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Yves Saint Laurent Nu Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews

Brand: Yves Saint Laurent / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      21.05.2013 20:16
      Very helpful



      It's Nu To Me

      I had never actually heard of the fragrance Nu by Yves St Lauren until I came across a bottle of it on eBay for the bargain price of £1.44. At that price, I figured I had to buy it as even if I didn't like the smell, I could use it as air freshener.

      About Nu
      Nu was launched in 2001 and Sophie Dahl started in the advert promoting this scent. According to the YSL website Nu is 'all about luxury and femininity. Nu is all one needs to wear for those moments of pure pleasure. Nu in Eau de Parfum concentration is a mysterious, sensual skin fragrance.'

      This perfume comes in a silver Perspex disc which opens to reveal a smaller disc inside which is actually the perfume bottle. The inside of the disc is a really deep blue colour. I have to say that this is the most unique perfume bottle I have ever seen. You spray the perfume by pushing in a small square section of the bottle. When the lid of the disc is closed, to be honest, you wouldn't even realise that it is a bottle of perfume.

      Obviously I only paid £1.44 for my bottle of this perfume (although it was only half full!) but I have had a look online and have found this perfume is available at www.fragranceex.com for the following prices:
      30ml - £16
      50ml - £26.29

      The Perfume
      Nu has top notes of bergamot, heart notes of wild orchid and base notes of incense, oakmoss, wood and spice. I would describe this fragrance as very sensual and it's also very unique, I can't think of another perfume in my collection that even smells similar to this one. I wouldn't really describe this perfume as girlie yet it still manages to smell feminine. It is quite musky and heavy although not unpleasantly so.
      I have also found that this perfume has excellent staying power. I literally put a couple of squirts on in the morning and I can still easily smell it much later in the day. In fact, whenever I wear this perfume, people always comment and ask what scent I am wearing so it goes to show just how noticeable this perfume is.

      If you tend to like deep, heavy scents that aren't too girly then I would certainly recommend this perfume. I really love the design of the bottle and this one certainly stands out among my other perfumes in my collection. One slight downside to this perfume is that because of the design of the bottle and where the colour of the bottle is so dark, you are unable to see how much perfume you have left although to be honest, you can roughly feel how much you have left when you pick up the bottle.
      An advantage to the unique design of the bottle is that the perfume is protected from sunlight which actually stops the perfume from going off, meaning that it will last longer.


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      17.05.2009 18:31
      1 Comment



      A good buy if you can find it for a bargain

      I love this perfume, what first got me into it was the fact that you could buy a huge 100ml bottle in the perfume shop for around a tenner as far as I remember. I had to ask for it and it was always hidden in the bottom shelf somewhere but it was a great bargain. I can't find it on their website but it's worth asking in store if they have it, it's a complete bargain. The scent is fresh, luminous and delicately sensual. It's typically a woody perfume, definitely not floral, having incense and woody and spice type scents. Apparently it contains hints of orchid, vanilla, jasmie and bergamot. A truly beautiful fragrance and if you shop around you can get it for a bargain probably due to the fact that it's one of Yves Saint Laurent's older perfumes. It's just as nice as their more modern ones, and many people commented on this perfume when I was wearing, definitely one of my favurites!


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        17.04.2009 21:17
        Very helpful



        A discontinued spicy oriental that's better than any similar fragrance on the market

        Group: Oriental Spicy
        Launched: 2002 - discontinued

        ~ INTRODUCTION ~

        I bought Yves Saint Laurent Nu Eau de Parfum on ebay after finding great reviews of it online. I've been looking for a fragrance to wear that belonged to the 'oriental spicy' category - a sort of heavy and more oriental group than floral orientals, one which is fast becoming my preferred perfume group and I'll explain why.

        In recent years I've come a long way from the aquatic - floral - fruity scents and now prefer deeper, rounder and more 'mature' scents. Gone are the days of the classic floral orientals like Cacharel Loulou where a descreet spritz let you waft in a cloud of oriental beauty. In recent years the all too prevalent floral orientals have almost become identical to fruity - florals. There's often no depth to the watery middle notes and the once usually heavy bases lasting for more than a day have been lifted altogether.

