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Yves Rocher Candied Mallow Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      01.01.2013 15:52
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      A beautiful offering but let down by lack of longevity

      **Introduction and reasoning behind the purchase**
      As most readers who are familiar with my reviews will no doubt be aware I love beauty items from the french company Yves Rocher, with most of my reviews being based around my experiences of their products. The majority of my reviews tend to be positive as I've been a fan of the company for over 18 years and I know what works with my skin so am rarely let down luckily. I tend to order from the company every few months or when funds allow and placed a substantial order back in October as their limited Christmas editions had just been introduced.

      Each year there is a certain 'theme' introduced with last year concentrating on 'Marvelous Fruits' - so when this year's 'Candied Mallows' theme was revealed I was eager to test out a few of the coordinating items as rose notes feature prominently so what better way to start than with this EDT.

      My review will now discuss Yves Rocher's 'Candied Mallows EDT'

      **What Yves Rocher have to say about this**
      "...Candied Mallows by Yves Rocher is a Floral fragrance for women. This new fragrance Candied Mallows was launched in 2012.."

      "...Yves Rocher was inspired by the exquisite elegance of the finest candy shops to create a deliciously addictive floral fragrance. Give in to the soft and sweet almond, which opens to a heart of mallows and roses, delicately wrapped in soft white musk and bursting with tonka beans. An irresistible treat to indulge in over and over again throughout the holiday season.."

      Notes of sweet almond,rose white musk and tonka bean..

      **Price, packaging and availability**

      At the risk of constantly repeating myself in YR reviews Yves Rocher can be purchased in various ways:

      * Online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk
      * In one of their stores
      * Through one of their mailing leaflets which can be obtained by looking out for pamphlets in magazines or by phoning their customer care/ order line on 0870 049 22 22
      * Ebay also offer various YR products so if hunting something in particular it's worth perusing

      Candied Mallows is available in one size which is 50ml and is in an Eau de Toilette form. The packaging is very feminine and 'girly' with shades of pink playing a major role. The bottle his EDT is presented in is actually quite a basic design being a stubby cylindrical shape which slightly tapers off at the neck giving a more rounded, softer appearance. The bottle is completely transparent with a circular logo on the front depicting a pink floral image, whilst the logo for Candied Mallows is also in a swirly pink font (and slightly difficult to read) the wording of Yves Rocher above is in a somewhat bolder white font and is very clear to see. The entire bottle is transparent and the glass has a thick and sturdy feel to it making it ideal to pop into your bag whilst out and about with the knowledge that it wont break easily.

      The fragrance itself is a pale candy floss pink in colour and the liquid can be clearly viewed in the bottle making it easy to see how much has been used and what remains - a personal bug bear of mine is when a bottle is frosted for example and you have no idea how much is left except the 'shake it and guess the contents' game.

      Apart from a silver coloured, metallic, cylinder lid which is perched on top of the nozzle there is very little else in the way of decoration but somehow the bottle still manages to catch the eye and is very aesthetic.

      Price wise this may now vary, I bought mine on the introductory offer of just £6 (I very rarely pay full price with YR as I simply couldn't afford to, and their products don't always justify the prices). The current price (December 12' / Jan 13' )for the 50ml spray is £12.90 which for the size I suppose is quite reasonable considering prices normally for YR products.

      Candied Mallows is made up of the following notes:

      **The composition**
      Top notes:
      ~Sweet almond~

      Heart notes:
      ~Rose Mallow~

      Base notes:
      ~Tonka bean~
      ~White musk~

      **My thoughts on wearing the fragrance**
      I'm a big fan of fragrances and own a ridiculous amount which vary from cheap and cheerful EDT's from the likes of Avon etc to more expensive and premium designers such as Calvin Klein and Jean Paul Gaultier etc, though the majority are the cheap and cheerful variety!
      I tend to be swayed towards the more oriental based fragrances as a rule and normally I avoid anything too floral based as I find it can be sickly and cloying, however when it comes to anything rose based then this is where I make the exception. I find rose fragranced products to be romantic, soft and very feminine and if I know a perfume contains rose as a note I'm more drawn towards it so when I first read about Candied Mallows in a leaflet I was sent from Yves Rocher I was tempted from the off.

