but to one side. Versace like to describe it as ?magically off balance?. If it were clock hands it?d be about 2 o clock, I?m not sure about what?s off-balance about that, but it is quite unusual! For want of sounding a bit pretentious, it really is an organic shape, and very informal. You couldn?t place this on a dressing table as an ornament; it really is a handbag perfume. There?s something very soothing about the smooth clean lines of the bottle
      and it just begs to be held. It?s simplistic and at the same time both young and old. I know that there?s a word to describe what I mean, but I?m well and truly stumped for the time-being. The marketing behind the perfume from everything down to the name to the ingredients is one of contrasts. It?s really a case of opposites do attract. Using opposite scents is quite a controversial thing to do and really is a bit of a gamble. Well, it?s all very well talking about packaging, but lets face it, a beautiful bottle does not a good perfume make. Lets get onto the smell then. This is a sweet perfume, ideal for a summers evening, but light enough to wear every day. It?s quite citrusy, with top notes of orange blossom, lime and cinnamon. However, when it wears off, there?s a lovely warming vanilla aroma. There?s quite a sandy, amber-ish quality to it when the top notes have worn off. I have never worn this perfume without being complimented on it. It actually seems to get sexier the longer you?ve had it on. Versus is really quite a universal smell without being bland. I would seriously recommend this for absolutely anyone (and I wouldn?t say that about most perfumes, and I?ve had ?em all!) As Versus doesn?t appear to be available widespread UK, I would recommend hunting it out on a perfume website. To compare it to something a little more common in the UK, I would say that it has in common at least one top note scent (the initial smell) and one base-note scent (the smell that lasts) with Chanel?s Mamoiselle. Sweet, but not sickly, and warm, but not overpowering. Surprisingly, this is a very cheap buy coming in at around £20.00GBP for 50mls and I think around £15.00GBP for 30mls. Certainly not going to break the bank if you?re thinking about buying this for a treat. The other main benefit I personally have found from wearing this is the fact that as it?s not readily available, it?s simply not that common. In fact
      , I can honestly say I haven?t smelt it on another soul in this county. Although I would recommend this scent to anyone as it?s so unusual, yet so inoffensive (for want of a better word) remember, particularly if you?re buying it as a gift, perfume is a very personal thing, it?s difficult to buy for people as the acidity in peoples skins reacts differently with the alcohol and the scents and for some, the choice is limited. What smells nice in the shops or on another person may smell pretty awful on the loved one of your choice (even if you are the loved one of your choice) I am fortunate in that I can wear most scents. For those of you who know me, know I?m a perfume-queen, I love ?em and there?s not many I don?t like and there?s even less that don?t suit me. Nevertheless, of all the people who I?ve given a squirt of this, (and there?s been a few as I generally have this in my handbag) not one has reported a bad reaction or stench! I suspect that it?s probably quite low in alcohol, as I?ve used this scent every summer for years now and have never experienced a rash or discomfort ? even when I?ve forgotten about it and lay in the sun. I?ll probably regret telling you how brilliant this perfume is when I smell it on a thousand dooyooers next year, but for people like myself and Jo1 (who?s also a perfume nut ? and a tall chick like me ? respect!!! ;o) ) I think I owe it to share my find with you. +++Fishbulbs top tip+++ If you are trying a new perfume out for yourself, my top-tip is if you know the scent you like, don?t wear any perfume for the day you shop and spray some on your pulse points (wrists, inside elbows, neck ? if you have to) and then do the rest of your shopping. You may find that the scent you loved in the shop smells awful when the top-notes have worn off on you and it will save you a lot of heartache, and hard-earned pennies if you try it out first. Obviously, this is completely irrelevant for this particular op
      as I?m fairly confident this perfume is unobtainable over the counter in the UK, but it?s a good tip none-the-less.) Wishing you all a Christmas filled with lovely scents. I hope some of you are lucky enough to get this in your stockings this year! Fishbulb


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