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Yves Rocher Citrus Flower Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2013 12:32
      Very helpful



      A stunning EDT at an affordable price, perfect for Summer

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**

      I have a love of..or shall we call it 'obsession' with toiletries in general, though in particular almost anything from the french beauty company Yves Rocher. I made a solemn vow after Christmas 2012 that I would make the effort to not purchase anything new (unless needed) until I'd made a significant hollow in the accumulation I'd already managed to amass which is stored both in my wardrobe and bathroom cabinets (yes cabinets plural).

      I did really quite well and apart from general everyday items such as shampoos etc it wasn't until around March that I decided to 'splash out' and order from my beloved Yves Rocher. I tend to only buy from this company every few months as their products can still be pricey even when on offer and when I do purchase from them it's for pampering only and not generic daily use. I find most of their products suit my skin but in particular I have a real fondness for their fragrances and more often than not will buy a newly released perfume simply as I can't help myself and when 3 new EDT's were released mid 2012 I found myself buying 2 of the 3. I purchased at the time the Lilac and the Rose but chose not to order the Citrus Flower at the time as I'm not a big citrus fan generally. Having received a sample a few months ago in a towelette form of Citrus Flower I was surprised at how much I liked it and went on to place an order of the travel sized bottles a few months ago. Having owned and used for nearly 4 months now I feel I can fully justify a review..

      **What Yves Rocher have to say**

      "..Discover the sparkling freshness of fresh picked citrus flowers in Citrus Flower Eau de Toilette with sunny floral notes that leaves your skin delicately scented.."

      It has also been described as being part of the "Un Matin au Jardin range which encompasses three EDTs, body lotions and body milks. The fragrances of the collection are inspired by spring gardens blooming with various flowers--roses, citrus blossom or irresistible lilac."

      **Citrus Flower EDT**

      The fragrance itself is known as Agrumes en Fleurs (Citrus Flower) and is available as an EDT spray only. It was released as part of a trio of Spring gardens fragrances in 2012 along with the Lilac (Lilas Mauve) and the Rose (Rose Fraiche) EDT's. Recently there has been a new addition to the collection in the form of the beautiful Lily Of The Valley, though whether any more will be added it is not known.

      The composition is quite simple and is made up of the following:

      Top notes

      Heart notes
      lemon blossom

      Base notes
      sweet notes

      The nose behind Citrus Flower is perfumer Christiane Plos, as I have no idea who is who in the world of perfumes this name doesn't do anything for me but for those in the know I'm sure it does!

      The EDT is available in two sizes, the more compact 20ml travel size costing £6, and the much larger and far better value for money 100ml which currently retails at £22.

      I opted for the smaller 20ml as I liked the initial scent when I was sent the towelette tester though wasn't sure it would be something I would wear often enough to merit buying the larger bottle.

      As this is an Yves Rocher fragrance it can be picked up in the usual way:

      By ordering through their website @ www.yves-rocher.co.uk

      By phoning their customer careline/ order line on 0870 049 22 22

      Via their mail order leaflets (which can sometimes be found in magazines/ newspaper supplements)

      Ebay also offers a large selection of YR products at much cheaper prices so it's always worth a peruse.

      I wont go overboard talking about the bottle or packaging as it's the fragrance that matters at the end of the day but I feel a brief synopsis is relevant. My small 20ml sized bottle is a mini replica of the larger size being in a more squat cuboid shape with soft rounded edges, as opposed to the more streamlined and slim looking 100ml. Both bottles are quite simplistic in design being made of a sturdy feeling glass which is a bright canary yellow in colour though is still transparent enough to see the contents within.

      Decoration is very minimal and there are only two things featured on the bottle which are the name of the EDT in a small but easy to read font with an embossed floral circular pattern above. Even though the decoration isn't all singing and dancing, the brightness of the bottles is enough to capture the eye and is still aesthetically pleasing in it's own effortless way.

      There is a cylinder lid in a matte silver colour which is made from a toughened plastic which sits atop of the quite small looking nozzle which though is quite tight fitting it is still easy enough to remove and replace without too much effort.

      **My experience of wearing Citrus Flower**
      When I heard YR were releasing three new EDT's as part of a 'spring garden' range last year I was eagerly anticipating trying at least two out of three. I'm not normally a fan of floral fragrances as a rule but when it comes to anything rose based I am drawn in immediately so at the time I purchased the 100ml of the Rose EDT and the 20ml of the Lilac. I didn't buy the Citrus Flower at the time as again I'm not a big fan when it comes to citrus fragrances either, so the thought of citrus and floral combined really didn't do much for me at all.

      It wasn't until earlier this year I received a small sample in the form of a wipe which was saturated with the Citrus Flower aroma and having placed it in a drawer along with other samples I've accrued from various places over the years I promptly forgot about it. Having come across it a few months ago I gingerly opened it and was pleasantly surprised by the scent that greeted me and so rubbed the towelette on to my wrists and neck to see if it was for me or not.

      I was surprised at how much I liked this floral and citrus combination so when I placed an order a few months ago I decided to add the 20ml sized bottle to my order. On its arrival I wasted no time in removing the bottle from its equally attractive yellow box and proceeded to spray rather liberally.

      My first thoughts on using Citrus Flower were that I'd need to apply quite a lot as the nozzle is particularly small and there is only the tiniest little pin prick in the centre for the EDT to escape via. I was very wrong about the need to apply liberally as not only does the fragrance emit rapidly, but it also disperses evenly in the form of a fine mist which covers a larger area then I would have imagined (i.e my eye!). The other point is that Citrus Flower initially comes across as being quite a strong scent which surprised me being an EDT so I've learnt that a little goes a long way, unlike the Rose and the Lilac versions which are much softer and require more per application.

      **Results and Recommendations**
      On first applying Citrus Flower is very strong and it's safe to say very citrus led with an obvious orange aroma from the start. What I like about this EDT is the fact it isn't too 'lemony' as that was one of the main things that initially put me off trying in the first place.

      The opening notes of orange are obvious and at first all I could detect once I'd sprayed the EDT onto my skin but once the dry down started I noticed it became much softer. After literally a few minutes the tang of the orange became softer and sweeter which is when the introduction of the mandarin started to show through and it was at this point the lemon made itself known, though in a fairly muted way in the background. The base notes of 'sweet notes' never really show themselves, well not in an obvious way to me anyway, as the mandarin is the only real sweet element I could pick out throughout wearing.

      After around 10 minutes I was left with a mainly mandarin scent with a floral lightness to it and a hint of sweetness. What I like about Citrus Flower is just how natural it smells - there's nothing synthetic about it at all, just like all of the Un Matin Au Jardin collections and this is one of the reasons that keeps me coming back to Yves Rocher as a customer time and time again.

      I love the natural scent that this has to offer and even though it's only an EDT it has quite impressive longevity once applied. Its longevity wont astound you don't get me wrong but will last around the 4 hour mark before the need to reapply which I personally think is quite acceptable. I love YR perfumes but find often their longevity to be very poor - even some of their premium EDP's so for one of their EDT 's to last several hours is quite an achievement.

      The 20ml bottle is small and compact to fit snuggly in most handbags without causing too much disruption and its sturdy glass ensures it wont get easily broken should it get slightly 'battered' around. I think the basic design of the bottle is charming enough and fits in nicely surrounded by my other more elaborate perfume bottles on my dressing table and whilst this may not sound like everyones cup of tea I would say it would suit all ages.

      Because this leaves a light aroma on my skin I only wear it during the daytime and find with the recent warm weather it compliments my skin and mood perfectly.

      Not a citrus fan? You may be very surprised by this..


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