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Yves Rocher Tendre Jasmin Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    1 Review
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      15.06.2011 21:56
      Very helpful



      A lovely summery fragrance from Yves Rocher

      I have been a fan of Yves Rocher products for many years now and anyone who is familiar with my reviews will know I have a slight 'obsession', especially when it comes to their fragrances.

      I have tried just about all of their fragrances over the years either in full form or via testers. The thing I like about YR is when they send you a perfume tester it is a miniature version of the full sized bottle available and is normally a generous sized 5ml or 10ml. One such tester I received recently was a 5ml bottle of Tendre Jasmin, which is the fourth offering in the secrets d'essences range and the only one I hadn't gotten around to trying so far so I was very pleased to have got my hands on a bottle - albeit a tiny one.

      *The bottle I have is the small 5ml as mentioned though it is identical in every detail to the larger sizes (apart from being smaller obviously). This one is an eau de parfum though it is available to buy regularly as an eau de parfum spray and costs £40 for a 50ml bottle.

      There is also a plethora of body sprays, lotions, and bath products available in the Tendre Jasmin range at various prices starting from £12, though for a more in depth view of the products available and for more information then as usual their website is:
      Alternatively you can phone 0870 049 22 22
      Browse in one of their stores dotted around or Ebay generally has a wide range of Yves Rocher items so it's always worth looking on there as well for a bargain.

      The packaging itself is identical to the other Secrets d'Essences range and is in the basic, but simplistic and oh so elegant, cylindrical shaped bottle. The bottle is transparent and is made of a thick and sturdy glass but then again if you were paying £40 for it you wouldn't expect any less really.
      As mentioned the appearance of the bottle is simplistic as it's mainly straight lines - there are no fancy glass jewels adorning it or in fact anything to draw your eyes away from the pretty, delicate peach coloured liquid that is clearly visible through the glass and it looks so warm and enticing it really doesn't need anything else. The cylindrical bottle does start off narrower at the bottom though before tapering out towards the neck slightly where a large rounded glass lid sits upon it so it's actually quite refined.

      The fragrance itself is a pale peachy colour though I imagine the creators were aiming for more of a jasmine appearance to it that didn't quite happen though it makes no difference to me what it looks like as long as it smells good on my skin.

      Tendre Jasmin is obviously a jasmine based scent and the notes used to make this up are:

      Top notes~

      *Petals of Jasmine Grandiflorum from India
      *Citrus essential oils

      The heart features~

      *Jasmine Grandiflorum from India (again)
      *Orange blossom

      Whilst this finishes on a base of~

      *Jasmine sambac
      *Mimosa absolute

      My experience of wearing this~

      Okay firstly I was quite surprised at the different notes that are used here as I just naively presumed it would be jasmine and that's all. What does strike me as slightly unnecessary and a tad pretentious was the descriptive way these notes were presented; why 'petals of jasmine grandiflorum from India'? Why not just Jasmine grandiflorum? I have no idea of the difference in regular old jasmine to this one used here so it all seemed a little wasted and over the top to me but that's just my opinion.

      Well this may come in a spray format but because my sample bottle is only 5ml it isn't big enough for a nozzle so to apply it I simply removed the lid and dabbed the bottle against my skin.

      I found that my first impressions of this were surprisingly high as it wasn't just floral (I'm not the biggest fan of floral based scents). The mandarin and the citrus oils that were used in the top notes seem to be the most prominent despite the amount of different jasmine notes that were used and I instantly liked it.

      When I first applied this to my wrists it was quite strong and I did worry it would gradually fade away to virtually nothing quite quickly like some of YR perfumes seem to have a habit of doing. After a few minutes of this on my skin it started to settle and I did think 'here we go I won't be able to smell it in 5 minutes' though I was gladly proved wrong.

      When it started to fade the heart notes of the jasmine (the long titled one - I'm not repeating it again!) and the much stronger orange blossom really started to shine through and I really liked how the orange and jasmine mixed together to create a warm fruity/floral explosion on my skin.

      Once the fragrance did start to fade after a few short minutes I'm pleased to say it stayed at the same level for at least 4 hours afterwards which for YR perfumes is very impressive.

      Would I recommend this?~

      I would say yes if you like fruity/floral fragrances then it is definitely worth checking out but not so much if you prefer heavy, oriental musky scents as this just isn't in that category at all. What I did like is it doesn't come across as too 'flowery' and because of the citrus that is used it counter balances the jasmine perfectly and stops it from what could have been a basic jasmine scented perfume.

      This isn't too overpowering at all despite it being stronger when first used it just fades to a nice degree that is comfortable to wear without getting to the back of your throat (like some scents can). I found because of the lightness of this it suited daytime use the best for me whereas some of the other secret de 'essences range are far headier and heavier altogether and more for evening, but this for me made a nice change.

      For a warm scent that lingers delicately on your skin for hours than you can do worse than try this out. I will look on ebay for a full sized bottle as it is certainly very wearable though I couldnt and wouldn't pay the full price.

      Out of the full range it's not my favourite but it is certainly a pretty perfume and or free Im certainly not going to complain.

      4 out of 5


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