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Yves Rocher So Elixir Purple Eau de Parfum

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  • Over powering
  • Scent doesn't last long
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    5 Reviews
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      28.11.2014 22:44
      Very helpful



      • "Scent doesn't last long "
      • "Over powering"

      Get a whiff of this?

      Our family have been shopping with this french brand for many years and have quite a positive view of the brand due to its ethics and approach to using botanicals.

      This is one of, two, products in the EXLIAR ranges of fragrances that are designed to meet women's wishes... in a bottle.Ummm.

      The bottle is a gorgeous purple as shown above, starting off light then becoming darker lower down the glass. On the box, they advertise a flower which adds to their branding I'm assuming the flower represents the Exlir?

      The perfume itself is a different blend to what I am use to and currently realised the reason why this is quite strong.

      The perfume scent is made up of the following:

      TUBEROSE [ I have mentioned this in a previous review that this is quite strong anyway] but in this product they blend it with another strong scent called Vetiver.
      VETIVER- is dry and smoky.]
      This is a new scent for me to be honest and on research[ you know when you just put your finger on something when it comes to scents that sticks in your throat?]
      The blend and notes consist's of Orange and Jasmine, to heighten the scent.
      Bergamot is an effervescent, meaning to make it light [I found that not to be the case.
      Patchouli- Woody scent
      Vanilla- Lively scent
      This is a kick butt botanical scent, they have been very bold in this 'SO EXLIR' because the original 'EXLIR' was lovely, why tamper with something that works?

      Overall this is a very powerful combination that for me is nice, but not great.
      I applied this the first times with only two spritz's and it seemed a reasonable/ bearable strength, however it really does become quite strong and it surprises you because it takes a while about five minutes to be effective and then it'es too powerful for my personal taste once it kicks in and by Jove it does.

      The company aims to provide a lively perfume but this for me was very heavy.
      If you like a musky, woody, classic scent, then by all means this is for you but I found it stuck in my throat too much, [That's not where I sprayed it by the way] but once you inhaled it that's the effect.
      I did reapply a few days later this time only one spritz, but it had the same effect. The only blessing for me was that the scent does not last long at all.
      I have used other fragrances from this brand before and have been pleased with the results however this within an hour vanished.
      On application, to my wrists however the scent faded after two hours and left a horrible woody, pungent smell that I had to wash off.

      This is a 30ml advertised as £55 but Yves Rocher are a generous company and they have many offers and promotions as you buy other products and twice I received this free[!] Made lovely gifts, I'm still friends with them, the people not the gifts.


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      27.01.2014 10:33
      Very helpful



      A slightly over-powering

      Earlier this year I took a subscription to Glossybox, a beauty club that sends you monthly boxes of beauty based goodies. I my first box contained a 5ml sample of So Elixir Purple eau de parfum by Yves Rocher. Although I was familiar with this French mail-order beauty company, I had not used any of their products before.

      Inside the box, decorated with a purple lily design, was a dinky miniature bottle. The bottle design is fairly unremarkable, clear glass with a bulbous bottom, with the name printed on it. The liquid inside is purple (no surprise there!). On the box is the text "Reveal your seductive power with an incredibly feminine flora-woody elixir". I am a big fan of feminine, floral fragrances, usually with an oriental twist, so was looking forward to trying this.

      The bottle did not have a spray nozzle, I think that this is just because it was a miniature, so I applied it to my wrists and neck with my fingertips. I always think of Yves Rocher as budget fragrances, and at first found it quite strong. Official top notes include bergamot essential oils, but whilst I got a heady fruity scent, I didn't pick up the citrus aspect that I associate with bergamot. This smelt more like Welches Purple Grape juice, if you have ever had that (it is very nice, I do recommend it!). As much as I love the juice, I am not sure I want to smell like it. I found this first layer a bit too sweet and cloying.

      Fortunately the scent settled down within the hour and I could pick out the tuberose as the scent took a more floral turn. However at intermittent points I did pick up a fruity tang, but it no longer seemed like grapes, more like berries. Although it is highly possible my nose was just confused by this point. I should also have been picking up vetiver, but I didn't recognise it (or at least what I thought it smelt like).
      It is claimed the base notes contain benzoin, vanilla, tonka bean, frankincense and patchouli. I can't really detect any of these strongly, I think there is a tiny bit of vanilla that I can pick up (although it could be any of the first three) and it is not something I can easily identify without knowing it was there. The patchouli is also very subtle. Overall, to me, the scent still is quite sweet and is a fruity-floral blend. I struggle to detect any woody aspect as claimed. I do like how the scent settles down and isn't over-powering and sickly, like at the beginning.

