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Versace Woman Eau de Parfum

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7 Reviews

Brand: Versace / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    7 Reviews
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      28.01.2013 09:29
      Very helpful
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      Nice to wear, might buy again, not decided

      I had some nice perfumes for Christmas this year and one of them was Versace Woman. I have never had this perfume before or any others by Versace so it was a new thing for me.

      The bottle I got is a 50ml Eau de Toilette. The bottle is really pretty to look at, it has a clear purple lid at the top which looks like a sparkling gem and the bottle is tinted a lighter shade of purple, more a lilac colour then at the base it is the darker purple again. It has a nice shape to it too which makes it look very elegant and it looks lovely on the shelf in my bathroom.

      This perfume has a really nice smell which is very flowery but a little bit more fruity than most. It is quite a strong smell. I had to look up the "notes" on the internet to find out what it was composed of as I am no good at recognising different smells when they are all mixed up together. The top nots are bergamot, jasmine, eglantine flower, frangipani leaves, then the base notes are Iinoki wood, lebanon blue cedar wood, musk, amber and then there are what they call heart notes which are plum, raspberry, padparadscha lotus. Not sure that I have heard of many of these but they sound very exotic and it does have a certain exotic feel to the smell.

      Now for staying power. I tested this one out by spraying it on my skin in the morning after showering, then waited until after lunch when my Other Half came in and asked him if he could smell my perfume. He said he could smell something nice but it wasn't very strong. This wasn't too bad as I thought I could still smell it myself a bit and I do like a perfume that lasts all day. When I went to bed that evening I had been wearing a silky scarf and I could still smell the perfume on the scarf slightly so that was nice, I love it when I get a scarf out to wear and it smells nice from the perfume I had been wearing last time.

      I am not sure if I would ask for this one again but it is really nice, just wish it was a bit stronger in staying power. I will enjoy wearing it though.

      You can buy this perfume from the perfume shop in the 50ml bottle for £39.99 but I reckon you could get it much cheaper than that if you look around.


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        24.11.2010 17:38
        Very helpful
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        a average purfume but I was expecting more from Versace

        I love perfume but have to admit I hate paying lots of money for them unless I really like them. Usually I will spend ages in a perfume shop or counter testing loads before finally deciding. However I was given a boots voucher to spend and didn't really need much so thought I would get a perfume.
        Given that Boots don't have all there perfumes out as testers and in this particular store most were locked away, I decided to take pot luck.

        I decided on Versace Woman. The name was what attracted me, I am not a label person by any means but thought it should smell at least ok given the brand.

        I paid just over £10 as it was on offer but most internet sites you should expect to pay around £20-£25 for 50ml bottle. Not an overly expensive perfume, I guess mid range.

        The box I have to say reminds me of the 1960's. It is two tones of purple going up the box in wave patterns, along with a simple title of Versace Woman. A little understated I think.
        On opening the box the bottle is somewhat better.
        A clear glass bottle in a sort of voluptuous shape which ends with a pinky purple ball effect on the bottom. Just underneath the spray at the neck is a slightly tacky looking gold effect collar with imitation purple gems dotted around. The lid is also a imitation purple gem.

        The spray comes out quite sharply, gives a good coverage of scent and I have had no issues with it blocking or miss-firing.

        So moving onto the smell..................

        The product description says - Hints of frangipani blossoms, jasmine, bergamot, eglantine and padparadscha lotus flower mixed with notes of plum, raspberry, blue cedar, musk amber and wood.

        I have to admit I am no cognisor when it comes to perfume smelling and I am unsure of what some of these actually smell like, so it would be unfair of me to comment on those.
        I can smell a hint of jasmine and plum and there is a definite musk tendency going on.
        When I initially sprayed the scent I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, it again reminded me of an older times perfume. It is quite a deep smell that is strong but not to overpowering. I think of it as more of a perfume to wear to the office than a party night. It has grown on me and I think it needs a good half an hour to settle down into your skin. The perfume scent does last quite well I can still smell it a few hours later.
        Overall it is an average perfume not one I particularly like or dislike and probably wouldn't buy again as I tend to like something with more depth to it. I couldn't help but feel it should have been better being Versace!


