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Yves Rocher Fresh Rose Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / What it does: Refreshes,

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2012 20:59
      Very helpful



      A beautifully scented offering from Yves Rocher

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**

      I adore beauty products and anyone that has ever read any of my reviews will no doubt be aware of my love for the french beauty company Yves Rocher. I have tried probably 90% of their products over the years (barring most of the make up as I rarely wear it) either in full size or by being lucky enough to be sent sample sizes to try as testers.

      Although I only order from the company every few months due to financial restraints I am very lucky to receive several samples with each order and whilst some are only sachet size others are generous mini versions of the larger product itself.

      When Yves Rocher recently introduced 3 new fragrances:

      *Citrus Flower EDT
      *Purple Lilac EDT
      *Fresh Rose EDT

      I was sent 3 mini vials of each fragrance with each vial holding 5 ml worth of EDT. This size gave me enough fragrance to wear on at least 6 occasions which gave me enough indication on whether I liked the EDT and how it fared on my skin with this review focusing on my experience of wearing the Fresh Rose EDT..

      **Price, packaging & availability**

      Although my EDT came presented in a basic looking cylinder glass vial, the actual full size EDT comes housed in a much more attractive upright standing bottle which is a pretty rose pink in colour. Made of sturdy glass the bottle has a cylinder appearance with an opaque pink hue surrounding it which makes viewing the contents difficult (something I'm not a fan of with any product as I like to see how much is remaining).

      Apart from an embossed feature of a circle with a flower near to the top of the bottle there is nothing else in the way of decoration but because of the pretty rose coloured glass there is no need as it looks stunning in it's simplicity.

      To access the EDT there is an easy to remove lid and a reasonable sized nozzle underneath which disperses the EDT in a fine and even mist when pressed. Although this review is based on primarily using the sample size vial I have since ordered and received a travel sized bottle and though am still using the remainder of the vial up I have tested out the 20 ml size.

      Fresh Rose is available to buy in two sizes:

      * A travel sized 20 ml spray costing £6

      *A full size 100 ml costing £11.50

      There are also matching toiletries available including body lotions and shower gels though as prices often change it's worth checking out the website for up to date RRP's.

      To order you can either check out the website @ www.yves-rocher.co.uk

      or ring the customer services/ orderline on 0870 049 22 22

      Browse in one of their stores which are sporadically dotted about

      Look on Ebay which often has some serious bargains

      Order via their mailing leaflets which subject to status also offer a 3 month credit facility.

      **What Yves Rocher have to say about this fragrance**

      "....Discover the delicate freshness of a fresh picked rose in this eau de toilette with floral/ musky notes that leaves your skin delicately scented..."

      **My experience of using this EDT**

      When it comes to fragrances I am not a lover of anything floral at all..except when it comes to rose scents for which I make a big exception. I tend to find floral based EDT's/ perfumes can be too cloying and make me sneeze but there is something about the scent of roses that I find romantic and very captivating, so when I heard about the three new fragrances that YR were about to release I knew I would want to at least sample the Fresh Rose one and was suitably pleased to discover this (and the other two fragrances) in amongst an order in trial size vials.

      Fresh Rose is stunning and from the moment I sampled this on my skin I knew I had to have a larger sized bottle and so after a few days of wearing the vial I gave in and ordered the travel size. Although the larger bottle is far better value offering 100 ml for just over the £12 mark I was trying to save money so ordered the smaller 20 ml mainly so it could be transported conveniently in my bag throughout the day for top ups if needed.

      On applying this to my pulse points I was really impressed on how fresh and life like it did actually smell and certainly lived up to it's name of Fresh Rose. The first notes to hit my nasal passages were a soft and powdery rose fragrance and once the dry down began these started to turn deeper and eventually the musky base notes were far more evident.


      I adore Yves Rocher fragrances but as I've mentioned in similar reviews in the past they seem to start off smelling wonderful but would often fall short when it came to any kind of longevity.
      I've tried just about every fragrance YR have released in the past 18 years that I've been a customer, a lot in sample form, but on the whole I've gone on to purchase full size bottles of samples that have lured me and this is definitely one of those.

      I just love anything rose scented and am a big fan of YR's 'Rose Absolue' EDP and did wonder how it would differ in comparison to this EDT..after all a rose scent is a rose scent isn't it..?

      This Fresh Rose EDT starts off smelling fresh and 'clean' then as it warms on my skin it starts to turn heavier with obvious musky notes starting to shine through though still retains a floral sweetness throughout without being *too* flowery if that makes sense. As I stated it turns almost powdery and does actually remind me of a softly scented talcum powder which does sound to drastically age it but I can assure you this is anything but dated.

      The fragrance lasts for at least 3 hours on my skin which for an EDT is reasonable enough in my opinion which is why I was glad I made the choice of purchasing the travel size as it's easy enough to top up my scent throughout the day. The bottle is sturdy but not bulky and because of the size it is compact enough to slip in most bags without taking up much room.

      I would definitely recommend this EDT to women of any age as it has a fresh and modern appeal and smells simply divine when wearing. It has reasonable staying power and it's saving grace is that once applied it doesn't seem to actually fade much so the strength you apply is what can be detected for at least 2 and a half hours but does wane towards the 3 hour mark. I would suggest this is more suited to daytime wearing as it's not heavy enough or indeed noticeable enough for an evening out despite it's romantic demeanor.


      An extremely pretty floral offering from Yves Rocher that smells simply sublime on the skin. It's extremely fresh, so much so that you feel you can smell each individual petal of a rose and is overall stunning. It is a modern fragrance with a twist on a classic scent and though I'm happy I purchased the 20 ml for keeping in my bag I will most definitely be buying the 100 ml next time especially considering the low price.

      A beautiful and fresh rose scented EDT that is perfectly suited for the summer months (even if we don't have the weather to go with it).

      Even if you are not a floral fan like myself try it, and you may be surprised at how simplistically stunning it is..

      Full top marks of 5/5 from me.


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