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Bosch GSD34N11GB

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Brand: Bosch / Type: Freezer

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2013 01:15
      Very helpful



      Freeze your assets... or maybe just your meat and veg

      When I go shopping I tend to buy in bulk when ever I can, saving as much money as I can on each shopping trip, which is what we all need to do these days really, but the one main trouble I had in buying in bulk was where to store certain things.
      I mean, finding a cupboard for the likes of two hundred tins of baked beans, ten million rolls of toilet paper and more tins of Cambells soup than there is in Tesco itself isn't a problem at all, (other soup and super markets are available). There things can sit in a cupboard, shed, garage or tucked under the garden hedge for days, weeks, months or even years without any damage at all. Which is great really.
      But when it comes to food stuff that doesn't want to last as long as that tin of sausage and beans then you have to find somewhere else to put those items in order to keep them for more than a few days. Such as milk, which sits nicely in a fridge, keeping cool and staying as liquid instead of going lumpy and funny smelling, making your eyes water and your stomach turn when you take the lid off and give the contents of the bottle a quick sniff.
      Then there's what to do with all that meat that you bought, or, in some cases, all those lonely persons ready meals that contain an entire meal in a box, although they're really only a meal if you're an umpa lumpa on a diet. I mean, two spoonfuls of tooth breaking rice and a lumpy piece or two of chewing gum chicken is not really a meal is it?
      But what to do with those types of food stuff in order to keep it as fresh as you can so that you don't have to eat it on the first day of purchasing.
      This is where the good old freezer comes in handy, being capable of holding a quantity of food in order to freeze the little droplets, moisture and molecules inside so that it lasts maybe a month or two, (or in some cases, a few years or four).
      And it is one particular freezer that I have sat in my garage that I have had there for quite some time now, longer than I can remember to be honest, is in fact a upright 'stand alone' freezer, NOT a fridge/freezer, a freezer which does actually stand as tall as a fridge freezer and, to be honest, with the door shut, it could be mistaken for a fridge/freezer. But it's a freezer.
      This freezer is on fact a Bosch freezer, being the GSD34N11GB, which isn't the best of names but it is a Bosch so you know it's half a good name really.

      * What does it look like then..?
      On first site you'd think it was an upright fridge freezer, standing as tall as a person, being about 600mm wide by 650mm deep and 1850mm in height.
      It has smooth white casing and a solid door that swings on two strong hinges, one top, one bottom, with a handle on the left centre that is the only indication that tells you this is actually a door into something. Although the hinges can be placed on either side so it can be place in more places in a kitchen.
      But when you open the door of the wardrobe type unit you soon realise that it is a freezer, especially when the icy air hits you like a frosty glare from your other half.

      On the top of the front, with the door open, there is the single control dial, having numbers 1 - 4, with the letter 'S' after the number 4, so you can set the freezer to be as cold or as colder as you feel fit. I tend to stick with number 3 and 4 as this is cold enough for what I need.
      It also has what is know as a 'fast freeze', which is what the letter 'S' is for on the dial and will set your freezer into a quick, super cold function in order to quickly freeze the items you've put in the freezer.
      This is especially good for when you want to quickly freeze things like a joint of beef, lamb or maybe even a pig, if you can get one into the freezer that is.

      * Can you get a lot inside it..?
      You could get a person inside this freezer, stood up, with only a slight bend in the upper spine region, although I wouldn't recommend getting inside this freezer as it could get a little cold, even with a jacket on
      Seriously though, the entire contents of the freezer can hold just under 250 cubic litres of food, in total, which I have no idea how much that is but I do know that it can fit a lot of food in each of the 8 drawers.

      The drawers are all different sizes, one being about 400mm deep, then there's a 300mm deep, a 200mm and even a few at about 150mm deep, with all the drawers being almost as wide as the fridge itself, and almost right to the back end to, which makes them capable of holding a lot of boxes of chicken nuggets and Iceland burgers.

      The top three sections aren't actually drawers, they are more like shelves with a door flap on the front for easy access, flopping forwards and down, gripped on either side by small but strong plastic hinge type device that slots into the body work of the side walls.
      All the drawers have clear plastic fronts with white plastic sides, back and base, with the sides have slots cut out so that you can use them as handles so that these drawers can be taken out of the freezer for easier filling and emptying.

