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Yves Saint Laurent Cinema Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Yves Saint Laurent / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau De Parfum / Gender: for women / Contents/Size: 90ml

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    4 Reviews
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      27.04.2015 00:31
      Very helpful



      Luxurious, timeless and beautiful.

      An elegant, luxurious and timeless perfume, Cinéma is my favourite perfume. I was first gifted this by my mother and didn't exactly appreciate the loveliness it exudes, but it's now my everyday perfume.

      The bottle is reminiscent of something from the 50s era, with its golden tones and its cool, heavy glass casing. I have the perfume in all sizes available and they look so pretty sitting on my dressing table.

      The perfume itself is beyond amazing - it's quite rightly described as something that is exciting, glamorous and flamboyant. It is both fruity and woody, due in part to its notes:

      Top: almond blossom, clementine, cyclamen

      Heart (middle): jasmine, peony, amaryllis

      Base: benzoin, amber, musk, french vanilla.

      I find that it has an exceptionally long staying power and what's so beautiful about it is that after a while the scent becomes woody and deep, releasing the scent of the musk, giving you a seductive and rich smell. It has a wonderful tendency to burst randomly as you move and linger, releasing its top notes. My female friends and colleagues always compliment me on how fresh I smell, and I've had a few male colleagues comment positively on the smell too.

      A little definitely goes a long way with Cinêma, and for a luxury perfume its price is very reasonable. I've recommended it to many of my family members and friends and the majority of them now have their own bottle - during a gathering the air is heavily saturated with it and it's almost warming. It's such a feminine and timeless scent, and one which many people instantly fall in love with. It's almost romantic.


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      06.01.2012 13:29
      Very helpful
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      Cinema, brings you back to class and elegance

      I don`t really know where to begin when trying to describe Yves Saint Laurents Cinema perfume, and the first word springing to mind, is pure class, elegance and superb quality and amazing combinations of scents and visuality! When I first rested my eyes on the bottle, my mind wondered back to those classic movies, with Audrey Hepburn in all her loveliness, those times we all wish we had lived in, but only can dream about! The bottle is absolutely stunning when it comes to design, the entire look of the bottle is stunning in every way, and with gold writing and a bottle in heavy glass, you are given a stunning bottle to have stand on your bath room or nightstand.

      Of course, the most important factor about any perfume, is its scent and smell. This Yves Saint Laurant Cinema perfume delivers so amazingly a combination that it will blow your mind away! These are the scents that I have detected so far, there might be more hiding under the surface...

      Jasmin, Vanilla, Peony, Amaryllis, Amber and wood/forest of some sort. This mixture of smells is absolytely elegant, classic, original and luxurious, and I have to say this bottle makes for the perfect, perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, best friend etc... When I use this perfume, which is every time I`m going out or any special occasion, it makes me feel sensual, feminine and quite sexy, and with the bottle looking like it does, I canot say enough positive things about this Cinema perfume from Yves Saint Laurent. A 15 ml Deluxe version of this perfume will take nearly 49.99 off of your budget, but as you need not spray a lot of it, and the scent is so amazing, I wouldn`t find that cost scary at all! This perfume is a pure, elegant and timeless classic, and I recommend it with absolute ease and certainty!


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        02.04.2011 08:51
        Very helpful



        My all time favourite perfume- wear if you want to be noticed!

        I have got to say that this is may favourite perfume in the whole world! I have almost finished my fourth bottle and fully intend to get another. I think I discovered this on my mum's dressing table one day, and it's sexy, seductive scent has had me hooked ever since.

        The bottle design is strong yet sexy. A clear glass bottle with golden "Yves Saint Laurent" written onto one side in gold. It is topped with a square golden cap, enclosing the golden coloured liquid inside. It screams pure indulgence and luxury, and adds glamour to my dressing table.

        The top notes of clementine, almond blossom and cyclamen certainly hit the nose powerfully when you first spray it on. Cinema has a heady, yet smooth aroma from the first; and whenever I go out, men and women alike comment on how nice my perfume is. The base notes emerge after a while to reveal Amber, benzoin, musk and french vanilla. Not as strong as when you first spray on Cinema, but it's strong enough that you can still smell it on your clothes and skin all day long. Really nice! The musk, Amber and vanilla leave you with such a warm, sensuous fragrance, such a seductive scent that would suit young and mature women alike.

        I don't have another perfume in my collection that lingers for so long. I guess it has become my signature scent after all this time of wearing it. I often get fed up of a particular perfume by the time the bottle's finished- evidently, Cinema just has me coming back for more!


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        23.03.2011 10:25
        Very helpful



        A perfect mothers day gift

        === Key features ===

        Launched in 2004
        Brand: Yves St. Laurent
        Type : Eau de Perfume
        Gender: women
        Classified as : Spicy, musky, floral oriental

        Cinema was Tom Ford's last fragrance for the YSL brand before he left the company to start his own designer brand. It was originally launched as Eau de Parfum in 2004. In 2006 the EDT version was launched.

        === How did I discover Cinema ===

        I first saw it on display while I was in Heathrow airport waiting for my flight. I like exploring Duty Free shops and I like to sample their perfumes. I liked the golden bottle so I tried it on my wrist. I carried on walking around the duty free store and when I came back, my husband was astonished by the smell so he asked me to take him to the store and he bought me the 50ml EDP bottle.

        == The bottle and the colour of the perfume==

        The perfume comes in a beautiful rectangular box. The golden box is an eye catching and definitely representing a well -known brand like YSL.

