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Yves Rocher Retropical

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      30.06.2013 15:17
      Very helpful



      A very nice summery affair by Yves Rocher

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**

      I've been a fan of the french beauty company Yves Rocher for many years now and I have a penchant for their products, particularly their fragrances. I like their beauty items as the company has strong green ethos and their products are plant based and generally suit my skin to perfection, whilst their fragrances smell fresh and natural and because of these reasons I have a slight addiction to buying from them. Because they aren't the cheapest of products I only place an order every couple of months, approximately 4/5 times a year and make sure I take full advantage of any offers such as 2 for 1's etc to get my monies worth.

      What I like about Yves Rocher is the when they are due to launch a new product they will often send preview samples, which are sometimes in sachet or towelette form but on some occasions are in miniature sized bottles or tubes. A few months ago they launched a summer 'limited edition' line of products called 'Retropical' which included body care, make up and an EDT of the same name. I was lucky enough to be sent a miniature in an impressive sized 10ml bottle of the fragrance as well as a sachet of the shower gel to sample and after using the contents of the EDT up in it's entirety my review will now discuss my thoughts on this..

      Retropical EDT by Yves Rocher

      **What Yves Rocher have to say about Retropical**

      "..Yves Rocher have created Retropical for a vintage Summer: a cool, sunny and sensual fragrance. This surprising fusion of fruity and floral notes melts into a perfume of warm sand. This amazingly addictive fragrance, in it's limited edition, carries you off to a Retropical paradise.."

      *The fragrance itself**

      The composition is made up of:

      ~Top notes~
      Mandarin Orange

      ~Heart notes~

      ~Base notes~

      **Price, packaging & availability**

      As my version of this fragrance was free, being a sample size, I was unsure of how much the EDT retailed at so after checking the YR website I noticed it was priced at a reasonable (for Yves Rocher) £15.50 for a 75ml spray. This is the only size that the EDT is available in, however there is a full Retropical range which features amongst many items a set including the 75ml EDT, a 200ml shower gel and a wash bag for just £17.45 which personally I think is a bargain.

      The Retropical EDT is housed in an unusual shaped bottle which is reminiscent of a range of fragrances that Yves Rocher launched a few years back, including Naturelle, Green Summer and Aquarelle. Having tried samples and went on to buy both Naturelle and Aquarelle (though for some reason Green Summer seemed to have eluded me) and been suitably impressed, I was certainly looking forward to trying my sample of Retropical as it's promise of 'carrying me of to a retropical paradise' was too good of an opportunity to miss!

      When I say the bottle is an 'unusual' shape it's not exactly too complex in design as it's has a wide base with rounded sides that veer in neatly giving an oval shape, what is odd about it though is one side is far larger and more pronounced than the other side and gives the impression that the smaller side is squashed. Although it's different it's not exactly what I'd call attractive and I've never been keen on the overall design of the other fragrances but it's the scent itself that matters so I don't let it's appearance cloud my judgement too much.

      Whilst the shape may not score much in the way of points with me, the glass decoration is simply stunning. Starting off as a dark pink it gently morphs from the base becoming lighter until gradually turning aqua with a turquoise hue and really is beautiful as it's so easy on the eye (despite the 'wonky' shaped bottle!).

      As this is an exclusive YR fragrance it can be purchased in a number of ways and at the risk of repeating myself in similar YR product reviews:

      Online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk
      Via their mailing leaflets (which offer a 3 months credit facility subject to status)
      By phoning their customer care line/ order line on 0870 049 22 22
      Checking out one of their stores which are sporadically dotted about
      By perusing sites such as eBay which have a large collection of Yves Rocher products and where many a bargain can be found.

      **My experience of wearing Retropical**

      I have to admit I wasn't overly excited at the prospect of wearing Retropical as it's very heavily themed when it comes to using orange - something I'm not a big a fan of when it comes to fragrances. *But* as this was a free sample, and a very decently sized sample at that, then I wasn't going to be biased and so wasted no time in applying a few drops to my pulse points when I received my bottle.

      Although the full sized bottle comes in a spray format, my mini version is identical shape wise though has a small twist off lid where the fragrance is applied directly to the skin. On removing the miniature lid I was met with an overpowering - though very pleasant indeed - fruity aroma that actually caught my attention immediately due to it's freshness.

      The first thing I noticed about Retropical was the obvious orange presence being from the orange (obviously!) and the more sweeter, almost juicier mandarin. To say I'm not normally a fan of orange when it comes to perfumes I was actually quite taken with how this came across as it was strong yes, but strangely addictive and captivating at the same time.

      The EDT starts off quite powerfully so, as do most fragrances by Yves Rocher, but does start to fade quite quickly with the dry down being relatively short. The orange in the opening notes is powerful and zesty and gives the fragrance a real 'zing' on first applying and once it starts to fade the scent does become more softer and sweeter which is when the mandarin starts to shine through and is noticeable - it doesn't just blend into a generic orange scent.

      The most interesting note however has to be the sand. Yes, sand. I'm no perfume expert and certainly don't claim to be, but when I'm buying or have bought a new fragrance I do like to know how the composition is made up as I like to try and see if I can pick out the notes, or the majority of them, so when I read that 'sand' was featured I was certainly intrigued to say the least.

      So can you smell the sand? Well once I was aware that sand played a role in this fragrance's make up I was eager to try and pick it out and I think to a point it is definitely present. There's a 'sea' scent that is quite noticeable after a while that comes across as salty and slightly oceanic which I presume (though maybe completely wrong) is the sand notes.

      The EDT transforms itself from start to finish, and like it's flacon almost morphs from one scent into another from applying to the skin. It starts off fresh and fruity; full on with it's orange zesty vibrance then becomes more sweeter with the mandarin before changing into an oceanic scent. Finally it settles much deeper and headier with the base note of bergamot being quite dominant though the other notes do still shine through subtly in the background.


      I didn't think I'd like this at all and despite being a big fan of YR products it doesn't mean I automatically like all their products. As my sample bottle and accompanying sachet towelette gave at least a dozen uses I feel I can fully justify a decision on whether to recommend it or not. I really liked the zesty orange notes used in Retropical as it gave the fragrance a lively summery feel from the off and the inclusion of the 'sand' also helped to create a 'tropical' scent and although I was sceptical I do think it worked well. The combination of the notes together worked in perfect harmony, especially how they were all individually noticeable and yet blended equally as well together to create a perfect holiday aroma.

      The only thing to let down Retropical is the longevity which after wearing many YR perfumes over the years doesn't come as a great shock any more. Although these days I find the newer YR fragrances do seem to last longer once applied, I felt Retropical faded a little bit too quickly given it's initial intense scent.

      Having said that though this is only an EDT and so is more 'watered down' than a parfum so really I suppose it's not too bad and gave at least 3 hours worth of 'strong' noticeability. Even once it's started to fade it can still be detected, though very faintly, for a few hours after so it depends what you are looking for in a fragrance as Retropical is only available as an EDT though if layered with the coordinating products it does extend it's life scent wise.

      Apart from the shape of the bottle, which is my own personal bug bear though others may love it, I can't really fault this fragrance at all. It's a wonderful fresh and fruity, summery fragrance that does indeed smell very tropical and I would actually recommend it.

      Don't be put off by the 'limited' tag that it comes attached with as though it may not be around forever YR often say a product is available for a limited time only then up to 2 years later it can still be found on their website.

      Different and I'm very tempted to buy a full size bottle after using my sample up.

      5/5 from me.


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