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Yardley Hyacinth Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yardley / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      28.07.2013 11:32
      Very helpful




      I have had my eye on these Yardley fragrances for a while and there were a few I fancied trying so I ordered a few of them online including a 50ml bottle of Hyacinth eau de toilette.

      ~ Bottle ~
      The bottles for these Yardley fragrances are all the same shape. They are tall rectangular bottles, which curve inwards slightly in the middle.
      A gold coloured cylindrical lid sits over the spray release button and there is a small blue rectangular label in the middle of the front of the bottle with 'Yardley' in white lettering and 'Hyacinth Eau de Toilette Vaporisateur' underneath.
      I like the bottle. It is fairly simple, but I like the way it curves inwards in the middle and I like its simplicity.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      This eau de toilette is available in a 50ml bottle.
      It is available to buy online at www.amazon.co.uk for just £3.99 plus postage of £2.25.
      The recommended retail price is £9.99.
      Most of the other scents that Yardley have released in the collection are also available in 125ml bottles, but I have not seen this one in a 125ml bottle.

      ~ Scent ~
      The back of the box describes this fragrance, "An old time fragrance - Ever new. The enticing aroma of fresh Hyacinth has been recreated in this timeless fragrance giving a floral abundance of Hyacinth petals, flower buds and green stems."
      The fragrance has a very authentic scent of hyacinths.
      It is initially very floral and pleasant, but like real hyacinths the scent is quite sharp. I can detect a fresh green element to the fragrance as well.
      I really like the scent and I don't find it too harsh, but I can imagine that it may be a bit harsh for some people's tastes.
      As the fragrances dies down I have found that it leaves behind quite a sweet scent, although the harsher floral element is still present.
      It is definitely a day time scent. I think it is too light for night time wear.
      I think this fragrance will appeal to more mature women as it is quite sharp and some younger women may find it a bit too harsh for their tastes.
      At first the fragrance has good sillage. For the first hour of wearing it I notice the scent on myself, but it soon dies down. I have found that the fragrance only lasts on my skin for around 4 hours and even after around 3 hours it sits very close to my skin so I have to bury my nose in my wrist to detect it. I haven't been very impressed by the longevity of this fragrance.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I like the scent of this fragrance. It has a very authentic scent of hyacinths. It is light, fresh and floral.
      The sillage is good to start with, but this fragrance isn't very long lasting, but it is also inexpensive and my 50ml bottle is small enough to carry around in my handbag so that I can freshen up if need be.
      I would recommend this fragrance as it is a lovely representation of the scent of hyacinths, but the poor longevity should be taken into consideration.


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      15.11.2010 14:59
      Very helpful



      Won't be to everyones tastes

      ~ Tell me all about it! ~

      Yardley are one of the producers of simple floral based scents that are priced to suit most pockets. Their range of fragrances is varied and range from the single themed florals, to the named fragrances that have been around for a good number of years. Certain of the fragrances have fallen out of favour in recent times and have I feel been over looked. The Yardley Hyacinth EDT is a floral scent that I have worn and used in the past and although I haven't worn it as much over recent times, I do feel it has its uses amongst a varied fragrance collection for occasional wear.

      The Hyacinth fragrance is perhaps not as easy to wear as some of the other florals in the Yardley range, as it has a sharp slightly cloying and sweet scent that may not suit everyone. Even so I feel it can be pleasing to wear when sprayed very lightly on the skin and does have a good softening effect over the course of a few hours. I have worn the Hyacinth fragrance and found it to be something I need to be in the right mood to wear.

      ~ Bottle, box, design? ~

      There is a full on flowery over blown effect to the fragrance which uses strong blue tones and cool shades of green to display the hyacinth floral theme which is carried over into the fragrance istelf. The box that the fragrance comes in is light and not overly heavy and the Yardley name stands out very clearly on the label set in the front centre of the box. I feel it does have an old fashioned look to it which may put younger perfume wearers off.

      The bottle is better and uses a more simple and understated format with a clear glass bottle complete with nipped in waist and a gold toned lid that protects the simple spray applicator. I feel that the way the product looks, or at least did when I last bought it, does make it look dated. I feel this is rather a shame as the fragrance within is not too bad at all if its given half a chance.

      ~ How much? ~

      The Yardley Hyacinth EDT is produced as a 50ml spray top bottle. Prices can range from £6.49 to £9.99 and its worth looking around to see what offers or deals you can get. The fragrance is often sold in Boots and some larger stores as well as at some garden centre gift shops. I feel that the fragrance is priced to suit what it offers, as it is a basic yet wearable day time fragrance .

      ~ Top, middle, base notes? Oh just tell me how it smells!~

      The blue toned spring like scent I get from the Yardley Hyacinth fragrance is a scent that can be a little too sweet and over powering for me if I am not in the right frame of mind to wear it. I do like the fresh hyacinth scent it imparts which reminds me of the lovely spring time blooms themselves, yet at times the fragrance can be too sweet and clingy which means I can only wear it on and off. It can sometimes remind more of a room spray or air freshener rather than a fragrance. The floral scent is enhanced with the sweet petals and and flower buds of the hyacinth flower and then toned down with a greener fresher mix which Yardley say are green stems!

      ~How do you rate it?~

      The Yardley Hyacinth fragrance does seem a little dated and I feel it could do with a revamp to make it more wearable yet retain the spring hyacinth scented feeling that it imparts. The sweetness of the fragrance can be a little too much at times and this could again be toned down to make it more wearable. I don't feel that the box with its bold and dated floral design will appeal to younger fragrance wearers, but will appeal to a more mature fragrance buyer.

      As the fragrance does have a good amount of staying power it can last some time and you won't need to keep spraying it on to know that its there. Over all I feel that the fragrance is an average day time scent that can be too much at times and I want to rate it with 3 stars which is more than fair in my opinion.


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