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          07.11.2010 15:10
          Very helpful




          My husband purchased this perfume for me earlier this year as a little gift from my daughter for Mother's Day after I had a sniff of it in the Perfume Shop in Oxford Street, London. I feel in love with the scent there and then and just couldn't get enough of it.

          This perfume comes in one size which is 50ml as far as I know. I haven't come across it in a smaller bottle than this. Luckily, it seems to be on offer a good bit and you can regularly pick it up in the Perfume Shop for £9.99 which I think is an absolute bargain though apparently the normal selling price is £29.99.

          The box mine came in is slightly different to the box DooYoo has listed though not by much. The box is very tall. The box is different shades of metallic purple and almost has jester pattern on it. On the main body of the box is the word "Versace" in bold purple font and just underneath in the same size and font though this time in gold is the word "Woman". I don't overly like the box. I thought it looked a little bit on the cheap side considering it is a Versace product.

          The bottle is very pretty and on the girly side. It is quite a hard shape to describe but I will try my best! The bottle is made of glass and is on the tall side. It is one of the tallest perfume bottles I own. it has a womanly like figure in terms of the shape of the bottle. It stars off at the bottom with a flat purple half circle shape which slants upwards into an hour glass shape. As you reach the top of the bottle, the bottle stops at a flat surface which has a little circular gold piece which is quite stubby and is the neck of the bottle. The gold piece has little purple gems stuck on it. The lid of the bottle is a clear purple which allows you to see the gold coloured spray nozzle. It looks like a small diamond. The bottle has a purple hint running through it to give it a splash of colour. It is very pretty and very girly. I really like this perfume bottle, especially given that the shape of the bottle is very comfortable to hold in your hand whilst spraying as it fits nicely into your hand.

          The perfume is made up of the following scent notes: plum, raspberry, padparadscha lotus, bergamot, jasmine, eglantine flower, frangipani leaves, inoki wood, lebanon blue cedar wood, musk and amber.

          The perfume is a very floral scent with fruity elements to it which balance the amount of florals in the perfume nicely. On the first spray, the plum and raspberry scents are very prominent and they almost smell sparkling if that makes any sense at all. The scent settles down a fair bit and I find that I can smell a bit more of the jasmine and frangipani leaves mixing with the amber and musk notes. I do notice that after a few hours of wear the fruity floral scent does disappear and you are left with a musky woody scent which is just gorgeous and it isn't woody in a masculine sense, it still maintains its feminity.

          I find the perfume to be a multitude of things - warm but airy, sweet and strong. I do really like this perfume. It is everything I thought it would be and more. It is expensive smelling; you can tell it is a branded perfume. It can be a very strong scent so I do not recommend spraying loads of it at once. A couple of squirts is all it needs to create a strong smelling and long lasting scent. If you do get a little spray happy, I find that the scent becomes very overpowering and headachy. I find it has amazing staying power - around 9 hours which is brilliant and it never dulls or fades at all.

          I wear this scent during the day and the evening but it is such a sexy scent as well as romantic it is the perfect evening scent for a date or night out.

          Highly recommended, especially if you can pick it up for £9.99!


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          19.10.2010 23:28
          Very helpful



          Worth a try, due to attractive price.

          I was given this as a gift for my birthday, from my partners parents. Not to be ungrateful, but I personally don't like it, and I am intending on passing it on to my teenage cousin.

          Versace Woman perfume, well what can I say about it, first thing was I'd never heard of it, before being given it as a gift. Although I had heard of the old Versace favourites before, like Red Jeans, and Baby Rose Jeans of course.

