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Vivienne Westwood Let it rock Eau de Parfum

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8 Reviews

Brand: Vivienne Westwood / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    8 Reviews
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      28.05.2013 13:19
      Very helpful



      A slightly woody floral that doesn't match its name

      Vivienne Westwood's 'Boudoir' has been a favourite fragrance of mine for a few years now but I'd never really looked into the brand's other scents until recently when the rather erroneously named 'Let It Rock' eau de parfum suddenly became very cheap. I snapped up a bottle untested though the description did appeal.

      'Let It Rock' was the name of the London fashion store that Vivienne Westwood opened in the 1970s with music and fashion entrepreneur Malcolm McClaren: the store's name was later changed to 'Sex'. There's nothing very 'rock' about this fragrance at all and even the attempts to get a cross a punky or spirited image with the packaging smack of trying too hard. Where 'Boudoir' is elegant and expensive looking, 'Let It Rock' is cheap and tacky.

      This slim tall bottle is capped with the usual Vivienne Westwood orb design lid that is used on the bottles for the other VW brands but in this case the lid seems a tad too large for the bottle and fails to stay securely in place when I put the bottle in a handbag. 'Let It Rock' is emblazoned graffiti style in big bold red letters, a style that is seriously at odds with the contents of this bottle. The one thing I do really like about the bottle is the shimmering pearlescent sheen on the surface of the glass.

      Best described as a 'woody oriental', 'Let It Rock' is a feminine scent dominated (but not aggressively so) by a heart of patchouli, a note that I would associate far more with sixties hippy-chicks with flowers in their hair, than I would the punky, pirate-y military look of 1970s Westwood. Still this is 2013 and even the irreverent Dame has mellowed at least a little.

      The only thing remotely 'rock'n'roll' about this fragrance is the startlingly in-your-face opening which defies description; I get bergamot and grassy notes, a wake up call that's loud and unapologetic. The fragrance notes state that there's freesia among the top notes but I don't pick it up, maybe because the greenness dominates.

      The patchouli is unmistakable but it's a toned down sweeter version in comparison with more woody orientals. Even if you think you don't like patchouli, 'Let It Rock' is worth a try because it presents patchouli in quite a different way, making it softer and more feminine. Spices blend nicely with just a hint of sweetness and because there's a gentle woodiness this stops the heart from being cloying. Apparently there's jasmine in the heart too but I don't get this at all, despite it being my favourite floral.

      This scent develops into a warm, deep blend of amber and patchouli, slightly powdery with just a hint of musk, though it remains light and therefore could be worn by young women as easily as older ones. It's definitely more 'bo-ho' than 'rock chick' and the sort of fragrance for cooler rather than warm weather. It reminds me a little of 'Euphoria' by Calvin Klein though I'd say that 'Let It Rock' is better blended.

      The staying power is very good, a spritz in the morning lasts well into the afternoon, but the sillage is poor and it's only after a quick re-application before leaving the office that anyone notices this scent on me.

      I've heard that 'Let It Rock' is now cheap because it has been discontinued; it seems a shame because this is an interesting fragrance that offers something a bit different from the rest of the crowd. It's not, however a patch on 'Boudoir' in terms of quality and when it's finished I don't think I'll be looking to replenish it, as I always do with 'Boudoir'.

      At the time of writing 'Let It Rock' eau de parfum is priced at £15.95 from e-tailer Fragrance Direct.


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        13.03.2013 15:27
        Very helpful



        Not for me

        I had seen Vivienne Westwood's Let It Rock perfume many times while shopping online, but I had no desire to add it to my growing perfume collection.
        The bottle has Let It Rock written in large red letters down the side of it and to me it looks as though it would appeal more to younger girls.
        Even the name of the perfume seems very 'trying to be cool, but actually being uncool' in my opinion.
        It is apparently named after a shop of the same name that Vivienne Westwood opened in 1971!

        When I was feeling fed up recently I decided to treat myself to a few perfumes and on www.cheapsmells.com I ordered Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir perfume, which I'd had my eye on for a while and when I saw this perfume was only £14.05 for the 50ml bottle of eau de parfum I decided to add this to my basket as well as the usual retail price is £47.00 for 50ml and even though I hadn't wanted it to start, I decided I would have it for that price.

