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Yves Rocher Bamboo Eau de Cologne

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Cologne / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      02.01.2012 01:09
      Very helpful



      Great Fresh Natural Fragrance - Inexpensive

      --Yves Rocher--

      'It was 50 years ago, in the heart of Brittany, France, that Yves Rocher created Botanical Beauty, based on the treasures of the botanical world and its infinite potential.
      50 years of experience provide a unique expertise. Today Yves Rocher remains the first to offer Botanical Beauty Care, that is even more powerful and respectful of women and nature.' From official website.
      Wikipedia - 'Natural products and mail order sales were the pillars of the cosmetics company he founded in 1958'.

      ---Bamboo Perfume--

      This is one of Yves Rocer's Botanical range (Fraîcheur Végétale) and is therefore a fresh, invigorating, and what I would call 'green' fragrance.
      Great for general use - it is neither too light nor too heavy - but just smells fresh and 'of nature', supposedly of bamboo.


      The bottle comes in a lovely strong white box with an image of a stem of bamboo down the front.
      The perfume itself is in a flattish oval shaped tall bottle in which you can see the green fragrance.
      It comes in a spray and it has a push on green transparent plastic lid.
      The bottle contains 125 mls and lasts absolutely ages.


      £14 full price.
      This comes in an attractive spray bottle and is regularly priced at £14 for 125 mls but is now on offer for £8.40 - and I believe the company tends to have regular discounts on items - at present it is 40% off.

      --Botanics Bamboo Range--

      There is also a matching shower gel which is just as refreshingly fragranced - this comes in 250 mls for £4 - but currently only £2 as 50% off. They did have a roll on deodorant in the range too but that seems to be missing from their website at present so it may have been phased out.


      Can be ordered any time from their website and you can also request a catalogue. One you ask for a catalogue they come to your home at regular intervals and almost always either offer a free gift or free postage deals.
      Currently standard postage is £3.50 but free for orders over £25.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely. A super fresh invigorating all day fragrance that also smells nice and 'clean' - plus I love the green colour.
      Also when bought on offer it is also very good value for the large size bottle.

      ---Star Rating---

      Will award 5 stars as I cannot fault it.




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      18.10.2011 20:29
      Very helpful



      A lovely light and crisp scent from Yves Rocher

      Over the years there hasn't been many products from French beauty company that I haven't tried and on many occasions I have received products as free gifts for being a 'valued customer' which have sometimes been full sized. One such gift I received a few orders back was this fragrance entitled 'Eau de Cologne - Bamboo' from the Botanicals collection and here are my thoughts having almost used the bottle up..

      *~*Price & Packaging*~*

      The bottle comes in a sturdily built glass bottle which is slimline from the side view though has a flattened appearance from the front. It has a slight curved feature being wider at the base and neck and 'nips' in at the waist all finished off with a plastic lid perched directly on top.
      The glass is a fresh lime green in colour as is the lid and apart from the logo and a sketch of a bamboo shoot on the front there is very little else on the decorative front and I have personally always found this set of fragrances to have a 'cheaper' appearance than some of Yves Rocher's other scents.

      The bottle comes in one size of 125 ml and is an eau de cologne as the title may have given away, this comes in a spray format and is £14 to buy regularly and as it is an Yves Rocher product it can be purchased via mail order through their leaflet/beauty books, online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk or by phoning their order line on 0870 049 22 22, or alternatively you can shop in one of their stores or even Ebay tends to have a wide selection of products at cheaper prices the there are plenty of options.


      I must admit to never actually ordering this for myself ever due to the fact I wasn't quite sure I wanted to smell of bamboo! As this was a nice free gift I decided to test it out as a general day time scent and found I was actually quite surprised by the enticing aroma it had to offer.

      Billed as a unisex scent it offers a unique fresh and crisp aroma and my first thoughts on removing the lid (easy for once bearing in mind it's an YR product where the lids seem to be superglued down at times) that it reminded me of freshly cut grass on a warm Summer's day. Yes as cliched` as that sounds that was exactly what I thought! I found that the fragrance was strong, but not intensely so given it's a cologne, and the bamboo is strangely enchanting and offers something completely different to other fragrances.

      *~*Wearing the cologne*~*

      As much as I like this Bamboo fragrance I feel calling it a cologne emasculates it far too much.
      As a rule of thumb I am not a great fan of unisex fragrances because I feel no matter how hard they try to be 'equal' they still always seem to come across as more masculine in my opinion so I tend to steer clear. That is not the reason for me not trying this Bamboo cologne in the past as I wasn't aware until recently that it even was a unisex fragrance; I simply didn't take to the sound of a Bamboo scented cologne as I just wasn't sure what it would be like.

      As much as I don't like unisex fragrances I have to admit to really adoring this as it's so different from anything I normally wear, preferring warmer oriental scents. It has such a fresh, crispness to it that when I spritzed it on to my skin for the first time I found it to have an uplifting and invigorating vibe to it without it being too much of a 'cool' scent (such as Davidoff Cool Water for example).
      The cologne emits at a rapid pace when sprayed via the nozzle and is quite strong on first contact with the skin, but I found it to settle down quite quickly and fade to a comfortable degree within around twenty minutes.


      When worn during the day (first thing in the morning after my morning shower ) I found this to be perfect as it proffers a light and freshness that suits this time of the day and seemed especially refreshing after my morning shower. I did try it on the odd occasional evening but found it to be fairly unnoticeable so opted for wearing it throughout the day and was complemented several times by fellow school mums on my choice of perfume. The lasting power of this cologne is quite impressive as I have found in the past that YR fragrances can initially come across as strong but fade very quickly but this lingers for several hours after the initial fading process has become - again scores points highly with me there.

      My hubby has also had the odd spritz of this and has said how much he likes it and even though I think he was hankering after stealing it for himself (not that I've let him) it's been worn more as a perfume on myself than a unisex scent.

      I would actually recommend this to all to try - both males and females - as the bamboo is a really beautiful scent that is fresh and summery without being too strong. The freshly cut grass aroma smells wonderful when worn in the warmer months but also reminds me of Summer when worn in the cooler months so it's a versatile fragrance to own. As an evening cologne then no as mentioned it is just too weak to notice but during the daytime it is perfect.

      Having been impressed by the Bamboo I have since ordered some of the other Botanical fragrances to test out and hope if they are half as nice as this then I am in for a treat.

      Botanical fragrances include:

      *Green Tea
      *Blue Cedar

      All of the above are available in 125 ml spray bottles and vary in price between £7 and £14.

      Recommended by me.


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