          The pefume, comes in a two tone pink and silver, metallic, rectangular box. With the writing being presented in a dark purple, with the Versace symbol, in gold on the top. The inner of the box, has the usual pale pink cardboard to hold the bottle in place.

          The bottle itself is very pretty. It is a curvy, see through clear bottle, where the perfume is contained, with a solid pink base. Around the neck of the bottle, is gold, with pretty mounted pink rhinestones. The top is an exceptionally pretty pale pink jewel like lid.

          The prefume itself comes, in 50ml bottles. I also know it to currently be on offer in the perfume shop for £9.99.

          The scent is of course Eau de parfum, which should last longer than an eau de toilette. The volume of pure perfume in this 50ml bottle is 43%.

          It is extremly floral in its bouquet. And in my opinion, just too sickly sweet smelling.

          In its favour it lingers for a long time, before the scent vanashies without a trace. But I find it to be a bit over-powering when applied, and to be honest it doesn't change much the longer you wear it.

          I personally have had this since March and till have nearly a full bottle left, but I feel this will vary from person to person, dependant on personal preferance, as my friend, thinks it to smel lovely.

          So for the pretty bottle, and the attractive price tag, it's certainly worth giving a try.


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          10.02.2010 17:57
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Nice and girly, have a spritz next time you see a tester to see if it reminds you of sherbert too!

          This is a review of the perfume "Woman" by Versace. I think it's a little known perfume as I'd never heard of it until I got a lovely gift set from a friend for a birthday present a couple of years ago.

          Mine came in a lovely Versace gift box (with a body lotion too). I now use the box to store things in. The actual perfum is in a lovely shaped glas bottle with a pink base, I think the glass is supposed to emulate the curves of a woman too. There is a gold collar roudn the neck that has pink diamante studs around it, really pretty and then a pink plastic lid chiselled to look like a jewel forms a seal.

          ***Smell reminds me off...***
          This perfume is really girly and unique, I can't think of anything else out there that is similar and I do enjoy sampling different perfumes when out shopping so have a large knowledge base to compare it to. To me this perfume reminds me of a sweet sherbert which sounds weird as who wants to smell of a confectionary sweet, but on top of that there are some powerful floral notes. Very cute and light and wafty, perfect for a summer's day.

          **What's actually in it**
          There are hints of frangipani blossoms and leaves with jasmine, bergamot and eglantine. I always seem to find myself drawn to perfumes with jasmine in them, not deliberately but it seems a common theme to me!

          **When I wear this...**
          The reason my 50ml bottle has lasted so long is because I don't wear this one very often, but that's not because I don't like it. Whenever I have worn it I have received many a compliment so it must be one that works well on my skin.

          This perfume has a long lasting effect, I can still smell it at the end of my working day if I have spritzed it earlier earlier in the day.

          I have now banned myself from opening any new perfumes until I have used what I've got (and there are a few shrinkwrapped ones begging me to open them that I got for Christmas but I must be strong)... so this one's getting used now and I am enjoying it.

          As it was a gift I don't know how much mine cost but I do know you can pick up a 50ml bottle for just over £20 so it's not in the premium price range but it's still a good designer brand.

          **The verdict**
          Would I buy it again? Probably not because there are other fragrances out there that I like more and although it was a good gift and I have enjoyed wearing it, I wouldn't rush to buy it. I also like trying new fragrances and as each perfums lasts so long it's got to be really really good to tempt me to buy repeat purchases!


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            22.03.2009 21:13
            Very helpful



            a perfect scent that makes you feel as rich as the brand

            I was walking through a local shopping centre looking for a quick buy for mothers day, when i spotted this perfume in the Perfume Shop for £9.99 on offer, i went inside the shop and the cashier told me it was a 50ml bottle for £9.99 and its flying off the shelves. So i asked for a tester and i loved it, and bought two bottles!
            The bottle itself is very girly, a pink long bottle with a jewel encrusted lid, very pretty for both adults and the younger female. The scent of the perfume is quite strong, you only need a spray on the neck, and a spray on the wrist (if spraying on pulse points the scent lasts longer) and the perfume will last you all day. The perfume has a floral smell , which is slightly different to your usual perfumed scents, this has a more rich scent and you become quite aware that your wearing Versace.
            I would deeply recommend this perfume and would not mind paying anything up to £25 for the 50ml, it really is a great buy and if you can go catch the current offers as it truely is a great buy!