      I am pleased with the longevity of the fragrance, which can easily last twelve hours or more, even when applying a modest amount. It does attach itself to fabrics, and hangs about on a velvet scarf that I own where it is still distinctive and identifiable a week later.

      I tend to wear this as a day fragrance, as I prefer it once it has settled down. I hate how the initial sweet, cloying scent smells on me, so don't want to go out smelling like that. I have a vision of leaning in to kiss a friend hello and have them choke. Let's face it we have all experienced friends wearing over-powering perfumes and I don't want that to be me. Hence I wear it to work, where it has settled down by the time I get there, and I am not expected to greet anyone with a kiss, if it hasn't! Occasionally colleagues and friends have complimented me on perfumes I have worn in the past. This hasn't happened with this one.

      A 30ml bottle can be purchased from Yves Rocher online for £19.90 (reduced from £29) plus delivery fee of £3.50 (on orders under £25). I will not be purchasing as, quite frankly, I don't like it enough and I don't think it is really 'me'. If your personal preference is for fruity-florals and the sweeter end of the spectrum then you might like this more. It's been a while since I have tried it, but it reminds me slightly of Dior's Poison perfume, if that helps anyone decide if it is for them.


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      19.04.2013 13:04
      Very helpful



      A stunningly beautiful feminine fragrance

      My daughter was given a small bottle of So Elixir Purple recently but after a single use decided she didn't like it, citing her usual 'too sweet' reasons, so gave it to me knowing that mum is always a grateful recipient of anything smelly (in the nicest possible sense of the word!). So Elixir Purple is made by Yves Rocher, a French cosmetics brand which I've had very little experience with other than knowing that a good friend is a huge fan and having received some shower gels from her to sample once.

      The bottle is extremely pretty; purple as you'd imagine from the name, an *almost* teardrop shape with solid glass bottom and tight fitting purple lid. The full size perfume is a spray bottle but my smaller 5ml bottle is one you have to apply directly from the bottle using a little dabber which is built into the tiny pull-off lid. It's certainly an eye catching bottle and one I'm happy to add to my display of perfume bottles which resides on my dressing table - I'll be even happier when my full size bottle arrives, which I ordered within twenty-four hours of trying the fragrance.

      Yves Rocher call this a 'magnetic and seductive fragrance' and I have to agree with this short but sweet description. Actually, I'd say it has more of a romantic scent than seductive as to my nose there's nothing musky at all about the fragrance (and I think a perfume needs musk to really be classed as sexy or seductive) although a light woodiness which appears throughout the perfumes life does sex it up ever so slightly at times. Purple is a massively feminine perfume, it's by no means the type of girly sweet perfume I usually like to wear but it has a more sophisticated edge which in my opinion would make it suitable for any woman of any age and style. I can't understand why Charlotte finds it sweet actually, I suspect she's confusing the intense florals for sweetness or something as for the life of me I can't find a sweet note within this perfume - or at least not one sweet enough to stop anyone wanting to use it!

      To me Purple has a beautifully powdery fragrance, it reminds me of a perfumed talcum powder in a way - only with a much more special scent. It starts off pretty soapy with just a hint of a floral blend, the fragrance begins to take shape only after around twenty minutes or so when a delicious toned down rose scent starts to come through - only this is rose with a difference, it's extremely subtle and sweeter than you'd expect with a vague sugary fragrance which makes me think of Parma Violets as it develops on my skin. There's a rich patchouli within the opening notes of Purple which in my opinion dampens down the floral fragrance slightly, I can detect the patchouli easily thanks to the light earthy tone of this period of the perfume but it's by no means as robust or (dare I say it) harsh as in many other perfumes which feature this particular note.

      It's hard really to say when the top, middle and base notes occur as Purple is so beautifully blended, the notes all appear at different times but I wouldn't really say there's any pattern to it and am assuming it's how my skin is behaving that day. Sometimes the sparkling bergamot comes through towards the beginning of the perfume and other times it makes me wait for an hour or so, likewise a rich vetiver pushes through into the fragrance very quickly some days but takes noticeably longer to create its rich woody scent on other days. This sounds really odd, but I wore Purple one day last week when I wasn't feeling well - I had a temperature but a very mild one which I couldn't do anything about and I definitely noticed a difference in how this particular perfume behaved while I was ill, with notes popping up at irregular times and bursts of much stronger fragrance than I'm used to with Purple. I've put this down to my skin being warmer than usual but it just goes to show that perfume can react so differently depending on your skin type even from day to day, let alone on different people!

      Throughout the lifespan of Purple I'm impressed by an incredibly subtle vanilla; this, according to Yves Rocher, is supposed to be a base note but I can detect it to a degree from the moment I apply the perfume. It's beautifully natural, sitting alongside a delicate honey aroma which is ridiculously hard to describe thanks to the fact that if it were a visual impression it would be something you would see out of the corner of your eye - it's there, but it's not there at the same time. Amazingly blended. This could well be the reason why my daughter didn't like the perfume as she's not keen on vanilla even in it's lightest form, and although it's very subtle in Purple it's definitely there and is strong enough for identification at most points within the perfume.