      * Will it cost me a mortgage to run it..?
      It's one of the cheapest ones to run these days. Although not the cheapest of course.
      It is what is known in the friends of the Earth world as A+ efficient, which means it used a very minimum amount of electricity, about 280kwh, when it's on, which is all the time as it is a freezer and needs to be on all the time in order to keep your frozen food frozen.

      * What about defrosting it..?
      This is done for you really. All you have to do is wipe out the inside once or twice, usually if you see a bit of a build up of excess moisture if the door's been left open for a bit too long. Normally though the freezer doesn't end up like the old ones used to do, leaving you fighting with ice slabs bigger than the one that sunk the Titanic.

      * Is there anything else to mention..?
      Well, it has what the boys in the know call a protection time frame, this one being a rather impressive 18 hours of protection. This means that if there is a sudden loss of power to the freezer, say a power cut, then, as long as the door stays shut, the food should remain frozen for up to 18 hours, which is plenty of time to sort out your electric, or eat all your food.

      * What do I think then..?
      As I said, I've had this freezer in the garage for a while now, with it just being there, keeping food frozen until I needed it for cooking a meal, so I just got used to it being there. Now I've looked at it in a different way, a way in order for me to write about it, I now see how useful it really is, especially around Christmas time when there seems to be more frozen food in that freezer than in farm foods itself, (other frozen food stores are available).

      Controlling it is... well, it couldn't be easier as once set it stays set. Well it has been for me anyway. The control knob is right at the top, and is so simple to use, turn it up for a colder freezer, turn it down for a 'not so colder' freezer.
      I tend to find that the middle setting does the trick to keep the food frozen enough so it doesn't spoil or end up covered in all sorts of bacteria.
      I particularly like the fact that the controls are hidden behind the door when it's shut, giving the entire unit a better look when it's sat there.

      Opening the door is as easy as moving your arms really. I mean, the doors is pretty light, when it's opening and closing, even though it is nice and thick, looking a bit like the door of a safe in a bank. And to make the door swinging motion even easier then handle is massive, so even wearing a pair of premiership goalkeepers gloves won't stop you opening the door, although why you'd be wearing goalkeeping gloves whilst your going into the freezer I don't know. The handle is also pretty strong indeed, feeling like it could last longer than the freezer itself when you're tugging away at the door, giving it a bit of an extra 'heave' to release the initial air seal suction effect as the rubber around the inside of the door seems to stick like glue.

      The inside has more space than the inside of a drug addicts skull, capable of holding a lot of food in several separate drawers so that I can keep all my food stuff separate, such as meat in one draw, boxed items in another, maybe even bread in a third and good old fashioned ice cream and lollies in another... you get the point.
      But each draw, or shelf, can take more food than a fat man inside Burger King.
      The draws slide in and out so easy, although I have almost pulled them a bit too far out a few times, which has sent some food in the draw to almost end up on the floor, but I caught it in time. But I soon go the hang of how far the drawers should come out, so now no more food drops on the floor, which has upset the dog a little, but he's got no one to complain to so I'm laughing.
      As for the 'flappy' doors on the top sections. These have a lovely little hinge system on either side of the doors, which goes into the side walls of the fridge yet can be released with a simple lift of a piece of plastic if you need to take the door off for some reason.
      The doors and draws are all made of a strong, yet quite thin and light plastic, which has not cracked on me as yet

      * What more can I say about this freezer..?
      There's not a lot more I can think of to tell you about this freezer. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. It freezes what ever you put into it and keeps it frozen, unless you leave the door open of course.
      It stands tall and proud where ever you put it, like one of those chaps with those silly hats on their heads outside Buckingham Palace, and it can take a lot of food to fill it up.
      What more do you want from a freezer..?

      * Now for the price...
      This stand up freezer is on the market these days for a rather large £500, at least, which sounds like a lot of money for what is only a freezer. But, if it lasts as long as the one I have and can take the amount of food stuff in it that I manage to cram into mine then it's money well spent, without a doubt.

      * Would I recommend this one then..?
      Well, if you have a larger family, or just like to freeze a lot of food, then this is well worth looking at as it can hold a lot of food with such a small footprint, so to speak, due to the fact that it stands as tall as a man, or women.
      But, if you only have a small family, maybe living on your own, or are the type of person that eats fresh food taken from the back garden every day then this freezer could be a bit out of sorts in your house as it would probably never be filled and would be a waste of money, time and electricity.

      © Blissman70 2012


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    • Product Details

      Bosch 60cm Classixx Freestanding Freezer / Short name: Bosch GSD34N11GB

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