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Viktor & Rolf Eau Mega Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Victor & Rolf / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      08.02.2014 23:15
      Very helpful



      Unfortunately a poor 3/5!

      I bought Viktor and Rolf's Eau Mega in the first week of December.

      ~ Price ~
      I paid £53.00 for a 75ml bottle of eau de parfum from tescodirect.com. The recommended retail price is around £85.00.
      It can currently be purchased online at freemans.com for £85.00.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The bottle is absolutely gorgeous. Before I ordered it I wasn't too bothered about it, but since it has arrived I really love it.
      It is a simple cylindrical glass bottle with a large cylindrical gold coloured top. Behind the dispenser is a large gold Viktor and Rolf logo, which you squeeze either side of to release the fragrance, which is quite a unique idea.
      The perfume itself is a tinged yellow colour.
      Around the gold cylindrical top are the words, 'Eau Mega Viktor & Rolf' in small gold letters.
      I love the shape of the bottle and I think the gold top is a perfect height at just over an inch. The dispenser is very different and I'm not mad on it, but I have nothing against it!
      I think the bottle looks great.

      ~ Scent ~
      The spray works quite well by nipping the sides of the Viktor and Rolf logo. It does sometimes fail to work, but usually it is fine and sprays a good amount of fragrance onto my skin.
      The scent is strong and uplifting opening with a lemon scent mixed with florals. It is a clean, sophisticated scent, nothing like cheap washing-up liquid or lemonade. It actually reminds me of some sort of sweets; bubblegum comes to mind, but it is a bit more sparkling and vibrant than bubblegum and it does smell expensive despite my comparison between the opening notes and bubblegum.
      The note of pear steals the show in this fragrance. It is refreshing and sweet. It is sparkling, but not too strong.
      The top notes are pear, lemon and violet leaf.
      The heart notes are peony, basil and jasmine.
      The base note is musk.
      I really like this fragrance, but it is quite subtle and one of the first things I noticed when I started wearing it was that it is not very long lasting. It lasts around 4 hours on my skin, which is a shame because I love this scent. It is an eau de parfum so I expected it to be stronger and longer lasting, especially as Viktor and Rolf's other fragrance, Flowerbomb is one of the most intense and long lasting fragrances I have used.
      It is a really unique scent. I think it smells expensive and sophisticated.
      The floral notes are soft.
      I think this fragrance is really nice. I'd say it would appeal to older and younger women alike. I think it has universal appeal. It has no harsh notes and it is inoffensive.
      I would say that this fragrance works for all seasons. It is a scent that would work for night time wear, but it is one I have only used through the day so far because of its poor lasting power. I prefer something a bit stronger and better lasting for nights out and special occasions.
      If it lasted longer on my skin I'd be really impressed with this fragrance, but unfortunately it only lasts for a few hours and after one hour it sits very close to my skin so I have found this fragrance to be a bit disappointing.


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      03.02.2011 22:22
      Very helpful



      not worth the £££

      Viktor and Rolf (V&R) is an Amsterdam based fashion brand. It was founded in 1993 by Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsting. They specialise in Haute Couture and Ready to Wear fashion.

      *~*~*V&R Fragrance*~*~*

      There are currently 3 fragrances available. The first fragrance release was Flowerbomb back in 2005 with further a limited edition release too. Antidote is the aftershave available and then we have Eau Mega.

      *~*~*Mega Time*~*~*

      Eau Mega is available in an Eau de Parfum with a matching body lotion. Eau Mega is described as being a "larger than life fragrance". It also aims to heighten self confidence with his chic composition.


      The bottle housing Eau Mega may lead you to believe it is plain and simple. The glass is rounded and nearly half of the total body is gold and plays the part of the neck. A gold sprayer is on top and an unusual double sided, gold flower design is raised at the side and offers us the V&R logo.


      Eau Mega falls into the fresh, floral category due to the fragrance notes used to create its scent.