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            08.06.2008 21:14
            Very helpful



            a lovely light perfume which is best for summer months

            Versace Woman is a perfume which my husband bought for me about eight months or so ago. I've bought quite a few Versace perfumes over the years and liked everyone of them because they smell lovely and most of them have good staying power. Versace woman is a fragrance which was launched in 2000, although I had never seen nor heard of this fragrance until I received it as a gift from my husband.

            As I received this perfume as a gift I am unsure of how much it cost; I did a search on Yahoo and a 100ml bottle of this perfume costs between £29-45 depending on where you purchase it from. The reason this perfume is as expensive is because it is an Eau De Parfum fragrance.

            As you can see from the picture at the top of this review the bottle is really nicely shaped and coloured. The bottle is made from clear glass so you can see how much of the perfume you are using and how much you have remaining in the bottle. I have used about 60% from my bottle in eight months. Around the neck of the bottle there is a lovely gold metallic band which has some lilac coloured crystals moulded into it, the lid on the bottle resembles a small chunky lilac coloured crystal too. I think that the colour, shape and design of the bottle looks really pretty and feminine.

            ~*~ Fragrance Notes~*~
            Versace Woman Eau De Parfum is described as having ~

            Top Notes of Frangipani Blossoms, Leaves, Jasmine and Bergamot
            The top notes are the first phase of the perfume; they are usually the most volatile and evaporate from the skin very quickly. The top notes are usually very light and refreshing and their scent usually lasts for anything between five and ninety minutes.

            Middle Notes of Eglantine, Padparadscha Lotus, Plum and Raspberry
            The middle notes of a scent are therapeutic and balancing oils, sometimes the middle notes are often referred to as the heart notes of a scent. The middle notes are not always evident and can take between thirty and sixty minutes to develop on your skin, and they last for anything between two to four hours

            Base Notes of Blue Cedar of Lebanon, Musk, Amber and Inoke Wood
            The base notes are the longest lasting notes in a fragrance, most perfumes use the same base notes. This is because they give the perfume more staying power and stop the top and middle notes from evaporating from your skin as quickly.

            ~*~The Scent~*~

            As soon as you spray this perfume onto your skin you can immediately detect a gorgeous fruity/floral aroma. The aroma from the perfume isn't strong or overpowering as soon as you spray it, it is really light and airy and not what I was expecting. I was expecting this perfume to have a somewhat stronger aroma because it is an Eau De Parfum and generally these have stronger aromas because they contain more perfume oils than Eau De Toilettes.

            The light airy aroma which you can smell as soon as you spray the perfume onto your skin is a lovely fresh fruity/floral aroma which has a slightly sweet undertone to it. The sweet aroma which you can smell is a very subtle hint of Jasmine, I usually dislike fragrances which contain Jasmine because the Jasmine seems to be really overpowering and cloying, but in this instance the Jasmine is really light and subtle. The Jasmine is accompanied with a fresh citrus floral aroma which is most definitely Bergamot.

            The Top notes of Versace Woman seem to last for approximately an hour or so before they start to fade and blend in with the middle notes of the perfume. I think that the Bergamont lingers for a lot longer than the other top notes, the Bergamont compliments the floral top notes perfectly and gives the fragrance a more fresher fruitier aroma.

            The middle notes of Versace Woman last for quite sometime; they last for approximately four hours before they start to blend in with the base notes. The middles notes of the perfume are still quite floral but the floral notes are overpowered and barely visible because of the fresh fruity blends of Plum and raspberry. I think that the Plum and Raspberry gives the middle notes a fresher sweeter and more sophisticated aroma. I think that the fruity middle notes compliment the floral notes perfectly without ruining the fragrance.

