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Yves Rocher Flower Party By Night Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2013 09:55
      Very helpful



      A very beautiful aroma that is literally mouthwatering

      For anyone that has ever read any of my other reviews you will no doubt be aware I am a big fan of toiletries, and can't resist buying new ones despite having an over flowing bathroom cupboard stashed full of similar products already. In particular I have a real penchant for the french beauty company Yves Rocher where I have been a fan of their natural plant based products all of my adult life and regularly buy from them which is normally every 3/4 months or when funds allow.

      A few weeks into the new year I was sent one of the regular mailing leaflets that Yves Rocher send out (they don't do brochures unfortunately just several leaflets grouped together) and as usual in amongst were some sample products in sachet form with one being their brand new EDP they were about to launch -Flower Party By Night - having tried the sachet and been instantly seduced by the aroma I decided to order myself a bottle..well at half price introductory offer it would be rude not to!

      "..Flower Party By Night reinterprets the original Flower Party fragrance with a daring touch. This spicy night time version with an addictive licorice accent reveals a bold seductiveness..."

      Flower Party By Night was created by Philippe Romano, the name personally means nothing to myself but to those in the know he is perfumer of the house of Drom. On creating this new fragrance he had this to say - "Flowerparty by Night is a unique fragrance inviting us for celebration and fantasy with an explosive blend of almonds and liquorice charming everyone on their way very provocatively. Vanilla in the background awakes addiction during the intense development of the fragrance."

      Flower Party By Night is classed as a fruity-floral fragrance and is made up of the following notes:


      There are now 3 fragrances in the Flower Party theme which are:

      'Flower Party' which is the original and was launched in 2010
      'Flower Party Summer' is the follow up and was released in 2012
      'Flower Party By Night' is the latest, darkest edition and was released 2013

      The fragrance is available as an EDP as well as an EDT in the larger sized bottle, and can be bought in two sizes at present which are:

      30ml - £15.60
      50ml EDT(with free shower gel) - £22.80
      50ml EDP - £22.80

      There is also a few matching products available to layer the scent which include:
      200ml Body milk - £9.48
      200ml Shower gel - £6.30

      The bottle is incredibly eye catching and stood out to me the second I saw an image of it in a promotional email from the company. After ordering my own bottle I was really impressed with how delicate and ornate it actually is and I have it displayed with pride on my dressing table next to it's sister fragrances Flower Party and Flower Party Summer. All of the Flower Party bottles are identical in shape and design and bare more than a passing resemblance to Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance which is what I'm strongly reminded of every time I look at them.

      The base of the bottle is made up of sturdy glass which is in a half cuboid shape (that's the only way I can think of to describe it) and which is topped off by a a rather large and chinky plastic lid which is aptly in a flower shape. The bottle is actually quite stunning due to it's beautiful midnight blue colouring, and especially the bottle itself as the dark inky colour gently morphs into a slightly lighter blue at the base which makes it all the more attractive and extremely aesthetically pleasing.

      Flower Party By Night can be bought, along with other Yves Rocher products, in the usual way:

      By ordering online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk
      Via their customer/ order line on 0870 049 22 22
      Visiting one of their stores which are sporadically dotted about throughout Europe
      Some large department stores stock Yves Rocher products (certain Debenhams stores apparently)
      Ordering via their mailing lists and pamphlets which can be found in magazines
      Alternatively eBay offer a large selection so if after anything in particular then it's worth perusing

      Although I own both the original Flower Party fragrance and the Summer version (which I much prefer out of the two) I did initially have my reservations about buying this By Night version as I'm not a big fan of floral based fragrances as a rule despite being fairly impressed with the previous two Flower Party scents. I first became aware of this newest edition to the FP family when I received an email from the company in early January informing that they would be launching a new fragrance and to keep an eye out for the postman as a sample was winging it's way to me in the next few days.