      *Top notes - violet leaf, green basil and pear offer us a green opening

      *Middle notes - a floral heart of peony and sambac jasmine is delicately aroused by lemon and an aquatic breeze.

      *Base notes - a comfortably but edgy base of cedar, cashmere, white musk and sandalwood

      *~*~*Availability and Price*~*~*

      As this is a fairly new release, it is widely available both on the high street and through online outlets. Current prices :

      www.boots.com : 30ml (£45.96) 50ml (£60.77) 75ml (£81.19) 200ml body lotion (£40.34)

      www.debenhams.co.uk : 30ml (£46.50) 50ml (£62.00) 75ml (£84.00)

      Unfortuantely there are no real bargains to be had with this one as some outlets charge over £100 for the larger bottle!

      *~*~*My Thoughts*~*~*

      I take great pleasure in adding new perfumes to my collection and have a huge collection of full size, mini bottles and hundreds of sample vials.I purchase my sample vials in bulk lot from ebay and keep them in a special box. Samples offer an excellent opportunity to try out perfumes, decided if they are suited to you and ultimately allow you to make the decision to buy them or not. Perfumes can be expensive and if they don't suit your skin, it can be money wasted. Also, samples make ideal stocking fillers for friends and relatives and can be easily transported around in your handbag for emergency top ups!

      In a recent lot of samples, I received a few vials of Eau Mega. I had previously heard of the Viktor and Rolf name but didn't really know much of it until I researched for this review. Although I have small, spray vials, I have witnessed the beauty of the bottle from afar in Boots. It is unusual from the neck up and oozes class and sophistication. I spritz some of this on to my wrist and neck and have really tried to get into the whole scent but it hasn't completely won me over.

      The scent is made up of quite a number of fragrance notes. The initial burst of scent is highly concentrated. It boasts a heavy scent of leafy greens. It is cool and fresh but it seems an uneven blend. No individual note really forces its way forward and the scent just doesn't sit comfortably on my skin. It just smells a bit weird and the fresh burst that was initially offered, changes to a dirty, earthy scent which just isn't all that nice.

      The top notes disintergrate at quite a speed and the main body of the scent is allowed to develop. The disappointment of the top notes is enough to put me off wearing Eau Mega but a scent needs time to develop on the skin and I gave it this time. A subtle floral heart engages my nose but it is no way special compared to any other floral based scent I have previously worn. It lacks any substance and enthusiasm like it simply cannot be bothered to tempt me.

      The floral offering is mainly created by the jasmine but it isn't as sensual as in many scents. It is joined by a light, citrus twist which does add something different and the aquatic breeze is barely there but freshens up the florals just a little bit. It doesn't envelope my senses the way I would have hoped. It doesn't entice those around me to enquire as to what I am wearing as it simply doesn't travel any distance to be noticed by others. I can barely notice it myself!

      After a short spell of 3-4hours, the floral trace has left my skin and a base developes which sits extremely close to my skin. Now I am happy and content as the base of Eau Mega is perfectly form in every way except the strength. A delicious recipe of creamy sandalwood is most prominent and includes a sweep of subtle woodiness which finishes off the scent beautifully. It is apparent by putting my nose close to my wrist for only a further hour or two and then nothing is detectable.


      Eau Mega is a confused scent but due to its rather fresh scent, it would suit day time wear. You really need to have a sample of this to decide yourself if you can handle the scent it offers as it is different to fruity, sweet or floral perfumes.

      *~*~*Recommendation and Conclusion*~*~*

      This is certainly not a scent that intrigued me in the slightest. The nicest aspect would be the bottle as it is a true masterpiece. But unless you are crazy or made of money, I wouldn't spend over £40 on a 30ml Eau Mega just for the bottle. For this price I would expect a stronger perfume which remains strong on my skin throughout the day with no need for a top up. The scent just isn't special and is rather odd to the extent that it makes my head whirl when I first spray it.

      I cannot recommend Eau Mega but if you still want to try it then nip into your local Boots and grab a sniff but I certainly won't be buying it.

      Thanks for reading x


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