      This is an Eau de Parfum so naturally stronger and longer lasting than any of the Yves Rocher Eau de Toilette fragrances I've sampled in the past, I'm hugely impressed with the longevity and find the strength of fragrance perfect - I also love the overall scent so for me it's all good. I find the fragrance lasts for a good eight hours and during this period I know for a fact that other people can smell my perfume as I've checked with numerous people numerous times - poor Mark was sick of me saying 'can you still smell it?' yesterday so it's a good job he likes the smell too! Talking of Mark, he surprised me a little yesterday when he likened the tail end of Purple to joss sticks - every time I've worn it I've detected a subtle incense towards the end of the perfume, like the honey it's barely noticeable but I suspect it's this element which gives the fragrance such a delicious powdery fragrance throughout as the 'powderiness' builds in intensity during the last hour or so of the perfume.

      I honestly can't think of a single bad thing to say about So Elixir Purple, it may be too floral for some people but this is obviously down to personal tastes - it's advertised as a floral scent, so to mark it down for actually being floral wouldn't be very fair at all! Strangely I'm not usually a fan of such blatant floral fragrances but there's *something* about this one which appeals massively to me, it's such a well crafted perfume which smells beautiful and lasts forever (I can still smell yesterdays application on my wrist some eighteen hours later if I sniff hard enough). What's not to love?


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        18.03.2013 22:50
        Very helpful



        Good value floral fragrance

        I have been really impressed with this simple and stylish fragrance from Yves Rocher and this is one that I will certainly be purchasing again when the current bottle I own runs out and also I will buy the bigger bottle as well, initially I have only bought the 30ml bottle as I wanted to make sure that I liked it and at £29.99 for a 30ml bottle I thought it was a very reasonable price to pay.

        I like the simplicity of design with the purple coloured bottle nicely shaped with simple lines and a sleek feel to it as well. The smooth glass is stylish and the rich purple colour of the contents inside is very attractive.

        Primarily this is a floral fragrance with Bergamot, Vanilla and Tonka bean to the fore and both patchouli and frankincense adding some body and musk to the fragrance to give it a nice strong, warm feel with some woody overtones as well. I like the fact that this is a well balanced fragrance, it has enough strength so that while wearing this people know you have it on but it is not over powering or too heavy. The vanilla is also quite subtle giving it a slight sweetness but there is nothing sickly about this fragrance.

        For me this is more of an evening fragrance than a day one however it can double up if you want something with a decent amount of body to it. I like the fact that it is very long lasting as well and has a nice consistency to it.

        given the very reasonable price and the good quality of this fragrance I would certainly recommend it as a five star perfume and one that is well worth giving a try to.


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        10.12.2012 19:34
        Very helpful



        A beautiful aroma that is captivating

        *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*
        I am a huge fan of Yves Rocher the french beauty company and most people who regularly read my reviews will know this. I like the majority of their products but have a soft spot especially for their fragrances and as I've been a customer for 19 years now I've tried just about every single one - whether that has been in sample size or full sized format - there aren't many I've not tested at least.

        When I placed an order a few months ago I received a small sachet style wipe in my order for their newest EDP which was due to be launched soon entitled 'So Elixir Purple' - and at the time put the sachet to one side and almost forgot about it. When I came across it a few weeks ago in a drawer I tested it on my wrists and was instantly in love which subsequently led to the purchase of the purse sized version when I ordered from their Christmas collection just over a month ago.

        Three weeks in of using it almost exclusively on a daily basis I feel I can review it fully, so my review will now focus on my experience of using So Elixir Purple..

        *~*The fragrance itself*~*
        Yves Rocher describe their newest EDP with the opening lines of "..Reveal your seductive power with the unique combination of an infusion of tuberose, plus essential oils of vetiver and patchouli in an incredibly feminine, floral-woody elixir..."

        This is the follow up to it's very successful predecessor simply entitled 'So Elixir' which was launched in 2009 and whilst many of the notes are very similar (So Elixir contains Bergamot, Tonka bean, Patchouli and Rose damask) the two fragrances are nothing like each other at all with this newest Purple EDP being far deeper altogether different.

