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Whirlpool WCN 11-3

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    2 Reviews
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      10.06.2011 23:59
      Very helpful



      This freezer has stood the test of time.

      When we moved to our present house the kitchen was of a galley style, but one of the features which had made us decide to buy this house was the fact that it had an extension. We felt that this extension, with adjustments, had the potential to be turned into a decent sized kitchen. The house did need quite a lot of work done to it generally and, as soon as we were in a position to have the necessary adjustments done, we began to plan our new kitchen.

      Finally the kitchen was planned and installed, but after a while we decided that our family of six really needed an additional freezer, as well as our existing fridge/freezer. But where could this go? We realised, if not doing anything too drastic, then there was just one suitable space for a fridge/freezer, although to access the freezer, for example, if it needs maintenance, (and I hope I'm not tempting fate by saying this) and it has to come out from its home, then the washing machine first has to be removed.

      We looked at several chest freezers before deciding on the Whirlpool WCN 11 3, but I'm not sure if we ended up purchasing this from Curry's or Comet, ( I tend to think it was Copmet) as we often buy goods from both of these stores.

      This freezer is free standing.

      It is NOT frost free, although it doesn't seem to need de frosting often. Just as well, as this is a task I loathe.

      I have had this chest freezer for quite a few years; I think around nine or ten, and now can honestly say that it is a good buy, from my point of view.

      As to storage capacity it definitely holds lot of food. If I make a stew, casserole, bolognese or curry, I nearly always make enough to freeze so I need a large space in which I can easily place large containers (usually microwaveable type) as well as other items such as loaves of bread.

      Although there aren't as many of us now living at home, I still seem to fill both freezers up very easily. Bad planning perhaps, but I do find as my youngest daughter and myself don't eat meat, I tend to buy a wide variety of foods, needing to buy Quorn and meat free products, as well as meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. I now try to use the shelves of the fridge/freezer for the smaller foods such as packets of Quorn foods and small packs of things such as beef burgers, sausages etc. I choose to store larger items, when possible, in the chest freezer, as they are much easier to fit into this. But in all honesty it doesn't always work out. Then I find myself removing many items to reach something elusive.

      ~~ FEATURES~~


      The top opening door lifts easily and remains open in any position. This is of utmost importance for where it is placed as I have cupboards over it and need it to stay in an open position while putting food into it or removing items.


      When I bought the freezer it had three removable basket/shelves. These are handy, I suppose, as items can be stored in these, making small items easier to find but the trouble is, we found that the freezer didn't hold so much when these were in place and so two of these were removed. But if you don't overfill your freezer then this is a very useful feature.


      As I don't have young children in the house I don't always use the locking action but however, it is useful if the freezer is a little too full, as if the door is pushed shut and locked, it then seals. The freezer has a lock. I find this useful when the freezer is probably too full, as if the door is pushed shut and then locked, the door will seal.


      I find this super quiet; it really isn't noticeable when in operation.


      This is very useful for home baking, and when the shopping has begun to defrost before being stored in the freezer.


      If internal temperature of the freezer becomes gets too high a warning light comes on.


      Approx dimensions-

      Width 111.99cm
      Depth 65.99 cm
      Height 88.49 cm

      FURTHER FEATURES (Taken from www, amazon.co.uk):

      * Capacity (Litres): 301 To 400litres
      * Energy Consumption per Year in kWh: 438
      * Energy Efficiency: C
      * Energy Label: C
      * Energy consumption (kwh per annum): 438
      * Energy consumption (kWh/24 hours): 1.2
      * Frost Free System: no
      * Gross capacity (litres): 320
      * Net Capacity in Litres: 315


      I bought this several years ago and so it admittedly isn't state of the art and newer models would be more energy efficient. However, I consider it to be a reliable freezer which has been of the utmost reliability so far. It serves the purpose well; being a second place to keep frozen food.

      This freezer can be bought from outlets such as Amazon and EBay.


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        09.12.2005 15:17
        Very helpful



        Excellent amount of storage space for the price

        This freezer was bought from Comet for the amazing price of only £179.99 plus delivery of £16.95. Normally when we order from Comet we do so online as we can save money through Greasypalm too but my bloke had received some vouchers for working overtime and we visited our nearby store so that we could use these.

        We had decided to get a chest freezer for our garage a while ago as although I have a decent sized fridge freezer we never seem to have enough room in it - especially in the run up to Christmas what with the Turkey and other meat. We also have a Farmfoods store in our town which often have £5 off when you spend £50 and as this gives you loads of food it is always a struggle to pack it all in. The other reason was for when defrosting is needed and we had nowhere to put any food we had left and at no time is my freezer even near empty.