      I didn't really get my hopes up as I use the other original FP fragrance now and again though it really isn't my favourite of perfumes but is pleasant all the same, and the FP Summer was a free gift from Yves Rocher which was included in amongst an order last year though and is the superior out of the two but I probably wouldn't have gone out of my way to purchase it myself having found the original to be merely satisfactory scent wise though it's poor longevity is a let down so I was apprehensive that By Night would let me down and didn't raise my hopes too much.

      After I initially received the email I had to admit I was intrigued due to the beautiful bottle which looked resplendent in a magnificent midnight blue, but mainly due to the delicious sounding notes used to make up the composition - I love anything scented with almond and/ or vanilla anyway but the addition of licorice thrown into the equation made me eager to want to try this. When an envelope arrived a few days later in the post containing a small sachet sized towelette drenched in the scent I eagerly applied it to my skin and was instantly smitten. I ordered a bottle that day which only cost me £6.95 for the 30ml EDP as it was on an introductory offer price and just over a week later my new perfume arrived.

      Flower Party By Night was packaged in an equally attractive cardboard box which is the same inky blue colour as the bottle itself and is so pretty that I haven't been able to throw it away yet despite me storing my EDP on my dressing table. The bottle itself is every bit as beautiful as the picture in the email led me to believe and it is so dainty and quaint that I can't help picking it up to admire it every time I walk past it. Although as mentioned it's the same shape and design as the other two FP perfumes there is something far more elegant and stylish about By Night which I think is down to the exquisite choice of colour as the original has a slightly cheap appearance to it whereas By Night is far more vivacious and charismatic.

      On removing the large daisy shaped lid which houses the silver metal nozzle, I was met with a rich and alluring aroma which was much stronger than I remembered from the sample I'd been sent and wasted no time in spritzing By Night onto my wrists and neck. The bottle may be a dark midnight blue in colour but the fragrance itself is completely clear and once the nozzle is pressed it emits at quite a rapid pace. The tiny pin prick holes mean the liquid is dispersed evenly in a fine mist and covers a large area so if spraying on to the neck area hold it further down otherwise it will end up in your eyes.

      The first thing I noticed about By Night was the licorice as it dominates from the start and once the fragrance is applied it really stands out and makes it so different from any other fragrance that I own which I like as why buy something like you already own? There is a gentle nutty aroma in the background throughout which is from the almond and this also offers a light sweetness which mixes so well with the licorice it literally makes my mouth water when I am wearing it. Once the dry down begins the vanilla makes itself known and this is where the fragrance eventually lies on a much sweeter base.

      Longevity wise this is much better than the original FP fragrance though it still lacks in staying power, which for a premium perfume is disappointing. I am glad that I purchased the EDP as it is a purer form and so therefor stronger in scent as the EDT is available but I purchased which was the cheapest on offer at the time and am glad I did now. By Night is a really beautiful and seductive scent and although I can't help but spritz a little of this on during the day sometimes I do feel it's best suited for evenings and special occasions rather than general day to day wearing.

      I would recommend this fragrance but only if bought as an EDP as this offers a reasonable amount of longevity at 3 to 3 hours though this is still disappointing for a parfum. I adore the scent of this so much that it's worth taking out in my bag to top up the fragrance if it starts to fade, and though the bottle has a delicate dainty look to it it has withstood being 'bashed about' in my bag whilst out and about. The lid securely fits on to the nozzle and the glass of the bottle as mentioned previously is thick and sturdy so I feel I can transport this safely and securely without any spills or breakages occurring.

      This is a beautiful and sumptuous aroma that is both breathtaking and intoxicating and I can see me purchasing another bottle in the nearby future as the 30ml size I currently own is getting used almost continuous as I literally can't get enough of this heady scent. Why it's classed as fruity/ floral though Im not sure as I wouldn't place it in either of those categories myself as it comes across as more oriental. with just the right touch of sweetness.

      I am deducting one star only as longevity is mediocre and needs to be reapplied but it gets full marks scent wise and design of the bottle.

      *No animal ingredients are used.
      *Made in France
      *Contact details: Yves Rocher - 56201 La Gacilly - France


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