        ~ THE DESIGNER ~

        Nu is a concept fragrance created by Tom Ford who's renowned for his exclusive taste and creating trends (then abandoning them). Nu was released in 2002 by Yves Saint Laurent (the same year as Dior Addict) but was discontinued when Ford left the company.

        ~ THE PACKAGING ~

        (Dooyoo has the wrong photo for the Eau de Parfum, it's actually for the
        Eau de Toilette)

        The eau de parfum comes in a metallic disc with a built in nozzle you press down to release the fragrance. I find the bottle classy, mysterious and very different from the usual crystal bottles though you can't really tell how much you've got left of it so it's a kind of disadvantage.

        ~ THE FRAGRANCE ~

        Top notes: bergamot, cardamon

        There's a distinct ambery opening of woods and musk mixed with powdery spices. This could be due to the fact that I got the first spray out of this bottle that has been sitting somewhere in the past five years. A few minutes later, as the perfume settles onto my skin, the impressions change. I'm now getting a cherry liqueur feel accentuated with bitter citrus that's slightly similar to the opening notes of L de Lolita Lempicka. Nu quickly gets deeper, warmer and darker though when the initial spicy woodiness appears again.

        Middle notes: black pepper, orchid, jasmine

        The second phase of Nu is an extraordinary bouquet of strong, spicy vanilla and jasmine to my nose. At first the strong curry flavoured spices dominate and somewhat mask the flowery aspect. After a couple of hours though the fragrance on my skin changes into a more pronounced floral. I detect with delight a classy, elegant, creamy and soapy-fresh jasmine scent that's so hard to find in orientals.

        I find that classic orientals tend to have an overpowering, 'rotting' jasmine scent, Nu has everything but. Its jasmine is clean and soft and it doesn't drown out everything else. It blends in with harmony with the surrounding notes, most notably vanilla (orchid). The sillage of the heart notes have mostly evaporated after 4 - 5 hours.

        Base notes: sandalwood, musk, vetiver

        After 6 hours of wearing Nu, I'm getting a lovely and much awaited combination of soft woody notes mixed with vanilla that now have a deeper, rounder and almost oily, nutty edge. This gourmand kick makes Nu so irresistible and different from all its contemporaries. The gentle and caressing woodsy-nutty notes will stay on your skin for at least 10 - 12 hours.

        ~ CONCLUSION ~

        I cannot praise Nu enough. On first sniff, it could have been just a clone of Dior Addict I also have. It smells cheap and unfinished in comparison where its notes just don't get along well. Nu is different. It's a concept fragrance so I surprises at first but give it time to develop and bring out its true self.

        Nu is sophisticated, complex and powerful without being overpowering. It's somehow discreet and tender despite its potency.

        Nu is more sophisticated and more refinded than the Poison series from Dior. Nu is also similar to Hypnotic poison but again, the difference is measurable. Generally, the Poison additons are complex but are one-sided and lack a certain duality Nu has.

        Nu is like a second skin on me, it must go with my chemistry well. By the way, 'nu' means 'naked' in French which I find very appropriate. Nu is subtle but definitely noticeable, like wearing a dress that fits so well you forget you're wearing it. Recommended for those who like unusual, deep orientals that still fit in today's trend but stand out by their quality and masterful composition.

        ~ WHERE TO BUY ~

        Available on ebay. I bought my 30ml Nu Eau de Parfum for about 10EUR on ebay.fr. This fragrance is also available in Eau de Toilette version, which is a lighter, floral oriental type of scent so if you're after the spicy oriental one, make sure it's the EDP (Eau de Parfum) you buy.


        Originality: 4 / 5
        Composition: 5 / 5
        Staying power: 5 / 5
        Overall value: 5 / 5

        Thanks for reading.

        ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao UK


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