        ~ Price and availability ~
        Let It Rock is available as a eau de parfum and a eau de toilette. I have the eau de parfum version, which currently costs £13.64 for 30ml (RRP £29.50) or £14.95 for the 50ml bottle (RRP £47.00) on cheapsmell.com.
        The 50ml eau de toilette is also available on cheapsmells.com for £16.50 (RRP £38.00).
        The 50ml eau de parfum is also available from Amazon.co.uk for £18.29 with free delivery, but is sold by private sellers rather than from Amazon direct.

        ~ Bottle ~
        The bottle is tall thin and cylindrical with Let It Rock written in large red letters down the front of it. The letters are made to look as though they have been sprayed on with a spray can.
        There is also a red heart and a star drawn on the bottle in this style.
        The back of the bottle has 'Vivienne Westwood' in gold lettering towards the top of the bottle.
        The lid of the bottle is the same as the lid for Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir perfume (which comes in a completely different bottle). It is a clear globe shaped cap with a gold coloured metal ring going round it and there is a gold cross shape on the top.
        I think the lid definitely adds to the look of this bottle as the bottle is just a straight cylindrical shape and even with the graffiti spray-can type writing I think it looks a little bit plain without the addition of this interestingly shaped lid.
        The perfume itself is a light orange colour and although I could never tell from looking at pictures online, the bottle has a kind of oily look to it, so you can see green, blue, purple, orange and yellow colours reflecting from the bottle when it is looked at from certain angles.

        ~ Scent ~
        I was initially quite surprised about how strong this perfume smells, considering I expected that it was aimed at younger women.
        It contains top notes of mandarin and freesia, heart notes of jasmine and patchouli and base notes of amber.
        The amber is very strong in this perfume. I can detect a slight floral element to the fragrance, but I find that the amber is very dominant and it almost masks the other notes in this fragrance.
        The patchouli is evident once the perfume has settled on your skin, but is still enveloped in the overall amber scent.
        I cannot detect mandarin or any fruitiness in this perfume at all.
        To be honest I am not too keen on this perfume. It is strong and heavy and I just don't like the scent very much.
        It is a warming fragrance and it has a little bit of spiciness to it. I don't hate it and I will get through my bottle, but it will not be my regular choice of perfume to wear.
        I just feel it is too harsh and heavy for my tastes.
        Although I thought that this perfume was aimed at a younger audience, I'd say this perfume would probably appeal, although not exclusively, to more mature women and I can easily imagine it on a woman in her 50's or 60's.
        I have found it to be very long lasting and it is still evident on my skin 12 hours after application.

        ~ Conclusion ~
        I am not keen on this perfume. It is a bit too harsh, spicy and heavy for my tastes.
        The bottle has grown on me a bit, but I'm still not a massive fan of the design.
        The perfume is very reasonably priced and if you like the description and the list of notes you may well love this perfume, but it the scent is not for me.
        I would not recommend this perfume and I would not buy it again.


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          09.01.2011 16:01
          Very helpful



          A really nice scent I got at a bargain price!

          Today I want to present you my newest parfum buy - "Let it rock" by Vivienne Westwood! I got this parfum when I went to London shortly after christmas to treat myself to some bargains.

          Shopper's appeal
          During my London holiday I stayed in Romford, which is about 20 minutes from Liverpool Station with a nice, clean Travelodge hotel. Very close to the hotel is a department store called T. J. Hughes and I couldn't help but notice their sale signs regarding their parfums when I went by. In first place I went in because on the sale it said they were offering one of my favourite parfumes. Then I discovered another one that looked interesting - "Let it rock" by Vivienne Westwood. The bottle looked so nice and when I asked the friendly lady behind the counter if I could try it, she handed it to me and I was amazed by the scent!
          Then I also discovered how cheap it is and simply had to get it.