        Whirlpool is a well known brand that has been around since the 1950's although it was known as the Nineteen Hundred Company before that in America. Whirlpool then merged with the Phillips Company in 1989 before becoming it's sole owner in 1991 and it is only really been since then that the Whirlpool range has become common knowledge in the UK as well as being the world's leading manufacturer of home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and cookers.

        This model wasn't the first freezer we looked at in Comet and had thought about buying the smaller 9.1 cubic feet version but as this one offered an extra basket and 2.2 cubic feet more for just £10 more I persuaded my bloke that this extra space was worth it although it did give him a little bit more work clearing out space in the garage.

        When you are buying a freezer for an outbuilding you have to be careful because not all freezers work properly in cold conditions - sounds daft doesn't it. This one luckily fitted our needs. The other thing to look out for is the energy efficiency rating. This ranges from A-G with A being best and using less electricity. This one is a C which is not as good as some but by no means the worst especially considering the price. The A's may save you money longterm but they are considerably more expensive with a Whirlpool 8.1 cubic feet one costing around £190. This doesn't seem to bad until you look at the difference in space inside.

        One other feature that you may not think of when buying is a lockable lid. This isn't so much for security, although of course this does help in an outbuilding, but for safety of young children who may decide to reach inside and fall in or think it's a great place to hide if playing hide and seek. If anyone saw the episode of Casualty the other week you will know the trauma this could cause. Luckily in the episode the 3 year old survived but this is not always the case and care does need to be taken around chest freezers. This was one of the main reasons we looked at the bigger chests as the smaller ones didn't have locks - something which I feel should maybe come as standard these days and I can't imagine that it would cost the companies too much to add this simple safety measure.

        This model has 3 baskets in it and they glide along easily for reaching items underneath and can also be removed - one thing I'm sure will be useful when defrosting my indoor freezer and transporting the food to the outdoor one, packing as we go. Of course baskets are also useful for keeping your boxes of frozen items in whereas the underneath area is great for holding your larger items like poultry or large cuts of beef etc.

        Others useful features of this product are:-

        A fast freeze facility which helps preserve the taste and texture of your food

        A high temperature warning system which warns if the temperature inside your freezer rises to enable you to reset it or alerts you to the fact you may need an engineer.

        There is an internal light which is great for use in an outbuilding that doesn't have it's own lighting.

        The thermostat is on the front bottom right of the freezer and is fully adjustable so you can turn it down slightly in winter or up a bit in summer as required.

        The lid is counter balanced which means that in stays open at an angle and doesn't slam shut on fingers.

        There is an outer drainage plug for easy defrosting of this freezer. Just place a container under the plug and it will empty without mess.

        This freezer is quite big with the dimensions being H89cm (35"), W112cm (44") D66cm (26"). Remember though that you need a bit of extra height for opening the lid, so work this extra bit in if you have an area of space with shelves above as this one adds around 60cm or 2 feet.

        The instruction leaflet you get with this freezer covers everything you could want to know about freezing food and how this product works and is very comprehensive and helpful, giving hints as to store your food properly and how to get the most from your freezer.

        When you have any freezer delivered you should leave it to settle for around 4 hours before switching on. This is so that the chemicals inside settle sufficiently to enable it to work properly as often the delivery services pack them in the van up on end. After switching it on it takes around 6 hours for the red warning light to go off indicating that the appropriate temperature has been reached and it is ready for use.

        Defrosting should be done when you notice about 0.5cm of ice inside and you just need to switch the freezer off, lift the lid and let the water drain from the plug as it defrosts. You can either just leave it to defrost on its own or chisel away at the ice to help it out. I've found that it quickens up the process if you put a big bowl of hot water in it. Of course you do need to be careful not to spill it. Once the freezer has been completely defrosted be sure to dry the inside thoroughly before switching it back on, as this can prevent ice building up faster.

        The freezer works best if you place fresh food against the walls and already frozen food in the centre and it is advisable not to have them touching at this time.

        As well as the baskets there is also a lower down separator for easy storage of boxes or bread so that they don't fall over onto the larger part of the freezer where we store the majority of our meat products. This separator can be removed for cleaning of if you want a bigger space.

        All in all we are very pleased with this freezer as it has everything we require - lots of space, a childlock, an easy way of defrosting and 3 handy baskets. I've not had it totally filled yet but the reassurance that we have loads of extra space is fantastic and we can buy all the 2 for 1 special offers that we want. The children are happy too as we now have more room for special treats such as ice lollies and ice cream.

        A very reasonable priced product which has all the necessary features.


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        Freezer Volume / Short name: Whirlpool WCN 11-3

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