      Once I placed my order I was eagerly looking forward to it's arrival, mainly as there would be several new Christmas themed editions of products that I hadn't tried but mainly I couldn't wait to try this EDT as it sounded just my sort of 'every day' scent.
      The packaging for the bottle drew my eyes to it immediately as the bottle is presented in a shiny metallic box which is a candy floss pink in colour (just a little darker than the actual liquid of the EDT) and it's glossy mirror finish is extremely pretty and feminine and really stood out in amongst the other items from my order.

      On removing from the box I wasted no time in applying to my skin and found once the silver lid was removed the nozzle underneath was quite large and substantial so one or two spritzes covered a large area quickly. The EDT emits in a fine mist but very rapidly and as mentioned encompasses a large area so beware if spraying on your neck as most likely it may end up on your face (as I discovered).
      My initial thoughts once I'd sprayed this EDT was how beautiful and enticing Candied Mallows turned out to be, which was lucky really as I'd bought it blindly, going on only the write up in the leaflet I'd received. The first thing I noticed with Candied Mallows was the delicate rose notes which gave the fragrance a soft and powdery feel though not in a dated way as the EDT has a lively kick to it as it progresses.

      Though sweet almond is billed as an opening note here I really didn't become aware of it's presence until much later on, in fact not until the scent had well and truly settled to be honest. The base notes of tonka bean and musk add a much needed depth to the EDT as it could have easily be just another sweet floral offering but there is something fresh and new here that I can't help but like it.

      For a long time Yves Rocher's fragrances have been beautiful to wear but have seriously lacked in the longevity stakes making no difference whether they have been an eau de toilette or a stronger more purer version in the form of a parfum. I've owned and worn some stunning offerings in the past but have found after a short space of time the fragrance - regardless of strength - has simply faded away. Over the past year or two though I've noticed that the strength and lasting power of YR perfumes in general seems to have increased and even spritzing on a 'cheap and cheerful' EDT has given a substantial burst of fragrance for at least three to four hours and has reaffirmed my faith in their fragrances.
      When I first applied this EDT to my skin I found it to offer a sweet and subtle rose fragrance which was tinged with a musky aroma and whilst delicate it was indeed noticeable. Unfortunately though I found the scent to fade extremely quickly making it impossible to notice after a mere 20 minutes or so which was very disappointing.

      I have worn this EDT on many occasions since buying mainly to use it up quickly and whilst it may come across as quite strong on first spritzing as mentioned it does soon fade so I've been applying it very liberally and treating it almost like a body spray. If I 'drown myself' in Candied Mallows then the fragrance does last around one hour, but as I purchased matching body care products at the same time as the EDT I've found the best way of making the delicate scent to last is by layering which does give the fragrance a much needed boost.

      This is a difficult one because as much as I really do adore the fragrance of Candied Mallows I feel the let down of the staying power to be a big negative towards my decision in endorsing a recommendation unfortunately. If the beautiful soft rose aroma would only last longer than I wouldn't hesitate in awarding the full 5 out of 5 stars here but as it's longevity is very limited it lets it down in a big way.

      I do adore the overall scent of Candied Mallows as the name suggests it to be sweet but in actual fact it's a soft floral affair with rose notes at it's heart that dominates throughout which then turns slightly deeper once the dry down has begun. The sweet element is offered through the almond though as I stated this isn't noticeable until much later on and the potential for this EDT to be simply perfect is really there..except for the short lived aroma it offers. If interested at all then I would say because of the lightness this is best suited to daytime use only as it isn't heavy enough for the evening.

      I have owned (and still own) and worn several rose based fragrances with two of my favourites especially being from Yves Rocher. One being 'Fresh Rose edt' which is soft and powdery and simply stunning, with the other being 'Rose Absolue EDP' and though it has a strong floral heart there is also a warm peppery kick. If looking for a rose scented fragrance then I would highly recommend both of these as apart from smelling stunning they both offer excellent staying power and I would rate both of these over Candied Mallows due to longevity but that is simply my opinion.

      Candied Mallows emanates a bewitching rose aroma but as it just doesn't linger then I can only give it 2 out of 5 stars unfortunately.


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