          The packaging and the bottle
          The cardboard box is mainly black with white bits on the back and the front which look like they've been scratched out. There's the name Vivienne Westwood printed in gold and the logo is just above that writing. Upside down there's the "Let it rock" writing - it looks like it's been written with lipstick! In very small script it says that the bottle contains 50ml and that it's an eau de parfum.
          On the back you get the list of the ingredients and you get to know where the perfume was preduced.
          The bottle itself is pure eyecandy! It's 12cm big and 3cm in diametre. The "Let it rock" writing from the packaging can be found on the bottle again, adorned by a little heart that fits the style. The bottle itself is actually see-through, but when the light falls on it in just the right way, you can see it sparkle in rainbow colours!
          The screw that tops the bottle is an eyecatcher as well. There's a clear crystal ball ardorned with gold and there's a golden ring around it - almost like a planet. The ball is topped by a golden cross.
          The bottle looks funky and dramatic at the same time. The golden screw gives it an almost sacral style which clashes with the name and the design of the rest of the bottle in an interesting, ironic way.

          My experiences

          The scent
          "Let it rock" smells fresh and sweet at the same time. The sweetness is not too strong; instead it comes across as grown-up playfulness. I was able to recognize patchouly in this scent and also found it when I checked the scent's official description. The patchouly smell isn't too dominant tho!
          Bergamot, freesie, ambra and jasmin are also on this, but the scent isn't too oriental at all. I reckon it's great for women of all ages as it is seductive, but not too heavy or dark. It's elegant but has a (wonderful!) edge, which suits the name "Let it rock" motto perfectly.

          How long does it stay on?
          I was still able to smell this parfum at least four hours after I applied it and even later it was still there, so I am defenitely satisfied with that.

          How long will it last me?
          This parfum will last you a while and I regard it as fairly "normal" in it's decrease. It won't last you forever but the bottle doesn't dramatically empty itself when you spray a few times either.

          Skin's reaction
          My skin was absolutely fine with that, but I've never had an allergic reaction to perfume so far. If you're allergic or have very sensitive skin, check the ingredients before buying.

          The ingredients
          Alcohol Denat., Aqua / Water / Eau, Parfum / Fragrance, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Acrylates / Octylacrylamide Copolymer, Benzophenone-3, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Cinnamate, BHT, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylemthane, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Citral, Citronellol, Coumarin, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Gernaiol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters, Limonene, Linalool, FD&C Blue N°1 (CI 42090), FD&C Red N°4 (CI 14700), FD&C Yellow N°5 (CI 19140).

          The price
          I bought this at T. J. Hughes in Romford, London, and paid £12.99.
          An Amazon.co.uk it is sold for £19.05.
          I think both of these prices are great deals - I researched this on German Amazon because I was writing a German Review as well and it was double the price!

          I love the scent and I'm glad I got such a bargain. The parfum smells exciting, but it's still a sound mix! It really sounds me and stands out from other scents without being odd. It's great for every occasionand suits all ages - as long as you want to "let it rock"! ;)


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            03.12.2010 12:41
            Very helpful



            A lovely warm oriental scent that is not excessively priced..

            I'm not a fan of the lady herself, but I am now a huge fan of this fragrance she has put her name to, which is titled 'Let It Rock' and here's why..

            As it was my birthday last week I was lucky enough to receive lots of lovely presents which were mainly toiletries and perfumes, and amongst them was this particular scent which was from one of my friends. I did look at her a bit strange when I opened it but she reassured me I would "like it as it's lovely" to quote her..

            I don't tend to buy many 'designer' named fragrances these days due to mainly lack of funds, so I was quite excited to have something with a name other than 'Avon' on my dressing table regardless of whether I liked it or not!

            The scent comes housed in an upright standing cylindrical bottle made of transparent glass. The design is simple but quite eye catching mainly because of Westwood's trademark cross that sits atop of the lid. The other feature of the design is the slimline bottle, which features the lettering in a graffiti style writing; this is not pretty in any way but does go with the tone of the fragrance.

            Let It Rock is made up of some beautiful notes and is described as an "..Oriental and Woody perfume.."

            It opens with a fruity/floral combination of Freesia and Mandarin, whilst the heart is made up of Patchouli and Jasmine. This is followed by the base which is warm and woody Amber based.

            This is available as an EDP in 30ml and 50ml sizes (for reviewing purposes the bottle I own is the 30ml but the design of both sizes is identical).

            This seems to be averagely priced at around £15 for the 30ml but prices will vary depending where you shop.

            My opinion~
            I was very dubious about liking this because though I have seen it in the shops I had never tested it so was unaware of how the fragrance would sit on my skin when worn. I didn't want to be rude to my friend who had been so kind to buy me it, so I knew whether I liked it or not I would have to wear it when I saw her!

