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Norfrost C6AEW-B

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Brand: Norfrost / Type: Chest Freezer

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2012 11:46
      Very helpful



      a perfect addition to our garage

      ==Norfrost C6AEWC Chest Freezer==

      We now have a garage since moving into our new house and with all this extra space it seemed a good idea to get a freezer out there just to make better use of the integrated fridge freezer which is in the kitchen and not have this over flowing with loaves of bread and the like. We did have to call an electrician in to sort out the power in the garage as these didn't work but thankfully we know a man who knows a man and we were able to get power out in the garage sorted out fairly quickly and cheaply.

      ==Price and Availability==

      We purchased this Norfrost model from Argos on our Argos card so that we didn't have to pay out for it until 6 months later. We chose this model over others that Argos had which were similar because of the fact it was slightly larger than most chest freezers and with an expanding family and a bread hungry man in the house the extra space that this model offers seemed like better value for money and seeing as we did have the space we might as well get the bigger option.

      We paid £179.99 pence for the product and this freezer is still priced at this in today's catalogue. We of course had to pay the Argos charge for the home delivery as this is not an item which can be picked up from store and so this was an added cost. However having had a quick search online it seems that there are other places where you can buy this exact model but the price is more and delivery charges still apply so I am satisfied that we not only got the best deal but also the best payment option to suit us.


      This freezer boasts an A+ rated energy efficiency rating which is of course the best that there is and me being very conscious of the electricity that we are using in the house to try and keep our bills down to an absolute minimum was pleased that we couldn't get a better running freezer. It states that the freezer will use a total of 199 kWh per year but to be fair this doesn't really mean as much to me as the rating of A+ does.

      The Norforst freezer has a storage capacity of 5.86 cubic feet and a net frozen storage volume of 166 litres. This is slightly bigger than a standard box style chest freezer but of course it is a slightly larger size on the outside so this does make sense. The dimensions of this particular model are 60 cm in diameter, 91 cm in width and 85 cm in height. The freezer fits well into the large garage that we have and because we weren't restricted on space we didn't really care how big it was although we know we didn't want one of the large length freezers that you can get as we just didn't need THAT much extra freezer space.

      The Norfrost freezer has a noise decibel of 42 which if someone told me that it would mean absolutely nothing to me and again as this freezer is out in our garage the noise that the appliance makes really wasn't an issue or something that we looked into before purchasing. Of course now that the freezer is in situ and up and running I can say that 42 decibels is obviously quite quiet as although I can hear that the freezer is on and working the hum that comes from the product is really low and even if it was positioned inside the house I don't think that I would notice it too much.

      ==Look and Design==

      This Norfrost freezer is really what you would expect with a chest freezer like this in the fact that it is basically a box with a lid. The lid of the freezer is lifted up from the top of the appliance and has a rubber seal running around the edge of the lid which gives a good suction and keeps the cold in. The lid boast a "counter balance" feature which basically means that the heavy lid won't out weight an empty freezer and make it topple over which is quite a good thing to have as often the freezer does contain only light weight items such as bread but we have never had any problems with it being top heavy.

      We have the appliance in a white colour and I don't think there is a colour choice option like some other freezers do have and to be honest I don't think that I would of cared for a silver coloured freezer and generally these do cost more to purchase. The freezer came with a couple of items such as a frost scraper and a little white basket which fits neatly to the upper rim of the appliance and allows for easier storage of those smaller items such as ice lollies (well that's what we keep in our basket) and this is a nice little extra which makes this very simple box like item a wee bit less basic.

      To look at the freezer is basically a large white box. There is a little logo panel on the front of the appliance at the left side and at the bottom right there is a very small and basic control panel which has a temperature dial that is very simple to understand as you literally need to turn the dial round to the strength you need to get the freezer to the temperature you require this goes from a minimum to a maximum and of course depending on what items you have in the freezer will determine how high you need to have the freezer temperature.

      The control panel also has two different coloured switches, an orange switch that gives a boost and is basically a fast freeze option which we only used the first time we switched the machine on and since then it hasn't been touched as I don't feel that this is necessary with the items we put in the freezer. However the instructions do say that this fast freeze option is ideal for freezing items quickly in order to retain as main nutrients in the food as possible and keep the frozen food at optimum quality. The second switch is a blue one and this is simply the power button.

      ==General Use of the Freezer==

      When the freezer was delivered to us, the delivery men were able to put it in our garage in exactly the right position where it was to stay. Obviously I can't say how heavy the item is but the packaging it came in was adequate enough to protect the freezer but was a pain to dispose of after we got the item unpacked which was easy enough to do.

