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Yves Rocher L'Esprit de Neblina Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      26.09.2009 12:14
      Very helpful



      A lush and unusual green-aromatic fruity floral fragrance from Yves Rocher

      Launched: 2000
      Group: Aromatic fruity


      Neblina Eau de Toilette was another fragrance I bought on Ebay France following a recommendation from a fellow Fragrantica member (online community for perfume enthousiasts). I was also looking for a more substantial, aromatic green fragrance that would stand the Mediterranean heat. The 'nose' (creator) of this fragrance is Sophia Grosjman, a well-known name that has fragrances such as Bvlgari Femme, CK Eternity, Lancome Tresor, YSL Paris and the latest, YSL Parisienne under her belt. These are mostly soft, floral, feminine scents with a hint of fruit and a certain greeness, so I was expecting something along the lines of these.


      The bottle shown on the product image has changed slightly, the one I've got has a clear bottom, however, the its lid is no longer transparent, it now comes with a silver-coloured plastic lid with small forms that look like as if they were seeds to me. The bottle is original and has a slightly odd shape. The packaging is a shiny green carton box, that I find a bit dated.


      'Neblina' means mist in Spanish and the fragrance was actually named after the Mountain of Mist or "Pico de Neblina", the highest mountain in Brazil usually covered in fog. The aim of the perfumer was to re-create the atmosphere and vegetation at this mountain peak 'between heaven and earth' using 'vibrant and audacious notes'.


      Top notes: orange, apricot, orchid

      Just smelling the atomizer and you can tell, Neblina is not your run-of-the-mill slap-on. It's light though quite sweet. Upon application, Neblina opens with a fairly sweet and aromatic mixture of fruits and greens, it's quite potent and characteristic. I can identify a green grassy note, sweet smelling fruits backed up by a slightly dry, woody background. There isn't any sharpness, it's all aromatic, fruity and summery sweet accords, fairly different from anything I've ever come across in perfumes.

      Middle notes: violet, orchid, floral notes

      The notes change fairly quickly and about 15 minutes later I'm getting powdery notes along with some floral ones, and lastly, quite surprisingly aquatic notes. These are not the usual fresh water notes but rather that of wet vegetation, a bit earthy, mossy but still equally sweet-smelling than at the beginning. The difference is mainly in intensity. Neblina has settled and has a nice, ample sillage, I can feel it around me and will enjoy it for hours. What's closer to the skin, is a mellower, rounded out version of the sweet floral top notes that will stay for another 3 - 4 hours.

      Base notes: green grass, oakmoss, woods

      Neblina is an Eau de Toilette, though the richness of its notes make it feel I'm using an Eau de Parfum as even in hot weather, it's still detectable after 6 hours. Its sillage has gone but what's left is a lovely, soft blend of powdery woods and some of the remaining creamy sweetness that wears close to the skin in the last hour.


      Neblina's staying power is about 7 hours in warm weather which is fairly impressive for an eau de toilette concentration. Like most of my collection, I bought this fragrance untested, solely based on reviews and it never regretted it. Recommended if you're looking for an unusual, sweet, green and aromatic fragrance that has decent staying power and isn't watery or sharp like most summer colognes. Sweet and green may seem a contradiction in terms but it surprisingly works. Despite its heavy-ish structure, Neblina never became cloying or heavy, but it has enough strength to brighten up those not-so-sunny days that lie ahead.


      Yves Rocher rarely stock this fragrance in their shops anymore but it's still available from their website to buy. The full RRP is quite pricey at 37,50Euro or approximately £32 for 50ml Eau de Toilette, shop around on Ebay for a better deal.

      Thanks for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on ciao.co.uk


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        04.11.2008 22:44



        Superb offering

        I'm a big fan of the French beauty company Yves Rocher as many readers of my reviews will have no doubt noticed by now. Although I love a lot of their new products there are certain 'staples' that I always like to have in my cupboard at all times and whilst I am a fan of their skin care ranges I particularly have a penchant for their fragrances.

        One such 'classic' YR perfume that I have adored since first trying is this - Neblina - which was launched over 10 years ago now and which my review will now discuss.