            Luckily when I sprayed this for the first time I was actually pleased with her choice and she was clearly correct when she said it was lovely and I would indeed like it. Because of the floral notes used I was hesitant whether I would take to it as I'm not a fan normally of floral based fragrances (as I have said many times in previous perfume reviews). The first thing I noticed when I applied to my skin was the initial strength of the scent, which to be honest is a little overpowering, but as it is an Eau de Parfum and not an Eau de Toilette this is not too surprising.

            The strong blast of the opening notes did make my nasal passages tickle, and I did sneeze once or twice, but it fades to a comfortable strength very quickly.
            Once the Freesia and Mandarin have faded, the heart notes are more noticeable; probably the Patchouli stands out more than the Jasmine I thought but that's just my opinion.
            What you are left with when it has all settled is a lovely warm fragrance which the Amber seems to be responsible for. It transforms the perfume into something woody and gives it the oriental kick it needs and most importantly makes it an intoxicating and alluring scent.

            Would I recommend it?
            I would definitely say this is worth trying especially if you tend to prefer more woody oriental based fragrances like I do. It does come across as being too strong at first yes, but that does soon fade to a very comfortable- yet highly noticeable- strength that lingers on the skin for several hours. In fact the first time I used this was around 11am on the day of my birthday and I applied a few squirts to my pulse points. The scent was clearly detectable at around 11pm that same night so this has real staying power in terms of usage.

            As it is quite a heavy scent I have refrained from using it during the day as it suits an evening mood far more, but again that's just my preference.

            This is not the sort of thing I would probably have chosen for myself but I'm really glad I received it as a gift and I would be tempted to buy it myself in the future when this bottle runs out.
            Age wise, I can't really give a number as it seems to suit most brackets, though having said that the younger market may be attracted by the packaging but as the perfume is quite heavy it may not be their taste.

            Like warm oriental fragrances? Then this could be for you..


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              26.11.2010 09:19
              Very helpful



              An expensive designer perfume that fades to a heavy base, nice but I have to be in the mood for it!

              Let It Rock is just one of the fragrances by legendary designer Vivienne Westwood, and comes in both Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum strengths - this review is focusing on the EDP.

              Let it Rock comes in both 30ml and 50ml sized bottles, and can be bought both online and in Vivienne Westwood stores - I bought my small version in store whilst on a trip to Leeds, but I think branches are few and far between, so you're probably best getting a bottle online. It was a while ago, but I think I paid around £20 for a 30ml bottle. This isn't the cheapest fragrance, as usually I like to get more ml for my money, but I thought buying this would be something special and I was drawn in.

              The bottle is very unique and really caught my eye, coming in a tall rounded bottle that shows the light orangey amber colour of the perfume off very well. The lid is shaped like Westwoods logo, and consists of a gold orb sitting on top of the pump action spray. That wouldn't be very 'rock and roll' in itself but the words 'Let It Rock' are scrawled lipstick-like down the bottle.

              When I first sprayed this, the first thing I noticed was that it was very strong, which I suppose is to be expected with an Eau de Parfum. It almost made me sneeze at first but after around a minute it settled down and the top notes were now evident. Oranges (well, mandarin) and lemony bergamot are the most noticeable sharp citrus scents in the perfume, and the other top note of floral freesia is also obvious, though not as strong as the citrus.

              After 20 minutes I could smell the middle notes of exotic, warming jasmine and patchouli which I found to be very nice and enjoyable, quite deep and rich in their aroma, but only just - the base came through quicker than expected.

              I have always been a bit confused as to what 'amber' smells like, but apparently that's the base note in this fragrance. Regardless, the end of the perfume is warming, quite deep and has a very subtle spiciness to it for my nose.

              This perfume lasts really well on my skin, and if I spray some on in the morning, I can still smell the deepest layer of the scent on my skin towards the end of the day. The top notes and middle layer are usually gone or well fading after an hour or 2, but the rest lingers on strongly and leaves a very sophisticated and slightly heavy feeling with it.

              I do like this scent, but I feel that the end of the scent is a little too heavy for my tastes, particularly for daytime use. When I tested this in store I gave it 10-15 minutes to sink in, and loved it. I really like the top and heart notes, but after buying Let It Rock I found they don't last long enough on my skin, so although this is a good quality perfume that some people will love, I only really wear it during evenings, as I feel it's a bit heavy for my daytime use.


