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Yves Rocher Pineapple & Coconut Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2012 10:26
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      A beautiful Summery fragrance that smells good enough to drink

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**
      Anyone that knows me, or reads my reviews, will know I adore all things beauty wise - it doesn't matter if I already 15 part used bottles of shower gel in my bathroom, if I see a new or different one that catches my eye then I end up buying it and that goes for most toiletries. Although I live fairly close to a Superdrug store my passion is fed mainly through my love of the french beauty company Yves Rocher, and I order from them every few months or when spare money allows me to.
      On a previous order around 3 months ago I received a small sample vial of a new EDT they were launching and I was instantly smitten having tested it so ordered the large full size bottle recently.

      My review will now focus on 'Pineapple - Coconut EDT' by Yves Rocher..

      **Price, packaging & availability**
      Pineapple - Coconut EDT (or Pina Colada if you prefer) is available in two sizes at present:
      *20ml which costs £5
      *100ml which is £9.50

      Both bottles are identical, apart from the size obviously, but for reviewing purposes it is the larger 100ml bottle I own and will refer to throughout this review.

      The EDT comes presented in a simplistically designed bottle which is upright standing and cylindrically shaped with a rounded edge towards the neck. The bottle is made from a quite thick and sturdy transparent glass, and whilst the 20ml is compact enough to carry around in your bag even the larger size of 100ml isn't overly bulky and fits neatly into my small over the body bag that I tend to use daily without taking too much room up.

      To access the spray there is a large nozzle situated at the top of the bottle and protecting this is a tight fitting white plastic lid which is quite difficult to remove and replace each time. Apart from a sticker on the front depicting a freshly cut open coconut and pineapple there is very little in the form of decoration with even the logo being in a simplistic bold white font. Although there is no mention of the connection on the packaging, the bottle is identical to the Plaisirs de Nature range (and does actually mention this on the website though not in the mailing leaflets where I prefer to place my orders), and is part of two limited edition 'smoothies' with the other being Mango and Passion Fruit and both being available in the smaller 20ml as well as the 100ml.

      As per usual this item can be purchased directly from the company either by ordering online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk

      By phoning their order/ customer care line on 0870 049 22 22
      In one of their stores that are sporadically dotted about in certain towns/ cities across Europe

      Ordering via their mail order leaflets (my personal preference)
      Ebay often has a plethora of products and is well worth checking out

      **What Yves Rocher has to say about this product**
      "...The intense pleasure of the combination of Pineapple and Coconut in an exotic eau de toilette with a sunny scent.."

      **My experience of wearing Pineapple-Coconut EDT**
      On removing the quite tight fitting plastic lid from the nozzle I proceeded to press the button down and found the EDT emitted at lightening speed - to the point you couldn't even see it! The only detection that the product was on my skin was by the fragrance as there wasn't even a hint of dampness on my wrists which was highly unusual, especially as this EDT is very watery in consistency and has an appearance that can only be described as milk like with it's milky opaque colouring.

      The fragrance is very exotic and smells exactly as you would expect given it's summery title with both the pineapple and coconut being extremely prominent. The initial fragrance is quite strong and heady, but as with a lot of Yves Rocher perfumes the strength soon dissipates leaving a glimmer of the sunny aroma that at first encapsulated my skin.
      On first applying this is strong, to the point where it comes across as *too* strong, but within a short amount of time - literally 10 minutes or so, the strength reduces and we are left with a subtle and much more comfortable aroma to wear.

      The pineapple was the first scent I noticed when sprayed onto my skin, which was quickly followed by the coconut, with both mixing well together to create the sunny cocktail esque` fragrance of the classic Pina Colada. Strangely though when I received the small 5ml vial as a tester before buying the full sized product, I found that out of the 4/5 times of usage I got from the vial that each time the fragrance was coconut dominated with just the tiniest hint of pineapple in the background. I did actually buy the EDT on the basis of my experience of the vial and found it differed hugely with the notes but it had such a beautiful aroma anyway that I wasn't too concerned though this is worth mentioning if someone has received a sample and is expecting a coconut based fragrance.

      I really adore this EDT as it has such a sunny, summery composition that even if the weather isn't as accommodating outside it doesn't matter as once wearing it you feel transported to warmer climes. The fragrance is fun and easy to wear and because of this I find it's best suited to daytime wearing - particularly in the summer weather surprisingly as it just adds to the ambience.

      Longevity wise I would say it lasts around 3 hours after first spritzing and whilst I wouldn't say it's the longest of wearing fragrances for an EDT it's not bad, especially for Yves Rocher. The strength seems overpowering at first but dies down almost instantly making it very wearable and the fragrance is simply mouthwateringly delicious. There isn't a hint of 'fakeness' as the fragrance smells very authentic with both the coconut and pineapple coming across as very authentic
      I think the price I paid for this was extremely reasonable given the fact that the 20ml is £5 yet the 100ml (my version) is just £9.50. I have used this several times a week since purchasing and have over 3/4 of the contents remaining which due to the transparency of the bottle can easily be viewed.

      The *odd* thing is when applied as mentioned there is no indication where the product has landed as it seems to dry instantly on contact with the skin. This isn't a problem, just something I find a little strange but certainly not a negative point just one that I thought was worth mentioning.
      I would highly recommend this EDT for people who love 'fun' fragrances as it doesn't really have an age limit so isn't restricted to say teenagers. I am in my mid thirties and wear this with confidence as does my mum who is 62 and it suits her skin just as well as mine so as far as age is concerned there are no 'restrictions' so to speak. Personally I think this would be best suited as a casual daytime holiday fragrance if taken away on vacation as it has that holiday scent to it but smells just as wonderful when home just sat in the garden.

      I really adore this EDT and just hope it isn't too much of a limited edition as Yves Rocher 'threaten' with this only to find the product is still readily available for years afterwards so here's hoping the same can be said for this beautiful EDT.


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