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Yves Rocher Naturelle Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      28.06.2012 12:37
      Very helpful



      A quickly disappearing Light Blue clone

      Launched: 2008
      Group: Floral Green


      I'm a miniature perfume collector and I have many Yves Rocher miniature editions as they are produced in large quantities by Yves Rocher. One of these minis I own is Naturelle Eau de Toilette which was released in 2008.


      The name, the marketing and of course the scent itself all suggest a fresh and light, packaging, which is the case. I quie like the eye-catching, calming blue and green nature-inspired colours, set on a crisp, white background gently evoking the clean blue sky and the aromatic scent green herbs.


      Top notes: lemon, apple

      Naturelle starts out fresh and uplifting due to the natural dose of lemon and apple, they are very distinguishable, natural-smelling and last for about 15 minutes before a powdery, musky undertone creeps in thus layering and adding depth to the fragrance.

      Heart notes: jasmine, peach blossom

      Amonst the fizzy and leftovers a sort of jammy sweetness appears, the sweetness of fruit, especially a peachy, nectarine-like odour even though peach blossoms smell grassy and floral instead I would describe it as a distant, muted version of Midnight Bakula's heart notes where peach is mixed with an unidentifiable powdery floral note underpinned by some musk.

      There were no grassy or green notes however, nor did I catch sight of any jasmine which didn't surprise me at all. Natural jasmine is incredibly expensive and unless its synthetic counterpart only the most prestigious perfume houses use jasmine extracts in their special pure perfume editions. The middle notes only last a couple of hours before melting into the drydown.

      Base notes: cedarwood, amber, musk

      The middle notes having quickly gone, after only about 3 hours I'm left with a light, musky drydown with an aquatic tone that hung there upto a mere 4 hours. I couldn't get any other elements and again, I wondered why no effort was made to express them more.

      The problem is that it ended quicker than I ever thought with practically skipping the its heart and going straight into fixative mode with only a light musk note present that was actually not fixing anything as the drydown was devoid of any base notes.


      Naturelle's top notes are very distinguishable and try to impress with an overused fresh and clean formula that became popular in the early noughties with the apparition of D&G Light Blue and the other that followed in its path. This immediately sent shivers down my spine, I though oh no, I know how this is going to end: a sparkling, springtime feminine and clean scent that will dry down to a thin, linear and boring nondescript smell.

      At first it's fresh and juicy but never green, later it's powdery and floral-like but never actually be-comes anything tangible, not to mention the shadow drydown that's empty and underdeveloped. I understand it's made up of 90% natural ingredients so it will probably last long, however there are predominantly natural fragrances where longevity isn't an issue. Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria and Fragonard's Les Naturelles series come to mind.

      The biggest gripe I have with this fragrance is that it's so thin and linear that it never really develops any of its assets and the promises it makes. I'd rather just take a walk in a garden after a shower, which would probably be a longer-lasting and more invigorating experience.


      The full RRP is 27£ / 75ml Eau de Toilette, if you do like the fragrance despite its poor staying power, I recommend you get it during the -50% off promotions YR outlets / website do regularly.

      Thank you for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on ciao.co.uk


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        20.05.2011 21:24
        Very helpful



        Average smelling fragrance from Yves Rocher

        I'm a big fan of Yves Rocher products and buy from their mail order catalogue several times a year; or when funds allow. A while ago I bought an EDT named 'Aquarelle' and was very impressed so decided to hunt down it's predecessor 'Naturelle'.
        Whilst the web site boasts of it's availability I was not about to part with the RRP of £24.95 for something I had not tried before so decided to have a browse of good old Ebay to see if I could pick up a bargain..which I did.

        Price, packaging & availability~

        As mentioned the normal RRP for this fragrance is £24.95 from Yves Rocher itself. This comes in one size only which is a 75ml and is an Eau de Toilette which is presented to us in spray format.
        The packaging for this is identical in shape to the recent Aquarelle being in an upright standing curved bottle. Shape wise this does nothing for me as it starts off fine enough being almost oval but then one side seems to veer out far too much than the other side resulting in a muddled misshape of a mess. I know it's trying to look contemporary and *cool* but it really fails to be honest and is saved only by it's morphing colours of different shades of blues/greens which cascade down the bottle starting from blue by the neck until turning into green at the base.

