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Viva La Juicy By Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews
  • Pretty Bottle
  • Smells nice
  • A bit expensive.
  • For younger people
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    2 Reviews
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      24.07.2014 12:28
      Very helpful


      • "Good staying power"
      • "Pretty Bottle"
      • "Lovely Scent"


      • "A bit expensive."


      The Viva La Juicy scent is produced by the Juicy Couture brand, and is widely available to purchase in either an Eau De Parfum format, or an Eau de Toilette spray, which generally offers better value for money. The 30ml bottle of Eau De Parfum spray that I own generally retails for somewhere between £30 and £40.

      The glass bottle is quite 'square-ish' in its shape and is made of clear, chunky glass. The little bottle is very nice, and quite modern, bordering on being quite chic.

      The scent is described (on various sites online) as being 'Floral' and I do agree with this claim. Indeed, the first real notes that I can detect are all very floral, but I was able to detect early on that these floral tones were surprisingly 'light' rather than being heavy notes that are often present in other floral-scented perfumes. This discovery was very welcome for me, as I can't say I am overly fond of heavy floral scents.
      The Viva La Juicy perfume really feels rather more contemporary than most other floral-scented fragrances that I've encountered before, although I do have to point out that whilst it feels modern and quite 'chic', it doesn't feel too young for my thirty-something years; I am completely comfortable being in the scent's fragrant cloud.
      There is something 'fresh' to be observed from the heart of the scent, but this is really only obvious once it has been allowed to settle on the skin for a good while; at first, it just feels floral and feminine, but this isn't a criticism on my part; I do like the scent in its initial stages too. Later on, however, a notable refreshing 'edge' is noticeable and this allows the scent to feel light and refreshing, making it the perfect scent for the warmer summer months.
      There is an obvious sweetness to the back of the scent's main notes too, and whilst this is fairly noticeable later on, it never really seems to become overly obvious, which I feel would make it threaten the delicateness of the refreshing element of the scent. Noticeable, yes... Over-bearing, no.
      I like the flexibility of this particular scent; I've never found that it feels over-the-top for any particular occasion, with its light, summery fragrance feeling quite easy-going in this regard. Furthermore, I do feel that it is suitable for both daytime and night-time occasions; it feels 'special' enough for more 'dressy' occasions, whilst feeling 'comfortable' enough for daytime outings.

      I have found that the Viva La Juicy Eau De Parfum performs very well in terms of the scent's longevity; I can easily detect a fragrant 'whiff' of the perfume on my wrists some hours after applying. Furthermore, I don't find that there is any real need to apply copious amounts of the spray onto my skin to achieve a good 'depth' to the perfume.

      I would definitely repurchase the scent again in the future and do recommend it.


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      15.07.2014 13:20
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "OK bottle"
      • "Smells nice"


      • "For younger people"
      • "No staying power"
      • "Not good value"

      Viva La Juicy - Floral and Fruity

      I work with perfumes, so I have a lot of them for different occasions. I am not a collector of bottles like some people, but I do get a lot of samples and so on. On of the ones I have is this Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. I''''ll be honest, Juicy Couture is not my thing at all, but this perfume is quite nice actually.

      The scent is what they call floral (they being the experts) but I think there is more than a hint of fruitiness to it. It has topnotes of wild berries and mandarin, the latter of which you can definitely smell because it has a citrus twist to it. I think this is what makes it a nice scent for me personally because otherwise I think it would be too flowery. The floral scent comes from the heart notes of gardenia, jasmine and honeysuckle. I honestly think that either of these things (the fruit or the floral) by themselves would be too much, but there is an almost perfect balance of the two to make quite a refreshing and nice fragrance.

      The fragrance is quite light and summery and very much a day one. I think it is a fragrance for a younger person as well if I am being honest. It would suit someone in their late teens or early twenties I would say, so it would make a perfect gift. I am ahem mid thirties ahem and I think it is possibly a bit too young for me, much as I am loathe to admit it!

      The bottle is very reminiscent of a sweet wrapper I would say, although I think it is designed to look like a traditional perfume bottle with the traditional glass stopper style top (although it is actually a standard squirty bottle). It is quite a nice bottle I suppose but it has a little pink bow on it that makes it look a little bit tacky actually I think! There are also a couple of little charms thrown in for good measure if that is your thing.

      The perfume hasn''''t got a lot of staying power I don''''t think. I can''''t really smell it any more after a couple of hours of using it and that makes it not particularly good value for money at around thirty five pounds a for a 30ml bottle. Not bad if you can get it discounted and would make a nice present for a younger person, but not the best in my opinion.


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    • Product Details

      Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Edp (30ml) Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture is a a deliciously fruity and floral fragrance that smells fresh and fun unleashing sensual glamour on to your skin with every spritz / Energise your senses with the wide variety of uplifting scents within this perfume and enjoy the day!

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