        This beautiful fragrance is made up from the following composition of notes:


        *Tonka bean

        *Woody notes

        It is available in several sizes, though the only format is EDP, and amongst other items in the So Elixir Purple collections are:

        50ml EDP spray - £43
        30ml EDP spray - £29
        Shower gel - £13
        Deodorant - £15
        Body lotion - £17

        *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*
        I decided to order the purse size version of this fragrance at first as it was the cheapest being just £6 at the time for a 15ml sized bottle. Having been utterly entranced with it I have since used some money from my birthday recently to order the larger sized 50ml bottle which the design reminds me of a teardrop as it's rounded at the bottom and veers in towards the neck. My purse size is a slimline cylindrical shape so the larger sized bottles are certainly more attractive. Both designs are made from sturdy transparent glass with a nozzle to access the spray at the top and each design has the same lid being a clear plastic design with a slight lilac hue. The bottle appears to be purple but it is actually the rich and sumptuous liquid of the EDP that gives this illusion as it's a beautiful dark purple in colour.

        Prices as mentioned above are what the RRP will be with Yves Rocher soon though they are currently being offered at an introductory launch price of half the RRP meaning I've picked up the full sized 50ml version for just £21 making it affordable as at £43 this is way out of my price range.

        As per usual Yves Rocher products can be found online at their website - www.yves-rocher.co.uk or by phoning their customer service/ orderline on 0870 049 22 22. Alternatively you can shop in one of their stores (type into a search engine for your nearest), order via their mailing lists (though you would need to ring customer services to request this) or try looking on eBay where I've found many a bargain over the years at much cheaper prices.

        *~*My thoughts on using So Elixir Purple*~*
        I received a small sample bottle of the original So Elixir shortly before it's launch date a few years ago and whilst I found it pleasant enough it certainly didn't become one of my favourites. When the sample sachet containing this Purple version came through with an order I didn't rush to open it, presuming incorrectly that it would be similar to the original, which is why it was placed in a drawer unused for some time.

        Once I had tested it and decided that it was one of the nicest fragrances that Yves Rocher have come up with for a while I was eager to own my a larger bottle though with funds tight I opted for the smallest - the purse size - as it offered 15ml of fragrance for at the time just £6 making it an economical purchase at the time though since the price has risen to £15 which I think is too expensive for the size despite it being an EDP and not just an EDT.

        Once my purse spray arrived I wasted no time in using and as the package it was contained in arrived on a Saturday morning I used it as soon as it was opened as I was meeting up with some friends at dinnertime that same day. The lid for the purse spray is easy to remove though you do have to be slightly force full to a degree as it it 'clicks' on and off over a slight ridge. This gave me immediate peace of mind as if it is in my bag and the lid was to come off it could easily waste some of the precious liquid.

        The nozzle is actually quite large given the size of the bottle though there are only tiny little pinpricks of holes for the product to escape via meaning once pressed the EDP emits in a very fine mist and slightly slowly. Though So Elixir Purple lives up to it's name by being purple in colour it becomes transparent the second it touches the skin and whilst I've sprayed it liberally over clothing I can't say I've noticed it's left any visible marks though I'm not condoning spraying onto white material I'm merely expressing my own views and experiences from using it.

        Once the fragrance has been evenly distributed onto my skin I can easily make out the use of tuberose here as there is a soft, romantic even, floral theme from the start which is truly enchanting. There is a deep woody feel to this EDP and
        the base notes seem to make themselves known quite early on as it has a warm, earthy and seductive scent which is strong on application but not overpoweringly so.

        To me this fragrance has a real fruity essence, despite it being part of the woody/ floral family, which combined with the earthy scent it reminds me of grapes and smells rich and fruity once the fragrance has settled on to my skin. There is no hint of vanilla nor tonka bean which is unusual especially with vanilla as it can usually be detected but it seems to remain unnoticed in the background here. There is an ever so slight hint of sweetness here but is only minute though it does add to the overall make up of the composition making it even more perfect to wear (if possible).

        I think it's safe to say judging by the positive way I've spoken about So Elixir Purple throughout this review that I think highly of it..and why not indeed? Once applied to the skin the fragrance is sexy, alluring and seductive and very feminine to wear which has gathered compliments on each occasion I have worn it. I would say it suits night time wearing more as it seems a little too heavy for the daytime though that is down to personal preference.

        The longevity is very impressive and whilst I love YR fragrances they tend to fade quite fast despite their premium names and accompanying price tags. This is truly different in every way though as the EDP fades ever so slightly from spritzing on my skin, then is noticeable for at least 6 hours afterwards which I have been very impressed by. I'm sure by layering the scent using coordinating beauty items which are available would increase the longevity and power but I've not tried this as I don't own anything else apart from the EDP's (my larger sized bottle arrived two days ago) and also I've been impressed with the level of the scent offered from just spritzing on it's own.

        I love this as you can tell and though I tend to like about 90% of all Yves Rocher items I buy this has got to be one of my most favourite finds and is definitely my favourite perfume at the moment for sure.



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