        The access is via the nozzle which is protected by a small and rather cumbersome transparent blue lid which falls off the lid at the slightest touch.

        As this is an Yves Rocher product as usual it can be located in one of their many stores, on their website @ www.yves-rocher.co.uk or by phoning 0870 049 2222 or in my case through sheer chance and good luck on Ebay.

        The usual price seemed a little steep so I was very pleased to 'grab a bargain' with this at just £4 excluding P&P. For a brand new, unopened bottle, it seemed sheer pence in comparison to something that would have cost me far more if bought from the website.

        What notes are present~

        I'm not very good at detecting 'difficult' notes but am quite capable of telling if obvious ones are present.
        This fragrance features the following:

        Top notes~
        *Italian bergamot
        *Californian lemon
        *Green apple aroma

        The heart consists of~
        *Peach blossom
        *Egyptian jasmine absolute

        Whilst this ends on a base of~
        *Cedar from Virginia

        My experience of wearing this and my honest opinion~

        On it's arrival through the post - luckily not battered or broken due to being well packed - I was eager to test this out having been very impressed with the follow up scent of Aquarelle.
        On having removed the lid and eagerly spritzed a few small 'testing' sprays onto my wrist I was quite pleased with what I was met with. The first thing I noticed was a very snappy citrus note in the form of the lemon (Californian as well!) before the crispness of the apple was definitely notable. As for the bergamot - whether it be Italian or not - was not present as far as my nasal passages were concerned and was neither the velvet whatever that was supposed to be (velvet what??).

        Once the fragrance settled onto my skin after around twenty minutes or so I could definitely tell that peach was included here and even a very faint hint of jasmine, though how egyptian jasmine differs from regular old jasmine I'm not sure as it just had a 'jasmine' aroma to me.

        This does definitely end on a muskier note and the amber made this a whole lot more warmer and more comfortable to wear as the first impressions of this were of it being a 'cold' fragrance similar to the likes of Cool Water by Davidoff. That's all very well if you are a fan of such scents but personally I prefer more warmer and oriental based perfumes so was glad this does has a nice hint of warmth eventually.

        I found this EDT to last a surprisingly lengthy period once it was applied to my skin. I opted for the general pulse points of the wrists and neck with a few short sharp squirts given to each are and after several hours the strength of the fragrance was exactly the same as when I'd applied it earlier in the day so it certainly gets points for staying power.

        The actual scent itself is not really my cup of tea though it is certainly pleasant enough. Because it has a crispness it tends to come across as slightly unisex which is really not the desired effect I want to have when wearing a perfume!
        It is a very clean smelling scent so if you are into lemon and apple based fragrances then you would adore this, unfortunately I don't. I do *like* it but I don't *love* it so I am very glad that I didn't have a mad moment and decide to order it at full price as I would have been bitterly disappointed. I was quite happy to pay around the £4 mark though and will continue to wear it during the day to get my money's worth (it doesn't seem an appropriate evening scent though that may be just me) though I feel Yves Rocher were trying a little bit too hard here.

        What do I mean? Well I think it is certainly trying to come across as being refined and trendy by stating it is using Italian bergamot, Californian lemons and Egyptian jasmine for example but in my opinion there is no way of telling where these are derived from exactly so the whole feel I got was just one of being pretentious. If it was such a fantastic fragrance that I deemed it could be my signature scent then it could be slightly forgiven but as it's just 'okay' I feel I have to knock a few stars off of the total.


        I had quite high expectations for this as Aquarelle is such a warm and jazzy scent that really makes a statement I thought this too would be just as appealing. I was very wrong as it just floats along being an average -though still pleasant - scent that could be almost anything. I will use the remainder of this bottle up as mentioned as I'm not a wasteful person though it will be just for general day to day wear as I don't feel it to be special enough to wear at any other time.
        If interested as mentioned I bought this off of Ebay and there were some miniature sample sizes available (which I wish I had of just bought one of those) so it's worth trying to get a hold of one of those before handing over a larger amount for the regular price.

        Okay if you like citrus based scents..but that's all.


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