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Yves Rocher Mimosa Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      14.04.2013 17:10
      Very helpful



      A lovely light floral fragrance that won me over from the start

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**

      I adore toiletries and beauty items (barring most make up) and in particular I have a love for almost anything from the french beauty company Yves Rocher. I was introduced to their natural plant based products from an early age as my mum used to buy from them, and became a customer myself around age 18 and have since been buying when funds allow. I tend to order every few months and because of this I often get samples sent through every month in my regular mailing leaflets (YR don't do a brochure like Avon, just a series of leaflets).

      A few months ago I received some vials of fragrances that according to Yves Rocher I 'may have forgotten about' and included was this - Pur Desir de Mimosa. The vial contained 2.5ml of the fragrance though it's worth noting for the sake of this review that I have owned and worn 2 bottles of this fragrance in the past so my review will focus on my experience of wearing this previously as well as in sample form more recently.

      **Price,packaging & availability**

      I've owned two full size bottles of this in the past as mentioned, one that was bought for me as a Birthday gift from my mum and another I purchased myself around a year later so I've had plenty of opportunities of wearing this and experiencing this beautiful floral aroma.

      Housed in a very simplistic, yet equally attractive, slimline glass bottle, it's bright yellow colouring is instantly eye catching whilst it's slightly curvaceous form gives the bottle a very feminine appearance. The glass is transparent with a canary yellow hue but the contents can still be clearly seen and personally I like this as it's easy to see how much remains without it becoming a guessing game. There is no decoration embellishing this bottle and quite frankly it doesn't need any as the sunny yellow colour is attractive enough on it's own. The logo is in a small dark font at the base of the bottle and though it's clear to read it's also very discreet. There is a plastic lid perched on top of the bottle which protects the nozzle underneath and though this is quite tight fitting it's also relatively easy to remove and replace on each occasion when used.

      This is available as an EDT in just one size which is 60ml, whilst price wise this currently retails at £15 and can be found on the Yves Rocher website.

      Ordering this, or any YR product, can be done in a number of ways by either checking out their secure website
      In store
      Phoning 0870 049 22 22
      By perusing sites such as eBay

      **What Yves Rocher have to say about this**

      "..the downy golden pompoms of Mimosa exude a sensual fragrance that envelops you in unique notes of elegant beauty. Like the magical caress of sunshine on a cool day, it will warm your aura with its radiance.."

      Created by Annick Menardo in 2005 this green floral fragrance has been going strong since it's launch. Described as being a 'passionate and intensive' scent, Pur Desir de Mimosa is part of the Pur Desir de Fleurs collection which includes several beautiful floral fragrances including:

      Pivoine (Peony)
      Lilas (Lilac and Almond)

      The above fragrances used to be available in solid perfume format as well as EDT's though these only seem to pop up around Christmas now which is a shame as I've used the solid form of both the Pivoine and Gardenia and been very impressed by it's longevity. There are also various matching products that coordinate alongside such as shower gels and body milks, but again these seem to sporadically appear throughout the year and mainly seem resigned to be just included in the Christmas campaigns.

      **The composition**

      Top notes
      green and fruit notes

      Heart notes

      Base notes
      Mimosas absolute

      **My thoughts on wearing Pur Desir de Mimosa**

      I'll admit that I'm not really a fan of floral based fragrances but there is something about Yves Rocher plant based perfumes that just capture me due to their natural realistic scents and this Mimosa EDT is no exception. I own a large collection of fragrances and it's become a bit of an obsession of mine now collecting them and because of this I can use up a much loved perfume and then not replenish it due to having so many, which was most definitely the case here.

      I first used this EDT around 5 years ago when it was given to me as a gift for my birthday from my mum. I remember it as being quite light and airy at the time and used it on a frequent basis, though not daily, so when the bottle started to run out I decided to order another. The second bottle which I purchased myself was used intermittently with different fragrances and although I still liked the sweet mimosa scent it left on my skin it wasn't my 'go to' choice of perfumes and so the bottle ended up lasting me around two years. When I received the sample vial recently containing this classic fragrance I had to admit I was once again smitten on testing it out and it brought back memories of wearing it previously.

      Pur Desir Mimosa is a *very* floral fragrance and can come across as slightly overpowering when first applied to the skin. It's a heady mix of heavy and seductive florals once applied with the obvious Mimosa notes domineering from the start to the point it is slightly headache inducing. This soon fades however, literally after a few minutes and the opening notes start to make themselves known with a bright mixture of fruits and greens. Although there is no mention of which fruit notes are used, to me I can always detect a warm citrus note which is heavily influenced by nectarines and peaches. This is merely my opinion though and others may say the complete opposite but this is why I remember being drawn to this EDT many years ago in the first place.

      The 'green' notes used at the beginning are fresh and dewy and to me smell like freshly cut grass, which is one of my most favourite natural smells so again it's no surprise that this EDT never fails to appeal. Once the dry down begins the fragrance dramatically transforms from overpowering floral to green/ fruit based to once again floral and this is when the mimosa really starts to shine through due to the heart notes.

      What I am left with on my skin afterwards is a softer version of the initial scent and the mimosa absolute is gentle but also very evident and much stronger than anticipated.


      Although this stands for everything that I don't normally like with it having very strong floral heart there is something quite endearing about this Mimosa EDT that makes it very wearable indeed. I adore Yves Rocher products, especially their fragrances, but they have been renowned in the past for having poor staying power but I am pleased to report that this is an exception.

      Once applied to my skin it is very strong as I mentioned and yes it does fade, quite dramatically so, but not so much that it disappears completely. Once the EDT has become comfortable on my skin it tends to stay at the same strength for the good part of 4 to 5 hours, which personally for an EDT I think is impressive even more so being an Yves Rocher EDT at that.

      Pur Desir de Mimosa encompasses my skin in a delicate floral aroma and even though I'm not a floral fan (I know I keep repeating it but it's true!) there is something both bewitching and entrancing about this fragrance. Longevity wise I really can't fault it as I've worn EDP's that haven't lasted as long as this EDT so it definitely gets the thumbs up from me there.

      Scent wise this is very feminine and once it's settled it does become very light and airy and is exactly how I remembered it from years ago. It's ideal for daytime wearing and personally I think it suits the warmer months as it has a very 'sunny' scent to it that you can't help but be drawn to but there are no rules and it's up to the individual when and how they were a perfume but my personal preference with this EDT is during the day as I don't feel it is strong enough to stand out if worn on an evening.

      I think for the price of £15 this is a bargain as it's not a ridiculous price, and because only a few spritzes are required each time the 60ml bottle lasts for a fairly long time (subject to usage of course). Yves Rocher often have offers running so the probability of it being at least half price at some point is pretty much guaranteed, I rarely buy anything from YR at full price so it's worth checking the website or flyers in the mailing list frequently for offers.

      At the time of starting to write this review this product was available on the website but 3 hours later when I have typed it in to check the price it is 'temporarily out of stock' which I take as a good thing as far as the marketing ploy is concerned by sending out samples to customers as it seems to have caused a surge in sales.

      I was very happy to wear this fragrance again and it has prompted me to want to buy another bottle at some point soon so because of the above that I've discussed I see no less than a rating of 5/5 for this stunning EDT.


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