        The bottle itself is stunning and elegant; the design of the bottle takes you back to golden age of the fifties. The glass bottle is ridged on the front and stamped with 'Yves St. Laurent' in "gold" on one side while on the other side the word Cinema and 'Yves St. Laurent' was inscribed. The clear glass is pretty heavy and you can clearly see the colour of the perfume.

        The cap is square shaped and golden with the famous initials of the brand YSL .The bottle looks so beautiful and elegant so I like to display it on my dressing table.

        The colour of the perfume was stunning, it matched the colour of the clear glass and the golden touches on the bottle. The colour is golden amber or it is near the colour of sunset which shines through the glass making the bottle looking even shiner and classier.

        == The smell ==

        Top note: clementine almond blossom and cyclamen

        When I sprayed it for the first time, the perfume kicked off with a fresh and intense, flowery, strong fragrance with a hint of sweetness. After the flowery scent the almond note came in with a slight bitter yet nutty smell giving it that grassy sort of smell. I definitely recognised a fruity aroma; it was most probably clementine as it smelled of a combination of sweet and bitter notes as well. I loved it from the first spray; its sweet and bitter blend was pleasantly merged to create a top fresh, zesty note that is full of life and inviting.

        Heart note: peony, jasmine and amaryllis

        The perfume settled down in about 20-30 minutes, it wasn't as powerful as the first application however, it settled down into a much richer and smoother scent. It was still flowery and fruity and the jasmine scent was highly prominent here. However it was dominant in a sweet and gentle way. The sharpness of the peony gives it that slight masculine kick which I think it's a very good combination and it gave it that balance to perfume so it's not sickly sweet.

        Base note: Amber, Benzoin, Musk and French Vanilla

        These are my favourite notes, A few hours later the fragrance slowly changed into more woody and spicy kind of perfume. It's not overpowered; it still had that elegant, warm touch. The woodiness of the amber integrated softly with sweet powdery vanilla and smoky white musk and touch of sharpness from Benzoin blend together to create the most attractive and seductive note.

        == Ingredients ==

        Alcohol ,Parfum Fragrance, Aqua Water, Linalool ,Limonene ,Ethylhexyl , Methoxycinnamate , Butyl Methoxydibenzylmethane , Hydroxyisohexyl 3 CyclohexeneCarboxaldehyde, Citronellol, Tris(Tetramethylhydroxypiperidinol) Citrate,Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Geronal,Propylene, Glycol,Coumarin, Benzyl Salicylate, Citral, Benzyl Benzoate ,Benzyl Alcohol, Farnesol, Hydroxycitronellal, Isoeugenol, Methylparaben C115985 Yellow 6, C1 191140 Yellow5 C160730 (Ext Violet2)4Yr01-1

        == What do I think of the perfume? ==

        Oh I guess I can't say a bad word about this perfume, it is one of my favourites. When I spray it I feel elegant and classy, it's a warm, sexy and seductive perfume by all meanings. The bottle shouts out pure class and the perfume is amazingly unique! You can't tell if the perfume is sweet or bitter, spicy or mellow, cosy or vibrant. However you will never be disappointed with this adventuress perfume.

        Some perfumes scents can change dramatically due to the different notes alteration or stages. Some of them disappear or blend horribly with skin but not Cinema. The perfume started beautifully and ended gorgeously and even the notes worked well on my skin, no nasty surprises at all.

        I liked the balanced notes of this perfume, it's not sickly sweet as some of them can be, it's warm and inviting.

        The aroma sticks to you for hours and hours, it does settle down a bit but it does stay there strongly. You don't need to reapply it as the perfume will "attach" to your skin and clothes.

        This fragrance will definitely attract attention to its user; the elegant, classy and luxurious perfume will enchant others. I can assure you that everyone will ask you about it and you will hear so many compliments.

        Cinema is suitable for day wear and evening wear because it's a distinctive perfume. It's also suitable for all ages, old and young, women adore the perfume and men like my husband find it extremely attractive. He liked it so much that bought me another bottle, but this time it was a 90 ml EDP.

        I usually sneeze when spraying perfumes however with cinema I didn't sneeze at all which was a big advantage to me. No one likes to get watery eyes and red nose when going out especially when it is a special occasions.

        == Prices, sizes and availability ==

        Cinema is available to buy from all good high street shops, perfume shops and chemists. You can order it online if you want to. I had my first bottle from Duty free shop for a slightly cheaper price.

        The available sizes are:

        * 15 ml Deluxe Parfum for £49.95
        * 35 ml EDP spray for £26.95
        * 50 ml EDP spray for £32.98
        * 90 ml EDP spray for £42.69
        * 90 ml EDT spray for £34.00
        * Also available as a gift set and special summer addition

        The prices may vary due to special offers and discounts.

        == To summarise ==

        Highly recommended, it's a sexy and extraordinary fragrance, with a passionate and unique charisma.

        I give this perfume 5 /5 stars and a bit more.

        Thank you for reading



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      • Product Details

        Yves Saint Laurent Cinema EDP For Her / A fresh and luminous opening / A floral and sophisticated / YSL Cinema is an exciting, flamboyant, and glamorous perfume bursting with Corsican clementine, sweet and sensual almond tree blossoms, and an air of cyclamen that surround a majestic heart of amaryllis, addictive Sambac jasmine, and lush peony / YSL Cinema lingers with bottom notes of ambergris, white musk, and bourbon vanilla that warm the skin and the senses.

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