        **What is it?**
        Neblina is classed as an aromatic fruity fragrance for women and was created by Sophia Grojsman and was launched back in 2000.

        It's composition is made up of the following:

        *Top Notes*

        *Heart Notes*
        Yellow Orchid
        White Flowers

        *Base Notes*
        Green Grass
        Woodsy Notes

        **Price, Packaging & Availability**

        As this is an Yves Rocher product it is as usual available to buy directly from them in the following ways:

        Online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk
        By phoning their orderline on 0870 049 22 22
        Order via their mailing leaflets which also offer subject to status a 3 month credit facility
        In store, as they have shops dotted about sporadically in various countries
        Alternatively Ebay offer a large plethora of products, some limited editions, all at much cheaper prices so it's always worth a look to see if a bargain can be found.

        Neblina comes housed in a very unique and eye catching looking bottle which sits attractively on my dressing table. Being slimline it features a 'stretched' diamond which sits upon a 'ice block' like sculpture at the base. There is a dull plastic sliver dome lid which is embossed with small shiny leaves, whilst the glass of the bottle itself is transparent making the contents extremely clear to view.

        Neblina is one of those fragrances that is not always available and I worry that it has been discontinued, though then I will receive a mailing list and there it is in all it's fine glory. The cost tends to vary but for a 50ml bottle it's Y.R RRP is around the £20 mark upwards though is currently available on Ebay for under £10 (brand new).

        **My experience of wearing Neblina**
        Neblina, to me, is a most beautiful and unique fragrance that envelops me with it's earthy notes when wearing and I simply adore it's fragrance. It's very different to anything I've ever worn before and that's why I am such a fan though it may not be to everyones taste. On removing the plastic lid there is a large silver nozzle hidden beneath and when pressed it releases a fine mist of the fragrance in a wide circle so if aimed near the top of your neck be careful it doesn't end up in your mouth and eyes.

        Neblina is a rich green in colour and has a 'natural' appearance with a very natural accompanying scent. Although Neblina is an EDT, it's strength on application is really quite impressive and the longevity is equally so with it lasting around 3 hours before needing to be topped up. Yves Rocher fragrances tend to fade too quickly despite most of them being classed as premium scents with premium price tags attached though this EDT has always been moderately impressive. I think 3 hours worth of rich (but not overpowering) scent is acceptable for an EDT, especially for Yves Rocher so it gets no complaints from me on that front.

        The opening notes of orange, apricot and orchid seem hidden as it's the heart notes that seem to come to life immediately when I wear this with the violet being at the forefront. I can detect a very slight hint of orchid throughout wearing Neblina though I couldn't say whether it is from the opening notes or the yellow orchid used in the middle notes as I really haven't the faintest idea at the difference, but the orchid notes is definitely noticeable.

        For me it's once the EDT begins it's dry down that it really starts to come alive. One could be forgiven for thinking that Neblina is *just* another floral fragrance but it is so much more than that and to be honest I've never thought of it being 'flowery' before as it just doesn't come across as floral.. to me anyway.

        The oakmoss and herbs from the base seem to dominate the EDT from quite early on really and mingle so well with the strong heart notes with the overall scent being a warm, woody and very earthy fragrance.
        The green grass notes add a fresh almost summery element to Neblina and stop it from becoming too heavy and actually suitable for daytime wearing if one so wishes.

        I really love Neblina and always have a bottle 'on the go' though as I love many different perfumes and fragrances it isn't my signature scent. When I first purchased this when it had only been launched a few weeks I remember wearing it on a few occasions to where I worked at the time and received compliments on every single occasion from people eager to know what the name of my perfume was.

        Personally I tend to save this now for special occasions during the daytime or wear as an evening scent if I am going out. It's versatile enough I find to wear formally or casually for both night and day which makes it an obvious choice on many an occasion for me. It's longevity is as mentioned around 3hrs but it is only an EDT so it's wise to weigh this up before choosing to wear, as the bottle is quite large and delicate looking (though more robust than it appears) so isn't best suited to popping in your bag for top ups throughout the evening.

        I adore Neblina and love wearing this unusual fragrance and hope to continue so for many years to come.

        Recommended by me



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