            After the top and middle notes wear off you will notice that the fragrance changes completely and loses the fresh/fruity/floral scent. This is because the base notes of the perfume are really musky and somewhat oriental with a spicy undertone. I think that the base notes of the perfume give the fragrance a deeper muskier aroma which has an ever so subtle sweet aroma. The musky aroma in the last stages of the perfume is quite sweet and airy and not at all overpowering or powdery smelling, the musk is accompanied with a warm woody aroma which is Cedarwood and Amber. The Cerdarwood is the earthy woody aroma and the Amber is the sweet warm aroma.

            ~*~Perfume Information~*~

            All perfumes smell slightly different on different people, and this is due to us having different oils in our skin. The staying power of a scent also differs from person to person because we have different types of skin oils too. I said in the review that this perfume lasts for about three or four hours on me, but it could last a longer or shorter amount of time on you.

            People who have dry skin types will notice that perfumes don't last long on their skin. If you have dry skin and have this problem you should try layering the scent of a perfume by using the matching body lotion or shower gel before applying the perfume. By doing this you are layering the scent and applying a base for the perfume to layer itself upon, so you should notice that the fragrance will last a lot longer on your skin.

            If you like the sound of this perfume then I advise that you go into your local perfume store and test it before you buy it. When testing the scent spray it onto your wrist and wear it for a few hours before you decide whether you like it or not, because the scent changes the longer you wear it due to the different notes which make up the fragrance.

            When testing a perfume don't smell the scent on a perfume card because it might smell lovely on the card and when you buy it and wear it at home it might smell totally different and you might not like the scent you are wearing. I made this mistake a few times in the past and wasted £30 on a fragrance which I didn't wear again and put in the bin.

            ~*~Staying Power~*~

            I am really pleased with the staying power of Versace Woman because I can apply it first thing in the morning and I can still smell it late in the evening when in return home from work. Versace Woman is an Eau De Parfum fragrance which means that it has better staying power than an Eau De Toilette perfume, this is because it contains more perfume oils and the scent lasts between 6-12 hours on your skin depending on your skin type.

            Eau De Parfum fragrances contain between 10-20% perfume oils. An Eau De Parfum is more expensive to buy than an Eau De Toilette because there's more perfume oils in it.

            ~*~Price And Availability~*~

            As this perfume was a gift I am unsure how much it costs and where it was purchased from. I am sure you could possible purchase it from the larger high street stores such as Boots, Debenhams or the Perfume Shop as these places seem to sell a lot of the other Versace Fragrances.

            I know you can purchase the perfume online from the following retailers
            www.passionforperfume.co. uk

            A bottle of the perfume costs between £29-45 depending on where you purchase it from and which size of bottle you choose.

            ~*~My Opinion~*~

            I really love the fragrance of this perfume because it is fresh/fruity and musky. If I had to pick one fault with the perfume it would be that it is rather oily when you spray it onto your skin. The perfume is only oily because of the high content of perfume oils. Because of the oiliness of the perfume I find that it does take a little longer for it to evaporate and soak into my skin.

            I think that the fragrance of Versace Woman is quite similar to Versace Red Jeans because of the fruity/floral composition. The only difference between the two of them is that Versace Woman is a lot lighter and airier than Red Jeans.

            Versace Woman is a great perfume to wear during the day because of its light and airy aroma. I think that it would be best suited as a summer fragrance.

            If you would like more information on Versace or any of their products then you can find it at www.versace.com.

            © Butterfly-Wings

            ~~~~Review written by me and also posted on Ciao~~~~


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          • Product Details

            This sophisticated fragrance from the design house of Gianni Versace combines hints of frangipani blossoms and leaves with jasmine, bergamot and eglantine.

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