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Yves Rocher Enchanted Flower Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      30.04.2012 21:54
      Very helpful



      A lovely light and feminine fragrance from Yves Rocher


      Anyone who regularly reads my reviews will no doubt be aware of my love of Yves Rocher products. Although I like most of their beauty items it is their fragrances I tend to have a soft spot for and love to try any new editions that are released. Being a very earth friendly and 'green' company I love the combination that their plant based products are not only gentle on my skin, but also the fact that nothing smells artificial or fake makes this company one of my favourites where beauty products are concerned.

      I tend to order from YR every few months when funds will allow though always tend to place an order around October time every year as this is when they launch their Christmas collections. Each year there is a different theme where the range includes a fragrance (or 2), co-ordinating body products and some home ware in the form of candles and room sprays. Last year they introduced two themes being 'Marvelous Fruits' and 'Enchanted Flower'.

      My review will discuss my thoughts on using the Enchanted Flower EDT from here on.

      *~*What Yves Rocher describe this EDT as*~*

      "....According to legend, once picked, the flowers from the enchanted tree were transformed into gifts. Inspired by this, Yves Rocher created fragrant treats with an Enchanted Flower scent. Delicate as a soft cocoon, light as a ray of sunshine on your skin, offer the delicate freshness of an enchanted flower... a soft and luminous scent..."

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      As this is an Yves Rocher product it is available from either:

      *One of their mailing leaflets
      *Online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk
      *By phoning o870 049 22 22
      *In store at one of their shops that are dotted about
      *Ebay normally have a good range of products at cheaper prices so it's worth having a look if searching for something specific.

      This is actually classed as a limited Christmas edition though it is sporadically available throughout the year. It really is just a case of keep checking their website to see if they have it in stock if interested.

      The RRP for this is £11.90 though as per usual I got this much cheaper as I bought it on an introductory offer of just £5.45. There are always some kind of deals or offers on including 2 for 1, BOGOF, 40/50/60 and 70% off selected items so it's always worth bearing this in mind as just because it is full price one month it may be half price the following month.

      This comes in just an eau de toilette form and is one size also which is 50 ml. I actually think the full RRP of £11.90 is quite an acceptable price to pay bearing in mind it's classed as both limited and 'premium' though I'm not sure whether I would have paid that myself as I rarely pay full price for any YR products.

      The EDT comes housed in a cylindrical shaped glass bottle, which though transparent it has a bronze hue to it giving a warm and inviting appearance. The actual bottle at first appears to be quite simplistic and lacking in decoration but on closer inspection we see that it is adorned with a shimmering golden fruit tree which sparkles in the light, matching it is a golden plastic lid which covers the nozzle and part of the neck.

      The bottle is very thick and quite weighty and I hazard a guess that it would survive being dropped without shattering into millions of shards, however I've not (yet) dropped it so it really is only a guess, but it has survived being bashed around in my bag on several occasions.

      *~*My experience of wearing this*~*

      I have to start by saying that I'm not really a fan of floral type fragrances (except for Rose based ones which I adore) but the fact that the name Enchanted Flower just made it sound so bewitching and it was also classed as a festive fragrance it had me wanting to try it. On occasions I have 'blind bought' fragrances from Yves Rocher as I'm rarely disappointed but on this occasion I did have a slight heads up as I received a small sachet wipe enriched with this EDT a few weeks before it was launched.

      Enchanted Flower is also described as having 'fresh zesty citrus notes, followed by rose floral notes lying on a base of musk' and it is made up of the following:

      *Rose Absolute

      On removing the tight fitting lid there is a small nozzle with a tiny pin prick of a hole and I did worry that the EDT simply wouldn't emit when pressed. I needn't have worried though as a few presses on the nozzle releases a fine mist which smells simply magical. The fragrance is incredibly light and airy and if I'm being honest smells nothing like 'Christmas' at all so I felt slightly let down that I'd been duped into buying a so called Christmas perfume!

      As I'd already tested out the sachet a few months previously I was quite surprised at how different the actual bottle of this seemed on my skin as it came across far more muskier than I remembered, though that wasn't a bad thing.

      On applying to my neck and wrists the first thing that I noticed to my delight was a deep rose fragrance which was basked in musky notes. I'm also not a fan of very zesty citrus based fragrances as they can come across as slightly masculine at times but I was gratified that the orange, lemon and mandarin used here were very subtle and seemed to compliment the rose and musk perfectly making it in my opinion a beautifully balanced captivating EDT.

      The strength of Enchanted Flower is quite delicate, and in turn makes it a very demure fragrance to wear and ideally suited to the daytime. I like how fresh and breezy this comes across as when worn as it smells far stronger whilst still in the bottle yet when applied to my skin seems very sedate, though this isn't to say that it isn't noticeable because it is.

      Longevity wise this may come across as not being very strong but the EDT has impressive staying power and lingers (albeit delicately) for at least 4 hours without fading too much. The gentleness of the rose absolute makes this incredibly feminine whilst the citrus notes add an uplifting feel to it though as I previously stated there is nothing remotely festive going on here at all!


      If you are looking for a Christmas themed fragrance then you would be highly disappointed as apart from the packaging there is nothing festive about it at all. What you do get though is a charming musky rose/ citrus fusion that may sound odd but really works. It's romantic and delicate with an all round freshness that smells simply stunning and is highly recommended by me.

      The only downside is it is occasionally out of stock, so you will have to persevere by constantly checking the website to see when it is back in stock as it is classed as limited.

      Truly beautiful.



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