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Vivienne Westwood Sin Garden Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Vivienne Westwood / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      20.07.2013 18:01
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      Barely there!

      I had wanted to try Vivienne Westwood Boudoir Sin Garden for ages and after trying the original Boudoir perfume, which I really liked and found to be so long lasting that I could still smell it on my skin after 24 hours (no joke - read my review), I went on a mission to track this perfume down.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      I thought this fragrance had been discontinued as I couldn't find it anywhere online, apart from on amazon.co.uk from a independent seller, who was selling it for £66.00 for 50ml.
      I didn't want to buy it from them as I have had a few fake perfumes from ebay and I don't trust independent sellers any more.
      I was walking through Debenhams on bank holiday Monday and on the bottom shelf below all of the other Vivienne Westwood fragrances were about 10 boxes of Boudoir Sin Garden. The plastic wrappers were dusty and the white sticker on the back with £47.00 written on was yellowed and the first box I picked up also had a sticker ripped off down the side.
      I still don't know whether this perfume has been discontinued and they found those old bottles somewhere or whether this is the usual way Debenhams treat their stock.
      So it cost £47.00 for 50ml and there was a deal on that if you bought any 50ml Vivienne Westwood fragrance you got a free Vivienne Westwood heart shaped bag, which the staff ignored and didn't bother giving me.
      I wasn't too bothered, but with things like this I tend to put these free gifts on ebay and get some of my money back. I made £17 on a free Marc Jacobs umbrella a few months ago.
      I haven't seen this perfume on sale anywhere else.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The perfume comes in the same bottle as the original Boudoir perfume. It is a chunky glass cube with rounded edges. There is a sticker on the front which is a pastel green colour and it has 'Vivienne Westwood' in gold lettering and 'Boudoir Sin Garden' underneath in pink lettering.
      Like the original, the label is made from paper so I always fear if it got wet it could ruin the look of the bottle.
      The perfume itself is a very light green colour.
      The bottle has a clear spherical plastic lid, with a gold metal cross on the top and a gold metal ring going round the outside of it. I do quite like the lid. I think it adds interest to this bottle. I also really like the shape of the bottle.

      ~ Scent ~
      I like the scent of this perfume, but after all of my searching, I have to say I don't like it as much as the original. I do like the scent, but I don't think there is much to it.
      It has a powdery, green scent and I can also detect a citrusy element to it.
      The top notes are aldehydes and seductive freesia, all spiced with pink pepper.
      The heart notes are heliotrope, violet and iris.
      The base notes are musk, warm and milky sandalwood, oakmoss and amber.
      I would never have guessed any of those notes. I can't detect any of the floral notes individually, but I can detect a slight floral scent in it.
      I find it is very subtle on my skin and the sillage is very poor. With the original Boudoir, I could smell it on myself all day long, but with this I have to bury my nose in my wrist.
      Even writing this review I have to keep spraying it as it is so weak I can hardly smell it any more.
      I have worn this perfume to work a few times and unlike the original Boudoir, I have not noticed the scent at any point of the day and I have found the longevity very poor. I am unable to detect this perfume on my skin after 3 hours and it is incredibly subtle after just half an hour.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      This perfume has been a big disappointment. It was one I really wanted to like, but it has offered me nothing to help defend it.
      The scent itself is not bad, but it is so weak it disappears in no time and I am shocked that it can be an eau de parfum.
      I do love the bottle's beautiful shape and how chunky the glass is, but I can have exactly the same bottle with the original Boudoir scent in, which contains a much better quality fragrance and it cost me less money.
      I would only recommend this to my worst enemy and I'd recommend they stock up, buying a few bottles. Otherwise I think it is best to steer clear from this dusty, bottom shelf, overpriced, weak excuse for a perfume.
      Being the complete gambler that it seems I must be, this would not put me off trying the other Boudoir offshoot called Boudoir Jouy, which also seems to have been discontinued.


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        19.05.2012 22:25
        Very helpful



        A good gift - for yourself or a loved one

        I wouldn't exactly call this a budget perfume, but after smelling it on a tester strip in Boots I just had to have it. Six months later and after a lot of subtle hinting at my boyfriend, a big bottle of this perfume was my birthday present.

        The Box is colourful and girly - a light green colour with splashes of pink and gold. The bottle is heavy and has Vivienne Westwood's trademark 'orb' as a feature on it's lid. Perfect for even the most discerning vanity table! The colour of the perfume is a very light green. It's a really pretty looking product, but that's not why you're reading this review I bet.

        As for the scent, those of you that have tried 'Boudoir' will sense some familiarity with this, though this is less creamy. I think the name of this product gives the wrong impression of it's scent - there's nothing sinful about it. On my skin the most prominent notes were violet and pink pepper. Certainly when I first put this on it was quite heady, but it quickly lost this and became more powdery and light. It's a very fresh scent, unlikely to offend anyone as you waft by. A really feminine scent, and in my opinion great for summer and spring - maybe even as a pick-me-up in winter.

        My only problem with Sin Garden is it's staying power. I lost the scent of this after about three hours. But at least I got compliments on it when my co-workers could smell it on me!

        I really like this perfume, and so does my boyfriend who usually chokes on fumes that don't really exist whenever I wear other scents. I think this would also be a great present for anyone who is looking for a 'safe' perfume for a girlfriend, or even their mum. A bit quirky but unobtrusive.


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