      There wasn't really anything that needed to be done to set the freezer up to get it ready for use. Of course we had to let the freezer stand for a day or so before plugging it in which is a standard procedure for any sort of appliance such as a fridge or a freezer and we were more than happy to do this as I wasn't due to go shopping for a good few days and it didn't need to be put on until I had some thing to put in it!

      Once it had stood for the couple of days and the night before I was due to go to the supermarket to do my weekly shop I plugged the freezer into the power socket and turned the dial on the control panel round to a medium level and switched the appliance on. As soon as it was plugged in and switched on I heard the familiar buzz of a freezer beginning to work although this wasn't an excessive noise. I left the freezer alone and didn't look again until the next day when I was stocked with bread, pizzas and other items such as this to fill up my new appliance.

      The silver covered sides of the inside of the freezer were coated with a light frosting on opening the lid of the freezer and there was a frosty air which escaped when I lifted the lid too. This was what I had expected and I didn't feel it was too cold or not cold enough and after stocking up all the items in the freezer I realised I would need more items to fill it up a bit more. I didn't realise how much room the freezer had. Of course a few more weekly shops done and with a lot of extra little items bought it wasn't long before the freezer was nearly full and working great.

      The freezer seems to work pretty fast at freezing any items that I place in there even without using the fast freeze option off of the control panel. Even the items that are placed in the little basket which goes across the top of the inside of the freezer seems to keep things well frozen and within an easy reach. The lid is sealed well and I was worried that the basket items might get a little softer than things that are kept in the main body of the freezer but this is just not the case.

      The freezer came in really handy over the summer months as it was easy to store in tons of ice pops for all the family and because it is situated out in the garden I didn't have to keep traipsing in and out of the house to get us ice lollies when we were out in the garden which was a real bonus. Also being able to make up a ton of ice and keep that out there meant that there was never a chance of running out too.

      The fridge is now stocked up well with prepared meals that I have been clever enough to get ready for when I eventually have this baby and probably won't feel like cooking good hearty meals so I have plenty of frozen home made lasagne's, cottage pies and the like in microwaveable tubs so that we can all still eat well even if we are sleep deprived! Of course the amount of bread that we have in the freezer is quite vast too but I have found a loaf from Warburtons which freezes well and will defrost nicely enough to make a soft and fresh sandwich (which some loaves don't do after freezing).

      ==Overall Opinion==

      I am so glad that we got the electrics sorted out in the garage so that we could have a freezer out there (and I have my big treadmill ready for after the baby is born too!) as it really is a little life saver when you have a few hungry boys to feed and a loaf of bread never seems to last very long in this house! With Christmas around the corner I am sure that this freezer will be utilised even more and the size of this box freezer is a great one which really does hold a lot of items whilst I know it isn't costing me too much to keep up and running because of it's low energy consumption.

      It doesn't look offensive and works quickly and efficiently and I personally can't find a single fault with it. It is high enough so that little Jack can't lift the lid up very easily which I think is a good thing as I wouldn't want him mucking around and getting himself inside it (although I have threatened to put him in there should he misbehave!).

      I think this is a great larger than usual box freezer and would be suitable for any family who have the space for it. I think I am more than happy to award a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and I would highly recommend it.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      many thanks for taking the time to read.


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    • Product Details

      Norfrost offers you 175 litres of advanced freezer space with their C6AEW-B Chest Freezer / The C6AEW-B Chest Freezer is reliable and efficient; it can even keep your food frozen through 24 hours of power failure / The C6AEW-B Chest Freezer includes 1 basket, offering convenient and accessible storage for your frozen goods / The C6AEW-B Chest Freezer also has an A energy rating, meaning that it is better for the environment and will save you money on your electricity bills! Main features Climate class **** Gross capacity 175 litres / 6.18 cubic feet Total net capacity 171 litres / 6.04 cubic feet Energy rating A Colour White Freezer interior Number of compartments 1 Compartments Baskets Interior light No Ice tray No Ice dispenser No Freezer functions Freezing capacity 11.5 kg / 24 hours Frost-free No Super freeze Yes Storage period in case of power failure 24 hours Controls External controls Yes Temperature display No Temperature alert No Environment Annual energy consumption 252 kWh Noise level 42 dB(A) Physical characteristics Door Counter-balanced lid Dimensions 885 x 865 x 600 mm (H x W x D) / Short name: Norfrost C6AEW-B

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