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              18.11.2010 23:20
              Very helpful



              doesnt rock but delicious

              Vivienne Westwood was born in 1941. She started studying fashion at aged 17 and produced jewellery to sell locally. Vivienne went on to produce an extensive fashion range which incorporated the punk era. Viviennes designs were also shown in the 2008 Sex and the City movie.


              Fashion designers often release fragrances to expand their collection and Vivienne Westwood is no exception. The collection currently includes fragrances such as Boudoir, Libertine and Naughty Alice.

              **Rock n Roll**

              Let It Rock is was released in 2007. It is named after the designers first shop. It comes in Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette form and there doesn't appear to be any matching body products for this fragrance.


              Let It Rock has been created using 3 stages of fragrance notes. Each stage develops as it is on the skin.

              ~The top notes (that initial blast of scent which doesn't last long) of this fragrance are mandarin, fressia and bergamot.

              ~The middle or heart notes (they make up the body of the fragrance) include jasmine and patchouli.

              ~The base note (the final scent on the skin) is the warm complexity of amber.


              Vivienne has created a bottle design that is unusual and striking. The fragrance is amber coloured and comes in a tall, rounded bottle. The glass is tinted to give a pearlescent appearance. The lid is truly unusual and won't be to everyones tastes. A gold, orb design sits tightly on the gold sprayer and signifies the logo that Vivienne Westwood created.

              The rock theme is reflected in the fragrance name running down the bottle in a design that appears to be created with lipstick. The box containing the bottle is equally rocking and combines white, red and black for a jazzy and distinct appearance that one couldn't fail to forget.

              **Availability and Price**

              Let It Rock can be purchased online in 30ml and 50ml sized bottles.

              www.amazon.co.uk - £13.95 - £19.45
              www.escentual.com - £29.50 - £47.00

              **My Thoughts**

              I have previously read reviews on Vivienne Westwood fragrances but until recently, I didn't have the opportunity to sample them. A few weeks ago, my lovely sister offered me a partially used bottle of Let It Rock. I gladly accepted and added it to my ever growing fragrance collection.

              The bottle is really unusual but judging by online images of the others in the collection, it fits in perfectly. The orb design is really odd and it sticks out but is very distinctive. The lipstick writing is very rock chick and adds a splash of colour taking the bottle from pale to bright and colourful. The sprayer is easy to press down and blasts a good amount of perfume over my skin..one spritz each wrist and on my neck for optimum coverage.

              The initial blast of fragrance is powerful and nose tickling. The concentration of the EDP is very evident as the fragrance is heavy and quite head throbbing at first. Thankfully it quickly reduces to an acceptable and decidedly delicious level. A sweet burst of something citrussy takes the leading role and joins up with a soft, freshness that is extremely pleasant to my senses. Unlike other fragrances I have tried, Let It Rock doesn't overpower me with a strong freshness, it is deep and meaningful despite the notes expected to be different.

              The heart of Let It Rock doesn't really come through well and blends in with the top and base notes. I cannot pick out the jasmine and patchouli as being completely evident. I can feel them lurking in the background wishing to push through for a floral touch but being held back by an unknown note that just doesn't want this fragrance to lighten up.

              Soon enough, the seductive amber makes its presence very much known and all other notes are quickly taken over. The amber is very heavy and this may not suit everyone but to me, it is the perfect way to end a scent. The amber is instantly recognisable and combines a delicious sweetness with a warmth that comforts the senses. It is noticeable to those around me and is the strongest note within Let It Rock. The sweetness is just right and although edging on sickly, I am pleased with the aroma it gives me.

              The overall fragrance lasts most of the day on my skin. I can apply in the morning and although the top notes and heart notes subsided rather soon, the base of amber lasts extremely well and in a pure and powerful state. At the end of the day, I can detect the warming scent still on my skin and moreso on my scarf the next day.

              Wearing Let It Rock makes me feel comforted and settled. Most scents I own are strong and often contain too many notes leading to a confusing time for my nose. This fragrance is rather simple yet it works very well and is a pleasure to wear. Due to the length of time it lasts, Let It Rock could be worn during the day and also a night with perhaps an extra spritz for a top up.

              Due to the depth of this fragrance, I would say it would be suited to mature young females or 30s to 40s. Its warming abilities would allow this to be ideal to wear during the Autumn or Winter as it is a bit too heavy and sweet for hot weather.

              **Does It Rock?**

              Whilst I adore this fragrance, I am somewhat confused by its title. I would imagine a fragrance bearing this name to be lively and powerful..perhaps with strong blasts of unusual scents. I do not feel that this fragrance is aptly named but beautiful all the same! Its cheap price on Amazon is amazing for such a long lasting fragrance but some may not appreciated the simplistic nature of the fragrance.

              Thanks for reading!


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                04.09.2009 01:21
                Very helpful



                Let It Rock....Abit of a Flop! Nice bottle though!

                I love Vivienne Westwood, I love Rock music, so when I saw this perfume I just knew I had to get it or should I say, I just knew I had to get someone to buy it for me ;) and so on my Christmas list it went.

                Let It Rock is classed as a floral fragrance, but I think it also has a slight oriental twist to it too, and to my nose, it has more than a passing resemblance to the Jean Paul Gaultier Classique perfume, this I was very pleased about, as JPG is one of my all time favourites.

                It contains a blend of patchouli, bergamot and jasmine all encased in a funky looking bottle with 'Let It Rock' scrawled down the side like grafetti in what I think is meant to look like it has been wrote in lipstick, the bottle has a lovely irredescent sheen to it too and it is then topped off with the famous Vivienne Westwood Orb.

                Do I like the smell? Yes. Do I love it? No. To me, it doesn't seem to last half as long as some of my other perfumes and also after a while it tends to get abit sickly, and even though it is quite a similar scent to JPG in many ways, in other's it is miles apart, I never have the same reaction with JPG, I have worn it for years and never seem to get sick of it, it's a classic, whereas this one is a passing whim (that to be honest I just got because I liked VW and I liked the bottle!) that I tend to use for a few days max and then it sits there looking pretty but un-used for another few months until I decide to give it a try again. Maybe it's just too floral smelling for me, maybe I just need a scent that is abit spicier! It's definitely wearable, it smells pleasent enough, but perhaps I was expecting abit more, I was expecting to be wowed by it, probably because it was from Vivienne Westwood, and all her things are usually fab! Unfortunetly I wasn't.

                The cheapest price I have found it so far is on-line at £26 for a 30ml bottle. You can also get it as a 50ml bottle for £37.50 and also in a giftset with a 50ml bottle of perfume and a 200ml bottle of body lotion for about £47.50. I have never seen it in shops, so think it can only be bought on-line.

                I have given it 3 stars because to me it is just average....still absolutely love the bottle though!


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                  16.07.2009 17:34
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  One of my favourites.

                  With 'Let It Rock', Vivienne Westwood delivers another aromatic scent in her signature styled bottle.
                  For me, this has a sweet woody aroma - patchouli and freesia spring to mind and has the deep heady hit like Westwoods 'Boudoir' perfume. It's got a very Autumnal feel to it, mellow and sweet. This is one of my favourite perfumes for going out as is lasts without fading so the bottle lasts ages.
                  The bottle features Vivienne Westwood's orb and also iridescent glass. I'm glad this comes in a gift package also, as this is a really well presented perfume and body lotion set. I also think 'Let It Rock' has a wide appeal, not only to younger consumers as it's a mature and sophisticated scent.
                  One word of warning though, be prepared to wear this all the time as I found my other perfumes were neglected when I started wearing this!
                  This fragrance is available in 30ml and 50ml sizes.
                  The 30ml EDP typically costs £25.99 and the average price for the larger 50ml bottle is £43.99.

                  If you like this perfume, it maybe worth your while searching for the gift set, which includes scented body lotion and a 50ml EDP bottle, I bought mine in a department store just before Christmas when they sometimes have deals on gift sets. I'd try the perfume counters of department stores rather than high st chemists but there's nothing to stop you searching for the best price online once you decide you like the scent.


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                • Product Details

                  Vivienne Westwood's Let it Rock is an oriental fragrance which opens with top notes of bergamot and freesia, leading to a jasmine heart and drying down to a base of amber and patchouli. The juice is housed in a tall, cylindrical glass flacon, topped with Westwood's signature orb. The red lipstick logo runs down the side of the bottle.

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